Friday, December 30, 2005

Was near to tears

I picked my girl from school yesterday (29th) and we were walking towards the car when all of a sudden she looked at me about to tear and started screaming " I got toys in my pocket!" Turned out she put some cubix into her little shorts pocket.
I turned back to the main entrance and she was running and saying " I got toys, I got toys." Mrs Wong who was still at the door was surprised to see us back. Athena quickly took off her shoes and made a dash to her Ms Leaw. I don't know what was the conversation about between them but Ms Leaw and Mrs Wong were smiling. I too was smiling but also feel proud that my daughter knows that she is not suppose to take things that don't belong to her. Well, she was out I praised her and told her she didn't do it on purpose.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Life is so unfair

Life is so unfair. I know people are born and will die but I can't accept the truth that one of my ex-colleague had left this world.
It was just the usual yearly Christmas E-card I send to her and yesterday her husband emailed me and told me the news that she had left to be with the Lord on 14th June 05. June?? 6 months ago??
I couldn't help it but just burst down crying. She was a great lady in her 40s, she was my shifu in the bank I used to work. First impression I had was "cham lah... she's so fierce." But it turned out looks is deceiving. And after I left the bank to join the airline; got married and gave birth 2 years later, she was there always for my new chapter in life. She was there for chats and definitely not gossips but she gave alot of motherly and worldly advise. It's a real pity that I wasn't in touch with her for 9 months or so. My heart goes to her loved ones, especially Alvin and his sister who simply adores their mom .
I know she is with the Lord now.
(But it's weird to delete her name from my diary)
Thank you Karen very much. I am really sorry I wasn't with you before you left.

* We should treasure everyone around us. Perhaps you should give your friends and loved ones a hug today and tell them how much you care *

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My girl's video montage Part 2

Finally get to finish this Part 2 video montage which is completed 1 year after I finish my first one. This was done progressively over a couple of days but decided that I have to complete this today.
I know my sister is going to kill me because I'm suppose to be concentrating on my business. But hey! It runs in the blood... I've got acute ADHD. Can't blame me for taking a break once in awhile right??
Hope you'll like it as much as I did (of course not up to professional standards).

Please click on me : Video Montage 2
Tips: This is a big file, so let it run first & do a replay to get a smooth playback

Big baby

Hubby and myself simply don't understand why.... Why my girl have been acting like a baby.
She's been asking me to
1. "carry Athena baby"
2. " I want to ong eh ong eh (mimicking crying sound)"
3. Cover Athena baby (expects me to use the blanket and wrap her up & carry her)
Dunno what's wrong with her

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pre-Christmas spirit

My girl just told me " Mummy, I want to play with my choo choo train. "
Me: You can open your present tomorrow. It's Christmas Day tomorrow
Girl: No, it's Christmas Day today
Me : ?!?!?!


Dear friends and readers,
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!
With love from me!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Day out

Brought girl to Orchard in the morning, at about 12pm hubby came from work and joined us. We spent the next half day having our lunch and sitting through King Kong. The show lasted 3 hours... bad choice especially if you have a kid around.
Girl was so funny, when the ship hit against the rocks, she said "Oh.. the bost spoil already. I dowan sit boat boat next time." Then she seems scared when the dinosaurs came out and would climb and sit with me. At some point I'll cover her eyes for her and narrate the story for her. As usual, when she's paying attention to the show she'll know what's going on. She even made the remark "Ting Kong sad sad.." And also said "why Ting Kong hit her ne-ne?" When King Kong was beating its chest. And then when it finally died at the Empire State Building, I told her "King Kong or or already.." When it fell down she started screaming.... "Oh Ting Kong fall down."
I'm sorry for the fellow audiences having to tolerate her yakking in the cinema.
We had our dinner and headed home after that. It's been a long day for her.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Me wear diapers??

