Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Teacher's Day

Teacher's day is here again.
This year decided to make something for the teachers - well to be exact we embarked on a much bigger project as compared to last year's. I called that PROJECT TD (Project Teacher's Day).
PROJECT TD commenced many months before... eh..... 6 months in advance to be exact. Good thing is a I'm a highly organised person so my project ended just in time. *phew* And why that few months of preparation? Thing is, I needed the kids to do something for the teachers themselves and I needed the time without compromising on their schoolwork and my tons of work they had to do.
I must admit it was a big struggle coz' che-che's works were never-ending. I almost wanted to give up the idea, but then again the teachers would be really thankful and proud of what che-che and I went through. *ha! so bloody thick-skin* And the late nights I had to put up for trying to finish the finishing touches of che-che's works + mei-mei's gifts (yah! you will not believe if I told you mei-mei did those right. Fact is, how can she do it?? I only took order from that girl telling me what design she wanted, which paper, which embellishments etc.. and I did the rests)
In total, a whooping 22 gifts. *eyes BIG BIG* Once gifts were done, came the next part planning when to give the gifts before the day pass. And of course I'm so glad I could stash away the scrapbooking materials boxes into the rightful cupboard space, away from the messy study room table. But wait! I had to endure another eyesore for the next few days until we finish distributing the gifts out. We had to bag each gifts into the rightful bags, I put them accordingly to the date so I know when to grab them.
She remembered her nice P1 FT and wanted to give her a set as well. However I did explain to her that it wasn't really possible as she's not in the school now and there's no way I could pass it to her. But I did promise her to send her her greetings. She was happy when she heard my suggestion.

Picture of some of the photo frames we did. We transformed the all white Ikea frames into these beautiful pieces. No similar design definitely. Eh? What happened to my mass cards photo?? I think I deleted accidentally. sigh..
On 24th night, the kids helped to identify their gifts. I couldn't remember which gifts are for who already. Too blurry.. Here, mei-mei was not helping much when she tried to run away with the filled bags before I could line them up neatly. Argh! I was very angry coz' I was already tired and she had to make a mess and make me do double job. If only I have a magic wand, I'd freeze my 2 kids for that 15 minutes (which was an eternity).
26th - Thursday
Mei-mei gave her gifts to Sensei Amy during her Shichida class
On the same day too, che-che gave her 2 gifts to her Berries teachers
27th Aug - Friday It's the 3rd day running where the kids had their lunch in the car. But today I had planned a long day out with the kids. Made a trip down to Springleaf to give Sensei Meiling, mei-mei's previous sensei, her gift.
That same day, I zoomed down from Shenton Way to Tampines. Felt like I' was giving out wedding cakes like that!!
Thought today would be a good day to give che-che's Lutheran teachers their gifts since mei-mei will have her music lesson at Tampines later. Might as well shower at mom's place and go from there.

For che-che's LCCC teachers

31st Aug - I had something on in che-che's school so KZ had to wait with mei-mei at 6+ in the morning before bringing her in to school later. She also helped to take pictures for me as mei-mei give out the gifts, I didn't have the time to bake anything this year for the teachers so ordered a cake.
Chocolate Etoile
Cards for her teachers

Just days before, che-che told me she wanted to bake something for her school teachers. I told her 3 will do... eh... forgot about her co-teacher. oops! She baked, I took over the rests of the tedious job of baking them coz' it was already late in the night. Next came the part of packing them up nicely. Took another late night for me to print out, and wrap. I'm so tired. Next year should just buy.
For her co-teacher
For her FT
There are a few old teachers in the school but there's this particular Chinese teacher whom I like coz' she really did help me gain my A for my PSLE. Okay, must credit my mom also.
I didn't get to see her but asked a teacher to pass it to her. 1st Sept The last 3 - finally!
For che-che's Lorna Whiston teacher
Now my house's neat. I'm tired, I deserve a good rest.

Aw NO! I have to start preparing mei-mei's birthday celebration. Argh!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We were lucky our friends joined us (they were really lucky to get tickets the week before) for this otherwise che-che and me would be bored to tears.

Well, for the children it was more like an excursion during schooldays.

After picking up the kids, we went over to East Coast Macs for lunch. Proceeded to Bishan thereafter.

It was fabulous, you can feel the atmosphere in the hall. The Russians were great supporters for their gymnasts. I can't explain in words the feeling.. and sorta regretted not booking the finals early.

Here are some photos to share.