Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shopping is so much fun..

Was in Ngee Ann City after gym so it gave me good opportunity to shop; shop and shop. Sounds like I was on a shopping spree huh? In reality no, I needed to check on the bento books that Ros mentioned to me. First stop, children's section to find books for Aricia.

Found this! You can take out the shapes inside, hidden word behind eg. oval, circle then let child put it back

Second stop, my parenting section. Purpose there is to see if there's any interesting book; take down title and then try to borrow from library. Hee! I'd rather buy books for the children not myself.

Third stop, Japanese section
Wah... I see the wordings until my eyes curve here and there - headache! Spoilt for choice, not like I'm bento-ing for my children everyday (aiyah, I can't cook lah! - hopeless mother)that I need to buy so many books right?

Bought this - おいしい!楽しい!園児のおべんとう

At the same time I need to see what other children materials they have, thought of getting the Japanese Thematic Dictionary for them. No luck! I saw one book though it isn't what I'm looking for but I will wait for Shichida's shipment. Instead I bought this sentence flashcard in Japanese for Aricia

ぶんカード 1集

Back at home, the shopping never stops. Destination is still in "my cyberspace Japan". Since they don't have one bento book I'm looking for. I've decided to online shopping, click click click and wait for parcel. So simple....... yah that is until my credit card bill comes.

Dear Mr Rain,
Please come for the next one month. I promise I'll never step out of the house. I promise I'll never spend any penny. I promise I'll be drinking rain water for the rests of the month.
Signing off,

My online buys :
Couldn't find this in Kinokuniya, they don't bring in anymore

As I searched.... this tempted me. So cute!
I had better do a nice bento and tasty bento for her siah!

.. shopping is so much fun when all you need to do is to move your hands and your purchases will come to your doorstep.


Roslyn said...

Woooo! I look forward to seeing your bento boxes! Which website did you order the books from?

Lily Ann said...

Muah... ha ha ha......(don't make me fall from my chair leh) Better don't look forward to it, I'll scare everyone - prepare everyone for Halloween.
Wah... you see me so up huh? I'm not that clever you know?
From Amazon.co.jp