Monday, April 30, 2007

Hunt for a big 'C'

Not the 5 Cs that you are thinking of, or a C-cup bra.. but we were hunting for
Calcium loaded biscuits, calcium loaded snacks etc....

Why? Just because of Aricia refusing to drink milk (but she's better now after what medicine the sinseh gave her), we needed to replace whatever she's missing out from her milk intake in another way.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

I've never felt so relaxed

and I must admit it feels real good. I didn't have to think or scream at Athena when she takes her own sweet time in eating her dinner; I didn't have to nag at her to hurry undress so we can shower her etc...........

For the past few days I was 'switched off ', although must admit I was panicking and kept telling myself & hubby "shit! gotta do alot more on Friday.." then it became 'Saturday', 'Sunday'. Before I know it, *gasp* it's Monday tomorrow and I haven't done anything. What had happened? Simple. Hubby wanted to bring us out these days so... we spent some family time together.

I thought Athena would looked forward to this 'no need to do lessons with mummy' But my edgi-ness got to the better of her. She gasped in shocked when she saw the dark sky when we walked out of the mall and said "oh no mummy. We haven't do assesment book and music lesson. How? Is it too late? We have to do it tomorrow." Is it good or bad when she made this statement? Have the pressure gone to her?? Was she being responsible?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

A note that says ....

Dear Parents,

We regret to inform you that Mr Dominic Quah will be resigning with immediate effect due to personal reasons. Your child's class will be taken over by XXX ..................................

This is the note that sends the parents into action.

I didn't get the note until the lesson ends but Doreen (Yamaha staff) was making her rounds and I asked her when the class was still on-going. She told me the news and I was a little disappointed, I have found a teacher whom I like and he had to leave. In my mind, I was thinking if I should pull her out then since the new teacher don't speak well, which was my purpose to let her stay on in his class when her school started S & D recently.
When her class ended, one mother told me she's pulling her son out. I saw another parent sitting at the counter as I was leaving. Was she going to pull her son out too? Looks like most parents have the same sentiment about Mr Quah.

Looks like I gotta work fast this week, see if there's any available class near Yamaha Kovan.

June Holiday

Events that are KIV-ed :


Date : 23rd May - 3rd June

Venue :
Alliance Francaise Theatre

One day, Little Red Hen found some grains of wheat.
"Maybe I can make some bread from these," she thought. "I wonder how?" "I know, I will ask my friends; Mouse, Cat, and Goose!"

Come and join us to find out what happens to Little Red Hen as she learns all about how to grow and harvest corn; and how bread is made. On the way, some very valuable lessons about friendship and helping one another are learned by all.

This Musical Theatre production is specially designed for younger Children. Excitement, humour and learning points come thick and fast, as you listen, engage and interact with the story. Ideal Family Entertainment for all!

As the Drama unfolds, watch out for: Catchy songs and music! Colourful characters! An engaging and delightful story presented in a visual physical style! Audience interaction!

Duration :
Approx 60 Mins


Date : 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th May

Tampines Library Theatrette

Synopsis :
Lewis Carroll's Alice comes to life in this clever adaptation of the classic story "Alice in Wonderland". Join Alice as her insatiable curiosity draws her into a madcap adventure that's beyond imagination.

Alice's trip down the rabbit hole lands her in Wonderland where she meets it's remarkably quirky inhabitants like the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar and Queen of Hearts. Her adventures lead her on a journey of self-discovery. She learns that there¿s no better person to be than herself and that the best place of all is home.

"Alice in Wonderland" is inventive, exuberant, totally enchanting and perfect for the adventurous of all ages. Don't forget to keep your head firmly on your shoulders and stay on the good side of the Queen of Hearts!

Duration :
Approx 60 mins

Yak & Yak

Too much to yak about, gotta sum it up :-

26th April
- Mom helped me buy some chinese medicine from the medical hall lady. She said there could be phlegm in her throat (based on assumption), causing her discomfort when sucking but still eating well. And she did confirm what I told mom, Aricia probably hasn't drank enough milk that her teeth are not growing yet. Was given a medicine, normally I buy the prepared by her ones at $50+ per bottle. This time round she prepared one which costs $130 and only for a few consumptions. Gasp! But if it really works, I'm prepared to spend the amount of money on her.
- Hubby decided to bring Athena to Ikea after picking her up from school. Read more in her blog. Aricia's not left out, give me some time to post it in. Pls check back

27th April
- Finally got to meet Athena's Chinese Speech & Drama teacher, whom everyone addressed as 小白兔老师 - real name I found out 徐老师. Tried to find out how Athena fared in the class, said for the last 2 lessons she was jumping about in class. At least today's she's more well-behaved. She's smart (oh ya.. like real) but her pronunciation of some chinese words ain't clear. I think I know what she means - sometimes she's got the angmoh accent in it.

