Sunday, August 30, 2009

My week

Had been MIA this whole week. Infact I was down and out almost half of the week.


Suddenly didn't feel well in my tummy. No need to explain further what happened next - with purging and ___ I was really weak. The only time I slept like a piggy, the only time the kids were free from their maniac mother.


Didn't feel too well the next morning so asked hubby to help send che-che & mei-mei to school. Mei-mei was at the advantage, hubby felt he didn't have much time after dropping che-che off in school so let mei-mei stayed home. Lucky girl! After the long rest, I felt a little better to bring che-che home from school.


Mei-mei is still suffering from the 'I dowan to go to school' syndrome and it was made worse with her absence from school the day before. But I promised her I'd bring her to Mcs as I always do on every Wednesdays and she has to promise me that she'll go in to school without crying. "Okay mummy....." next minute she teared (again) made it worst when another kid refused to go school and burst out crying, she saw the girl and her eyes turned redder.

With nowhere to go and a shorter waiting time, I decided to stay put in PP. Stayed in Borders and read, if I said I was lethargic and weak..... oh boy! the books woke me up. I chanced upon this very interesting book,
Making Fine Chocolates by Andrew Garrison Shotts. Chocolates! Chocolates!

Friends know that I love all asthetically nice things and wanna try my hands on anything nice. (and I've only got a pair of hands and too many things to handle) This book teaches you how to be a chocolatier. Woah! I'm going crazy!! What I really liked about the book is that it teaches you how to do chocolate transfer sheets at home. I shouldn't start this coz' there's no end to things that I'd like to do but can't seem to accomplish.

The weekends :
Lazy mode this week... didn't have the mood to give children their lessons except to go through the LM with mei-mei. This day, I prepared the pastry filling as well as the glaze for the eclairs.
Prepared the dough. Argh! Ran out of All-Purpose flour and thought Top Flour would do fine since it's better than All-Purpose. So wrong...... Top Flour normally gives you a finer texture so I should have expected my eclairs to not retain the "pong pong-ness". Needless to say I was really disappointed with the results of my eclairs today. Wanted to chunk aside and asked KZ to help me buy a cake in a cake shop near the school. But in the end decided to be thick-skinned and asked her to give it to the school. Almost half a day gone preparing the eclairs. It's edible, taste-wise is not compromised, it only looks flattened. Ha! Never mind, I wasn't going to show my face at all.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Marking che-che's work and this answer made me laugh.

Multiple choice question on Gender :
The opposite of a spinster is a _______
(1) pilot
(2) spinner
(3) spanner
(4) bachelor

Her answer? SPINNER. Hahaha!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


We were out the whole day and only managed to cut the cake in the night. The kids were extremely tired from the 'no nap throughout' but were greedy enough to stay awake for the birthday song.

Happy Birthday, KZ!

Friday, August 21, 2009

KZ's BD cake

Didn't want to bake for KZ, to spare her my horrible bakes. I declared to her a few days before that "I'm buying you your birthday cake, buy you a better tasting cake instead of my horrible taste cake." But she said she didn't mind my cakes, she likes the cakes (tactful??) I bake.

In the end, I baked her a cake for her birthday and will buy her another slice of her favourite cake from Four Leaves to make it up to her. Call it diplomatic on her part but it does make my ego go big. Hee! The only thing is that I can't bake a cake for che-che this month (it's her turn) coz' it's only 3 days apart and I didn't want to be laden with tasks to bake 2 cakes in such a short span of time.

Still playing with fondant, not that adventurous. Wanted to make her a clown cake but .... very tired after all the coaching work with the children.
In the end, it was this >>

Using my sports ball pan. Very versatile pan - so pleased with it. Can try to think of so many things to do with this pan.
Ah ha! I don't know if it was the cutting mat that helped me with the rolling of fondant (didn't have any fondant sticking to the table) and I didn't dust that much icing sugar on the mat + it was much better than before & I didn't have to ask KZ to 'hurry bring the cake over to me'.
So pleased with myself. Yay!
Hmm.... I managed to get a slightly darker tone closer to black.
Using Pocky sticks (I ate the strawberry part) as feelers.

