Sunday, September 30, 2007

Aricia in class

That girl is so playful; more energetic than Energizer. I can't keep up with her.

The previous lesson on 14th, she was very edgy and making alot of noise. Last week sensei had to cancel the class (not feeling well) and replace it on 28th. As usual she'll be fretty and making alot of noise. I dunno leh... sometimes I wonder if it's me coz' recently when I brought her to class I've been feeling rather sleepy myself (from lack of sleep) she might have sensed me feeling bored; so it probably made her feel bored as well.

Got back her first term report : July to September 2007 from sensei
Areas of good potential
Aricia, you did well for your first term in Shichida. You display good ESP and photographic memory ability. You also respond positively to flashcards at high speed in class. You enjoy listening to songs and Sawako too. Aricia can manipulate objects with her fingers and also show interest in basic concepts introduced in class. Well done Aricia, keep it up!

Suggestions for Improvement
Mummy can try to play ESP games with her at home to further sharpen her innate senses. For linking memory, at this age, it's more of a input from mummy and to get her to recognise and pick out the correct picture when asked.

Parental Strength
Mummy plays well with Aricia and is consistent in home practice. Let's give Aricia a hug and praise her when she has done well. I'm sure she will be able to do better next term!

Umm.... Friday's class she was very noisy. At one point I wanted to bring her out of the room but then hor.... she was paying attention leh! I thought she wasn't looking but sensei sensing that I was giving up on her came in to help. She asked Aricia and she pointed to the correct answer. Then my girl refused to sit, wanted to stand. After I've finished with her something, she starts squatting and plays peek-a-boo. ?!?!
For the month of September, they've been on the subject on musical instruments. This week was to identify 4 other instruments - trumpet, tambourine, triangle and xylophone. First they played the sounds of each instruments and we do the input. Next, sensei will play the instrument and then the child is suppose to identify it. Aricia, at every second key will take the card from me and she got all correct. This is not the first time, infact for all the exercises on instruments and animals etc... she'll pick it out fast.

And as for sensei's comment on LM, I think I'm expecting too much from my little girl. It's true, I do get frustrated too when I give her the cards to choose the sequence she takes it, sees it and flings it. And here I am expecting a 1yr old child to bloody put it back in sequence for me. Remember I mention in one entry before she finally got it?? Well.....she went back to her usual self the weeks after. Probably she was possessed on that day, where she'll pick out the sequence for me and only making one mistake. At home practice, I'm trying and... okay shall be more positive * think positive think positive* In class, sensei asked her to point out the cards for her and she did. Argh! So... like what she wrote in her term report 'For linking memory, at this age, it's more of a input from mummy and to get her to recognise and pick out the correct picture when asked.' I shall do just that.

Home sessions
Sometime I think I should re-look at the way I do my lessons with her. Both GD and Shichida flash different things. GD flashes words, Shichida more of image at high speed. I was worried that she likes the image more, so normally begins my session with GD. Last few lessons, she was distracted with the cards I have on the floor. And she'll move her body towards the cards; bend forward ; point her fingers in that direction and make "neh" sound. She was probably telling me to do the cards first or asking me why the cards are on the floor & she hasn't done that yet. I dunno....
Now it seems I should do both at separate times. *Sians* x4 or x6 daily - no joke! Then I gotta repeat myself when Athena comes back home. *tired*
She does well for ESP at home as compared to her performance in class. As for image memory, yes quite good too. But I still have problem letting her do things with velcro. She'll start taking them off and throw it on the floor.
As for identifying things and words, yes - she can do it. She points it out or takes it from me. Once in awhile I notice that she has preference for her right hand, so those answers be it right or wrong, I don't count in. My result is based on random days of testing.

My expectations
At 18 months, Athena could identify letters and read out to me be it the correct side or the mirror image side.
At 18 months, Athena could point to the parts of her body when prompted.
So.... I hope Aricia prove to me that she's smarter by surpassing her sister in the least time. Okay! From tomorrow will flash the alphabets slower to her at a different session time.

** heng ah... got no No.3, I probably expect him/her to do the above before 1**

She "talks"
Aricia "talks" alot more than her che-che, I think it's becoz' being the youngest they learn faster. Yah lor.........just like I'm the youngest and I'm definitely smarter than both my brother and sister - and I marry fast too! *blar*
Last week when she was playing with the phone, she goes "bah bah bah" as if talking to someone. Today, I noticed she had some variation in her words. It wasn't "bah bah bah" anymore. Dunno, maybe should take notice for the next few days if it continues.
She now goes "bor bor" when I got her bathtub ready for bathtime. All thanks to my "Aricia, pom pom already..." I gotta stop saying that!

Now she starts making sounds for dog and cat, which does sound a little alike to me. But for cat, she makes an action on her mouth - probably trying the baby sign but she got it all wrong. I dunno, gotta observe her.
I like it when she does the "moo" for cow coz' she pouts her lips.
When she sees bird, she does something to her mouth and say "bah" Goash! She seems to be saying bah all the time.

The fighter snaps back
It's funny to hear how she responds when her che-che pass remarks about her. She argues back?!?!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

gniao ce

Ohh! It's been sometime since we brought the kiddos to the movie.

Hubby suggested one over this weekend to pre-celebrate Children's Day.
Went over to AMK, but first stop - lunch at McDonald's (near the park) where we noticed there's a playground when we passed by sometime back. The inconsiderate students held up so many tables inside - very irritating! Athena managed to play for a really short while coz' she was feeling real hot & stuffy inside

After lunch, we went to AMK Hub to get the tickets, walked around a little to pass the time - one hour later.

The show is funny, the children (after some time) are quite fretty. Aricia was making too much noise inside. I was so embarrassed, the last time she was so well-behaved. But what to do?- my girl's getting older you know!
We used to be able to stuff the pacifier in her mouth to shut her up, but now she knows what she wants - yanks it off and cry louder. And we end up 'touching' the dirty rug to feel for the pacifier.

