Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sensei's last day

Sensei Sheryl informed last week that today will be her last lesson with her as she'll be leaving end of this month. Abit sad... told you I hate partings.

And......I had to forget to buy her a gift, I'll have to pass it to her before she leaves. Goash! It was so nice of her to remember the kids and gave them a pressie each. What was her parting words to Aricia "must be a good girl...." I felt sad coz she knew how to handle this girl and I hope the new sensei will be good.

It's such a warm and thoughtful gift DIY-ed. Aricia hugged the picture frame and didn't want to let it go - cried when I took it away from her. Now it occupies a space in our room.

Aricia's gift to her

All the best sensei Sheryl!

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