Monday, August 31, 2015

Hi there!

31st August, Monday
Hi welcome! 

If you're reading this, it means you were being curious if the QR code on the invitation card works. Yes, it works and that's how you're here now. Cool right? 

Hold on and wait. I may update this post leading up to the party or perhaps not ..... as I am getting lazy and lazier. I think age is really catching up on me.

Anyway, a short post. I really have to go now. 


9th September, Tuesday    

I must be a procrastinator this year. I've finally designed the birthday invitation card early this morning. I was hoping to give out the birthday invitation cards before the school holiday but I was busy. Every time when I want to design the card, I got so sleepy (from my exhausted long day) and went to bed instead. Anyway, thank goodness we have WhatsApp and SMS, I can get the invitation out before the hard copy goes out either by post or by hand.   

I think more or less everything's prepared. I only pray the party will go on well on the day.

By the way, my ah-lao (hubby) ordered so much food. I mean it's really a lot. So please starve yourself before you come, then we can finish the food. 

Ta daa for now!