So what's ratatouille? At first I thought it was the name of the rat but turned out it's a dish name.
As I google search, it's said that this is a dish originated from Nice, France. And I never got to try it when I was there?? Somemore with my favourite eggplant?!?! Don't care, tell hubby I want a second honeymoon by going back there again.

Some pics (for the fun of it). I hope Disney don't sue me for use of their photos.

Au revoir!

Friday, September 28, 2007

What is the meaning of Children's Day?

Athena came back home from school and she told me :

"mummy, Monday the school is close. I don't have to go to school becoz' it's Children's Day. I cannot (waves her hand about) study on that day, I can only play on that day."

" You play everyday what?!"

"No, Monday! I only play, I no need to go school."

"Mummy, mei-mei also celebrate Children's Day?"

"No, she celebrates Baby's Day."

"When is it?"

"Everyday, coz' mei-mei play everyday."

Meaning of Children's Day
It's a celebration for the children to tell them that they are unique and special

As I searched further this came out.
Kodomo-no-hi (Children's Day) - May 5
What's the meaning of this event?
Children's Day (Kodomo-no-hi) falls on May 5, and one of the most popularly celebrated national holidays. It is also a seasonal festival called Tango-no-sekku (Iris Festival), because May 5 marks the beginning of summer on the old lunar calendar.

What do people do on this day?
Although it is called Children's Day, it is actually celebrated as the Boys' Festival. So, most families with boys celebrate it. To drive away bad spirits and celebrate the future of their sons, families hoist koinobori (cloth carp streamers) from balconies and flagpoles, and indoors display gogatsu-ningyo (samurai dolls and their armaments) on tiered ledges. Children take syobuyu (a bath with a bunch of floating iris leaves), and eat kashiwa-mochi (a rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf ) and chimaki (a dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves). Carp, samurai, irises, oak trees, and bamboos all symbolize strength.

Also there is an argue that Hinamatsuri (The Girls' Festival) should be a national holiday because Kodomo-no-hi (Children's Day) is a national holiday and is celebrated as the Boy's Festival.

Are there objects associated with this eventH

Gogatsu-ningyo (samurai dolls and their armaments)

Koinobori (cloth coustructed carp streamers)

Chimaki (a dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves)

Kashiwa-mochi (a rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf)

Speaking of which, I remember I came across a blog entry in Mio's blog of Suzuna celebrating Girl's Day!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Check this out!

Met Angeline yesterday and that steady mother had Aleciabeth in a sarong sling, pushing a stroller with a big bag.. and she normally takes a bus.

Oh.... what I really love is the new sling, it's ringless. And most importantly it doesn't look like a sarong. Sam, do you catch my hint?? For a FOC sling??? Hahaha! Actually I've got 2 of the sarong slings already and wouldn't want to buy it.

Check this out Oops! It's called a pouch.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

#1 Pai gia

Can you believe it? We've got a pai kia in the house?? You may think the pai kia looks good on the outside...but in actual fact.... fierce!

Let's take a photo together

I want to poke poke di-di

Oi! Who poked me?

I pull your hair

" ma di-di pull my hair"

I told you not to instigate me already

You don't believe I'm #1 dai-gor in ji-chap yi gweh (street 21)?? People see me must kowtow to me

See the red dragon on my arm?

Now, this you don't play play hor..... Big tiger behind my back

Let you see clearer

Oops! You're not suppose to see this.
Sob........sob..........I want mummy.............

Monday, September 24, 2007


Cockroaches attack!
Shit! Anyone have solution to kill the roaches in car?? I've never seen so much roaches in my life, not when we had the old car - Toyota. That time we did have some coz' Athena was eating in the car. So when we got this car, we laid the rules of "no food, no footwear on the car seats etc.." It did work. Plus I was washing my car once a week exterior and interior, sometimes I do double up on cleaning in the interior in a week.
Then recently I noticed the problem. There's a few possibility :
1) Athena did drop some crumbs when we had no choice but to let her eat in the car
2) KZ was washing the car 3X a week, and then in recent months only 1X a week.
3) cannot be I so suay, the cockroaches of all cars want to choose to crawl into from outside...must be my car??
4) KZ never clean clean enough??
Called sister, she says she has no problem. She uses tapes instead of vacumning to clean everything. So when we left, I gave instructions to KZ to check and clean the car daily to kill the roaches. Came back she told me in a span of 3 days, she managed to get 20 small white-coloured (not matured) roaches. Eeks! And she tried the tape method. It did seem to work until yesterday she told me, she managed to kill a few more nymphs.
So what method now?? She suggested that she can spray insecticide like she did one time, then a few hours later she go back to remove it. Do it for a few days. But I told her "how many days I don't need the car? I need the car everyday."
Follow the taxi ah-peks to put pandan leaves?? Anyone with suggestion? Or perhaps I should send my car for fumigation. Haha! Anyone heard of this??

PT again?
After a month long absence in the gym, I headed down yesterday to Novena for a nice workout. Only to be disturbed by a PT when I was about to end my session.
I knew he was going to ask me to sign up for PT sessions, so I told him I went through before. Then he said he wanted to show me some machines, which I'm glad he did. I got some tips from him.. and then the hard selling came. No! I'm not going to sign up anymore coz' it needs alot of very committed time.
Although I did get some tips from him, at least I knew how to use the new machines now but... I didn't work out as much as I wanted to.

Cannot buy flats?
Hubby was telling me last night about the salary ceiling of $8K and that we can no longer buy flats. Then that puzzled me, how did we manage to buy our current place when our combined salary was more than that also? Or they probably didn't set the rules for the Fiance/Fiancee scheme?
I should have told him "can go for private condo or landed property" but that pui pui girl heard our conversation and interrupted us.
Knowing my hubby the 'giam ka-nah' person, may not want to buy a condo. He'd rather live a comfortable life now and later.
In other words, it also means he's not going for the interview?
Darn! Kena stuck to die in Punggol?

