Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Treats

I'm Easter Bunny, hopping around to give small treats to children. I have lesser children to give this year - 3 children lesser to give from Athena's violin class.
For her YJC friends (gave out yesterday), I bought them a whole pack of Cadbury Mini Eggs. This year I was smarter in getting them early coz' it usually runs out very fast. In each bag, I put in 2 Nestle eggs - I didn't want my 2 children to hunt so many eggs so I gave them away. The kids wouldn't know that I'm getting rid of stocks except for you; the reader.Hee! Lucky I still had those transparent bags to pack them up.
Last treats for the children in her school coz' next year onwards I won't be doing anything like this for her classmates. More children and I can't be giving them one pack of Mini eggs, so I repacked them looking like a little nest using muffin cups and yellow twigs - FYI the yellow strips can be eaten. Athena kept eating as I was packing them. Can never forget my lil' di-di (Ignatius) he had the most and I gave him the mini eggs + Nestle chocolates... eh....don't think he'll eat. Oh not my business, as long as I give who eat I don't care.

I put in 5 eggs in each cup. How many do you expect? Cannot lay so many what?!
All wrapped up with a bow Prepared some cuppies too. ehh..... lazy me never bake lah! How to bake 30 in my small oven and neglect my lil' naughty Aricia in the process?? 4 different pastel colours + some sinful chocolaty Nutella

The finished products. This box has "HAPPY EASTER" .. not so nice, think I used wrong piping tip and colour should be more vibrant . Oh well, this is done by an amateur

Box 2Box 3 All packed up and ready to go

Ps. I've never felt so stressed up before. Drove so slow, worry topple - which a few did. Mummy must be proud of me.... I'm such a safe driver today.
Passed to teacher Mumta at 1+ and phew! time for my brunch.Hungry! Wish I can lick the nutellas.

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