Thursday, May 28, 2009

Parent-Teacher Meeting

PTM with her FT this morning. FT was very disappointed with her results, she had expected her to do better as she has been performing well. I mentioned that I'm disappointed with her results as well thus I didn't want to sign her papers.

We discussed further and she thought if she could be bored in class coz' she knows it already and thus the "dreamy" attitude. Asks me if instead I can slow down and not give her too much work (alot meh? That girl every time dilly dally; waste so much time.) at home. But she's rather impressed that she knows some things which her classmates don't. Teacher now knows this mad is too proactive liao. Hahaha!

We also discussed a little on my enquiries with regards to being a Teacher Aide, she says with my commitment and time constraints with the lil' one - I can't be a Teacher Aide but I can help her out with some other thing. I agreed to help her. So Athena will not see her mummy in her class (for sure! Thank goodness.) but I'll be helping out behind. You know the important people always hide behind........ahem ahem. On the other hand, I have put in my name for the Teacher's Day PV . So I might be in school on that day. Wait till I surprise that girl,with her opening her mouth so big until all her teeth drop. Hee!

Chinese teacher said she is strong in her Chinese, she only needs to improve on her writing. Says she can't even write her name -'ling' properly. Huh?

I pray my girl will do much better for her next CA2 and SA2.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



I'm so addicted addicted to the Korean drama (that I'd rather forgo blogging for time being) , wonder why I never paid attention to the Taiwanese or Japanese version - guess in the first place I am a little biased over Taiwanese dramas - the kao-beh-kao-bu, then wailing out cry-type. I am not Korean drama-siao, but I think after this time I'm going to be one. Hee!

I feel the casts are better looking in the Korean version. the show is hilarious yet teary. (ai yah.... I cry all the time, even if I have watched it many times) Makes me want to go out and buy on impule (anyway not easy to find it)

Found another source, Youtube is giving me headache from the 'not that clear' view or maybe I cry too much until I get blur vision.

Spoke to one lao-shi about their time-table for K1 & K2, Aricia will lose out in the future if she continues in her half-day program.
I know it's ridiculously crazy that I am thinking so far ahead, 2 years. But then what is this if parents are thinking about P1 admissions when their child is only a few months old?
Think, think, think!!

Finally collected the albums on Monday. Duh! I either missed out on editing or .... horrible English spelling. Other than that, pleased with it.
We get praises on our lil' one being pretty etc by hubby's colleagues... I feel she's not photogenic at all. Mom says her smile is very natural and it's nice.

These days
I really dunno what the kids are up to. They fight alot recently. The house is really noisy. Fed up! Feel like leaving them at home and enjoy myself. Very frustrating to face the noise day in/day out.

Damn roaches!! Can you imagine me getting these pesty pests despite washing my car interior 3 times a week?? This problem starts the moments you get crumbs. And FYI, I'm really scared of cockroaches. I had this teeny weeny baby roach crawling in the windscreen (inside) while I was driving. Reached for the Street Directory to whack and it went into some small crevices. Then 2 days later, it was on the dashboard - again while driving I saw it coming out for a tour. Too late!
Frustrated, I put 2 baits in the car and voila! 1 small roache went to the Roaches Heaven the next day, 2 days later another 1. Yesterday, I saw 1 dead again and then I forgot about the back - eeks! 3 small ones. They're really small so I wonder if the mamma & pappa is somewhere in my car.
So.... I have decided from now on. No more food in the car! I'll have no choice but to have a screaming kid in the car for some bread while I drive to the MSCP. As for che-che, she can eat while waiting for me at the gate. Thursdays? She'll have to eat outside Shichida premises.
Hate the idea of knowing somewhere in the car there could be roaches roaming about. Eeks!

Tuition Centres
A mummy in che-che's school was telling me that she attends mass once a month in the school. And once a mummy asked her which tuition centre is her daughter in. And then the other mummies exchange information on which centres their daughters are in. Grades exchanged - 99%, 100% kind of grades. And my friend showed me a 'kick in her butt' action for the grades our children are getting for home-tutoring. Still, I think nobody's is as bad as my girl - 70++ %. Stil harping on it, coz' I'm really angry.
Anyway, I pity those kids coz' as my friend puts it - lunch in the car while they make their way to the centres. Eeks... I doubt nobody's as crazy as me to clean the car interior so many times - can't imagine the many generations of roaches. Or maybe no one's child is as messy as my 2 girls.
Though I am a crazy mother, I feel that kids needs a breathing space. I won't send my kids until the time I can't cope with their studies. But of course if next year I'm still getting this kind of horrible results - I'd rather send her to centres.

