Friday, August 31, 2018

My first steam egg

I can’t believe this. I know I’m not a good cook but have managed to cook some decent dishes to feed my girls. (Well they survived didn’t they?) I’ve steamed fish, white pomfret ; cod being the lil’ one’s favourite but I’ve never steamed egg before! 
Hubby steamed eggs so many times at home for the girls and I shudder to think my eggs turning out disastrous. 
I took the challenge today and hey! I’ve got two thumbs up from the girls who said my steam egg is like from Sakae Sushi. dear girls that’s coz I added dashi; daddy added chicken stock. The top didn't look nice and so asked the Chef Mama and she told me my fire is too big. Will do better the next time. 

On This Day - 31st Aug #Reminders from FB#

August 31, 2009 at 5:20 PM · 
I survived! I didn't make the children cry........ I didn't make the children pee in their panties. Will blog about my experience soon!

Comments in 2018 : The first time I volunteered in che-che's school for Teachers Day. In total, throughout both girls' time in primary school, I volunteered a total of 7 times. This year, TD was yesterday - 30th Aug and I didn't make my appearance for the second year running. 

This was my cutie pie che-che who would smile beautifully for me. Now? I can't even steal a snapshot of her!

August 31, 2009 at 9:35 PM · 
Appreciating all the hard work by the teachers world around.

It's celebrated on 1st September in Singapore.



(a) Card for her FT. Made some time back in June
(b) Card for her Chinese teacher. Made some time back in June. And we didn't have time to make more after that for the rests of her teachers. Mummy is exhausted!
(c) Pom pom crafts for the teachers - mainly Athena's teachers in school, from Berries, Yamaha. Aricia's teachers only includes a few in school (can't do for all - too exhausted + got my fingers burnt with the hot glue. OUCH!!), her 2 教師 in Shichida.
(d) The dragonfly for Athena's Chinese teacher, Chick for Yamaha teacher. The only 2 that stands out from the rests. After that I got so exhausted and asked Athena to simply help cut the black chennille sticks and paste the 2 pom poms together to do ladybirds - the simplest!
(e) Gifts for Athena's teachers in school which consists of Lindt chocolate, pom pom craft + card. No time to bake cookies this year. Give myself some breathing space.
(f) I ran out of the "eyes" for the ladybirds for Athena's teachers in LCCC, so decided not to do anymore crafts. 
Instead opted for the easy way out - buy. 
Cards were made and it's the quickest method. Colour; paste and write. Heehee! 
Gifts varies between the koala magnets, A+ magnets and a memo clip
Even the bags had to be purchased, I ran out of my white bags and didn't want to travel all the way to Bencoolen to buy. 
Hmm.........I've just realised, I'm getting lazier each year

教師 ML in Springleaf Shichida is not forgotten (by the mummy) - apparently Aricia seem to have forgotten her.... We made a trip down on Friday to pass her the small gift.
Teacher A - from MMI

Eclairs that I made for MMI teachers 

Comments in 2018 : The gifts to their teachers are getting lesser and lesser each year. We've stopped giving che-che's LCCC teachers for a very long time. The only teacher that has been receiving gifts all these years is Teacher Peggy. Maybe next year I don't have to prepare any more gifts? 
I miss baking eclairs. I shall do this next year.


August 31, 2011 at 10:46 PM · 
Taking P3 girls tmrw. Yay! no more crybabies (I hope) but a class of slightly mature kids. I think I'm going to have a good time.


August 31, 2015 · 
Che-che burst out laughing when she saw this on lil' one's studytable. 
"Do not see"...

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Study shows : Lack of sleep can make you fat

extracted from :

Lack of sleep can make you fat: Study

A new study's findings add to mounting scientific evidence on how disrupted sleep influences the usual rhythms of the body clock, raising the risk of a range of health problems from heart disease to diabetes.
A new study's findings add to mounting scientific evidence on how disrupted sleep influences the usual rhythms of the body clock, raising the risk of a range of health problems from heart disease to diabetes.

New findings show disrupted sleep alters metabolism, boosts body's ability to store fat
Lack of sleep has long been linked to obesity, but a new study suggests late-night snacking may not be the primary culprit. The latest findings provide the most compelling evidence to date that disrupted sleep alters the metabolism and boosts the body's ability to store fat.

