Thursday, March 20, 2008


Woah ho ho
Can't believe this! Mr FedEx came with my stuffs this morning!! And I've only managed to finalize the order on Tuesday night coz' I was interrupted during the day (+ don't forget my blogs are usually posted out late) .

Talk about the Japanese being very efficient. They really live up to their reputation!!

Woah ho ho... I'm laughing. I'm smiling, I'm.....makes me wonder if that's how the smiling sign in their logo comes about.

Presenting >>>

Anyway, if hubby took up that offer in Amazon (Amazon leh.... I'm their 老 客), we would have been in Japan - no need for all those hunting for Japanese stuffs. By then my children will plih plah in Japanese very well.. and I'll be an expert in bento-ing. Hee!

While I was busy decorating cuppies......
the girl was eating apricots and kicking her heavy diapers. It's the Punggol Cup Football Season. Goal!

She's gotta be joking!
Today as I passed the cuppies to teacher Mumta, she asked me if I still had my uniform and if I mind bringing it to show the children on the day she's teaching on occupations :pilots etc... Then she startled me further" do you mind coming in your uniform"
I burst out laughing "I can't wear my uniform now." Muah haha..... When I was wearing blue, I was only 48kg leh. How to fit my big hips & bid backside now?? Don't say the bottom half, top half can't even zip up.
I suggested that Athena can come in with the uniform, she has the authentic one, not those souvenir types.

Deh Deh Deh Deh Dah
Aricia's Deh Deh Deh Deh DAH(Dora) is coming to town in May. Click here. Tempted to bring her for the show, but we can only make it on the 1st June - last show. Umm.. see if have chance to pass by those ticketing counters and see if it's worth going.

Impossible request
Yesterday Athena ask me the most ridiculous and impossible thing.
"Mummy, how come I never learn to write the Japanese words?"
ABC and chinese words already have problem tracing over the dots, you think I'll let her learn to write Japanese?

I get this question if I'm worried about my privacy being invaded when I'm blogging. My answer is no coz' I am in control over what I write, if there are some things that others deemed private which I don't and I write, it's not private lor!
Umm.. let's see, my paranoid brother was the one who went "what? write for the whole world to read??" can't blame him for the conservative-ness but look - I've got 1000 over entries now and it just keeps me going writing the most boring things in my life.
How about if I worry about our photos being used. Um! Not at the moment, apart from the joke that I've placed my hope on Aricia being our future Miss Universe, there's no concern over people using her photos or Athena's or mine. Well, if anyone happens to see my face in some porn site one day it's digitally altered for sure coz' people who knows me; knows I'm not well endowed. Haha!

Thought I'd be rich
I thought I'd be rich when I saw this guy looking in my direction and the bottom half of his face almost resembles Mas Selamat. No, it can't be him this guy is even plumper and think - would he be so stupid to be in a busy area - Orchard?
Thought I'd be laughing to the bank with the reward $$ and go for a lipo.
My hopes are dashed!

Athena's allowed to go for this school excursion this Saturday to 'can't remember what's the name'church. Why? Only the K2 and StudentCare are given, so must go. ROCFISH kids leh! I also want to go.

Sleeping with me
Lil' Aricia slept with me on Wednesday night and I'm glad she didn't wake up. Maybe what I did was to carry her over just as I am about to turn in myself, so that she won't get distracted by the typing noise in the room. These days I feel like having the 2 of them sleeping with me, but I may end up being sandwiched.Come next Wednesday Aricia's sleeping with me again. Yay!
Funny! She wakes up rather early when she's with the che-che and KZ. But when she sleeps with me, she wakes up later than me. Maybe... she woke up and saw the mother still snoring away and then decide to sleep again? She woke up at 9+. Hee!

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