- Hubby needed to collect a free gift at AMK Hub, so the whole army went out. Baby was crying coz' she wanted to eat (she just took a little milk before we left the house. Hungry again?). But it's quite difficult to feed in the car, with a driver who can suddenly swerve the car left to right + a baby who moves her arms & face alot. I think end up all the porridge on the carseat. Anyway..... I get blamed again for not packing in baby biscuit for Aricia. If you'd like to know, my hubby's nickname is "赖(Lai)先生", always blaming me when things go wrong. And can't he blamed the helper? She was the one who packed the bag what! Remember I just woke up from my 100years of sleep?!?! Athena upon hearing mei-mei hungry also started crying (trying to get attention) that she's hungry. Too noisy kids - very distracting. I was wrong and thought that he'd drop us much earlier (to get the peace he needs) and make us walk to AMK while he struggles to find his way to the carpark. Worst! He tolerated a little longer and we still got kicked out of the car - and had to walk further. Argh!
He didn't have to tell me, I knew I had to settle down somewhere to get food for Athena while KZ feeds Aricia. Mac's the best choice. But I was walking..........argh! my keypouch's in the car. We were all penniless, I quickly called hubby to tell him to bring out my keypouch. He didn't know my money is in there and told me "go and find something for her to eat first" but had to tell him " I have no money now!!"
Quite hilarious that KZ & myself kept laughing "no money, so poor thing.. become beggars." while the ignorant Athena is still screaming "Mummy.... I'm very hungry." People are looking at us thinking :
1) we're sitting in there for free- aircon while feeding baby
2) mother ill-treat daughter by not feeding her
Finally my saviour came and my dear Athena didn't complain. She got her Happy Meal doll and meal. No more hungry, no more penni-less.
Umm......I think next time I must remember to hide some money in my bra.

Walked around AMK Hub. Bought a MP4 player. Yippee! I'm still wondering if it's a hasty choice coz' I'll only use it while gyming but I've been eye-ing on one for a very very long time (since IPod Nano was introduced)
Athena kept asking for her birthday cake coz' she didn't get hers 2 days ago (who asked her to stay at mom's place??) so hubby bought her one from Breadtalk. We celebrated her turning 4yrs 5 mths 2 days late. But oh well...........she was happy. We're one weird family, celebrating birthdays 12X in a year, now x2 cakes.

At NTUC, since Aricia love bread so much hubby decided to buy Hi-Calcium bread for her tea-break, so that she'll get her calcium.
Funny.. hubby never like to read the Nutrition Values of items that he buys, but he did that for Aricia's bread. Compared and took the one with the highest mg.


Taken on 24th April. See how unglam she looks!
Refused milk but ate bread at Ya-Kun

Friday, April 27, 2007

Sleepless nights

What they day about siblings being different from one another is really true.

I have a heavy sleeper - Athena and I have a light sleeper - Aricia. Both my babies sleep through the night very early, to the envy of others but now I'm beginning to feel how they really go through when their children wake up in the wee hours. Perhaps I'm in a worse shape than them, coz' I jump out of bed at least 3 times every night (when I'm lucky), if not it's more... Why? She drops her pacifier and cries for it. When I say cry, I don't mean the soft cry it's the loud cry that can wake the whole household kind. Most of the time, it's easy to lull her back to sleep. Just tap her and she sleeps. But sometimes she needs to be carried, whether or not she cries when I put her back is a another thing. Aricia also needs to have someone around her, be it in the daytime or night time. So, sometimes if she don't see anyone.. she wakes up.

Then there are some occasions too when hubby peeps it at 4am to find her playing by herself. But then he'll let her play and prepare milk for her, feeds her and try to make her go back to sleep for the next 3 hrs. Most of the time, she does go back to sleep.