The findings add to mounting scientific evidence on how disrupted sleep influences the usual rhythms of the body clock, raising the risk of a wide range of health problems from heart disease to diabetes.

Dr Jonathan Cedernaes, a circadian researcher at Uppsala University in Sweden and the paper's first author, said the findings pointed to "the irreplaceable function" that sleep has. "Sleep is not just to conserve energy, it has so many functions," he said.

Time and again, research has linked shift work and lack of sleep to the risk of obesity and diabetes, but the reasons behind this association are complex and have been difficult to elucidate. Insufficient sleep appears to disrupt hormones that control appetite and feelings of fullness.

Those who sleep less have more time to eat, may be too tired to exercise and have less self-control when it comes to resisting the temptation of unhealthy snacks.

A previous study by Dr Cedernaes and colleagues showed that even a short period of sleep deprivation led people to eat more and opt for higher-calorie food.

To complicate matters further, obesity increases the risk of sleep apnoea, a breathing problem that itself disturbs sleep quality.

The latest study provides new evidence of sleep deprivation having a direct influence on basic metabolism and the body's balance between fat and muscle mass.

In the study, published in the journal Science Advances, 15 healthy volunteers each attended a testing session on two occasions, once after a normal night's sleep and once after staying up all night. During the visit, they gave samples of fat and muscle tissue and blood.

After sleep deprivation, people's fat tissue showed changes in gene activity that are linked to cells increasing their tendency to absorb lipids and also to proliferate.

By contrast, in muscle, the scientists saw reduced levels of structural proteins, which are the building blocks the body requires to maintain and build muscle mass.

Previous epidemiological studies also found that shift workers and those who sleep less have lower muscle mass. This may be in part down to lifestyle factors, but the latest study shows that there are also fundamental biological mechanisms at play.

"Sleep loss by itself is reducing proteins that are the key components of muscle," said Dr Cedernaes, although he added that it is possible that diet and exercise could counteract these changes.

The study also found an increase in inflammation in the body after sleep deprivation, which is a known risk factor for Type 2 diabetes.

However, the authors said it would be important to investigate further to see whether the short-term changes they identified were sustained in people working shift patterns or experiencing sleep deprivation over longer time periods.

The link between sleep deprivation and illness is of growing concern due to the increase in shift work and changes in sleep patterns across the world.

Last year, a review of 28 existing studies found that permanent night-shift workers were 29 per cent more likely to develop obesity or become overweight than rotating shift workers.

The number of people regularly working nights in the United Kingdom has risen by 260,000 in the past five years, according to the Trades Union Congress, which estimated last year that Britain's late-night workforce had reached 3.2 million - equivalent to one in eight workers.


On This Day - 28th Aug #Reminders from FB#

August 28, 2011 at 11:11 AM · 
Can buy 4D alr. The only time lil' girl will sit down quietly n eat her meal-lunch. Why? She was extremely hungry as she didn't eat much breakfast.

August 28, 2011 at 1:44 PM ·
Few days ago, Che-Che asked me "mummy, what is aviary?" I answered her. Few minutes later,"mummy, what is a-r-s-e-n-a-l?" "It's a football team in England." Gave me a very blur look, "ooh! ...ok.."
Today as I'm marking her work, I burst out laughing at my answer. Wah!! Silly mother!!
Quick! Must make her erase off that definition n reload new and accurate answer. LOL

August 28, 2015 at 7:26 AM · 
Goodbye piano. Thanks for enduring our slamming and beating over the years.

August 28, 2015 at 12:21 PM ·
Out with the old, in with the new. Side by side.
Dad - the first student to play the piano. Hahaha! Dad came coz he'll see what he can do to hide the wiring to the plug and see what he needs to bring the next time.

Yay! It's here
 Goodbye Ms Shortie.
 Ha! Can see in the reflection how messy the dining table is with the magazine holders

Monday, August 27, 2018

On This Day - 27th Aug #Reminders from FB#

August 27, 2011 ·
Mei-mei so excited n wants us to see her work @ school Open House. Brought along her wings with her for ?!?!

August 27, 2011 · 
Playing "who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?"

Sunday, August 26, 2018

On This Day - 26th Aug #Reminders from FB#

August 26, 2009 at 3:29 PM ·
5 more days to me being a "teacher" in che-che's school. Wish me luck!! I'm going to drive them crazy..........................