My cute girl saw me taking my panty liner, started asking me " mummy, you wearing your Pampers?"
This makes me recall sometime early this year too she made this first remark at my sister (her ah yi). Ah yi asked her to take sanitary napkin and kapo girl went to the side table; took out the napkin and went " Nah! Ah yi your Pampers!!"
Quite hilarious too when we were at the supermarket and she sees me grabbing a pack.. she'll make a loud remark "Mummy, you buying Pampers?"
Okay..........have a good laugh.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Electronic Sudoku

My so sweet brother gave me an electronic Sudoku gameset with 100,000 over games inside (that's what they claim). Well... my brain will shrink even smaller and brain cells die faster. I'm looking forward to playing it.. but I still haven't finished the book yet!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Finally got my business registered after all the difficulties. Phew!
Am suppose to start my business next month but looks like there are a lot of things to be done... so preparing myself early is good.
But it also means that I'll be fully exhausted as I have to make sure girl's room is done up before CNY, call HDB to mend the cracks on the ceiling, dub the tapes, spring cleaning. Sigh..............two hands so many tasks.

Manicure and Pedicure

Had some time on my own as daughter fell asleep early at 8 plus, so decided to do some manicure and pedicure. I felt my hands and feet "much cleaner". Haha! I haven't done it for such a long time.. so it's a rare treat for me.

100 Entries

Wow! I can't believe it. For a non-diary keeper person, I've actually made 100 entries to date.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Meal & Chicky Meal

The way MacD and KFC tries to entice children to eat is to introduce Happy Meal and Chicken Meal. Of course there's always a toy inside there.
Needless to say sometimes parents are tempted to buy toys and 'get to eat' for their children. Admittedly I fall into this category. Sometimes I do go for the children's meal as they're small portion. It helps with my pocket and also with the waistline.
But it also means that I always end up with a lot of toys. I bring them home and let my girl play with it and then I start throwing them away after some time coz' I hate too many things at home. So it's a horrible cycle. But I still keep some of em' like the cute Hello Kitty bag and hairband which seems to be big on her head.

Sua-ku gia

My girl turned to me and told me "mummy I very happy today, I take choo-choo chort chort (train), I no angry I happy today."
And she had to repeat that upteen times to me. She's so sua-ku.
On our walk home from the station, she told me "I like to take bus, I very happy sit on the bus." I promised her one day I'll take her on the bus (when I'm not in a hurry) .


I was waiting with my girl outside the Crystal Jade at Takashimaya for lunch. Two well-dressed ladies were talking to my girl, and then turned and asked "only one child and you're expecting another one??"
I looked down, pinched my fats and said "you mean these fats?"
Umm.... maybe that gives me an idea. I should pretend to be pregnant and wear loose clothings whenever I decide to take the train. But then again, how many times people do give up their seats??
Time to loose weight!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Signs of fan-nao (tackling mind)

My girl was telling uncle that Braxton is her boyfriend and she also told grandma that she has alot of boyfriend in the school.
Braxton is about 2 months older than my girl. In school my girl was close to another boy Jiajun and I don't know when she dumped him and was close to Braxton after that.
Signs of horror!! I was flipping through last year's photos and I saw something. And this year he gave her a tight hug....
Fan nao, fan nao.

I'm a BIG girl vs I'm a small girl

SUddenly she tells me she's a big girl when I can't tie her towel. She pointed to our big towel and said "mummy, you buy a big big towel like this for me, ok" I big girl already."
Then sometimes in order to get herself out of anything, she'll say "I'm a small girl."

No lah-lah-lah

Told myself must blog this down.
My girl has been using Singlish alot of late, ending her sentences unneccesarily with lah; ay;eh.
On Friday dua-gu was conversing with her and he spouted some Singlish himself and I told him off. My girl kindda acted on my side; pointed her finger at uncle and say "hor..hor." And gave her funny look.
Then he wanted to make her say the words again. He pretended to accuse her of saying "lah" when she became so defensive " I never say lah-lah-lah-lah." So funny.............