Mission accomplished!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PV Training

Was really excited over today's training, che-che was also excited that her mummy is going to her school. (I wonder why she or other children likes it when their mummies are in school. In our time, it was different. If our parents were in school on a normal school day, it could mean the teacher WANTS to see the parents over the slacking school work etc...)

I got to know other mummies during the chat sessions. I was the only parent volunteer from che-che's class apart from K - but she registered her name under the older girl's class so technically I'm the only parent. Unfortunately, we won't be assigned our children's classes, che-che was really sad when I told her the news. A few of us were "showing our faces" for the first time and we were welcomed warmly by the "old birds" and the CPCs. Like what the Chairperson said, "judging from the noise now, we won't have problem controlling the childrens' noise on that day; but we gotta control the noise the mummies' make."
The session then started with some mummies relating what are the lessons they learnt from last years' events. I hear "the P3s can challenge you, the P5s and P6s can be difficult to handle." Argh! That's not what I want to hear.....not when it's my first time volunteering help - scaring me off! Well they had better put me in a lower primary class, if not .... they won't see my face next year!! I don't know if I know how to handle the older girls afterall, I'm only a mother of a 7 and 3 years-old children. I intend to take things as they come; as my children grow and not think far far ahead on how to tackle older children. I don't know if I can get my message across to the kids if they misbehaved coz' the only thing I knew how to get my message across is when I asked passengers to fasten their seat belts and put up the window shades etc.. (hee!)

Well.........this will be a chance for me to see if I'm cut out to be a teacher. I think I'd prefer to teach preschoolers.

Since I already have one foot in this, there's no turning back for me. Face up to the challenges and wait for my post on this come 31st August. Meanwhile, I can probably look forward to the dry mee-siam they serve in school. Shiok-li-cious!!

Disturbing sight!

How many times have you seen a sight like this??

The sight of an irresponsible woman walking infront with a small kid walking behind?

I'm so angry with what I saw this evening as I left the house for che-che's music lesson. If not for the fact that I was pressed for time, I would have stopped that stupid woman and give her a piece of my mind.

It was the sight of a maid walking infront of the child, leaving the child to walk alone BEHIND. And she continued walking without looking BEHIND HER ASS & yakking on the phone. What happened this evening, that girl threw tantrum and sat on the floor. Mind you, it was the small road where cars from main road turn into our estate. The girl in a dangerous spot where cars turning in would hit her. At that time, I was only 10m away from her when she suddenly sat down. I stopped the car while looking out for cars turning in. I suppose the girl must have cried, the maid turned her head to look at her prob said something to her, turned and continued walking without checking if the child followed her. Thankfully the child stood up and walked towards her in her small little steps while that (pardon me) @#$%-ing woman walked on and didn't even bother to check while still sashaying her backside and talking.

It's not the first time I've seen a maid doing this already, though this is the first time a child sat on the road. I've seen countless maids chatting on their phone and not taking good care of their charge either in the playground or in the void decks. And these people don't they have conscience? So what if he/she ain't their child?

Thankfully, KZ's not like her. I've seen how she cares for my kids, she protects them as much as she could.

1. Have you observed any irresponsible actions from maids? (note: when I'm angry with them, I call them maid)
2. Supposedly, if you noticed it was your neighbour's (or someone you know) maid doing this. Would you tell the employer?

Monday, August 17, 2009

So proud of her

My che-che did something which I deserve to praise her for it.

The P1s went to the Zoo today. In her small bag I packed for her her poncho and an additional umbrella. According to her, it rained while they were there. And she told me she loaned the umbrella to her teacher. Being curious, I asked if the teacher asked around the class girls or she volunteered to loan it to her. Her reply was," her bag is so small. She cannot put in any umbrella, so I think she dun have umbrella. I give it to her and Mdm T took it." Which I am proud of her to take the initiative and helping others.

