Saturday, July 21, 2018

Missing the Valley of Death 死谷国家公园

Photo credits : by my daughter

I hope I have the chance to go back to Death Valley again. Not in summer, it'll be too hot but then that's the time to get nice shots of milky way too! 

Friday, July 20, 2018

On This Day - 20th July #Reminders from FB#

20th July 2014
I wrote : OMG! So funny!

20th July 2011

Chat bet KZ & Ari. KZ : wat do u 1? AuntyZet buy 4u. 
Lil'1 : I like anything u gimme (pause) 
Lil'1 : eh! Aunty Zet, u bd 1st. My bd in Sep, u in August. 
KZ : what r u buying 4 me?
Lil' girl : I'm going 2 放屁 (pass flatulence) in a bottle n give u. U see d bottle eh so pretty; so nice. U open it n smell n then n then u faint. ROFL!! Can't believe she actually said that!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

My familia - entry posted on 17th Jun #lateposting#

Had a funny thought about this family of mine. How noisy it is....when lil’ one is at home.

The thing they say about how a zodiac sign of a person can tell you generally what kind of person he/she is, is definitely true.

The head of the family, the man is a goatie. 
I’m a rabbit
Che-che is a horsie 
Lil’ one is a mad doggie. Haha! 

The 3 docile animals are happily grazing in the fields while the only mad sheepdog is running around barking (yakking) non-stop. 

On This Day - 15th July #reminders from FB#

July 15th, 2017 @ 2.10pm
I wrote "A game of badminton with daddy"

Making faces at daddy when she won. Then complained when she lost. Haha!

 Wow! I didn't know I managed to get this shot of the lil' Tigger

Actually she does show a little talent in badminton. Not talented in ballet, which she loves but surprisingly badminton. She asks to take up badminton as CCA in secondary school but with 3x a week commitment, I'm not sure if I should let her. Afterall, based on experience with che-che, so what if she was so committed in Band, when she had a biased teacher and ultimately she didn't want to try to DSA via Band, I find absolutely no use to be so fully committed in CCA.

July 15th, 2016 @ 2.07pm
I wrote " Fridays are "打战” day. Always need to pack dinner for the lil' one. She comes back home later in the night with three bags (ballet, foodbag,tuition).
I gotta carry her heavy schoolbag home! I also 打战."

Ever since she stopped ballet sometime in late 2016, she saved so much time in trying to complete her school homework using that time. And this year, her schedule changed as I pulled her out from one centre to another with earlier timing. Still, she goes to 5.15pm (always up at 5pm) tuition with not much time in between after school ends at 3.40pm. This girl likes to dilly dally snacking in MacD so I'm smarter by packing her food to let her eat in the car on the way to Parkway. After tuition ends at 7.15pm, she gets down at around 7.30 to 7.35pm (busy lifts!!), we reach home late and she's always rushing through homeworks. Shit! I hate this life!!  
July 15th, 2011@ 12.16pm
I wrote " Camping scene every Fridays : 
Lil' girl doing her school homework after her lunch. After this, she'll sleep in the car until I drive in to pick up Che-Che."

In 2011, che-che would be Primary 3. She has no CCA on Fridays coz she was in a niche CCA which has sessions on Tuesdays. She ends school at 1.10pm, lil' one ends school at 11.30am so it didn't make any sense for me to go home and then go out to Marine Parade again. Anyway, what is that (I think) $1+ to $2 parking fee in a sheltered MSCP compared to rushing about. 
Life was so much easier than. Especially with school life. 
Things get horribly busy the older the child gets.