Saturday, December 17, 2005

17th Dec - Today's D day

Hubby and myself were like little kids this morning, we got out of bed and were talking about how our precious little girl will surprise us with her performance. And my hubby had to ask me upteen times, do you know what is she going to dance? I asked her for an exclusive sneak preview but she didn't give in. Even when I tried bribing her with foods; she ate them and refused to dance. Argh! Goon goon mother!!
We arrived at Bedok Lutheran Church at 9.45am and we had to settle for quite far back seating.
Upon arriving at the church, photos of the full dress rehearsal were displayed outside and inside the foyer. It costs $2 for 5R photos (make good $) and this year she has more photos so I ended up cutting down on all the quantity to 1 each. Still.. I paid close to $30 .
The Year end Concert cum Graduation 2005 started at 6 minutes late, 10.06am. And I began to realise the "my friend, my friend" my girl has been telling me about is one of the graduands and I haven't gotten the slightest idea of his name. But if I'm going through the concert pamphlet correctly, he should be Ebenezer Koh.
The concert started about half an hour later and my girl's performance is the 5th one. 3rd performance was done by N1 Hope, which is the playgroup (aged 18 months to 2 yrs). I remember there were alot of kids in that class so what happened to the rest of them?? Click on the icons below to view the videos.
N1 Hope- Give Me Joy
The "too excited me" was like switching between camera and video camera on the video cam I was holding. That the front portion of her performance was recorded wrongly on the card. Thank goodness for the second part I switched back. She looked so mature and kawaii. Yup! Jiajun was not there... and a few others. Hubby felt that there's nothing much to her dance this year, "only standing there and action action." I felt the same way too.
During the second half (Her Dance Part 2) of her dance she suddenly noticed my brother and me were standing there, she was quite distracted after that as she kept looking towards her left.
Her dance Part 1
Her dance Part 2
The rests of the performance was so-so. The performance by K2 we thought was quite usual until the children start picking up their hula hoops and dance. Much to the cheering crowd and everyone's leaning forward to watch it, the performance made everyone ALIVE after that.
K2 Praise - huan le hu la hu
Two other performances after that and it was the finale. Again, she was looking at us. Then she started looking for people she know. She finally saw grandma and was mouthing " ma-ma, my ma-ma." See if you can catch her mouthing that.
Finale Song- I Will Rejoice
Notes : I think she did a good job and no doubt she was enjoying herself. All these... and she had no appetite for breakfast this morning; was coughing quite badly. As we all expected it she was very tired in the car and when we got home after lunch she fell asleep for a good whole 5 hours.

Funny thing that happened : Dua-gu was pointing out to all the children in the photos and she was naming them. Then when he pointed out to Braxton, she asked "Braxton is your.. what?" My cute girl answered "my boyfriend." We had a good laugh.

As we walked down the steps we caught sight of Melia and Braxton playing so I wanted to snap shots of them. I love it coz' they were all hugging so tightly and the adults were afraid that they might fall. Kids are kids.

Verdict post-performance :
1) She always has that smiley face when she's dancing. She's one kid that needs encouragement and nudging, it's a real wonder that she has no signs of stage fright and still smiles so nicely.
2) No doubt the glittery thing is nice but we can't see it on stage. And what I hate about glitters is the difficulty in removing them. Washed her hair for a long time and still can see something shiny.

PS. Photos has been linked to this blog on your right.Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Her pledge

Been trying out to convert the amr file to wav but downloading into any online sharing is unsuccessful. So I guess the only way is to do it the old way via youtube by recording it down.
Meanwhile the mother will have to learn the pledge myself before I teach her.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Was at Tampines MRT today and saw this sign right across the tracks that says :
Value Life. Act Responsibly
I have no idea when the sign was put up but I believe it was done after all the attempted suicides.

So proud of her.............

She has been doing well and going without diapers in the night, except for two occasions where she pee-ed on the bed.
I think apart from her horrible temper and tau-hong-ness, my girl has been easy to bring up. It took us little training only 2-3 days to wean her off from diapers and she was okay. She knew what we were doing and the instructions given to her. Once (in the beginning stage) she actually tried to run to the toilet but pee-ed along the way. Well, she was crying.. I had to console her and praise her for doing a good job by running to the toilet.
When she was a baby, she was a smiley and happy baby. And a little pig too! She sleeps through the night at 2 months. She never cries in the night except for the first month, which for goodness sake we were first time parents also dunno she cry for what. We tried all means until my mom popped in the pacifier. Arks! Anyway that took us less than a week to wean her off from pacifier.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Be Patriotic!

My girl made me roll on the floor last night when I asked her to stand straight. All of a sudden she started singing our National Anthem, and you guessed it right. At some point she had her lips pouted like " chui tu tu" and then she kept repeating the same thing. I guess she has the same problem as I do. Then I asked her to recite the pledge in English, she was mumbling. The funniest part was struggling to hear her speak in Chinese. Sometimes she sounds like an ang-moh sometimes she sounds okay. Yesterday she sounded okay but I thought at some point she was repeating herself. I don't know coz' I don't know the pledge myself.
Well, I have it recorded down on my mobile. But I doubt there's a way for me to share it online.

