Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ah ....HA!

Finally this is a real chiffon cake.
I feel this is more successful than the first, strange that the premix (1st attempt) didn't work well. So it's still better to do everything from scratch.
But..... I don't understand the 'dent' in the first batch of cupcake style I did. And the inside... it's still not that fluffy soft. Too short time? I baked for 40 mins (asks for 45-50 mins) But the outer crust is already quite crunchy leh! Notice I dare not even try to use Dora cakepan to bake. Scared spoil lah!

Know what's the consolation? Aricia never liked Pandan cake (even those bought outside - she'll spit it out. Oh! This is off track.. it reminded me again that the 2 girls are really different - Athena loves those 100s & 1000s, Aricia hates it. Once I bought a donut that has that, and she kept spitting out; cried; spit; swallow the rest of the donut; spit; cried. Funny!) and she ate!! Athena & KZ likes this batch of chiffon cake. Athena quickly asks to bring two to school tomorrow & she has been asking to eat 2 after her dinner . It's really nice to know that I've a 'rubbish dump' at home who appreciates my horrible baking. So 成功 or 失败 ? I think it's half 成功

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