Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lost! / Will you miss her?

I shouldn't be lost, afterall I can use back the same weekly schedule for the new helper. Yah yah, you think I'm crazy preparing all these now. I just copied and pasted on the new Excel file for 2008.

I am using back the same schedule, but I'm working out the daily time schedule for the first month or so, so that the new helper will know what to do next. It's like setting down the rules and then she follows. Why lost? Coz' the daily time schedule that I did for KZ was prior to giving birth, so there is alot of time to play around. This time round, I don't know if she can handle that nottie girl when I'm out. Umm.... it took KZ less than a month to get adjusted and multi-task so she got everything done fast.

This is what I'll paste together with the daily time schedule on the fridge.
So sian.......have to go through this again, and it's not like I've got a co-operative kid. I've got a little leech who's stuck to someone and I dunno if she'll have problem 'leeching' on to the new helper. As it is, she's already calling KZ "ah (pause)at", if she only wants to stick to me.. means I have no freedom for the initial months??

Consolation, mum said she can teach the new helper. So I'll have to send her over for maybe 8 times (2 months) or maybe more 16 times since Fridays I can bring her over also, she stays and learn to do marketing with mum while Aricia and me in class.

Asked Athena if she'll miss KZ, she said "no". I call her a heartless girl. Asked her why, she said it's coz' KZ always disturbs her. Explained everything to her and that KZ has done quite alot for this family and she was at a 'dong shi' age to remember what little things KZ has done for her. "No! No!" Heartless girl!!

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