So smart

I'm not boasting just because she's my girl, but my girl is really smart. She answers you back with good solid sentences that will just shut you up; she has good memory when she sees something on TV, she'll help me phrase out a sentence which I've taught her in her nightly lessons.
She don't behave like my other cousin's children who's about the same age as her. My uncles and aunties all praise her for her independence (okay... sometimes she'll whine and 'yang or') and 'streetsmart'.
So what attributes to her smart-ness? Most importantly it's the genes from the mother plus during pregnancy she took some more from me. No wonder now the mother so stupid.

Sesame Street Board Game

Enfagrow A+ have this attached to their small can of milk -900g. And since girl is on this Enfa A+ range since birth, decided to buy it. Forgot that we still had 2 large cans -each 1800g in our cupboard.
The board game is mainly for young kids but I like the stampers. Feel like buying another 3 cans to make up sets of four and I get 8 stampers.
Chey! Dunno who's the kid now?? But hey! It's not easy to find Sesame Street stampers leh... was trying so hard online.

She can spell her name

My girl surprised me when I asked her how to spell her name. She went " A-T-H-E-N-A"- ningun problema. Muy bueno, muy listo (spanish for very good, very clever)

Dreaming of flying

I had another dream of me back flying again. I've lost count to how many dreams I had but some of them were quite funny. Last night I dreamt that was I was helping out in Economy Class and somehow I've missed alot of rows and received complaints. Funny thing is.. when I connected the dream this morning, I was a LSS helping out (not a main crew there). So how did I miss out rows???? And why in the first place I was manning a cart??
I guess I really miss flying. Everytime I sit on the plane or go to the airport I'll think back of what I'll be doing right now if I was not preggie with my girl. Then I'll be green with envy when I see them packing up to fly to places which now I can only go whenever I join my hubby on his business trips or when we go on our annual holidays. sigh.............
I missed the chance when I passed the interview to go back as a flying mother. I gave it up all because my hubby told me " I'm going to fly alot next year. I dowan the girl to be parent-less."
Now I hope for a chance to let me rekindle my old job - even if it's for a month. And yes my dear readers.. I do enjoy the job alot!!

Mont St Michel

Was watching the Travel & Living Channel last night and they were introducing Northern France. I was so excited when they shot a distanced view of Mont St Michel. And yes, when I was there years ago the guide was telling us that we were very lucky that our bus could drive on the bridge to the abbey, otherwise we might have to walk on the "sands". Well, I guess even if I did go and maybe died in the process of getting there it's worth it. Coz' I've been dying to go there and once I flew in to Paris.. I just took the opportunity to go there. *Let me try to scan the photo I took (if I did take from the distance). Anyway the guide had to walk in the sand and she was stuck. Haha!
Anyway, more about this legendary place. Read on at :


My girlfriend was coaching me on how to play Sudoku when I chanced upon it on the Today's papers. And I must it's finally making my brain work.. otherwise I'm really BRAIN DEAD!!
It's quite fun and I am proud to say that I managed to solve my very first one with no hiccups. ( Very smart hor??) And been able to do so for the rests of the puzzles.
Turned out, you can even try it online. Try it, it's fun.................

In a world of my own

Having lived in Singapore for 30 years (okay say 20 years, minus the infant years) I'm sorry to say but I'm really suaku and didn't know that such neighbourhood exists. Yesterday we wanted to bring my girl go gai-gai. So as usual I can only suggests Orchard or Suntec area, then hubby said "let's go Sembawang."
All I can say is just by that trip... I realised that I'm quite suaku... what Chong Pang place?? Never heard of it before.
I guess there are more places for me to discover apart from my Orchard and Suntec.

Monday, December 5, 2005

When is life worth living for??

When the time my girl said " I love you mummy."
When the time my girl just give me a surprise hug and kiss.

Beginning to sound like an auntie

I was very happy with my buy $9.90 for a 5L Dynamo a few days ago. Then hubby helped me carry up from the car last evening and I was talking about how cheap it is. At NTUC later, I kept telling him "neh.. you see it's $7+ for a 3L..." " Yah lah, yah lah. You very smart lah," he said.
When I got home I kept thinking of what I said earlier on... and I feel that I'm beginning to sound like an auntie. Argh!!! Now I must start talking about high teas; manicures; pedicures and fashion.