It's been a while...

...since I have this leisurely time to myself. In Macs having my breakfast without that lil' girl. For the past few weeks I had been bringing her to Macs for a breakfast n bonding time every Wednesdays after I drop che-che in school. Don't ask me why I chose Wednesdays over the other weekdays, probably it's the mid-week and I need a pick-me-up badly.

Errands to run today so the girl is in school now. Can't help but pity her, so poor thing when I see that lil' one dragging her feet to her cubby hole so early in the morning & still feeling so drowsy. The funny thing is, when you ask her to sanitize her hands. She stand infront of the dispenser and stare blankly. Heehee!

Okay, time to munch my breakfast. Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

꽃보다 남자

I'm so in luv with this show 꽃보다 남자 - Boys Over Flowers.

Watched one episode on Saturday night and then can't stop thinking about the show.
I'm not a fan of box serials but then I thought I should try to buy this show. Then again, hubby bought Princess Hours for me when I was doing my confinement. (supposedly I have been so productive and given birth to 2 more kids and gone through 2 confinement periods by now - I still haven't watched the entire show. ???) I wonder how long it'll take me to finish watching this 25 episodes then? Maybe when Aricia turned 5?

Anyway...... eventually I stopped my 'illegal business' and tried to relax by watching it from Youtube - (still in an) illegal manner! I really can't stop watching, it's very addictive and been sleeping for only 2 hours for 3 nights. But worth watching the rich AhBoy going after the poor laundry girl. Sigh.......if this is real, I'd still be waiting for my rich AhBoy to sweep me off my feet, now I have to settle to 'sweep the floors'
More photos

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I simply don't understand why my lil' girl (of all things) like lions and dinosaurs so much. She's just as fierce as them - hee!

For my lil' girl, this month I baked the same cheesecake as last month (clear my last block of cream cheese) and did a new batch of buttercream to use. It's a picture of a >> lion.

And this is what I wrote on the side

She was really happy with the lion. She ate more of the face - I really mean that - she kept asking to eat the buttercream.

Happy 32nd months old, baby!

Monday, May 18, 2009

No more Tarzan

No more heart beating, thank God!

She scored 42/50 (84%) for her Chinese.
Emmm.. I'm expecting 90% but oh well, think she's deaf to my constant nags; I'm tired of my 'Tarzan'-beating my chest action, I swear my heart was palpitating the weekend with a throbbing headache. (okay, not her fault lah... I was a little mentally sick). I praised her for her work, which that girl can still gleefully tell me "I only make 8 mistakes", dunno if I should hammer her head with some sense "you mean 8 mistakes so good? Next time can make 9, 10, or more?" And encouraged her to work harder next time.

Her reward, which she is not entitled to actually coz' I earmarked at 90% - $3, 95% - $10. For 84% I gave her $2.
I must have lost my sense of calculations!!!

According to her, she said she's the Top 3. Yah, she's the 3rd girl in her class. The highest is 48, 47 followed by her 42. She's so proud of it... head must have swelled when teacher announced it in class... okay lah....I'm proud she came in 3rd for something. (which goes to show the Chinese standard in our school. - so jialat! Hahaha!)

I guess for that maybe she should be in the best class already. I will reconfirm that next time when I meet the teacher.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

1st, 1st, 1st

I was losing some hope on Athena being the Top 3 student in class. My hopes all dashed!

Trying to loosen up a little, I talked to my lil' one when I was carrying her. "Aricia, next time you must study hard and be first in class, okay?"
"Next time you must be the best in class, in everything okay?"
" But I think before you are the first in class, you'll be the first to get hauled into the Principal's office."
"(ignorant) Okay!"
Dunno to laugh or not. I continued "First term, I get my first VIP invitation by the Principal. Better start building relationship with her first so I don't keep visiting her hor?"
"(ignorant) Okay!"
"First girl to get detention, first naughty girl.... but then I think I'm the FIRST PARENT WHO REFUSE TO SIGN HER DAUGHTER'S TEST PAPER!!"