Comments in 2018 : I didn't volunteer last year and this year. Too many things happened last year and I was overly exhausted. This year, I'm tired. Lil' one was hoping that I can help this year, being her last year in the school coz' she wanted me to be their photographer.


August 26, 2015 at 2:04 PM ·
With the girls at Marina Barrage this morning.
We were first stationed at the gallery. Girls asked me for answers..haha! They asked the wrong person. I don't provide answers.
Had a snack then flew the kite they designed. Lil' one's group had problem with theirs. Tried so many times even FT helped twice or thrice? Finally we asked for a spare kite. First attempt it went up.
Girls had fun. The PVs were exhausted.
* for once : tchr asked them what does ECP stands for. Everyone could answer. The last LJ, when tchr asked what PIE stands for. The girls "Parkway parade ......"
Cute lah these girls. Today, a few girls came up to me to greet me. One girl from her Kindy came up to me. Asked me if I rmbred her "coz I Rmbr you..." I didn't change much except grown fatter but I really can't recognize her. 3 years ago! How to rmbr?


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Cabin Crew

I left in 2002. It wasn’t an easy job but it was a job I loved. 

This job didn’t just teach me to serve, this job taught me safety and first aid. Above all things it taught me life lessons that I couldn’t get in any office job, what more the lessons comes internationally 😜. If I had a chance, I would do it all over again. 

As a mom now, I understand where the stewardess’s mom is coming from. She’d worry over the safety of her precious daughter. My mom was always there for me. She waited with me for the cab downstairs and waited for me downstairs patiently even at odd timings for goodness knows how long when I arrived back home and cook something for me while I unpack. I used to think she watched over me like a hawk but now I’m a condor over my girls. She would always lit up joss sticks and pray for my safety, usually asking for my flight time so she knew which joss sticks (long or short) to burn. And believe it or not, I’ve been kept safe those years. I had a few narrow escapes , things happening in those countries a day or 2 after I touched down in SIN. That’s 母爱. Thanks mummy Irene Ma! 
Everytime I arrived back home, she wasn’t looking forward to the cream puff from Narita (anyway that shop is no longer there) or 🍎 strudel from Perth (and the list goes on), all she wanted to see was her daughter safe and sound. Food and snacks are just bonus for her. 

So before you think about making life difficult and fusing too much over our SQ service and praising other airlines (which honestly I had no idea how those airlines got those awards coz ..I didn’t have friendly and helpful staffs around. Worst! I would have died in the plane if I had pressed the attendant call bell. As what we would usually say “Christmas lights in the cabin”. Trust me I’ve seen their Christmas lights illuminated for a long time, probably until CNY then they’ll answer you. SQ crew is still faster) think - all those airlines copied our ideas for seats and service. Best thing the crew are not even present in the cabin as often as SQ crew, I wonder how pax voted them to have the friendly cabin crew award. SQ crew stay in the galley, confirm you’ll get awards every year.

Treat and respect crew as they are someone else’s children just like you are your parents’ child. They chose this job for whatever reasons, so don’t fuss over little things and then behave so well on other airlines. 
If pilot say cannot land means we cannot land, don’t throw your tantrum at the cabin crew over your connecting flight. I’m sorry if you had to miss your million dollars $$$ meeting coz we might be meeting God if pilot tries to land. 

If run out of your meal choice, be kind. They have no control over the rests of the pax preferences. It’s a crew nightmare if they had to deal with one pax who insist on eating that damn chicken. Go vegan better still! It’s good to detox once in a while. Eating simple on board is the best. Anyway I always have no appetite on board so I don’t understand how some can eat a huge cow and keep eating. As long as I have my bottle of water and the 3 important things from aircraft I need - pillows, blanket and earpiece and I’ll be happy. 

Almost everyone is a frequent flyer, you would know when they have the drink or meal service. Please go to the toilet before that and not when the crew pushes out the cart then you start walking to the toilet. Everyone seems to have bladder problem onboard SQ but not on other airlines. I’m not joking! Maybe it’s the air freshener [haha! How we ex-crew rmbr the aircraft smell] causing bladder problem? 

