Monday, December 10, 2018

10th Dec - A day running errands

The girls had their braces fixed today and since their appointment is in the morning, I decided to make the day running all my errands. I wouldn't have to do this if we didn't make that last minute trip to Bangkok, though I'm not complaining. It's a rare chance that we're able to leave for a short holiday this time since both girls had finished their major examinations and I've stopped their tuitions.  

Orthodontist finished with his masterpiece with the 2 girls at around 11+, we made way for lunch at Ichiban Boshi at Shaw Centre (at first) but we walked out after that still debating where to go for lunch. 
In the end, I decided that Parkway would have all the places I needed to go. Bank, shops and food - they will definitely find something to eat, well perhaps I should say something that they miss eating there since ... we literally lived there for 10 years!! 

1) Needed to get 2 new sweaters for lil' one since she kindda outgrew hers (finally!). At the same time che-che picked a coat for herself. She wanted mine but I love mine so got her a new one. I told her it'll be her last coat, she's spent the most amount of money every year as she keeps growing sideways. If she can't fit the next year then she'll have to 自己搞定. 
2) Daiso to get some empty bottles, a pair of scissors to cut their food for the next few days.
3) School shoes for lil' one. She kept pestering me to get her shoes with shoelaces. Somebody feels ashamed wearing velcro shoes in secondary school. Haha! 
4) A quick check on my TO-DO list on phone and I suddenly realised what was inkling in my mind before I left Orchard, I knew I had to drop by somewhere but simply cannot recall where. Was suppose to go down LUSH but .... oh well, I dropped by at Kiehl's instead. Shall blog about the Kiehl products in another entry. 
5) Secondary school - to check if they have booklist and their opening hours on 31st Dec. Will need to register lil' one another day. 
6) School pinafore and adjusted belt hook and ironed name label back home. We're left with the blouse and PE attire which I can settle on 31st or just let her buy it from the bookshop herself when school reopens.  

Finally home!       

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Holiday getting closer and closer

Anything to do with going on a holiday makes me happy even if I've been to the country before. 

This Europe trip is beginning to materialise soon. Yay! And it is shown especially when itineries are all done and I start printing them out. Hmm...... I don't think I should be doing this next year right? 
But we have made plans for US in 2019. (Yay! More national parks) so might need some planning and booking to be done.    
I'm still dreaming about going on a holiday on my own. Switzerland, England, Scotland.... oh.... how I miss these countries. Sigh...........will I get the chance? 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Another award to sum up her secondary school year

Opened our filled to the brim mailbox, was sifting out all the junk mails. In the end, only left with a few worthy mails. And somehow I recognised the font in the transparent see-through portion (the envelope is a plain envelope) on one envelope.

Surprise! Surprise! Che-che got another award. Well....must be her results all lousy to begin with lor.. Well, I don't mind if this applies to her final O's results coz that's what really matters. 

Che-che's response was really funny. "Huh? Not again? Can I don't go for the ceremony?"           
Well, her last award to sum up her secondary school. She had another award from the school this year. That makes a total of 4 or 5 awards from both school and Edusave from secondary alone.