Too many boo-boos

Aricia has had too many falls already coz' she is very quick; agile as compared to che-che when younger.
Alot of times I tried to avoid her fall, reach out but both due to her agility & my aging response she somehow will fall.

But today's fall is really very pitiful. She was playing something at the coffee table. At first she was using the thing to hit the table. Suddenly she decided to hold the thing with 2 hands and she was...on her own. Before we can do anything, she fell sideways on her left. Ai yoh...As it is she's so skinny, I'm afraid she might break her bones when she falls.

Is she going to stand? I dunno leh.. but she's been leaning on her back these 2 days. But she's still so lazy. Leg no strength? Maybe I should let her eat frogs' legs??

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Too much to grumble about

Post Aricia's Party

- as much as I want to avoid letting Athena eat sweets, the pinata + favor box = more sweets. Somehow that's what children target to pick up right? As usual, she very tum-sim pick up so much then I had to give some to Alexandra.
And I don't use them for Athena's party, coz' somehow I feel it's weird to have a few sweets of the same kind, so I always end up buying new packs of sweets for every birthdays. She pick up again and the vicious cycle of being Cruella - "you cannot eat so much sweets" comes in. So I've resorted to bringing it to her music lesson and asking her to give it to her friends.

- I mentioned to Wilma (who missed the party) that poor Aricia has a shorter video and lesser photos. All thanks to my sister the photographer, who took our backside last year; this year she was using our camera to take a photo of herself instead of being a photographer. And Wilma teased me "You like never learn! Ask your sis to be photographer again!!" Haha! Guess next party I should ask someone else. Ask who?? I think my sister did it that she can go and and fool around in a party
- mom say I normally spend more money in a party and it's meaningless and wasteful to give away some favors. Ai yah, tell you she very funny, always say I waste money why give favors, then she suggested giving something for Iggy's first month celebration.
I remember she nag at me when I wanted to give favors for my wedding, coz' it wasn't popular at that time. Then when we received compliments on the special wedding... she was so happy...(got face mah!)
- mom say should have done it simply. I thought it's already simple already?! Next time shouldn't order so much food - 8 course + drinks. But that's what they have... suggested I do high tea. I see it's not worth the price. And please lah! Invite people to eat high tea might as well don't invite at all. My motto is "never let people go hungry" so there must be sufficient food.

Athena's 5th birthday party
- Mom asked me where will Athena's party be held. Honestly I think it might end up in my house again, but I'm thinking about the number of guests my 5 room might just collapse even before the earthquake shocks' collapse my whole flat. Okay... I was just exaggerating on that part. Chalet again? Wah...kena bitten by mosquitoes again?!?! And it's small lah! Maybe get those bigger ones? But no membership leh. Not rich enough to own club memberships too. Next? Hubby suggested the function room in MIL's place, which is way too far in Jurong, and it's not that big in the first place. Or.... we have those special sheltered corner in our block of flats which I'll have to apply to Town Council (I think). It's big, but it's hot and worst still! No toilet!! Not when you have kids who can't hold their bladder and worst if I get criticised for being inconsiderate to hold a party there, no fan; no TV.

Athena's 6th birthday party
- we haven't even celebrated this year and hubby's talking about next year?? " Next year we hold her party at MacDonalds. " Ai yoh... then the parents also eat Macs huh? It saves the trouble no doubt but then it means she can't have whatever theme she wants and have to follow whatever activities they organise, cannot have own. Then, if we have a party for the mei-mei then she will surely want one too! Cham lah! Go bankrupt already.

How they manage??
Last Monday (17th) I did not let Athena attend school... and I almost died! She made me scream at her; scold her.......and to th extent that I had to raise my hands on her.....I think all of you must be thinking "why am I always screaming at her??" I dunno's either she has problem; or she's really irritating me (but my hubby also feel this way)
And I had been thinking if I should put her in 4 hrs Kindergarten so that I can arrange for her enrichment classes on weekdays and I don't have to keep "rushing through things with her once she gets back home from school."
I really envy my friends who can manage so well, their children so well behaved. Athena so shy and scared outside but at home - a tyrant.

Example of my normal day
Morning :
- get up to play. Never brush teeth and wash up, must need nudging. Then when busy myself or with Aricia, she'll have to whine "I cannot brush my teeth..."
- tell her do things faster, she take her own sweet time.
- must hurry her to wear her school uniform
- helper gives her her milk, she complains and whine "it's too much / too hot etc..." she finds fault with everything
- in car will complain about mei-mei this and that

- in car, if sometimes I drive over to pick hubby up from workplace. She'll start complaining hungry and asks daddy to bring something for her. Then complain "I very hungry....I want NOW!NOW!
- at home, asking her to finish her dinner quickly - let's just say I face different challenges everyday. She will take her own sweet time to eat; put food in mouth like hamster; say "cannot eat; too hot etc..." by then her food has really turned cold. Needless to say I was and did scream at her "I'm going to count to 3...."
- asking her to shower is another thing. Scream at her etc....
- do assesment books / music lesson : - she'll whine "I very tired.." but still can watch TV
- getting her to sleep is another thing. I've given up on putting her to sleep in her room. Instead she falls asleep in our bed while hubby watches TV & me on the computer doing things. Then I gotta carry her back to her bed coz' by then hubby would be fast asleep.

You can imagine how much I scolded her on that day when she was at home the whole day, apart from the time she took her nap.

Ai yah.... I think just leave her the whole day there better for me.

The Story
Remember I mention about the story of my bro & sis in previous blog?
My brother (the older of the two) who had a short army cut had his head hit by a fellow boy in the school bus with a water bottle from behind. Being the good natured person, he didn't fight back. Sister on the other hand, turned herself around; took her own water bottle and hit the boy back. Haha!