Conclusion : It's always good to be the First!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Show me the papers or not?

She didn't understand how much those marks meant, but the mom who's very digits-mad is.

Everyday, I ask her "how's your paper?"
A :"Good!"
M:"Good means what? 80 over%, 90 over%."
A :"Dunno.........."

And so I crossed my fingers, eyes, hair and hope she did well. It may only be a test and results not taken into consideration but it does tell alot about the child. As the school puts it, "the results are not taken into consideration. It gives us a guide if the children understands the concepts. And use it as a guideline on the setting of the other test papers."
I pray hard she did well for her Chinese coz' they'll be banded accordingly.

Today, she showed me the papers in the car. 37/50 for Maths, 37.5/50 for English which works out to 74% and 75% repectively. It's definitely not good! She did better with those MGS and CHS papers but not her school's?
As I flipped through her Maths papers, she lost 8 marks due to her carelessness. 'Colour the number before XX, ' she can colour the number after XX. !!!!!! And there's the same mistakes of writing 2 different answers on her equations and the blank line. And the best mistake?? "How tall is the clown?" they have balls as units next to it. My dear girl can cock-eye or act smart to draw one line from the clown's head to the ball and write 61/2. ???? Line also didn't draw straight. And since when they're taught 1/2? Can't be the mother geh-kiang and teach her beyond what she's suppose to know. Dunno to call this mistake carelessness or geh-kiang.

I didn't know if I should further flip through the papers. Flip or don't flip also get scolding. Mom say must encourage (wah..........last time she nagged at me when she sees my careless mistakes for my Chinese papers) Don't flip - I wouldn't know what I should emphasize and try to build her up on during the June hols. Flip - I see those careless mistakes which she shouldn't have made and get mad. But I'm impressed there's 2 trick questions which she could answer. ?!?!?!
8 marks leh, That would have been 45/50 = 90%. With that results, I would have signed her papers. Yup! I refuse to coz' I did tell her prior to all her test papers that if she don't get 90% I won't sign her papers. She protested saying that "Mdm XX say must sign, cannot don't sign." It didn't cross her mind that she could have asked her daddy to sign for her?

She lost 9 1/2 marks. The same mistake as she did at home. Told her to read the sentence properly. The sentence mentioned 'last night', answer should be past tense. She wrote according to subject-verb agreement. Dunno to praise her for remembering the grammar theory or to chide her for not reading properly. 2 marks lost on 2 cloze passage for her geh-kiang fill-in-the-blanks. Very impressed she can spell the word 'pool' when sometimes she can forget how to spell 'study' but the picture showed a girl swimming. Geh kiang! Another one was either a mental block or carelessness mistake. The rests are in comprehension. The answer is right before her very eyes, she also can write wrongly. I mentioned before she can score at least 3/5 correct. In the written comprehension, she scored 7.5/10. The other one, a graphic comprehension, which I'll expect her to do well coz' she didn't have to think about phrasing her sentence etc.. she made 3 careless mistakes. 6 marks gone! Could have scored 47/50 = 94%.

When daddy came home, she dare not show him the papers. I showed him and expected a different respond from him. Turned out he responded in unison, "how can you be so careless?!" "Still dare to laugh?" So now he knows why I'm so mad with her, now he knows why I nag at her all the time, now he knows how careless his daughter is.

Should I resign to fate that probably that's her average score since she's been showing me 70++% for all papers? I don't know leh.. I expect more since these are works that she did cover in K2. She should be doing better. Then since she produce this kind of result to me, I might as well don't waste my time. Since it's not theory she don't understand but carelessness, I might as well go and enjoy myself. Know what I mean? The build-up frustrations I'm feeling now.

