Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Aricia speaketh

Here are some words she added to her vocabulary to date :
1) wa wa - water
2) bah bah - bye bye
3) yeh yo - yellow
4) This is hilarious. KZ accidentally farted with her backside sticking out towards Aricia when she was adjusting the DVD player. Aricia bursts out laughing and said "pan pi" - fang pi
5) KZ was teaching her, "Aricia say 'amen'." Aricia - "norrrr ty!"
6) Wait till you hear this, my girl is learning to speak in vulgarity. Brother was recounting to me that Iggy can say truck "but he can say it as 'tuck'." Aricia obviously evesdropping on conversation started saying "fuck fuck fuck." lol


Shannon's Mummy said...

hahaha...f*** f*** f*** hahaha

Lily Ann said...

Vulgar mother = vulgar child