Aricia's size
What are the factors to Aricia's size?? Somehow at her party, it dawned on me that
1) it could be hereditary. Both my father and FIL are the "can eat alot but still very thin" kind. Whereas Athena probably took after me, coz' I put on weight easily
2) or maybe so far I've been leaving the cooking to KZ, so the food she cooked may not be "quality enough"
3) as what the medical hall lady told mom, it's coz during pregnancy Aricia didn't receive enough from me (I was eating too little) so her "stomach" is not that good. She suggested 3 times a week consumption of cordeyceps for at least half a year. She's on it and I can feel the weight the difference.
I admitted to mom that I was more conscious with second pregnancy and watched what I eat, in the end only put on 10.3kg. But also my appetite was different, I loved plain food

HDB family parking coupon
I welcome this idea, I mean it's like how many times I had someone to appeal for me when I kena summon either I stayed longer than usual or I didn't display coz' initially only intended to drop Athena in school but somehow chat with mom and then.............


I've finally got the 3 bags all done. Err........actually it was completed end of last month but somehow one of the eye in Iggy's bag was spoilt so had to find time to buy the "eyes" from handicraft shop.

Athena wanted estrellas her bag, so I sewed 3 but alas! one eye short and if I buy gotta buy the whole pack of 6 again. So I ended up giving her 2 instead. No estrellas for the 2 younger ones, very tiring leh!
But I decided to give them a map each.

Athena was very happy that immediately she carried it and showed it to daddy. Then threw in things which I'm so worried if the bag might give way..

It looks nice on Aricia, small enough for her. Aricia probably not as excited as che-che, infact I think she was irritated - She kept touching her head coz' she felt something (which was the map poking her) touching her. Turned to see what was it; can't see; continue crawling; kena poked; stopped; touched; see. Haha!

Don't expect a fanciful one coz' its 100% hand sewn. Comments please....

Small purple - Aricia, big purple - dai gah che, small orange - Ignatius

Athena & Aricia

If you'd asked me to compare the two of them, I can say that Athena progress faster than Aricia in all aspects.
* Athena @ 6 months old was already 7.8kg, Aricia now at 12 months old is probably the most 6.something kg (haven't weigh her)

* Athena had her first tooth at 4 months, Aricia waited till 7 months +.

* Athena started turning over much earlier as compared to Aricia, but then she (Ari) did it almost immediately (eg. fast learner). Needless to say sitting upright, Athena was more advanced than mei-mei (maybe pui pui girl got more strength)

* Athena stood on her own @ 11 months, then she started walking on her 1st birthday. Aricia? Looks like that lazy bum wants to be carried all the time. Make her stand she cries and does an Irish dance. Dunno when she'll start walking

* Feeding them medicine is like feeding them poison like that. They will struggle. Athena needs 3 people (2 to hold her down, 1 to syringe) to feed her medicine, Aricia - 2. - maybe size counts

* Then they'll cry and deliberately make themselves vomit. Sometimes I think it's good, especially when they have phlegm, I'd rather them vomitting out.

* I'm lucky (or it was probably a habit I instilled in them??) that both my children love to drink and they can drink alot of water. Alot of diaper change but it's okay, I'll freak out when I see their urine colour's yellow. Athena, being older, now do ask me for Ribena once in a blue moon which I'll oblige with a very diluted drink. Gave her coke to try once- she hated it. Aricia, totally hates any fruit juice, she only love plain water.

* Both was told have case of ezema. I dunno, Athena was diagnosed with ezema but Aricia not yet (hopefully not). Actually we think it's coz' sometimes I didn't put lotion for Athena & she sleeps in aircon room that's why her skin like very bumpy bumpy. Now it's okay. But not taking any chances with them, let them use Lactacyd (real expensive!) to shower

* Eating habits are almost similiar. Aricia's learning how to spit out her food. Argh!


* Aricia's more vocal , playful. She's more of "I need people around me" kind. Whereas it was much easier to care for Athena who'd play in her cot while I quickly wash her crockeries etc..

* Honestly speaking, I don't remember Athena being so vocal, but perhaps it's like what the saying says "usually the younger one learn faster, coz' have sibling to emulate."

Vivo City

We haven't done any outing for quite some time, since hubby was travelling excessively prior to our holiday.

Athena urged us to bring her "far far away" which we ended in Vivo City. Then on our way, she kept asking "where are we going? How come we're not there yet?" Huh? She was the one who asked us to bring her "far far away.."

There's a roadshow by HDB : Remaking Our Heartland. We paid more attention to the vision of Punggol 21. I must still say that we were one of the kena conned people. They promised waterfront ages ago, and we've been staying here for coming 5 years and we can't even see a 'longkang' (big drain) from our house. Of course we were curious where they're going to build the so-called "town centre" and it's going to be somewhere near our blocks of flats.

The white circled part is where we live, the train station is on the next plot of land

But the waterway where you can see people kayaking and (hopefully) skinny dipping before being hauled up to the police station is definitely not where we stay. I think it'll be shiok to have a porch infront and ..............

Oh my! The way I talk, seems like I'm destined to live and die in this one home. You mean we're not moving??

Brought the kids up to the Sky Garden for a dip to wet our feet.
I like this photo, though I look very ah-lian squatting down, at least Aricia's hair blocked my double chin

There was a Longest Lantern Procession which we participated. The children were given one lantern each.

So dark, take photos with flash & no flash end up looking like....think I can send in to those paranormal investigators kind. Argh! Sometimes makes me feel like buying a SLR camera.
After the 'walk', we adjorn immediately to the food court, missing the lucky draw. Ai yah! Not like we're that lucky right? Umm... but maybe our little Aricia brings us luck leh??

Walked around and then we headed back home with 3 lanterns, one staff passed an additional balloon to her. Reached home at 11+ - tired!

Kids of my children in tattoos Girls' Rule for Aricia; Girls' Power for Athena

Friday, September 21, 2007

2 babies = chaos

Never tried bringing two babies out together before, so decided to try it out for a short while today.

It was chaos, you have 2 babies who are so inquisitive and touching everything. Mom and me had to struggle to care for them while trying to put food in our mouth.