I don't understand why. I have 2 friends who's children (they themselves) are very competitive. They put pressure on themselves while their parents ask them to relax. Woah! If only my daughter is like that, I don't have to worry much. When she checks her papers, I don't know if she's really checking or just flipping the pages just for the sake of flipping the pages.
Then they are some kids who's parents don't give a damn about their studies can score well. I know it's really bad to compare results but I can't help but envy those parents lor.. Maybe my daughter is not smart as I think she is; maybe I should just bloody give up on her and go and enjoy myself. I badly need to go Spa.

The 2 friends I mentioned above. One of them, teaches her 3 children. They didn't go for any tuition at all, the mother handles everything. And when she told us her lifestyle, it sounded just like mine. Weekends are for studies as well. But her children produce superbly good results, always 90 over%, the older one is now in one of the Top Sec schools. So at least it reaped some results. Her youngest child is P1 this year and is very competitive, will cry when she cannot cope. Hmm... may be good/bad. I do worry if it'll affect her psychologically. But I guess she is very competitive herself coz' she saw how her 2 brothers perform in school so she set the high standards on herself. Well, I think that's maturity and sensible. If only Athena have half of her sensibility. Athena is far too playful, she can remember alot of nonsense things like "we've been here before, we eat this and that. I saw that road before etc..." but when I test her on spelling... "I forget."
Another friend, the son, must score better than others. He works hard. She don't have to tell him to bring out the books to revise, he does it himself. I remember telling her about what happened when Athena deliberately took her own sweet time to dress up for school. And she agreed what I did - reverse psychology - was right. Then she asked, "you mean Athena don't love school?" "She does, she enjoys her friends. Which I suspect she's there to play but she'll be happy if there's no school. Like once the P1 didn't have to go school, she was so happy." Her reply, "my son no... he can't wait to go school. Will hurry us instead. " From that conversation I could tell that her son is very responsible. Sigh......if only...............
One friend berates her son for scoring 24/25. She told me in a laughing manner too, that "just for 1 mark I nag at him from school to home."I thought that was funny, if only Athena could score that kind of marks I would be happy. But if that 1 mark was a stupid careless mistake maybe I would also point out.

So what's the main problem with my girl? Maybe she's not smart as I think she is. Maybe should go and hypnotize her and brain wash her to be very careful. I'm thinking if the other kids, at 7 years old, can check through their work carefully why can't my daughter do so too. Master Tan did mention this girl is really smart but needs alot of pushing. Mom went to the medium once, the medium also mentioned the same thing. Ill-fated me!!

If it's theory she don't understand, still can teach. Now I teach also no use, she understands but it's just her carelessness; or in a hurry to finish her papers. Thank goodness this is only a CA, imagine if it's a SA. I'll flipped and bring out the cane on her. Hopefully by Sept and year end, she'll do well.

Maybe I should start finding rat's eyes, tiger's eyes, lion's eyes - any animals eyes except for bats (blind as a bat) and let her eat.

It's a blessing in disguise that I didn't put her in RGPS or St Nics (ai yah..that place also difficult to get in) to face the pressure. I would have my blood vessels burst.
So she don't get to relax much in June for sure!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Fed up! Frustrated! Pek-chek!

As I prepped that girl with test papers n quick revision, I realized she is very CARELESS!! And because of her carelessness, she has lost alot of precious marks. For that MGS paper, she scored 79%. She was repeating the same mistakes I had been correcting her. She could have scored 85%. Not satisfied, I gave her another paper after going through her careless mistakes. And again she repeated the same grammar mistake. It's always grammar! She's strong in her vocabulary n cloze passage. Comprehension she can score at least 3/5. So it's grammar plus her carelessness that you see those red-pen marked crosses.

I know she gets a little confused with subject-verb agreement so kept emphasizing on that.

Thing is, I didn't show her her mistakes and read out the questions to her one more time, she can tell me "it's 'flies' because it is singular." And so she understand the theory but ... CARELESS!
"How do you change from singular to plural?" My lil' grandmother can recite out how to change. "Then how come you wrote the wrong answer?" And then I hear the classic reply, "ay??" and puzzled look. Shucks! She could have scored 85% for that paper.
Now as I write this, I know I may get disagreements from my readers. Okay, I am very result-oriented. Some readers may not agree with me that scores is a test of intelligence. Hubby says it's okay, mom says it's "good already what?" she forgot she used to nag at me for bringing back lousy scores. I am an average student but even if I was, I scored 80+% despite my carelessness. What more now I know my girl is smart but she just lost the marks to carelessness. I said she's smart not to deceive myself (no gains for deceiving self). She can score better than her useless mother.