If the crew seems stuck up and not talking to you during take-off and landing, don’t complain. They’re just running through in their mind safety drills should any emergency arises. They’re the only ones to get you out safely. And this has to be refreshed every year. Re-test when they fail and too bad taken off the next flight until ready to flap their wings. There are cabin crews who have been flying longer than the time I got my driving licence. When I got my driving licence, I didn’t have to go back for refresher course yearly. My driving licence more atas looking than the SEP card (crew licence to fly), yet again don't underestimate that ugly looking piece of SEP card. In order to get that piece of paper (which I think my goodie bags tags are also better looking) think about the drills they had to go thru yearly - the huge waves they had to swim when they probably hadn’t stepped into a calm pool for the longest time; the fire melting their makeup as they fight the fire; seeing the unfaithful dummy who has many lovers kissing and massaging him. 

Don’t look grumpy infront of crew when you couldn’t sleep coz of a baby crying coz they should be the ones to be grumpy - they had a hard time pleasing both sides. They’re even more tired than you coz while you were sleeping, they were awake. You can sleep for 8-10hrs but they can only sleep for 2-3hrs as they fly thru the same time zone as you. 

Oh! Lastly please don’t comment “this stewardess/steward is late for flight” coz there are days when they are called up at really last minute to cover someone else without time for mental preparation and they gotta report to aircraft straightaway. I got this before, almost wanted to do a Miss Singapore wave to them for the recognition I get .... and halfway through the flight I was still trying to recall what’s that CS or LSS in first class name and the rests of the crew. Seems rude but had to stare at their chest first before talking to them (looking at name tag)

From The Straits Times on 25th August 2018
Before 10am: SIA air stewardess up bright and early to ensure a pleasant flight

On This Day - 25th Aug #Reminders from FB#

Two girls were crossing our small carpark, while I was struggling with bags of stuffs behind them. Che-Che started with the habit of raising her hand up to cross, mei-mei followed her n she said "hello" to someone at the same time. We dunno who that guy was,who was taken aback by a polite girl, I burst out laughing at her from behind. Did she thot that Athena raised her hand to say hello?


 August 25, 2012 at 12:41 PM · 
@ PTM : Chinese complains lil' one talks too much in class. Intonation considered not too bad for someone who don't speak the language at home, still can be improved

Comments in 2018 : Thankfully she has mellowed a little as she grows older


 August 25, 2013 at 8:37 AM · 
Can u believe it?! My 11 - ehh... still 10yr old is watching Dora and answering questions/ doing prompts to Dora. 😳


August 25, 2017 · 
Recital in school

Friday, August 24, 2018

弁当 bentō - entry drafted on 17th May #lateposting#

The girls are getting sick and tired of their canteen food, they've been asking me to pack food for them. It started off with che-che asking me to make toasted bread with cheese and (in the beginning) luncheon meat.Then it was just cheese. Once I probably got from the wrong side of the bed or maybe coz' I didn't sleep so was zombie-fied that I decided to fry an egg and put it between the toast and cheese. She only likes this cheese which can only be found in I12 MarketPlace.

She once made me prepare hard boiled eggs. I didn't put her food in the cutesy food container but put in aluminium foil containers (Twice! which I can't remember what I bought it for so used it so that she can junk it away after that). With the toasted breads, it was much easier that I wrapped them up in aluminium foil. I had so many practices that I perfect the art of wrapping them so neatly.

Lil' one started asking for it too. Except for hers can still be a little childish. So, prepared soba with rilakkumma fishcakes etc.. She loves it. 

Think like this is the last few months i can bento for her. I'm still eyeing on making that Tsum Tsum rice balls.  

My cheena is getting more and more powderful

Although I nag at my kids that in order to do well in their chinese paper, they need to read, listen and speak mandarin. The only one who is more receptive to this is lil' one. That's why her chinese is more tok-kong than che-che's. 

Since I had to be also hands on with her, I realised my cheena is also better. And I do enjoy watching chinese movies and reading a chinese text don't scare me as much as before. 
Even as I make some encouragement cards for her, some are in chinese. 

Here are some of my favourite phrases I found online :

Efforts to create strength, attitude determines altitude



To HKG we will go

on PSLE marking days (15th to 18th). But before that a trip to the temple I must make. Haha! Pray that the teachers mark her correct for everything.

First thing first had to ensure that the man is not travelling on business. Don't care I chope the dates first. 

HKG wasn't the destination I had wanted to go initially. I'm sure she would want to go Tokyo again, our last trip was in Dec 2014 and I miss Tokyo. 