Attracted the attention of passerbys, thought everyone would ask if they're twins coz' they look the same size (except Iggy more pui than my skinny gal). But only 2 asked, mom joked "yes, one boy one girl." Please lah! At one glance may look same but the actions are different. Aricia is sitting upright and more vocal, clearly can tell she's older of the two.
Then two patrons in a restaurant commented that Iggy is very quiet and guai, whereas Aricia is more active and noisy. I had to agree with them coz' Iggy is like brother - very gentle nature & I was practically hearing Aricia's sharp voice throughout our meal. I commented they should have swopped gender and the lady told me "she noticed that girls nowadays are more active than boys, very different from last time." Umm... what's the cause of it?

Not many shots of them together, here's what I managed to get :

In the car, they were both pulling each other's pacifier. And Iggy being so good-nature... is very.... (ai yoh, I also worry if he'll get bullied next time or not). Iggy tried to pull out Ari's pacifier from her mouth, she can push it in then continues her quest to pull his out from his mouth, he never do anything except still trying to pull Ari's pacifier. Luckily there wasn't any "cat scratch (from Ari) and Bruce Lee kick (from Iggy)" fight in the car.

Will I bring them out again? Perhaps if there's another person to help out. No wonder there's a saying " you have 2 children, you need 3 adults."

私の 女の赤ん坊


On Thursday, 20th, she surprised me by standing alone for that 4 seconds before she fell in my arms. I didn't expect her to do that since she's so small; legs small and can't take the weight. I still think she will walk much later. Perhaps it's good - don't have to chase after her but as a mother, can be worrying - "is something wrong with my child?"

Hubby said "Aricia has grown up (mentally) during the trip", in my mind I thought grow smaller (physically) more likely - since she lao-sai and lost weight. Neighbour say she very 'sek'-alert in dialect. I replied, "she has to be sek, she's already 1yr old. She not sek at this age , she must be gong-gia."

That girl is always more vocal than che-che. She "talks" to us in her different 'babbling words'
Okay.... sometimes she does this :
- calls chi chi when she sees Athena
- calls de de de when she sees Iggy
- when I ask her "where is XX?" She points to it and says "teh.."

Peek-a-boo, likes to slant her head sideways - she looks adorable and then sometimes you catch her almost falling down on that slanted side. Ai yoh..she's that flimsy, think I need a plank to hold her.

She loves to play so much when it's her bathtime, yah I know all babies love water... so my point is >>> I had difficulty bringing her out from the bathtub. She has both hands on the sides of the bathtub - holding tightly (now I know what my mom means when she say I used to hold on tightly to the car when it's time for me to go to my nanny's house when I was a baby) and she puts up a fiesty struggle; kicking her legs like an Irish dancer.

I love to see her actions, she never fails to amuse me.

She knows what she wants
I must applaud her for being fiesty, knowing what she wants; will fight for it when she's older but we're in for trouble ourselves - if you know what I mean.
Because she knows she wants to play with this toy, I carry her to do something else, she cries and kicks her legs; struggle
Actually better than her che-che who's so ah-niah niah; everything "I dunno", "its okay" kind but we also fed up with che-che for not being decisive - worry she get bullied next time.
Umm.........perhaps Aricia will jump to Athena's defence when Athena's being bullied. That reminds me of the story of my elder brother & sister which will be put on later on.

Throwing things
I know all children keep throwing things at one point in time. But it's really frustrating to have a child who keeps throwing everything- I mean everything!
And mind you that girl's suppose to be feeding herself now. End up, she wants us to feed her things, then when I encourage her to feed herself - she throws it away. Sigh......

Miss Touch-Me-Not
She has this bad thing about her, she don't like her che-che touching her. Maybe coz' too rough with her?? But you know whenever I put them both behind in the car, Athena wants to sayang her mei-mei only to have her crying out as if che-che bullied her. Then che-che tell her off "you like this, che-che don't sayang you anymore." Tries again and mei-mei cries again.
But mei-mei goes on around poking people. When she does that to che-che, che-che will whine. Sigh.................if I had known, I should have stopped at one!

One more tooth
We made a discovery on Thursday - Aricia has another lateral incisor........on the top.
So weird, suppose to come out on the bottom first but she grows on the top, and one only. Probably another one will come out soon. I remember I always say her teething very late, as compared to her che-che but come to think of it, when it did, hers came out all in one short.

She gives me the boo-boo sign whenever she's tired of certain topics. I remember putting the Flags of The World away, now I need to put the Actions away too!

She likes anything that has sound in it. So she is happy when I do the Music notes with her, and recently I started on the animal sounds. And guess what? The second time I flashed her the cards she started making the sound of a hen and moo like a cow for me. Funny!

Baby signing
I dunno if it helps coz' so much positive things has been said about this. Perhaps I haven't been using much with her (how to remember??) that's why. She has clearly forgotten about her aeroplane and now she does "milk" for us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Aricia

Bought a cake to do another celebration for her at home on the actual day.

Thanks to Anna, who made extra alphabet biscuits, I placed them on her small cake. I was too chor-lor somehow and her 'C' was broken. sob..sob...

She simply love cakes or I should say she loves anything that is food - but still small size! And at one time she was seen throwing tantrum on the floor. Quite hilarious to see her doing that.

Birthday song :

Cutting cake :

Eating cake & throwing tantrum :

Our holiday

Goash! This is our first holiday for the year.... when normally we have a long (far distanced) holiday and short getaway every year. This is record breaking! I was getting 'out of the world' already. Yah! With 2 kids in tow what can we expect??

Somehow prior to the trip, I wasn't that really excited excited like I always am before any trip . Probably due to the fact that I knew both kids will miss their classes. Or probably I was a little apprehensive on whether I can cope with the 2 kids by myself while hubby's working. Umm.... now I know why, I had a hunch that's why.

A hunch that things will not go the way I wanted. A hunch that life will be more miserable for me. A hunch that.................I was going to be a maid!!!!!! Argh!

