Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Define "school holidays"

Please define what's the meaning of 'school holidays'.

The girls are in their 2nd day of school hols and che-che has already spent her first half of the two days in school. Another practice tomorrow and then the last week of school holidays, she's due to be back 4x. Then she told me she has lots of school homeworks to complete.  
While waiting to pick her up, I saw girls walking into the school. A few with scraps of papers in their hands (maybe they're the graduating batch?), a few with floorball stick - obviously back for floorball practice . 

Is this the Asian context or Singapore context of school holiday? I certainly understand if it's the child's crucial year (PSLE and O'levels - next year!!) and they need to be back in school but ...for CCA practices? Give the child in Singapore not only academic stress but CCA stress as well; especially those in Performing Arts and Sports. 

I remember how a friend, who went over to Melbourne with her daughter in beginning of P6, related to us that when school holiday started, her daughter asked her teacher "is there any school homework?" Her teacher replied, "its school holidays. Go and enjoy yourselves." Wow! This is totally different. Needless to say when we met up with her months down the road, she looked so happy; stress-free.

Sigh..... I can only complain and complain. If the ministry is not doing anything, we're basically at their mercy. The only way to bail out of the system would be to leave the system. Easier said than done, we're not filthy rich at all.