Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baking for $$?

Mom was talking to me the day before or was it on Thursday?? She suggested that I could earn some $$ by baking from home. Huh? Whatever gave her the idea that the daughter's cakes and dunno what shit she bakes sells? Perhaps she thinks my cakes are nice?? *ahem ahem* actually I don't think they're nice just that my family have no choice but to support me mah! Maybe they throw down the chute neh?!
Complained that my oven is small. "You can buy one bigger one and put next to your washing machine, have space there what?!"

Why I'm into baking now, infact more hot into it is because I need a break sometimes (from the kids - but actually they still come and disturb me) and do my own things; also with two children + helper = more guinea pigs.
Baking gives me a chance to do something with my daughter. And something for myself, I want to learn on how to do up a cake nicely. And perhaps do a nice homebaked cake for my children. So, Anna here I come!

Say it coincident or what, on Friday night KZ saw me taking out the stuffs for baking cuppies. She also mentioned about selling my shit cuppies creations but I'll close down soon coz' I use good chocolates - Hersheys (actually it's not the best chocolates lah!) + good stuffs (she saw me buying Betty Crocker chocolate frosting and thought I was using it for the cuppies). Of course lah! When I am that professional, I won't be using those ready-made products, I'll do everything from scratch.

So will I bake and sell from home? Nope, not at the moment.

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