Day 1 : 1st September (Saturday)
Departed SIN at 3+pm, prior to that we headed to the Silver Kris Lounge for a quick bite and to Macs to get my lipstick.
The flight was okay, as usual I can't watch anything. Then the yah yah papaya hubby had to rub salt "I've watched all the movies already" and tried to catch 40 winks. Feel like throwing the 2 kids to him but then Aricia kept crawling back to me.

Ohh! Finally Aricia managed to sleep in the bassinet and she looked so sweet.... she's sweet when she's quiet.

Arrived HKG at close to 7pm, by the time we reached our hotel in Kowloon, it was already 8+. Aricia's hungry for milk + the new restriction on liquids carried onboard etc.. didn't permit me to have my hot water ready for Aricia. Had to use the tap water to boil water for her milk.
(I hate the restriction coz' as it is both my children drink alot of water. And I had a screaming Athena "mummy...I'm very thirsty. Why you didn't bring my water bottle? I'm very THIRS.....TY........... you know? " even before we got on the plane.)

Had our dinner and did some stock up on drystores before resting in the hotel. Okay, now the children have bottled water to drink.
The children were so excited with the bathtub. Suaku! The bed is huge - bigger than King size, we all slept comfortably... that is until the 2 kids kept turning and slept in funny ways and we're both about to fall out from both sides of the bed. I really wonder how the 2 of them can turn so much in the bed. (we used to form a letter H with Athena being the horizontal line, now we can form the letter M)

Day 2 : 2nd September (Sunday)

As it was Sunday, there were huge crowds everywhere. Worst! There were the throngs of Filipinas workers down at the Exchange, and Indonesians at Causeway Bay. Practically sitting down anywhere and picnicking.

We went to 山顶, it's been a long time since I last went up to the Peak. Wish I can stay in one of the condos up there and leave behind my worries and stress. We took a cab up and bus down. And then I start to recollect my last trip there with my buddy - Juliet. That time the bus were non-aircon, and when we took the bus down there were many branches sticking out from the trees were slammed against the bus. Needless to say, we were both laughing and trying to duck down from the branches scrapping our faces - can't imagine 2 scar faced stewardesses onboard.

The kids are tired. Athena's complaining tired from walking coz' we went up without the stroller. Aricia slept in the baby carrier (anyway she liked that) whilst hubby carried that pui pui girl for awhile + panting away.

At ground level, we walked around Causeway Bay, Sogo, Times Square. Was so happy to find Krispy Creme - a famous doughnut shop from the US- in Times Square. Was telling hubby "good! no crazy queue here." We bought a few which finished quite fast. Had my 許榴山. Yah! I'm going to eat as much as I can of 許榴山 and 鱼 蛋 for the next 8 days to make up for my loss.

Headed back to hotel vicinity to have our dinner and rest for the night. I was feeling feverish and tired. Oh no!

Day 3 : 3rd September (Monday)

Hubby decided to work from the room instead of going down office. Took a lunch break (at the same time for housekeeping to clean our room) and we had Tim Sum in a restaurant. Goash! We can't eat much so wasted. Would love to order everything they have throat is sore when I got up this morning. Planning, maybe one day I shall bring them out to Ocean Park by myself, hubby tell me I better don't geh-kiang, how to manage the kids alone. I think I can do it, since I'll carry Aricia infront of me, bring the stroller and then when it comes to the stairs in the train station, I'll drag it down. Hee!

In the evening, we brought the kids out for the Symphony of Lights show. All was well until Aricia vomitted. I thought it was hubby who accidentally "pressed on her stomach" coz' we just had our dinner. And we brushed the incident aside - she dirtied her dress but..oh well we will head back soon.

Athena asked to take a boat, so we obliged her with Star Ferry to Central and back. Aricia vomitted again while waiting for the boat back (this time on me), and thought nothing of it but will give her medication back in hotel.
Back in the room, I had to wash her clothes. And we already had so many clothes on the laundry line. So... now is the start of my misery. Let me tell you, I've never washed the clothes so many times in a day. I've never seen myself standing infront of an ironing board ironing clothes and here I am - ironing them to dry them quickly. (just incase you're wondering : hubby and myself are light travellers. Depending on trips, we'll pack and use the same clothes twice - of course washed. Needless to say, I needed to wash clothes during this trip but coz' she vomitted another 2 more times in our room, I had to keep washing and washing.)

That's the start of my misery. I noticed she hasn't pee-ed in her diapers though she drank alot of water. I might bring her to see the doctor tomorrow if the medication don't help her. As for me, my sore throat got worst and was worried if my sore throat passed to her. And I don't have medication for sore throat.

Day 4 : 4th September (Tuesday)

Ouch! There's a sharp pain in my throat. Aricia didn't vomit but she's lost all appetite - I'm so concerned if she really got the sore throat from me.

Brought her to the clinic - TY (it's something like our Raffles Medical) nearby. Waited so long to see the doctor. And I finally knew why?! The doctor took so long with each patient and one point I happened to see what he was typing into the computer system. Guess what? He was on a google page searching for a medicine or checking dosage or what? Huh? at that time I dunno if I'm putting our lives at risk. Doctor kept saying "she's alright. she's okay, I tested her by seeing how she'd react when I left her on the bed. She crawled to you means she's okay." Huh? Of course lah! That koala only wanted mummy, I left her there she was wailing out loud. She tired also will die die crawl to me right?? Then he said "I see what problem and cure her from there" - like I dunno like that.

OMG! S$14o each to see a doctor each. Total=S$280. Must be they charge hefty sum for travellers right? The angmoh before us was charged about S$160.

Walked around a little before heading for lunch.
Aricia totally didn't want to drink milk but she seems to love water even more so went to supermarket to buy glucose. Then she started having diarrhoea, worst when she suddenly poo-ed and it got on my top while we were having lunch. I was smelly and so conscious when people were walking next to me. Back in the hotel I had more washing to do; ironing while the children slept.
I can earn my holiday there by offering laundry service at a fraction of the price you know?! That's what I did for the rest of the day. Hubby asked if I wanted to go out for dinner or if he should buy back. I wasn't keen at all to go out so he went out with Athena and bought dinner back for all of us.