No leaking

So happy.. my girl didn't wet her bed. But still not taking any chances, will continue putting the protector sheet on until she's 6 or 7.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

No more diapers in the night

For two nights I tried my girl going without diapers in the night. Actually it prompted me to start early when my girl complaint that her diapers is tight (the ones at my mom's place are L size). So I told her that she will go diaper-less and will have to wake me up in the night when she wants to go toilet. But of course before that I asked mom for something plastic to put between her mattress sheet and mattress.
I am proud to say that for the two nights she did not wake me up at all, she managed to control her bladder all through. Which can be good and can also be bad. Good is - I can have my uninterrupted sleep, bad is controlling her bladder at such young age is no good.
I shall try again tonight. But I have a feeling that she might leak tonight. Why? Coz' she'll be back sleeping in the air-conditioned room.

Where are the police?? So "efficient"

In the wee hours today at about 4plus, mom and myself were woken up by this rackus opposite our block.(at Tampines) At first it was a guy shouting vulgarities, car door slamming etc..There were a couple of guys a girl and then we heard someone got slapped and a woman wailed. (she sounded drunk to me) and then there were some commotion. And somehow we dunno from where some other turned up and probably "watched". Dunno lah, I could have reported the wrong number of people at present site but can't blame me if we were all still so blur after being roused from our sleep and our view were partially blocked by a tree. Cars came and go, nobody offered to help. The altruistic me decided to call 999 to report the incident, and hey! Where are the police?? For good whole 15 minutes after I called the incident continued. Someone came by in a motorcycle, and at first we thought it was the police (but police in motorcycle??) but it was a guy who told them. Well, I can't make out what he told them but all I know is he was snapped back with a loud "you shut up." And probably close to 4.50 or 4.50+, I saw the victim being carried to the block, probably up to her flat or maybe kena raped at the stairs??? I can't see what happened but for sure there were no more shouting or slapping or wailing. At 5.05am I heard cars coming and pick up some people and left, infact we did notice 3 other guys squatting at the carpark smoking. But eventually everyone left at 5.05am.
So during the whold episode where were the police?? If someone was beaten (as what I had reported), the assaultants would have finished the job in less than 15 minutes and run away. Who would be so stupid to stay behind and get caught??
Mom also did say "well, during the recent fire at Blk 261 the firefighters came first and after a long long time, the police then came." And you know what my dear friends?? The NPP is only 1 block away!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2005

My girl

My girl so cute this morning. She remembered about her cookie"; brought it to me and asked "mummy, you take picture already? Can I eat?"
Then when you asked her when is dua-gu coming back, she'll keep telling you 2 weeks. That is because she remembers the video dua-gu sent over weeks ago.

So comfortable

Girl gt up the moment we carried her out of the car. Back home in Tampines where she sleeps on the floor (and where I'll too when I sleep over at mom's place) she covered herself nicely with this silk comforter which my mom bought from China. Mom said she jiam it and said she wants it. (So selfish)

Chocolate fountain

Wah............this chocolate fountain smacked infront of Heeren is really tempting. If you're wondering I was lured into this. No! I just kept thinking about my weight and flab around my body.

Always think of my little brat

Ungrateful girl! Everytime I go out I'll buy some munchies for her and when she saw me earlier she told me "I dowan mummy." I saw this cute cookie from SwissBake at Taka and decided to buy it for her. Then at Centrepoint saw this pack of caramel almonds and remembered how she'd snatch it away from me all the time. Must quickly snap this before she bites off the cookie.

Good buys? Impulse buys?

Did some shopping today, first stop was Aussino as there was a 50% discount on bedding for Kids. Ended up buying 3 pc towels to match Athena's bedsheet. I went to Happy House and was looking around for girlie ornaments to put in her room. However I quickly stopped myself as I remembered what the heck I was shopping for girlie things when she wanted a Pooh theme. I should instead look for things that will make her room looks like a 100 acres wood. I think I will go down again tomorrow after my gym to see if there's anything else to buy, afterall it won't kill to have 3 sets of beddings items right?
Did some other buys and I think the real impulse buy was a dress from Marton-Bell. I like party dresses (that's the good thing about having a girl). Very sweet so I hope to get invited to someone's Xmas party.............