Just like night, at about 3plus she suddenly started crying out loud. How we soothed her didn't help. Mind you, it's scary to see the way she cried - she was literally screaming. Turned on the room light to make sure that she's not screaming coz' dreaming (it happened to Athena a few times before when she was younger) and we tried to wake her up. Or.... a re-enactment of poltergeist. Eeeks!
It took us quite awhile to soothe her. She wanted nobody except me and I had to carry her in a certain position ONLY! Needless to say, everyone woke up except for the Little Miss Piggy, Athena. Finally, about 40 minutes after the drama she fell asleep next to us, and I hugged her to comfort her.

Well, was really tired. Took no chances this morning, after I dropped Athena in school. Brought along a red thread and pluck promegranate leaves from mom's and gave her a bath in it. Dunno what happened but I just needed the reassurance that it's not....ahem.
As for what happened the whole day today. I tell you.... I bathed her at her usual time, she was very sleepy. I carried her to sleep while she was still naked except for diaper. And I promptly fell asleep too! Somehow I woke up (quite short) and hand it over to hubby to take care of her. Skipped lunch and slept from 12 - 4+pm. Never slept so well.........But my day wasted coz' I'm supposed to complete doing the rest of the flashcards for her. Argh! Woke up just in time to shower ( I actually fell asleep without showering. Yucks!) and bring Athena home. Ha!

Now as I'm typing, I'm keeping my ears opened. Hopefully no more episode tonight!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Small but mighty

Caught Aricia pushing herself to sit from her tummy position twice!

No wonder I walked into the room (when I thought she was fast asleep) and found her sitting on the floor. Haha! Thank goodness, she didn't hit her head.

Missed his class

I've missed Azrino's class for..... gasp! 1yr +. Since today I was early in bringing Athena to school, I decided to go for his lesson at 9.20am. Was quite kan-cheong when was caught in the heavy traffic at PIE, surprisingly the traffic in CTE was smooth.

As I was going home, after half an hour after his class, I bumped into him at the stairs leading down. He spoke to me "I didn't see you for a long time" I was taken by surprise coz' normally his class is quite crowded, how would he even noticed me? Maybe I stand out from the rests coz' all the sala- moves. And a note for my sister (who's reading this) - no! I didn't faint in his class for him to remember me.
Well, when I explained to him of my long absence, he suggested to me to resume back my Pilates - to build up my core muscles especially good after C-section. And if I can to go for Bodybalance class, it'll be better. Umm.... might try and see how.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Help! Help!

Help! Help! My little girl doesn't like to drink milk!! Perhaps it's not surprising afterall she wasn't a good drinker since she was a baby. But now..... she takes one sip or two and stops, the only time she really drinks up her milk is in the morning after starving for one whole night. If I calculate correctly, she only takes 200mls a day in total now. It's really depressing to see her rejecting milk, but she's oblivious to it and still remains so active & happy. Anyone can give any suggestions??

She eats alot though, she can have her porridge now, next minute finishing half of a bread, less than an hour later - biscuits. I really wonder where it all go to??

She's still mistaken for a small baby. Today someone thought she's 3 months old. And I believe it must be her sleeping patterns (don't sleep much) that attributes to her small size.
Another thing to worry about is - she's bo-ge (no teeth). Perhaps the lack of calcium is the reason. One stranger I spoke to today told me that she had read that researchers have recently shown that it's better when children's teeth grow late - suppose to be better.

Aricia & myself are suffering from insomnia. She sleeps little, even at nights she'll cry when she drops her pacifier. And she cries many times. Perhaps we should all let her cry her lungs out so she'll know we'll not run to her everytime her pacifier drops.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Can't believe mom told me this!

Mom saw & heard how pek-chek I was on Saturday when I was coaching Athena on her violin lesson.
I kept reminding Athena about her hand " don't move your arm! Press down the strings harder! Pluck the string properly!" Very pek-chek and gek-sim to keep raising my voice at her.

Mom told me "violin very difficult is it? Since so difficult, don't let her learn lah!"

I can't believe she actually gave me the suggestion to pull her out, and give the idea that 'my daughter can give up things halfway when she can't do it?' So her whole life she'll be doing things halfway. No way! I'm going to stand behind her and nag & nag & nag at her till she's old.(that is supposedly I don't die before she turns 18)

After that remark from her, the more I wanted to prove to her my daughter can do it (just that she's lazy and needs to be pushed). I told Athena to follow me to the bathroom & made her see herself in the mirror. She did, and next minute you know it, she was doing it correctly - coz' probably she was admiring her ownself playing the violin. Duh! If only I had thought of it sooner, save me from screaming myself out.

I remembered too that Sam's blog has this link on techniques, showed it to her. She paid attention to it and even admired Sam's son playing his violin.

