Thursday, April 6, 2017


What will I buy if I strike lottery? (aha! I don't buy lottery tickets)

Stagea. Been saying for the longest time but I just don't have the money. Plus our piano is also taking up quite a big space in our small living / dining area. 

But first, I need to be up to this STANDARD to play. 


Monday, April 3, 2017

My inner thoughts

Big girl has been in the school band for 2 years 3 months, though it's something which she hates and she likes. Ha! Sounds contradicting right? She likes it coz she loves music, so it was a no brainer to join the school Band when she was opting for CCA (she's the angmoh type, gave me the face when I asked her if she wanted to try out Chinese Orchestra. Anyway, I can't picture the awkward gait when she walks around in that long dress [she'll probably tear her dress] and trying to sit demurely [her demurely?!] and plucking some strings). 

The passion
I should have anticipated this girl is different from the start when she was growing up, perhaps it's the exposure she gets from me (I enjoy instrumental, new age and jazz) so she's able to appreciate music differently. Learning the piano was a must-do, not as a sideline to earn extra bucks (though that's what I told her) but something for her to widen her spectrum. I didn't want a kid who only knew how to study and nothing else. But she did asked to learn the violin herself. In the end, had to give up coz' she was whining about the pain.
Primary school - she joined Handbells coz' - it's music and something new for her. The only one she could join since that was the only thing they had in school. She enjoyed herself throughly those 4 years, going for SYF competitions and performances. Most importantly she had a teacher who is so passionate about music. When learning music, the teacher (I feel) must be someone who teaches from the heart and soul, so that the kid is able to play from her heart and soul.  

Now that in her teens, I've noticed she's unlike any other teens who go crazy over Kpop. Occasionally she listens to songs like Ed who? Taylor Swift etc.. but not as often as instrumental or Band music. She plays them over and over again in the background when she's studying. She doesn't ask to go for any Kpop concert or any fan-gurling concerts but she ask when is the next musical coming to Singapore. She's asked to watch SSO. Very strange huh? Recently, she's into the oldie Frank Sinatra songs eg. L.O.V.E and Fly Me To The Moon. She even told me old songs are so nice; better than now. Wow!  

Secondary school - Teacher is almost killing her love. She only looks forward to sectionals. As what she says, even though somebody (HC) is not good enough, his favoritism in letting her play solo gets into my girl. I do feel the same way too! HC is not that good at all, why teacher didn't even let another senior, Y, to play solo. That girl, Y, is really superb! 

She hates Band
Though she loves being in the Band, she also hates it. He is strict, which has it's pros. See where KC Band stands now. If he isn't strict, KC Concert Band wouldn't have achieved so much in such a short period of time. But it's the favoritism that gets into girl.

If mei-mei happens to be in KC and wants to join Band. Honestly, I wouldn't allow her. Because having a teacher who hates one of my girl is enough, I wouldn't another kid to be hated by a teacher for no reason.