Did a CHS paper, she scored 75%. And I calculated, she lost 20 marks due to her negligence. So she could have scored 95%.
If I compare her Maths n English, I would say she is stronger in her Maths. Where's the problem? She never shows her workings, I deduct marks for her. She works her sums mentally, which I must say I am impressed coz she didn't go for any mental maths class. She works sums like eg. Lily has 9 apples, Athena has 3 more/less apples than Lily. How many do they have altogether? Not really a straight-forward question and it took her 30 secs or more to give me the answer. Asks her how she gets the sum, she shrugs her shoulders. Eh... it's a constant screaming "show me your equations!" for weeks. Once, on a Wednesday, I asked KZ to sit down next to her while I give Aricia her home session. For that 1hr plus, I heard KZ shout "yes, I know the answer is XX, how you get XX? Show me!" I acted smart after that, I told her to continue her screaming at her while I relaxed with Aricia, doing some games with her. I went out in a very cool and happy mood to TM. I don't know about KZ, she could have downed herself a big bowl of ice water to cool down. Hee! Evil me!
Okay, part of that 20% lost, 3 questions are the very direct "count how many rectangles etc.." Count also can count wrongly. ?? Oh! And there's another thing, she writes the correct answer on the workings (finally!) but write a different answer on the blank line. Argh!!!! I want to strangle that girl!!
Again, I asked her the rest of the questions, she answer me correctly. And then the classic "ay....?" So was it mental block? No, it's CARELESSNESS!!

I didn't have to worry much about her Chinese. She's strong in her Chinese. She usually scores 90++% for those Top School papers. And I can't really teach her Chinese. Really! I have to solely be dependent on Berries, go through her test papers and correct her accordingly. I can't teach coz' I'll end up speaking in half English half Chinese to her. She did a NChiau paper, 92%. Okay, no worries... And her strength, I realized she can remember how to write those chinese words.

I remember mom used to tell us we need to drink monkey brain soup. I think she did give us something to drink, yucks! (dunno what it was, must ask her one of these days) And even if it's really monkey brain soup she gave us, it didn't make me any smarter. I was an average student, always the top 10 in class (from the bottom), saying I qualify for GEP was just a joke. Athena don't need monkey brain soup...she is smart enuf, but prob I should let her eat mouse eyes - sharp eyes!

Why am I so hard on her? Frankly, I see myself repeating (if I'm still alive and well) the same thing 4 years down the road with Aricia. Perhaps it's the path that I took, and if only I had listened to my mom and studied hard. I wouldn't be a useless bum at home. (yah.... always regret later) but part of it also coz' I didn't want to go CJC and fail in my Chinese A's. Therefore a different path I took, a different life for me. I know Athena will hate me. Can I resign to fate? Nope!

Was passing a casual remark to hubby about alot of people commenting that a certain tutorial centre is good. He remarked, "is our girl that bad to require tuition?" "Not now, but maybe in P3-P4. By then I prob can't teach her anymore." But supposedly if she's absorbing things fast and well, she really shouldn't need any tuition until maybe sec school.She only lost her marks due to negligence.
Hubby also commented that 70++% is good enough. I tried to console myself saying that prob it's a Top school paper, so she should fare better in her school paper. Maybe he feels that way coz' he wasn't very competitive and came from a 'not in existence now' school. And to him, just study and get a job will be fine. Hmm.....

Top 3 in class? Will she get Top 3? I doubt so, if she's producing this kind of results to me. So there goes her Japan trip and there goes her Kitchen Set. Not fair!! Maybe as a punishment we should just travel without her!!

Crossing my fingers on her results.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sssh........."Your Paper Starts Now!"

Time check 3.27 pm and my girl is taking her English paper from MGS.

Crazy mother is prepping her up for a major exam when it's only a test and scores are not counted in. The only score that is taken into consideration will be Mother Tongue. I'm hoping she'll be in the best class. But why I'm pushing her is because this girl really needs alot of pushing and honestly I'm getting really exhausted. I wonder if I have the zeal to push her next year.