Today's lesson was stress-free. Simple! Brought her in to see herself and she told me her mistake. I deliberately fling my arm as I played the song for her and she corrected me. I deliberately moved the bow about from 'playing at the correct position to the fingerboard and very close to the bridge' - she corrected me. She tried playing the bow on the 'E' & 'A' string, umm.......... sounds okay to me.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Iggy's first visit

Brother, SIL and Iggy came by our house in the evening to pick mom back home.

As what the old folks would do (I'm an old folk too!), an angpow was given to him.

It's for good luck, and welcoming him coming to our house.

Aricia is as usual - noisy! Whilst he's so quiet; kept looking at the musical mobile happy in Aricia's cot (and we're so worried the chor-lor girl might kick him)

C is for cookies

Finally had the chance to make cookies today. Athena was excited when I told her that, and she thought she was going to colour ready-made cookies. She stared at me when I was trying to make the dough (when I should be mixing colours into icings for her)

The greedy girl took the biggest cookie cutter - star and then a house, by then not much space left in the glassware to cut anymore shaped cookies. Haha! Quite a sore disappointment to have her ending it so soon. Had to make it 3 batches, the 2nd time round I made the dough thicker so that it won't alter the shape of cookie when I bring it into the glassware. But alas! It still broke after that, such a pity the bear broke into 2 - she had wanted to give that to her dua-gu. In the end, she told me "no mummy, not enough. We keep for our family all these, next time we make for dua-gu and ma-ma." Goes to show how sincere she wants to share her cookies now. In the last batch, I told her to make smaller ones instead, as it seems they were much much crunchier than the bigger ones. We poured in some mini M&Ms into the dough and put one in small spoonfuls. She had more M&Ms in her hands so she put in more in each cookie. I'm happy with the turnout of the cookies, I thought they'd be horrible since I kindda lost touch with baking for quite awhile. Athena had quite a couple of cookies, KZ was looking forward to each pathetic batch of cookies. At least now I know I have a girl waiting for my horrible cookies no matter how bad it tastes.

Conclusion :
1. I think I put slightly too much butter, which was why dough was soft.
2. Should make it into small bits instead of the big chunky ones - too ambitious liao

I was worried over nothing, the microwave works well. Just press the preset button and wait for the whiff of cookie smell in the kitchen (and you know everything's ok) Next on the list - muffins.
First batch
Aricia : che-che, what are you waiting for? I want to see..
Athena : wait for our cookies lor...
Athena : 10, 9, 8, ....
Athena : How come so long huh?(still waiting)

Top (L to R): 1st batch, 2nd batch (notice we have a turtle??)
Bottom (L to R): 2nd batch, 3rd and last batch for the day

Athena eating her cookies

Friday, April 20, 2007

Breakkie @ Sentosa

Feels wonderful to be home, even though we only spent one night in Sentosa. Honestly speaking, I hate to pack bag for this kind of overnight trip (especially when you have a little baby, you need to pack even more things) then gotta unpack all over again - sic feeling.

Since we were out of the house rather early yesterday, we dropped by the new & small mall at Fernvale. Suddenly remembered that we needed to get Aricia's cake (I forgot to buy it from Bengawan Solo on Wed night), to celebrate her turning 7 months old. After that we drove in and proceeded straight to the hotel - Costa Sands Resort. (ps. upon hearing the name I started packing in mosquitoes coils tho' hubby kept insisted it's a hotel not a chalet. Once bitten [many times for Athena & myself] twice shy.) We can't check in though I tried to make it sound pathetic enough that I've got two hyper & fretty kids blah blah; hubby was too honest "we need a room to put our bags."Blah! Here I am trying to lie my way through and he had to say something!! Of course what reply would you get? "we have a room here for you to put your bags"

There are so many changes in Sentosa, since the last time I stepped ashore in 2003. Monorail is no longer in operation, I really liked that! Places that used to be there are not there, places that are still left standing have changed from free admissions to paid admissions. Well, we could have skip attraction sites so to save money, but we decided to go to Underwater World. Weighing all the attraction sites, of course this would be more educational for Athena (and eye-opener for KZ) We can skip the rests since it'll be of no interest to any of us except KZ.