Day 5 : 5th September (Wednesday)

Walked down a further distance to where the crew stayed. I miss my wanton noodles from that shop. Yums! Then had my 許榴山 and 鱼 蛋 again. It was a struggle with 2 kids, Aricia with her swiping hands and Athena with her whiny "I cannot eat... I dowan to eat.... etc..." She was getting on my nerves and I swear I was about to throw her in the streets.
Walked to shopping malls but can't shop - with a koala clinging how to try clothes? But I did try at one of the shops in Park Lane. Got a screaming kid wanting me, passed her my handphone to play with the music; then the che-che must snatch it away "mummy! I want Dora song." Mei-mei cry.........and I get so pek-chek.
I tried 3 clothes, only the last one seems to fit me nicely.'s S$400 for that dress!!! And was told it's from Japan, it's definitely not friendly for fat people like me. The largest size they have is M and it's really small. I mean it's really small...

Then decided I should try book stores or toy shops to get things eg. right brain training for the children. Can't find what I'm looking for. Kept my eyes opened for favors for their parties - can't find for Aricia's baby einstein theme. Umm..bad luck!

Went back hotel and let the children rest, Aricia's much better today. Still having diarrhoea but at least she's taking something equivalent to Pediasure. But she was still sleepy, at least I can rest but I want my Aricia back!!

Dinner - we all walked all the way to Ladies Street for dinner - Portugese food! Tiring coz' we had to carry and push Athena in the stroller. That lazy girl!!

Day 6 : 6th September (Thursday)
Brought the kids out alone again. Aricia is more alert and was tempted to bring them out further but hubby said he'll finish work early, so we can go out earlier today.
Been wanting to bring them to Toys R Us and Avenue of Stars.
And that's what we did. The kids had fun in Toys R Us, I was so happy that I found some Baby Einstein toys there but it's for 9-12 months old, and I'm always looking for a toy that is for older age group so that it can last me longer. In the end, I got a food tupperware for her instead. Actually she has so many tupperware from her che-che... but I'm too impulse and wanting to get her something from Baby Einstein for her..... spend $$ impulsively!

Day 7 : 7th September (Friday)
Yay! Finally I can bring them out much further away. Was eye-ing on this Snoppy Place which sounded interesting. Took a train to Shatin. They had fun there.
Got back to hotel at 4+, just before the office crowds comes in. Look so guai infront of hubby, he asked "so you brought them around our hotel?" "No, I brought them to take a train to Shatin." "Shatin?!" At least this time he wasn't in for any shock (I brought Athena on my own to Germany from Switzerland and he gasp in horror ) coz' we were still in the country. Haha!
Day 8 : 8th September (Saturday)
Checked out of our hotel. We took the most un-thought transportation to our hotel in Disneyland. Hubby's colleague gave him a contact number of this guy who does delivery in his van. So it's like illegal thingy... but heck lah! it's quite an experience. Luckily we didn't get kidnapped, for sure we can't do this in some countries.

Hubby wanted to go to Ngong Ping but knowing the whiny and complaint-queen aka Athena cannot climb up; cannot this, cannot that - decided against it.
Instead his colleague told him of this outlet place - Citygate. Must admit it's really cheap but aint easy to shop with 2 kids. Athena's shoes somehow spoilt this morning, probably knowing that we're going shopping.
This is what happened in a shoe shop :
(trying on shoes) and you hear 'tak tak tak' - testing shoes. Then you hear "mummy, this shoe I cannot run very fast!!!" So, now you know how she test her shoes, she wasn't walking but running!

Aricia has been pinching me. Oh! She's finally back to her usual self.

Rested in the nice Disneyland Hotel and Disneyland here we come...........tomorrow I mean!

Day 9: 9th September (Sunday) - Disneyland
Really crowded, because of Athena we took those rides. Becoz' of her, we had to endure 3 carousel rides with her. But I must admit, I felt a sense of euphoria when the carousel started, and I was so happy. Disneyland what! It's not as big as Anaheim's but I think it's a good start for us, coz' with 2 kids it really took us 2 days to complete everything.

I dunno if I was more excited than Athena or she is. Apparently, I was like a papparazzi running whenever I see the characters and asking Athena to queue up etc.... then most photos were of her or the 2 children (someone gotta carry Aricia lah!) She managed to get photos of all the Princesses.

The highlight of the Disneyland trip, was the 8pm fireworks. It's beautiful and how I wish I am a child again. Athena that scaredy-cat so afraid, whereas Aricia was more brave and started clapping her hands.
Oh! I forgot .... they have a parade at 3.30pm. And it's called Summer Blast where they have water spouting on every floats.. very good for such hot weather. Aricia was very sporting, I expected her to cry but she laughed away; clapped her hands. And then opening her mouth to drink the water - yeeks! Everyone around us were looking at this sporting baby.

Shopping : so many cute things. Was so tempted to buy the polka dot dress to dress my Aricia as minnie mouse. I think I shall call her Mini Mouse instead!
This is my favourite shot of Aricia. Small enough to sit on the pail.
She was so blur when it came to Snow White. I was worried if she might fall backwards
We took so many photos of the Disney characters, none attracted Aricia's attention until Marie came along. She makes a "ay......."sound and seems curious to touch. I didn't understand why she liked Marie (coz I never even show Aristocat to them what!) until I came to the conclusion.... she always like to see cats and dogs. So she's happy with this big cat and probably it also look like her, since I always like to tie one 'coconut' for her to keep her hair away from her eye.

Something magical must happen in the land where magic dreams comes alive right? Aricia dropped her magical potion - her pacifier - after the fireworks.
Back in hotel, we gave her the spare pacifier but she didn't like it. She wanted only me to carry her to sleep and only in a certain position, which I can't sleep!
Shucks! I think we're in for more trouble on board tomorrow.

