Thursday, July 27, 2017

That's of course I'm busy

I was asked by this very persistent person to attend her class. And questioned by her "are you really that busy? I'm sure you can find a time right?" Cynical right?

Can, not that I cannot find a time. The only time I have is when the girls are in school, but that's not her free time. And that would also means that I have to give up one day of household chores to do and suffer with the piled up work on another day. Her classes? In the evenings or on weekends. How can I go when I need to chauffeur the girls around on weekdays and weekends? They don't have tuition the whole day on weekends but that is the time for the girls to catch up on their homeworks & tuition homeworks.  

I ever commented to her why this common friend of ours is able to bake so often when she has so many kids. This person also agreed and mentioned that she “手快脚快” and is so capable to cope with so many kids - which I courteously agreed coz this 'hand fast leg fast' is so subjective. I know my hands and legs are fast too - to put it more subtly it means multi-tasking and I'M GOOD in multi-tasking.  

However, I also knew that her parents-in-law were staying with her. (I don't think the person even knows about this. ) Her M-I-L told me before in primary school that she helps to pick up her two grand-daughters while her D-I-L (my friend) picks up her two sons. Well, that sorta explains it right? Even now in secondary school, I've seen her M-I-L before, so I believe they still had the same arrangement. Put it simply, you have two adults or maybe three (when husband is back from flights) to share the workload. Why not? I can handle that too! I also can have five kids, six kids,seven kids - as long as I have another adult on helping me.

Guess what? I just found out that this person has a domestic helper at home too! No wonder she can keep baking lah! Don't have to do housework; just bake everyday also have someone else to clean up after her. Then when it comes to fetching kids, two adults split the job. 

In conclusion, she may not find the need to tell everyone that she has so many help at home coz she's not answerable to us, so the outsiders would think that she's a superwoman. So, when I (the person who has no help and cleans and tidies house better than her [ps. I've seen her house in pictures. Quite messy] ) say I'm busy I'M REALLY BUSY. IF NOT I'LL GLADLY ASK THIS PERSON TO CLEAN MY HOUSE AND DO ALL MY JOBS FOR ME. LET'S SEE IF SHE WANTS TO BE CYNICAL TO ME   

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

And so my point on social media ...... reiterated.

Sometime early this year, I've stated the reason why I decide to make a change and start blogging here more often than updating Facebook. Where selective news to portray the beautiful facade are plentiful.

Just few days I was reading up on a local Instagram star JC. I didn't know that there was a lawsuit against her partner, ST, that went was raised up a year ago. 

I must clarify that I'm not JC fan. Long time ago, when her divorce settlement was highlighted in the papers , I took notice of this name. At first I was envious of her after all we worked in the same company. So why is she so lucky to have met a tycoon and married when I wasn't and have to slog the rest of my life away. She's beautiful no doubt but over the years she did too many things that she looked so fake. I don't understand why she did that, (not that I know her personally that she'll give me an answer) but perhaps she has some insecurity issues. ??

Of course there will be haters and fans. I read some haters who commented that she's so fake. During interview, she would have three change of clothes? She would pause interview to do touch up. Simply put, needs to look her best. So, does she have any unglam moments? Social media - people do touch ups with apps or take the fake front eg. wash face first, do light make up then pretend to lie in bed and tag "just woke up". Am I the only one who would not bother with these and show my ugly face to the whole world?