Certain reasons pulled me back ;
1) But so expensive lor ........ even Scoot's price is ridiculous. I was elated when I saw that some airlines offers cheap tickets to Tokyo, but there's 6hrs layover. There's a reason why the tickets are so cheap. I wouldn't want to spend 12 hrs travelling to Tokyo while with this same time I can fly to Europe. Hmm...... next year... depending on where che-che goes after her O's. Maybe we have a chance for a mummy and daughter trip? 

2) Che-che the jealous sort will start questioning why she gets a chance to go Tokyo on marking days when in 2014 we only went Bangkok. So to avoid any sort of confrontation, the flight time must not exceed 4 hrs. Actually I did consider Perth but to save the hassle of planning itinery now when I should be utilising the time for something more important gearing towards PSLE. I should be planning the itinery for our Dec trip!! I think I shall settle for something which requires less planning since it's a place we've been to too many times. Plus there's Disneyland in HKG, although we prefer DisneySea, HKG Disneyland is still a better deal for her. She won't lose out as long as she gets to see her Stella Lou and Cookie - the new additions to the Duffy family.      

3) Earthquakes : I know this sounds ridiculous having travelled to Japan countless of times and this is usually at the back of my head but I've been watching (haha! I should be watching stocks not earthquakes counts) and noticed there has been many news of earthquakes in Japan this year. So I think I shall avoid. 
I'm one with the cheap deals, even after checking Cathy Pacific which initially has much lower fares than SQ. After the addon (ridiculous extra legroom seats for $75.50 each) coz the flights were full, it didn't make any sense to be booked on CX. Scoot - even if we did the flight + eat just for two.. didn't make any sense. I might as well get on SQ and be well - fed. No request for CHDML coz' lil' one don't really like CHDML. Then again, I might ask her closer to departure date. I wouldn't want to hear one girl keep telling me "Mummy I'm so hungry.... so hungry..."

So air tickets, hotel and transfers to and fro settled, travel insurance all settled.  

Trip in 2014 

This trip would be a more relaxed one coz' I have no more kids to worry about exams. I'm letting her go, she'll be on her own next year. Freedom for me!

On This Day - 24th Aug #Reminders from FB#

August 24, 2015 at 4:54 PM · 
无聊 2 girls talking abt ice-cream at home.
AT : I can eat finish one big bowl
AR : I can eat finish two big bowls 
AT : I can eat finish one big tub
AR : I can....
Me : I will not bring you girls to the doctor 
Che-che burst out laughing " I like mummy's response." Lil' one dunno pretend not to hear or really didn't hear, still wanting to continue ...she cannot lose out lah! 


August 24, 2015 at 1:01 PM · 
And we're back to square 1. Sigh..... Can swim but of course must fine-tune strokes. She learnt swimming when she was K2? Then she suddenly had that fear of water. In between breaks n from group to private n more sighing from me. Why my 2 kids always need me to scream at them? Yah..I screamed at che-che in public pool b4. 
# Lil'one (if u recall) lied to the coach she couldn't swim when she had to go for SwimSafer. # 
Now, when she wants to play in water. It's with the condition, she swims first. And I made her swim to me, walking further and further away each time. My fav statement to both girls. "I'll throw and kick you into the pool. I give you a choice, you either swim to survive or do nothing n drown."

August 24, 2014 at 8:43 PM · 
Ehh..... Art #-?? I lost count

Comments in 2018 : She can only draw under close supervision. She cannot imagine something out and draw. Hmm...... can't do this; can't do that. Dunno what this girl is capable of  

August 24, 2014 at 2:21 PM · 
I heard the "king king kiang kiang" and saw my lil one helping me to dry the dishes. And threw the cutlery messily in the drawer. Awww....

Comments in 2018 : She is usually the most helpful of the two. Now she volunteers when she feels like it. And she's doing a better job now. 
August 24, 2013 at 4:45 PM · 
Lil girl n me heading off to a .... party. U guessed it right! Minion!! And I made a hairbow for her to complement

Comments in 2018 : No more hairbow craze. I've lost interest in making hairbows now also since they are too old for this kiddish stuffs. I have a boxful of ribbons and stuffs, will have to clear it one day after PSLE. I did have the intention of selling handmade hairbows, maybe I shall see how. 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

On This Day - 23rd Aug #Reminders from FB#

August 23, 2011 at 12:21 PM ·
15 mins drive home : lil' girl keep complaining to me "I'm vy hungry, can u pls drive faster!", recite her pledge 我们是新加坡公园.. Arguing with me when I correct her the 公园. Sing song, In between complaining hungry.. N when I turn into my carpark I realize no noise. Lil' girl "fainted" from hunger.
I get this kind of unforgettable argumentative rides with her.

