Sunday, March 9, 2008

The decision

All it took was one phonecall and one objection and KZ's decision was to finish her current contract and leave.
KZ's work permit ends in end of June and she was given the instructions to let me know her decision by February, as I need to work out the logistics for the next helper to come in or when to renew work permit; buy airticket for her to fly back for a month holiday before resuming work etc... Obviously it didn't work out and her mother was mad (or sad as I explained to her) that she had to continue for 2 years.

Okay, the story goes like this. Initially I wanted 2 years but she said she can stay on for 1 year coz 2 years is too long for her, so I thought 1 year 就 1 year, sooner or later I'll still have to change to another helper. I checked her passport - expiry is Feb 09, she only need another 6 months. When I checked with her embassy it costs $300 for a 3 year renewal. So expensive! If she stays on 2 years, I can pay the renewal for her but if it's only for another 6 months then I think I don't have to do charity.
Moo Han reminded me that insurance is for 26 months period. Okay lor... it's understandable already. It's really either 2 years (with a month holiday) or sayonara.
Her family member kindda left the decision to her and they're supportive in whatever she wants. She thought she'll go through the hurdle and so she called home today. Her mother was angry "what family (us + whole Teo family)? Here you also have family!! You come back here for one year and then go back to work. " ??? If only it's that easy!
KZ asked if I wanted to hire her next time. I said provided if she wants and we need helper at that time coz' we can't have a break without helper - it's really tiring and stressful. Gotta re-train again. Damn sian! Cook - how? Send to mom again? Now she's even more busy with Iggy.

Let's put it this way, back in Myanmar she's always running from place to place. She leads a carefree life and so she don't miss her family much except once in awhile think about her parents who are old. She do nothing but play all the time, so she leads each day by day with whatever money she has. With her current pay, she's the richest in her family.

So, it's the remaining 3 months she has with us. She will miss Aricia dearly coz' she's seen her from birth till now. The kids will need some adjustments to call the new helper (I hope Athena don't ask me why the helper 'black black') another name. Aricia will need to go through changes coz' KZ has always been the one helping me to put her to sleep. Aricia will probably not remember her after she's left.
I know too I will be sad + tear when she leaves coz' she's been a great helper and really thank God. Now gotta pray hard my next helper is as good as her or (of course) better.

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