Carpark outside Underwater World

Touch pool - Rays

The scaredy-cat Athena was so scared to see the sea animals; asked to be carried by daddy in the tunnel. At one point when we were going into the sharks' section, hubby teased her by bringing her closer to a laser 3D shape of a shark - she started screaming her head off! An angmoh couple laughed at her. Aricia is oblivious to all the huge animals that she sees, she sees them swimming by and she wouldn't know what it is. Sat her infront of the jellyfishes. In the end she was the focus for some shots from some tourists. Haha! She kindda bend herself forward; opened her mouth while looking at them & smiling a teeny weeny bit for them

The only shot of me taken by someone else.. has to turn out blurry. The top clearer pic is self-taken.
I like her first pic - that cheeky look
I hate to take photos inside, coz' not enough lighting and then I turn off flash, cannot move - how to? Bring a large flashlight that's enough to light up the world?! Then.. I start thinking about "maybe I should get a professional camera since I love photography so much (but I can't take nice shots).

The scaredy-cat girl was probably so frightened out of her wits and stomach that she started complaining that she was hungry. There was nothing much to eat at the food court outside Underwater world so we had to find food elsewhere.. and we're totally lost. And the map doesn't come in handy at this time, not when you have a baby trying to eat your map and you have another girl screaming of hunger behind - naturally I felt so kan-cheong. Somehow the peacock attracted our attention when mom exclaimed "that peacock flew up to the rooftop" and yours truly didn't know peacocks can fly. So stupid!

Hubby drove searching for food, really stupid to search for food when we have no idea where to go. Ended up parking near the carpark in Songs of the Sea, but then no food + hot sun = feeling grumpy. Turned out Kopitiam is quite closeby, one tram stop away. Took the tram, had our meal. Then we allowed Athena play with water outside the food court since the tram was not there yet. She over-played and in her mischief kicked some water onto Aricia, mom & KZ. Apparently, Aricia was so happy and started laughing loud. She kept kicking the water

We made our way back to get the keys - just in time lor... 2.30pm check-in mah! To think that they called my hubby at 9.20+ "your rooms are ready.." $%^#
Glad that the rooms are mozzies free, and our aircon was cold. Yippee! Hungry girl wants to sleep with mom & helper while we have Aricia to sleep in between us. I was worried she might fall in between the two joined beds. Anyway, she's not that heavy enough to put that kind of pressure on it. Haha! Took a short nap, we were all tired from the heat. I was looking at the tickets and gasped "dear dear, the ticket includes Dolphin Lagoon leh...." "yah, I know." Dunno if he really knew or just trying to act smart "we go tomorrow" "cannot! It's only for today.." by then my mind starts thinking on lies I can tell the counter staff... if we really can't make it today. It was about half hour to the last show, and the kids are still napping. I have sinned, I'm always lying.

Nevertheless, we gave it a miss and went to the beach with pail, shovel etc... and her flags (which she told me the day before "mummy you never make flags for me, I need it for my castle) Okay... let's see what she's going to make! Turned out she didn't do anything except to dig up sand elsewhere while helper was trying to help her and end up doing everything herself.

Singapore's Little Mermaid.
The youngest lifeguard

Athena finally took the credit when she put the flags down. So much about her wanting to make sandcastles... and made me go Sentosa! When we packed up to leave, Athena wanted to pack up her sandcastle as well.. she took out the flags and insisted that someone will take away her castle.

Washed out feet and hands etc.. and went for dinner at where else? but Sakae Sushi.

It was 8+ by the time we got back to our room, we had to cut the cake for Aricia. The cake survived through earthquake on richter scale 8 - destroyed but still can hold her candle. The cake wasn't that fantastic, anyway what do you expect from a bakery you've never heard of and the cake costs only $10?

Retired for the night and looked forward to the pool and Aricia's first dip.

20th April
Woke up at 7am, Aricia's been pinching my nose - I guess she was trying to wake me up coz' she smiled at me the moment I opened my eyes. I didn't sleep well though I was very tired, coz' I was so worried if she might fall in between the beds & kept checking on her . Kept bringing her closer to me and somehow she keeps ending up in the middle; bring her to me; rolls over. Argh!

Idled in the room before we bring the children to the pool close to 8am. The waters felt warm to us that's why we decided to bring them down.

Aricia wore the same costume that Athena wore when I first brought her for her first dip at 4months +. Ai yoh... I carry Aricia up, the bikini almost dropped! So sexy!

