Thursday, January 27, 2011

CNY Bakes

26th Jan
Oh my! Oh my! I'm really late this year. I'm always so busy in the daytime, to try to fit in a time to bake.

I started baking only when the "shops" are about to put their goodies on SALE PRICE. I 'commence my business' when everyone else had 'closed their business' to get ready for CNY.

On this day, I went back home immediately after I dropped lil' girl in school at 8am. KZ was tasked to bring that girl home so that I have sufficient time to bake.

Alas! That girl reached home close to 1pm and I've only baked 2 containers full. *tired* The over-zealous me thought I could bake 5 trays of 25 tarts in one hour, each cycle 20 mins baking time. By 1pm, I should be able to finish my 3 portions. Wrong calculation! Although the fillings were measured; rolled into balls and packed in L&L container. I still had to carefully measure each dough; roll each 6gm dough; did a few; then roll again to put in filling; put it on the tray. Once the tray was filled, I sprinkled some parmesan cheese. Ooh! So sinful! To fill each tray took me 30minutes or more, that works out to 1min+ on each tart that you put in your mouth. I worked at a slower rate but I get nice tarts. No way was I going to ask KZ for her help coz' she did destroy an equivalent of 2 bottles last year. Can't risk it again this year.

I left home rather late in picking che-che up from school. By the time I reached home an hour later, I slaved for another 2 hours to finish all these 4 containers.

I had so many things that I wanted to bake for CNY goodies. But no time, ended up with the easiest recipe - coffee cookie. Keke!
I worked through the night, ending my shift at 3am (27th Jan)
I'm really tired. *yawns* and not baking anymore. As it is, everything I did this year is so late, I can't even find anymore time to bake.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting the hang of it

I'm getting the hang of this crazy routine for this year, and hopefully the next year (& slightly better) too and the next .....

This crazy routine means I can't go home for most days. I tried going back home once and realize I can't achieve much by being home for only 2 hours. With the "beautiful" tunnel-view both ways that always make me want to doze off, I'd rather stay where I am and mark their books; do my senseless surfing. Haiz! Who knows maybe sooner or later, I give up and go back home to spend my time. Not enough time also better than getting stuck in KFC, Macs, carparks. At least I get the consolation that I have my comfy bed to lie down for that one hour?? (must minus the time I take to clean the car interior).
I'm suppose to check out True Fitness for their package and haven't had the chance to talk to the consultant. Hmm... went once but staff not in. Got such thing meh? In Calif Fitness, you get poached until you turn sunny-side-up. Must get it done fast, can't procrastinate. Otherwise I'll end up looking like a penguin from all the heavy breakfasts. Argh! I need my exercise regime back!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Letter for my girls


Dear 赤ちゃん,

Please be patient with me as we start this new year 2011.

There are a few changes in our schedules and we all need to learn to adapt to it. But my dear girls please bear with me as I struggle to remember your class/es days.

Please be tolerant towards me when I scream at you to "get into the car quickly", "eat your lunch quickly", "complete your homework quickly" for I am your referee; your chauffeur and your mother.

Have a great torturous 2011 !!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Day of school

The day before, Arcia was still in denial over the fact that she was going over to a new school. So I gave her the task of bringing her school uniform out from her cupboard. KZ hang both MMI's and St. Hilda's school uniform side by side. I went in since I had to help her turn on the lights. She picked out the right uniform and hang it outside.

I wonder if she'll throw a fit the next day coz' knowing her strong-headed character.

Morning came, the girls were happy. Strange? Thought che-che didn't want school to start? Hmm... but she's curious to know who her new classmates would be and which class she'd be in. I'm curious too! Well you see, the girls would be streamed for the first 2 classes; the remaining 4 classes are random change.

Left home this early so that I can reccee the situation in che-che's school

Next, I brought mei-mei to school. But it was still early so I brought her for breakfast at Macs. That girl kept bugging me "mummy, can we go now?" "Mummy, my school open already?" Haha! This girl is really funny. First she's in denial and refuse to go. And who was the one who said "I'm only going to MMI!!" ?

In her school, many teary kids. In her class alone, alot of them cried. Some of them had that ripple effect, they were alright and then started crying. Wah... her teacher did look stressed!
My girl did me proud. She was so well-behaved and mature. I sent her a telepathy this morning.
Many parents hang around the class (mainly those kids who cried) , I did too! Teacher tried to shoo us away, so that kid don't see parent = don't cry. But I was reluctant to leave coz I wanted to snap worthy photos.... you know "her first kindy" etc... I didn't want to miss out anything and had to be there for my girl.