Day 10 : 10th September (Monday)
Finished the remaining rides in Disneyland. Hubby was telling me the Space Mountain is very scary, and I wanted to take that. Went in alone. Wow! So fun! But I must admit old liao, I used to be able to take a few rides sitting in the front. This time round, I sat in the front once, came out and felt giddy.

We went back to the hotel to get our bags and make our way to airport.
As I was cleaning the children in the toilet, hubby called me to inform me that Donald Duck is in our hotel lobby. And I thought having characters in the hotel was just a gimmick, never really expected to see one... so it's for real... but at that kind of timing 3pm - who's in the hotel?? Abit siao!

She was very fretty onboard, in the end we didn't need the bassinet. It's light load, and I'm surprised that service was very lacking. And worst still, in both sectors the crew never even addressed hubby - the PPS. Whereas the previous flight, they addressed me as the PPS - when I was sitting in hubby's seat. Err.....never check salutation on the PIS.

More photos will be uploaded in my Ofoto album, which I will advice when it's done.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1st birthday party

The party that I had been looking forward to -
My little baby 1st birthday.

It's a small family affair with a few close friends, but still decorations and small favors are a must! It's very simple and filled with many many balloons (children love balloons right??). Guess if you talk about me being generous, I must admit I'm generous in putting lots of balloons - at the expense of my breathless brother & helper. Haha!

Was tempted to do some balloon sculpting to decorate the wall, but you can't expect much from someone who squims her eyes in frght whenever she twist the balloon and who's dog is handicap (one leg longer than another) so gave up.



The birthday girl and her sister Athena and cousin Ignatius

Video of my girl's first year was played, nothing fantastic but hey! I gotta show off my girl right?

After the video, we sang the birthday song. Before the song, everyone wow-ed at the cake. Isn't it lovely? I was lucky Anna could help me with this when I asked her for a customisation about a month ago. (Anna just gave me the inspiration to bake & decorate a nice cake for a family birthday celebration - everyone must eat lomotil first. I bought some decorating tips quite some time back and have yet to use it.)

I was expecting Benecia, Keverne and Beatrice to join us but I guess weekends usually the children are busy with extra classes. No choice, hope they're able to make it for Athena's party.

Alexandra must have felt privileged being the only guest amongst the family in this picture. But poor girl got her eyes poked by Aricia.I was trying hard to pull Aricia's hands away from Alex; legs from cake. Somehow, in an attempt to stop her legs I forgot about the hand and 'poke'.That girl's too fast liao!

Blowing the candle. Think it was Athena who did the job, Alexandra was quite moody over being poked by Aricia so she didn't blow the candle.

Oops! We forgot a photo of her alone with her cake. Apparently when she sat down on the table, she kept looking at the cake and started clapping her hands.

I was quite apprehensive in cutting and destroying the cake. Athena asked for the feelers ( which the day before she said is nice. So we teased her "we'll ask Aunty to bake you a cockroach cake, longer feelers) and took one eye. We gave another to Alex.
Yummy! It's chocolate pound. I really forgot what I ordered until Anna reminded me the day before.Ha! We finished 3 1/2 of the body - for that small number of guests. Goes to show it's really yummy
Birthday girl enjoying her cake
And then it's Pinata time. Wasn't suppose to have one since I only expected 5 + 2 baby. Athena requested for it (as usual we all know that children love birthday parties so... I gave in to her) and at last minute, no customised pinata but an off-the-shelf from Concourse. Quite a disappointment, it's so small. Can't find the hole to put the sweets, I had to cut the top part and was telling helper, if the hole's too small for the sweets to drop out, we're going to cut it.

Then we all pull, yeh! the strings fell and all came off. Butterfly still intact. Hubby had to tear it open for them. So funny!

Of course the two older children were at a better advantage. Athena picked up alot which I then gave some to Alexandra coz' I forbid her eating sweets.....
Since the pinata was small, I still had some leftover which I kept in the fridge.
Threw it from above their heads (funny!) coz' I don't want any spare sweets in the house.
I think Iggy was mouthing things, Aricia was playing with the streamer. Infact, I had her bag with me, in that chaos somehow the bag went missing. So she wasn't picking anything. She's too young to know what's going on lah! Anyway, it was more for Athena & Alexandra. Hope Alexandra had fun picking up them slowly (nobody to fight with)
After that, the two of them went to the room to play. They played pretend pets and the books were their food. It's really nice to see them playing alongside.
Must admit that Alexandra is her playmate most of the time, coz' Angeline & myself not working, so when we can meet up we'll bring them out and let them play together.

End of the party when the guests have left, I gave Aricia her favor. And immediately she inspected what's inside. I like her expression ; pouted lips

Then she somehow only picked the san-zhar to eat. And she did manage to take out the paper.

As what Jasmine put it, she really 'swing by' to drop the present without the kids. Ai....... but it's okay, I guess their schoolwork is more important. Passed their favors to Jasmine, we chatted a while before she had to leave to drop another present in another party.

After cleaning up the house and bathing the 2 kids, we sat down to let her open her presents. She didn't have as much presents as Athena did (well that's coz' we had a bigger party).
It was really difficult filming her opening up her pressie. She's only interested in the box & papers.
Lots of clothes which is going to take her a long long time to grow to the size

Aricia is still young to understand anything, hopefully when she's older we'll be able to throw her a party with different themes. Well, there are alot of themes for girls

So, one down another one to go in about 2 months time. For sure gonna get Anna to do a cake for Athena. Sigh........

Things in brief :

All DIY-ed coz I cheapskate mah! But it took me a long time to do it coz' most of them needs photoshop
Streamers : bought some blue, red and yellow but didn't get to use it. Instead I used the leftover from Athena's 3rd Elmo party which has the same colour
Baby Einstein balloon : online and shipped from US

Neo Garden


Adults : all personalised and DIY-ed
Children : The Baby Einstein box and small little thingy's were bought from online. Snacks were bought in SIN. One small animal clip purchased in HKG