Okay, will see how she scores later.

The day

Che-che didn't have any school today, and last night I was feeling so lazy to send mei-mei to school also. But thought it'll be good for her to be out of the house (less noise) while I go through some work with che-che.

Then this morning, at 4am. I woke up to see my lil' one with helper in the toilet and KZ told me she vomitted. When I got the full story, I realised my girl first vomitted at 2 in the morning, she cried out for KZ. The useless mother was dead to the world, hubby helped KZ changed the bedsheet while KZ cleaned the girl up. So useless or not? I am usually that tired, hubby is tired too but he still takes afternoon naps so when he sleeps now, he's not dead to the world like I am. In all, she vomitted 5 times, 5 small times which probably equates to 1 - 2 times ?

I held back the doctor visitation, gave her a "butterfly" bread with sparingly spread Nutella (she kept asking for 'chorquat' - chocolate), to see how she fare. Probably it was just that one incident or maybe she got the gastic flu from Iggy and mom. She didn't vomit and then I quickly cooked some plain porridge. She fell asleep before I could feed her.

When she woke at 11+, I quickly fed her her porridge. Almost immediately the porridge all came out. Zoomed down to PD, called the clinic. They mentioned they're closed for registration and to come back at 2pm but I told her I'm a traffic light away. Ahem.... Of course they helped me. Thanks to them otherwise I would have made that wasted trip and have one dosage less for the day.

She's quite alright, I let her rest at home instead of going to Ros's place. But she was still singing and hopping around in the background, she don't look sick at all. I feel relaxed too! Coz' I didn't have to leave the house, the nuah nuah kind.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mama's Day To Me

Aricia's present
Monday, I was presented a flower made in Ros's class with help from me (????) by my lil' girl. And guess how that girl presented it to me? She was seated infront of me and she simply put her hand above her head and passed to the back to me without looking at me. How sad............

Friday, Teacher A saw me coming and then whispered to her. I saw the flower in her hand and Teacher A had to bring her hand forward to me when she saw that lil' one didn't have the intention to give it to me. Sad... But she was singing "tian xia de ma ma..." to me.

Then again, she's too young to understand. Taken into consideration that finally this year che-che really made something for me, I think it'll be another 4 years before she does it herself.

Athena's present
Tuesday, she showed me a card she made in school. A pop-up card she said. It didn't look pop-up to me, more like cut-out card.
And then she showed me another card, said her friend made it for me. ??? Asked if her friend made this for her mother, she insisted it's for me. Hahaha! Very funny! (didn't take pic of it)

Friday, she told me so excitedly "mummy, I buy you something. You guess what is it." I can't guess and she showed it to me in the car. I was very touched, I thought she hated me; I thought she didn't care about it coz' she always seem to rebel against me. But she still have a place in her heart for her mad mummy.
But when I saw she bought 2 things for me, the first question I asked her was "what did you have for recess?" "I had honey cornflakes" Hmm..."is that why you didn't have enough money after that to call me?" "No, the telephone spoil." (I asked her to call me coz' I needed to reconfirm that she didn't have any enrichment that day) I was more worried about her going hungry.
Told her that I loved the present she bought for me especially the pen coz' it's purple colour. She quipped "I remember you love purple colour." I appreciate all that she did for me, and I'll be happy with just a handmade card from her.

That's what she wrote inside the card
Cute hor?

Saturday, she kept asking me "mummy today Mother's Day?"

Sunday, I woke up to see a paper next to me. I must be so dead tired that I didn't know when she came to put it next to me. Just then she must be making her spot-check and saw me awake, ran out. Obviously very shy.

So touched!

Didn't dare to kiss me. Was busy the whole day today preparing her for her PSLE upcoming tests. What a day for me! Hope all the mothers I know had a great day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


A very simple card I made this year.

Attached these separately - It's a storyline. My bro and sis say I bor-liao, nothing else better to do

Mother's Day Dinner

Dinner was arranged at Saltwater Cafe in Changi Village Hotel.