Mammarazzi in action. Next "MIA" assignment would be when she enters P1
School ended 2 hours later. I rewarded her for her behaviour. Well done, Aricia!
When we picked the girls up, the mommies are excited. I wonder if she'll be in the same class as her best friend, Maxine. We began questioning which class, turned out Athena is in the same class as Summer. And .........che-che gets her gift - Nintendo iXL afterall! I'm happy for her but it means she gotta work really hard coz' all the smart girls are in there.

Wow! I forgot there was another "first" for Aricia today. It's her first Berries class. I wasn't worried about her being overwhelm with 2 firsts and then end up crying. I have full confidence in her and again I sent her a telepathy.
She was really excited and asked if we were leaving home; if reaching soon; hurrying me. Haha! She is mature isn't she?
After her class. Look at her oversized bag. She fell!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Changes and changes

I hate it when school make their changes in long hours. I certainly hate it too when enrichment classes make their changes too? Why 2 parties? Why can't centres just move the class up accordingly in the same time slot? Gives me headache since I'm the main chauffeur. (but I should be thankful that we were given the school hours for this year before the term ends last year. So I'm able to know which day to block for CCAs, extra lessons etc..)
Lorna's class
There isn't any Wednesday class now. Slot her in for Thursday class. I love to cramp everything in a day so that it saves on my travelling time but not to the extent that I had to go from Marine Parade to Toa Payoh for Shichida (2.30pm to 4.00pm or sometimes 4.10pm) and then fly back to Marine Parade for Lorna's class at 4.30pm. Mad rush!!
No more Yamaha lesson
Thank goodness I stopped her music lesson, if not I'll die zooming to Tampines!! I stopped her class partially due to anticipation that she'll end up spending another day in school for her CCA from Primary 4 onwards. (must have the foresight mah!)

Looking for alternatives
Alternative 1 :
The Learning Lab opened a centre in Mountbatten (which is close to her school) and I did approach them for their English and Science class.
Science class - Both slots clashed with my Mondays and Tuesdays
English class - They have class on Wed @ 5.30pm and Fri @ 2.45pm. Wednesday sounds good but at 5.30pm it's a timing that I dunno whether I should go back home to have a nice shower after her long day in school and rush out or to stay outside somewhere doing homework. Last year, school was dismissed the usual time and had sufficient time to go back home to shower, though class in Lorna started an hour earlier at 4.30pm. Well, no choice. Coz' she would have to stay till 9+pm in the night and she certainly needs a shower somehow.
Friday? Good timing but same thing I'd be rushing to get the kids back home to shower after her class to get AR to her music lesson in Tampines. I KIV-ed that slot. (School - TLL - home - Tampines) I swear it was really difficult to contact Learning Lab, usually they call at that time when I was busy. And when I call them back, I'm always diverted to their voicemail. Sigh! Went ding ding dong dong alot of times. And I reckon, if Athena is a student there. I'll always have this problem of contacting the school.

Alternative 2 :
Learning Point - Heard pretty good reviews about the school. Like Learning Lab, you're suppose to undergo a test to determine whether you can go in or not. So I thought I'd give it a try.
Great! They called the next day and she's offered a place. There's a class on Wednesday. Again! Dunno why it's like a jinxed Wednesday. And there's no way I can go for the class since she has to finish off that Lorna's class for the term. They can't block the class for me till I join in next term. But it'll mean that Athena will have a "siong" first term. Took a Friday 4.15pm class.

So now, I list down their classes.. I don't even have any free day with them. ARGH! My home tuition centre can close down already. Maybe it's for their good leh? But supposedly she didn't have to go every week, I'll still have some time to sneak in some work for her.

street-lightAT's long day in school till 3.10pm
street-light4.30pm music lesson starting with AR, AT can shower and then it's her lesson

street-lightAT's CCA till 3.10pm
street-lightBerries class AR - 5pm, AT - 5.15pm

street-lightAT's long day in school till 3.10pm

street-lightAR's Shichida - 2.30pm
street-lightAT's Lorna Whiston's class - 4.30pm (which will be scrapped off end of Term 1. In replacement will be another class in LP. Must endure for one term)

street-lightAT's Learning Point's English in Simei - 4.15pm ends 5.45pm
street-lightAR's Music @ Yamaha Tampines

Certainly alot of adjustments to be made in their enrichment classes huh? And ... I haven't forgotten that I was suppose to find a suitable time for their swimming lesson neh? And perhaps an Art class for AR?

Hmm.... I think I know why hubby got the car for me. He knows I'll be so crazy to fly about everywhere in Singapore during the week. Looking at the days, we have more days "lunch in the car" - which means I'll have to step up to cleaning my car interior daily? It also means that I won't be in the moment I step out of the house in the morning. Duh! KZ better still be working for us.
Better still, if hubby can buy me a helicopter.