Comments in 2018 : This is my lil' one. Her yakking away is so like her. Tell her to stop talking, she still must complete her sentence though I told her I knew what she was going to say. Sigh...... will she still be so talkative in years to come?


August 23, 2010 at 1:04 AM ·

Comment in 2018 : She was in P2. Yup! I did mention in my previous blog entry that life was so carefree then... 

" Why your life ... -entry drafted on 30th May #lateposting#

is so boring?"  This is what the man said to his dear daughter when he asked her what she was doing and would be doing later. Her reply was "studying" 

Did he not know that his daughters are not the only ones with no life and their life is boring? That the kids now will only be able to enjoy for only some time during school holidays and not the entire whole school holidays without being called back to school for classes / trainings etc..and in my girls' cases - Holiday Homeworks!!
Did he not know that the education path has become too scores-oriented? I used to wince my way through my primary school and didn't know what the heck was PSLE. Though I'm the youngest and mom would have gone through the two older siblings, her being illiterate in english, math and science didn't help either of us. Naturally we all got into our affiliated secondary schools. Moreover we were living in the east in Telok Kuaru, Upper East Coast, Riveria Drive, it made more sense to be close to home. I didn't do well in P6 and ended up in Normal Stream, still I turned out alright now but why did I put myself through all the stress and sleepless nights? Perhaps coz I want my kids to be better qualified than me and the only way there is to fight together with the rests. Unless the man decides to move the whole family to another country.. I'll gladly give up the fight. 

Our time and their (girls' time) is very different. We had the chance to let our hair down even on normal school days. School homeworks were unheard of. We weren't pressured to get into the school team so that we can DSA and fight with many students across Singapore trying their luck on this DSA route.  

Since when the kids in Singapore have any life after they reach a certain point in school? In lower primary, we still had the time to jalan jalan on weekends. The moment lil' one hits lower primary, che-che was already in upper primary thus we didn't have much time to jalan jalan. 
Even if the kids don't have any tuition in the weekends, they will need the time to do their homeworks or tuition homeworks, or to study coz during school days they stay back till late on the average 2x a week. Even a meal time, sometimes small pockets of time is important, lil' one is buried into her book studying.  
(In girls' primary school. They start making P5 girls stay back for compulsory supplementary classes 3x week. And this year, lil' one told me the P4s have started their compulsory supplementary classes. Oh my! Soon, you'll hear a P1 kid needs to stay back in school. Well.... not in every school. In nephew's school, the P5s don't even need to stay back unless they're the "lucky selected ones")
Public Holidays
Public holidays now are precious time for them to quickly complete their school homeworks and studying. You think PHs, school will let them off? No! Even if it's CNY, because of the long holidays their schools will always give additional homeworks. Can you sense my frustrations? 
We had 2 PH in August, National Day (9th) and Hari Raya Haji (22nd). Guess what the girls were doing? Preparing for their Prelims while the kids played in the pool outside our house. Lunch time Most kids (esp those with parents fetching them to and fro school) will at some point of time eat their lunch in the car. Firstly, kids end school at 1.40 to 2.10pm. Whether they lived close to school or not, lunch time is rather late. For me, since home is on the average 15-18 mins away, eating in the car makes more sense. That way they get home to shower and do their homeworks. Whatever it is, I should say my girls are lucky that they get to eat their lunch at latest 2.20pm. Imagine if they were to take a bus home, which most kids does, lunch time would be at 3+pm. Who would have the appetite to eat? I wouldn't. I spent my money (was a latchkey child) buying bread or ice-cream at the mamashop. Though school was dismissed earlier as compared to now, still I can't eat my lunch at 2+ close to 3pm, what more now kids are expected to eat much later.    

Heard that one of che-che's primary school friend fainted. Over-exhaustion. I'm sure at some point in time our kids would have burn out. Which explains why I am very strict over their sleeping time. I heard many school children are sleeping at 12am, 1am surviving on 4-5hrs sleep on a daily school day basis. It's no-no for me, they must sleep. Maybe that's why both girls also under-perform in school? Coz they don't spend much time revising their work. *wink*

So why are our kids going through all these (burn out, anxiety, stress, commit suicide) without the ministry doing something to protect our kids? Ai yah! Best is if we can get out of the stupid system.      