You're terrific, che-che!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Darn! The children's BD party has to be cancelled (though fortunately no invitations were out yet)

Just becoz..........just becoz.......... no timing fits!

Okay, okay why kids BD party? Decided to do a joint BD celebration to make life less taxing for me. Ideally the celebration would be on Ari's BD itself - 19th (which falls on a Saturday).

I then checked hubby's schedule. (He is going to go back to books soon, doing his Executive Masters in HR. Happy for him that he's upgrading himself while I'm not!! He needs to attend lessons 6 times every month, Fridays : 7pm-10pm; Saturdays and Sundays : 9am - 5pm. So it means two weeks of this vicious cycle every month.) And of all days, it has to be that BD week and the week before!!! Can't do it too early coz' it's too rushing to get everything done by 5th Sept - which is *gasp* only in weeks?? Impossible!!

How to have a party without the daddy? Evening time as what che-che suggested. Not feasible. Who would come? And when kids are supposed to be sleeping??

In the end I can't make everyone happy, che-che is sad. Mei-mei still don't really understand though she keeps saying she wants a "Happy Birthday to Aricia party." Well at least there's still chance to celebrate che-che's BD in Nov but that's not being fair to mei-mei!! I'm sad coz'che-che is sad. Well, will probably keep it to family and make it simple. Make a grand one for the school?? Haha! With her in half day it's not possible either. And the best part is, I asked hubby if he wants to take off to celebrate for his girl. His reply was " I don't have to work is it??" Hmmmmmm...............

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I had a workshop to attend in che-che's school in the morning. The 2 kids were at home.

After the workshop ended, I decided to spend leisurely time on my own. Hubby told me the night before he needed to go somewhere else to register for his course. Perfect! I am not obligated to rush home since he'll be out; I'll be out; the kids will drive KZ mad at home.

Oh boy I am so wrong....I get a phonecall from che-che asking about my whereabouts. Look here! She's the mother not me!! Then after some time, I have a phonecall from him when he was outside buying lunch for them asking for my whereabouts. Huh? He never bothered about me or should I say we're rather independent.
How is it that I can never have a nice peaceful time away from home?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Perfect Pet?

extracted from The Sun.UK

HE may be more Frankenstein's monster than beloved pooch - but barmy boffins claim this picture shows Britain's perfect pet.
Scientists quizzed 2,000 animal lovers and asked them to list their ideal traits - before designing a computer profile of the creature.

The freakish results included the ears of a rabbit, face of a cat, body of a golden retriever and tail of a horse.

The monstrous mammal - named Max - has high energy levels, loves daily walks and sleeps for an average of nine hours 27 minutes a day.

Pete Markey, who helped conduct the research for insurance firm More Than, said: "This experiment has provided great insight into exactly what it is about their animals people love, both in terms of looks and personality.

''It goes to show what a pet-obsessed nation we are."

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Che-che was one of the 10 children selected in her class to compete with other P1 classes. Her class came in 2nd. She was really happy, it's the first time she's been selected for something (whereas I'm always the reserve runner in my team - heehee!) and I'm so proud of her.
She couldn't wait for her prize from the teacher. It's a white board.... okay lah! That girl put in on top of our piano standing up like it's a trophy. Heehee!

Sore loser
I am a sore loser. I brought her to the NLB on the Friday before National Day. I suddenly remembered that she mentioned about drawing (and that the library will put up her drawing) and started to look for it. I saw a few nice pictures done by her classmates and I can't find hers. I felt so sore, although I know that with her standard it's impossible that her drawing will be on display. But you know that feeling as a mother that you wish some people might identify her drawing as the next Picasso or too abstract (until can't figure out what it is) and you want your child's work to be put up so that you'll feel so proud. She tried hard looking for her drawing and can't find it, she didn't say anything else after that... she must be sad. When she's sad; the mummy feels it too. Tomorrow I will burn down the library!!!!!