Aricia cried and cried. I really wondered why?? Could it be - the water is not warm to her expectation? She always enjoyed her bathtime so her cries for help is unfounded.Athena? Scared like crazy again. I buay tahan my girl leh! She's so timid, scared of every single thing. Insist on sitting on the steps. Hubby carry her she held him so tight. I decided not to swim in the end, coz' not enough time for me. Mom swam. In the end, father and daughter found greater joy in just sitting down and splashing the water about.
Splish, splosh, splash Sigh... hubby asked "she everything scared, how to let her learn swimming?"
Aricia came down to the pool again with mom and KZ. She simply kept looking at them. After the "splashing about in the water" Athena insisted to go down to the beach to see her sandcastle.
At the steps she kept saying "cannot see already. It's not there anymore.."
Hubby : There......... it's still there
As they walked toward it, Athena stopped her track. Guess what?! Should be the patrol vehicle collapsed her castle. She was so sad and was about to cry. I wonder why? Afterall it wasn't her who made it what!

Relaxed in the room. Hubby stroked Aricia's head trying to make her sleep (coz' she sleeps very little, like only 20minutes or so then wakes up) and said "Aricia, we have to send you for meditation class. You have to learn to relax.." I added "Then we have to send Athena for motivation class." After which I mimicked "You can do it. You CAN DO IT! Can you do it? Yes, I CAN. YES, I CAN." Hubby laughed at my remarks.

Left the hotel and proceeded to Merlion. We had no intention to go up, won't be so silly to pay $8 to see our Singapore's views. Only tourist will do it not locals! Needless to say KZ was happy just by going up close to it. Helped her take photos of her in my camera. Perhaps I should get her a camera for her birthday?

It's hot hot hot! Athena couldn't take the heat and pulled up her already short dress


I was attracted to these kiddo things. I don't understand what's the house with a large face. Is it a nursery rhyme too? When I saw the shoe, I started singing the nursery rhyme "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe....."
Strange, I'm so happy when I saw those things. Why? There's still that child in me who refused to grow up!

Then, it's time to head for Vivo City - home. KZ asked me the night before if she could take a photo of the bridge on our way home. Well, we tried. She got her shots but hubby got chased out of the coach carpark lot while waiting for us.So funny!

As usual, our loud alarm clock rang "I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm very much hungry....." on the dot. Had our lunch in Food Republic before the lunch crowds comes in.
Didn't have the chance to window shop, the lunch already took up a long time. Athena wanted to play in the playground, so we let her. At first she was in the playground, then she stopped to look at the splashing water jets. I gave her the permission to stretch out her hands to get it wet. And then girl...... did it slowly : hands, then brought up her dress to wet it, she was quite wet, ran through the jets etc...... how to stop her? She was having so much fun, didn't want to dampen her mood. She's still a child! Anyway, we still had a change of clothes in the car so nominated my hubby to get it (who asks him to have long legs?)

Click here to see video

I should think Athena enjoyed herself. Who wouldn't anyway? - when she gets to skip school for 2 days! She took her nap in the stroller and in the car, she was still grumpy despite getting her 700+gms of chocolates from Candy Empire!

Footprints of daddy and his little girl.
" Daddy will walk with you..."

Shucks! Athena & myself got the most bites again!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Athena - 1+

Managed to come across an old video of Athena when she was about 1+.

See how cute & chubby she is. I really miss her being a baby. She's changed alot huh?!

Caught her playing by herself in her room (before it was renovated in 05)
Click here to watch her
It's a pity that Aricia do not have any play area, like her che-che had.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Aricia has been getting high since last night, and this afternoon she was caught shaking her head again. Ps. She's high on ecstasy. Haha!

She's been picking up funny things and it's really funny to find her doing all these actions now. I got it down on video, so that I hve something to look back on next time.

Click here for video

I have also included the video of her moving her backside in the video cam (which never got to convert until now). Click here

A few days ago, I let her play with the metal cookware. Click here to see her

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Aricia & her progress

Aricia has progressed her backside moving to kneeling on her knees.

This afternoon, I caught a glimpse of her moving her leg forward. She didn't know how to co-ordinate her arms to move forward so she started crying. Umm.. preparation for crawling. Oh no! Once she starts crawling, will be more busy.

She has learnt too by sticking out her tongue a few times she will get more saliva to blow. Now, we know when she'll start her Bbffff... So funny to see her frowning face when she's trying to blow hard!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Found this!

Mel, you might be interested in this since our girls share the same name.

I found this while searching for easy & lazy craft for Athena. Or perhaps you might have found it before me.

Anyway, click here


Caught the two of them sleeping together. And the funny thing is, they both got up at the same time.