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Make do with what I have (kitchen talk) - entry drafted on 3rd Jul #lateposting#

Having extra cabinets doesn't solve the problem. Well, that's my mentality now that I'm confined to small space.

A short conversation between mom and me came up as she saw me taking all the small kitchen appliances (airfryer, 1 pathetic corningware, steamer metal rack) out just to take out / put back the cutie slow cooker for her to boil pig's stomach soup for hubby. "So little space you have here." 

Me : Yah, no choice. Small space so need to have less but (perhaps) important items in the house.
Mom : You go and make another cabinet. Somewhere in your yard area, go and look for a space. Make a cabinet so you can put the items. 

Infact, she's not the first to suggest to me this. Brother suggested once too when he came to the house for a visit after we've moved in. Sure! I still have space in the yard. I still have empty cabinet spaces in the house, some small space in the kitchen cabinet. And I'm still so tempted to DECLUTTER the things at home.

My reply to her after that was that if we're given more space in the house, we will buy more things to clutter the house and that's the last thing I'd like to deal with. I'd rather have little space so that I can keep everything to the minimum. Everything, my style (click here). My frying pan is used for cooking all sorts of meat and vegetables and fish (mom complains that it's so difficult to fry fish in it), as opposed to the coloured-coded chopping board set to cut up different food items. I feel that's where contamination will likely to occur first with raw food instead of the frying pan. The frying pan also doubles up as a steamer. I remember when we first moved in our current house, she asked me to get a wok (she asked me to get a wok even when I was living in Punggol). I had no storage space and I hate to see things outside on the stove. Anyway, I'm happy with the minimal items I have. 

Small appliances  
1) Slow cooker : - Initially I had wanted to get rid of that cutie small slow cooker once I got the Tefal rice cooker which has multi-functions like claypot, slow cooker, porridge and many more. I can brew chinese herbs in the rice cooker but then... if I'm only brewing for 2 person, the rice cooker will be too big for the use. So I kept it until the day I go 'tao-hong' and decide to throw away items.

2) Toaster : - I don't have a toaster at home. I'll use my agar-ra-tion to toast bread using the convection oven. So far, it hasn't disappoint me though I have days when I'm multi-tasking and it took me a little longer time to get the bread out of the oven resulting a charred toast. 

3) Microwave Oven : - I had no intention of getting one as we had no space on the kitchen top. We can also heat up food over the fire or toaster. BUT the man had to come back with one one day, putting it on top of the fridge. Really ridiculous for me to bring the organ stool to the kitchen to step on it coz I can't bloody reach it!! We hardly use it too!  

4) Blender/ Juicer / KitchenAid : - With better technology, there's a magic cooker - Thermomix. Well, it does sound too good to be true for a person who can't cook for nuts. I can cook wholesome meals from scratch. This machine can help you cut, grind, steam, knead, blend juices. Basically I can get rid of my palm-size blender; the bulky KitchenAid after I pay a hefty price tag on the Thermomix. Technically, yes I can save the space of the palm-size blender which takes up no significant space in that pathetic cabinet BUT the Thermomix needs to be outside where the current KitchenAid is as it's bulky. Hell no way am I throwing away the heirloom to my kids!! It's one item which I love coz' I love to bake. And then I start thinking about the disadvantages of having Thermomix in my family. The girls are super fussy over their food. Even if I buy rainbow coloured veggies and whatever nots, they'll scrap it away. The man? He doesn't eat my cooking. Ha! For the girls, I prefer to cook their food while they're in school. I'm not the 100% have the time to prepare food for them while they make their way home from school themselves and have their food piping hot ready in time the moment they step into the house. So Thermomix must act as a food warmer which I'm not sure whether it is capable. Time being, I shall be happy with the stuffs I have at home.          

My opinion is “the more space you have; the more you will buy. So I’d rather have little space so that I can really keep everything to the minimum. cannot do Marie Kondo for sure.

Note : I've cleared one side of the kitchen top (where the sink is). It used to be laden with a multi-level shelf to put vitamins and bread spread. I've since removed them and put them in the cabinet and the whole space is bigger and I'm so happy!