Private music lesson??
S was telling me that at her level now, it's going to be a big jump/difficult from what she did last year. It'll be better if I can sign her up for a private one-to-one lesson on top of Yamaha's JXC.
I am not going to do that for sure! I want time to do work with her at home, not to take time travelling again. Well if I'm going private, I might as well withdraw her out from JXC. I'm not withdrawing her out as yet coz' it'll be 半途而废, but will consider after she finished the whole JXC course next year.

I signed Aricia for the music enrichment in her school, thinking that I'd only sign her up for this month since I joined the class when it's coming to an end to its Book 1. And I won't continue coz' I want to put her in Little Notes. Yes yes yes, I know I mentioned that I found Little Notes a waste of time and I'd do with her at home, and sign her up for Music Wonderland.
Problem is - girl fights with me for everything when I do it with her at home. I don't open a school which requires 2 castanets; 2 sleigh bells; 2 tambourines; 2 pairs of rhythm sticks, so my girl has been fighting with me all the time. When I try to correct her by holding her hand, she screams thinking I'm taking it away from her. Failure!!
I checked with Yamaha-Tampines for the timing, it falls on Thursdays... crazy to have 3 enrichment classes back to back and rushing from Toa Payoh (Shichida) to Hougang (Berries) to Tampines (Yamaha). Worst still, the interval between the last 2 is half an hour, impossible to rush that fast. Next alternative is to find out timing in Yamaha- Marine Parade. Unfortunately they have the same evening timing, as what the staff says, "It's mainly for those working parents coz' parents are required to attend classes with the children. " Ehh... then it's not fair right?
So now, I've decided to let her try out a little longer in school, which won't interfere with any timing at all. I can still pick her up at the usual timing will be in school curriculum time. And hopefully to sustain longer until Music Wonderland starts. Hopefully there'll be afternoon classes then. If not, then who knows I might resort to private lessons for her.

During the class observation, prior to signing her up for the class, I was pleased when she could hit the drums according to the rhythm.
Then the following week, I did my spy job (which one teacher laugh at the way I tried to spy on her thru the small window panel and duck when someone looks at the direction). After the lesson has ended, the teacher said she did well in class. The only thing is that she keeps playing with the triangle. I'm so proud of her, but then I had to test her right? Coz' teachers might just want to say postivie words infront of parents otherwise it reflects on them. At home, I played the music and she followed accordingly. I'm so happy!!
The only setback about this class? Is that I can't sit in so I wouldn't know what's being taught in class to go thru with her at home.

I don't know what happened to my lil' girl. Once she started tearing when she waved goodbye to me. Oh no! It's the mood swings from the children. How I dread that? If I don't stand firm, I will give her the wrong message that she can be out of school any time she cries. And when I do stand firm, I may seem like a heartless mother.
The next day, she controlled her tears but I could see that she was a little sad. At that time, how I wished she'll burst out crying loud but she didn't coz' she probably is more mature than her che-che at that age (che-che would give that loud ourbursts which also made me mad) and thus she is able to control. But this mad mother hopes that she don't control too much and might turn withdrawn next time. Ai yah, whatever ways I always hope for the opposite to happen, I'm unpredictable myself.
These days she keeps repeating "Sunday no need to go to school. I dowan to go to school tomorrow." Asked school, says nothing happened. Sigh... I pray hard this will be over soon. Poor girl.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Thought it's simply absurb that hubby agreed to bring the children to Marina area, when I told KZ to avoid going there (for her church service) on her off day - which is today.

It wasn't crowded at all, those who didn't want to be there avoided the place. We didn't have problem finding parking lot in Marina Square.

Cut the whole story short, che-che loved it. Aricia kept asking one Aunty for more fireworks - kept turning around and ask her. The 2 kids were standing where the tables are, quite inside. Well, thanks to the lady who kindly allowed them to be standing there. Aricia ended up talking to that lady and another lady (Aunty) standing next to me asking for fireworks. Haha! Cute lah that girl!

It was en experience for us. Eh.......I think I still prefer to stay at home to watch the Parade.