Lil' one and Iggy had home-cooked food. They nibbled on snacks and mei-mei took alot of chocolate sprinklers, marshmallow coz' the che-che gave it to her. This is the time where I tend to close one eye to what che-che eats. She didn't eat much proper food but alot of junk food.

During dinner, lil' one was rather obedient. She did tell me she wants to 'come out' and when I did, she did behave herself. Iggy on the other hand, was walking here/there. Che-che had to follow him to take care of him, in the process my poor mei-mei was alone. So poor thing....... at home hubby asked her "why you never take care of mei-mei?" She cited her reasons but we felt so heart-breaking to see my lil' one alone. Iggy also tend to look for che-che more, don't seem to remember he has another cousin. sob sobs..

Verdict :
Food is so-so, price is too expensive. Not worth it! I looked at their staffs' uniform, it's too sloppy-looking and the girls' don't even bother about grooming.

Curly hair

Lil' one seems cute in all sorts of hairstyle (except for the messy splat in the face kind)

KZ made her look like one alien today. And after she untie everything, she looked like a lion.

Alien Aricia
Aricia got so irritated with MamaPapparazzi chasing after her for a photo, she hid her face to a stool and refused to show me her face. Ooh.......must understand models do have bad days too. Hee!
Thing that did the trick - Chocolate. That girl immediately looked at me. Greedy girl!


Words that my girl added to her vocabulary

1. Oh man..........
2. Oopsy........
3. I do XX first, ok?
4. "Cannot XXX - (whatever things we do), scared!"
Stand here, cannot move!
Whenever she plays with her bear counter. She'll bring one to the wall and say "stand here, cannot move!" - imitating me (coz' I punish her to stand the wall quite often - she's very naughty)

What's that word to describe her?
I really have no idea what's that word to describe her. She's beyond cute; she's beyond charming. She ........... surprises me every day with something funny.
When I pick her up from school daily, she'd come out holding a teacher's hand. Sometimes with her backpack behind her. Sometimes she'd deliberately drag her bag by pulling one strap.
And also that "forgetfulness" or maybe "lor-sor" when she'll always ask me "where's water bottle?" Everyday!

I think we should just give up the idea of training her to go diaperless. During our training, she made us so confused when she'll tell you she wants to pee and then when we bring her there she screams when we try to remove her pants. Bring her out, next minute tell us she wants to pee, bring her in, she screams. Ai yoh........tiring leh, in/out the toilet so many times.
There were occasions when she had that accidental leak, one drop and she started crying out "ahhhh..........I sssh sssh........" runs to us, "wash wash", she can't stand the idea of her pee trickling down her legs. Sigh.........
Must admit during the training, KZ and me were kept really busy (for NOTHING!!)

But I must say, she managed one drop into the toilet bowl once. And for that, we gave her 2 stickers. And during the pee-ing process where she was crying out loud to be on the floor; want to pee but cannot do it; really like child-birth like that. Si bei jialat. That 2 stickers was more of motivation for us not her.

I wonder why other kids can pee/poo when they are trained. This girl can't. So I think I better wait till she's ready, or let the school do the dirty job for us. Hee!

We were suppose to cite examples of our child's displaying this virtue. Though I kept saying that my lil' one is a naughty girl to handle. I must say that she's rather obedient too.
1) She obeys commands 8 out of 10 times
2) She keeps her toys after play all the time
3) She takes her own bottle by herself and takes her che-che's bottle for her too. Very proud of her.
4) She keeps her own shoes and even helps her che-che. Che-che takes advantage of being the dai-ga-che and tries to boss around.
5) She helps to put the pail back after washing her hands in the toilet. (she goes into toilet to wash hand, she needs the foot-stepper, brings down pail, drags foot-stepper to the sink, washes hand/dries hand, drags foot-stepper back to position, carries pail to put back on top of foot-stepper. Once I noticed the pail was quite full and she carried it without complaining. she's not that bad afterall right? She's only got a nasty-temper, which she sounds/looks funny when she's fed up with us disturbing her and she starts to yabber scream in her 'I don't understand what the heck she's talking about' language.

