Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Growing up and more needs

26th March
We bought the current laptop (think it's already 3-4years?) intending to let che-che use it. However she didn't get to use much, any online projects the kids can do it on some Google thing where their groupmates can go in and make their edit.  
Things changed when she's in JC1, she needs the computer more often now, leaving me with no computer. Not that I have a big business to handle but I'm like at the beck of her call on when I can use it. There are days when lil' one needs to use it too, and she don't like daddy's gigantic sound-blasting-until-can-go-deaf laptop. Then I considered getting one for myself or maybe for her.  

Mid April
Honestly I know nuts about computers and asked sis for advice. And she told me to look for a certain brand. 

28th April
The girl complained that the laptop is lousy, the battery depleted so quickly that she couldn't do her PW with her team mates and she needed one urgently. So when I spoke to the man about it, he took it upon himself to get it for her. Of course, he being the doting dad gave her a choice to choose. She had wanted those flip- flexible kind which I told her it's useless, spoils more often and no way getting those type for her. Still, he gave her the choice "either this or Apple". (The girl had asked for Apple also) "Do you know how to use Apple?" 

Ehh....... duh! The man is so out of date huh? They've been using computers in school, and they have both kinds of computers in both schools. 

And it's a fast deal kind where he ordered the laptop online and as there is a delay in their delivery, they chose to pick it up in Orchard.  

29th April
She got her own laptop. No more dying battery, no more complaints.