Monday, March 17, 2008

My 爱心 lunchbox

I wanted to try to make 爱心 lunch for Athena. I tried it for the first time today and I don't know how to cook or rather what to cook for her (she's a real fussy eater). I had no idea what to put inside her box coz' I don't know how to decorate her box nicely for her. Argh! I 沒心 learn, Ros told me she bought some bento books from Books Kinokuniya. I'm going to check that out one day maybe tomorrow since I can't gym today.

The lunch box as you can see really has nothing nutritious - 空心. It has ham rolled up and shaped seaweed on top. A container to put dark sauce. If only my picky girl eats teriyaki meatballs, I can pretend that I cooked that for her (pop in microwave and say mummy cook for her) Had to ask mom to complete my 爱心 lunchbox for her which is currently 半心. The white colour thing below the hams is egg shaped in star - what star? what 星? Put in my 星(心) 又不像星(心) egg. What a failure!

So, this sums up my supposedly to be a 爱心 lunchbox for her. It's filled with 空心, 半心, 沒心, 星(心) 又不像星(心) and now it's 满满心 all compact inside that small box for her. Ooh! Wait till mom sees what I did, she'll give me a 骂心 - "how can you give her so little rice? How come so cold?"

Most importantly I must have a 不 要 放弃心 and 頑張って (gambatte!)

Ps. Looks like I must change a microwave safe lunchbox for her.

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