Still seem to have that problem with her pronunciation. And I just realised something, when she's all so excited about something, trying to tell me something, she stutters. Heehee! Sound very funny.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mothers - Part I

Three days ago while I was having my lunch, I ate a dish which reminds me of the almost similar but better-tasting than the restaurant dish my mom made. Then I was choked, my tears almost welled up. I miss my mom's cooking. I told mom, and she said she'll try to cook for me. Next day when I was there, she didn't cook that for me but another favourite dish of mine. I want to savour every little bits (except the yucky gingers) and have it stored in my tongue RAM-card permanently.
My mom - tries to make us happy. Just like me trying to make my children happy. Athena requests for a cake / cookie, I try to bake it for her.

It got me thinking :

I never quite understand why my mom preferred to sit down (with a ruler) and struggled to read with her long-sightedness eyesight while teaching me Chinese. My school teach me, mummy.
Now I know why. Athena's only in P1 and I panic withover ALL her subjects.

I never quite understand why mom resorted to bribery to get me to work hard.
Now I know why. Kids love rewards. And better still if it's someone as forgetful as me who'd never remember what the rewards were

I never quite understand why mom used the cane on me
Now I know why, it's for my good (she feels) and so I thought since she brought me up well, this method should work on my children as well

I never quite understand why mom would call me at 10pm to ask me to go home, even before the fun begins in discos
Now I know why, I'm very protective over my 2 girls now

I never quite understand why mom would cry when I make her angry
Now I know why, my children break my hearts when they don't listen to me

I never quite understand why mom was so naggy all the time.
Now I know why, I started being naggy much earlier than her!

I never quite understand why mom would rather give up her meal for me.
Now I know why...... we'd rather feed our children than ourselves

I never quite understand the values my mom taught me
Now I know why, I am already trying to teach my children values

But there's something which I can really understand why my mom did all those things for me
Coz' she's a mother to me and my siblings. And a mother's love is selfless, no limit. It took me long to realise that it isn't easy to be a good daughter. But it took me a longer time to realise it's not easy to be a good mother. I have a good mother who tried her best to provide for us despite her health and because of that, I want to be a mother just like her to my children.

Mothers, give your mothers a big hug. And a big hug to yourself for doing such a wonderful job which nobody else can do.


Mothers II

When God Created Mothers Guest Author - Danielle Hollister

In honor of All Moms on Mother's Day - Words filled with wisdom By Erma Bombeck

When the good Lord was creating mothers, He was into His sixth day of "overtime" when the angel appeared and said, "You're doing a lot of fiddling around on this one."

And the Lord said, "Have you read the specs on this order? --

She has to be completely washable, but not plastic; Have 180 moveable parts . . . all replaceable; Run on black coffee and leftovers; Have a lap that disappears when she stands up; A kiss that can cure anything from a broken leg to a disappointed love affair; And six pairs of hands...

The angel shook her head slowly and said, "Six pairs of hands . . . no way."

"It's not the hands that are causing me problems," said the Lord. "It's the three pairs of eyes that mothers have to have."

"That's on the standard model?" asked the angel.

The Lord nodded.

"One pair that sees through closed doors when she asks, 'What are you kids doing in there?' when she already knows. Another here in the back of her head that sees what she shouldn't but what she has to know, and of course the ones here in front that can look at a child when he goofs up and say, 'I understand and I love you' without so much as uttering a word."

"Lord," said the angel, touching His sleeve gently, "Come to bed. Tomorrow . . ."

"I can't," said the Lord, "I'm so close to creating something so close to myself. Already I have one who heals herself when she is sick . . . can feed a family of six on one pound of hamburger . . . and can get a nine year-old to stand under a shower."

The angel circled the model of a mother very slowly. "It's too soft," she sighed.

"But tough!" said The Lord excitedly. "You cannot imagine what this mother can do or endure."

The angel asked, "Can it think?"

"Not only think, but it can reason and compromise," said The Creator.

Finally, the angel bent over and ran her finger across the cheek. "There's a leak," she pronounced. "I told You You were trying to put too much into this model."

"It's not a leak," said the Lord, "It's a tear."

"What's it for?" asked the angel.

"It's for joy, sadness, disappointment, pain, loneliness and pride," The Lord replied.

"You are a genius," said the angel.

The Lord looked somber.

"I didn't put it there," he said.

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