See how my girl sat!

Videos :

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Lil' one is either learning how to win favours or she is really more meticulous then her che-che.

Well, my two kids are different (apart from their horrible and crappy ways of eating which they are the same!).

Aricia, I've realised, wants perfection. When she was wearing her (fake) crocs, she'd always look down to the jimbits and make sure her Tinkerbell is straight. Walk and then she'll look again' bend down to adjust Tinkerbell. It can get real frustrating especially when you're pressed for time and a girl keeps stopping your tracks.
Then she keeps changing her clothes, she wants to be clean and one tiny dirty spot on her shirt she'd demand to be changed. She'd fuss until you change her.
Oh well! That's a Virgo!!

The article below is extracted from
Highlighted in RED are what I found to be true.

Those born under the sign of Virgo are inquisitive, dexterous, particular and seek perfection. Virgo is an earth sign, mutable in quality and ruled by the planet Mercury. In the search for perfection they can be critical, both of themselves and others. They are noted for being 'picky' and have a reputation for being super fussy. (until I want to vomit blood!!)

They are generally health conscious and this can develop into obsession if taken too far. A Virgo is probably the most body conscious of all signs and the Virgo child needs time and privacy to become acquainted with his or her own body, developing realistic expectations of his body and his own physical limitations.

She will seek perfection in herself and try to be the perfect child. He may feel inadequate and even a failure if he is unable to live up to the unrealistic expectations he sets for himself.
(Ehh... can be good and bad. Maybe she'll try to excel in her studies so I don't have to push her too much or worry too much over her)

These traits apply in some manner for any child with Sun, Moon or ascendant in the sign of Virgo, also if there is a strong Virgoan flavour in the chart or if Mercury is in a strong aspect to Sun, Moon or ascendant. Bookmark this site!

Virgo baby

Birth - 6 months

Sweet and serious.

Undemanding and adaptable.

Enjoys being held and cuddled.

Cries when in physical distress and requires changing immediately he becomes wet or soiled.

Responds better to routine than the unexpected.

Observant and alert.

Enjoys cuddles, being clean, routine , eye contact, interaction, soft clothing.

Doesn't like physical discomfort, surprises.

Virgo baby

6 - 18 months

Becoming methodical.

Enjoys pulling things apart and putting them back together. Toys such as stacking cups, blocks, large lego etc are ideal at this stage.

Alert and curious, taking note of everything that is happening around him.

Likely to begin talking early and become intrigued with labels.

Enjoys nature and will begin to show a deep feeling and respect for both animals and plants.

He will enjoy being outdoors but may react to changes in temperature.

She will explore cautiously and is generally quite careful, fearing injury.

Enjoys stimulating toys, communication, cuddles, encouragement, choices.

Doesn't like hurting himself, making mistakes, the unexpected, conditional love.

Virgo baby

18 months - 3 years

Shy and curious, quietly seeking out information.

Intelligent and intense, constantly asking questions and integrating information.

Remaining cautious, he values organisation and may even develop his own rituals for day to day activities.

Can be anywhere from tidy and meticulous, bordering on compulsive, to totally chaotic and disorderly. This is something that will become quite a familiar pattern as this child grows, trying out different identities, fluctuating from the neatness freak to the ultimate slob, either way it will be done to perfection.
(she's so perfect that when she throws her toys on the floor in her "mood", she throws them in one spot.?!?!?)

He may be a little hesitant at trying out new skills until he feels he can do the task well.

If he didn't speak early he will now begin speaking in full sentences, confident in his ability.

She will enjoy being helpful, particularly with little tasks around the home, although as the attention span is still short, he may lose track of what he is doing and not quite make it through to completion.

He is also likely to become curious about health, illness and his own body.

Toilet Training will go quite smoothly if you use clear and reasonable explanations and reason. She will be eager to accomplish this skill to stay clean and comfortable and unless there is some physiological problem usually gets through this process easily and quickly. Occasional accidents may occur as he becomes so engrossed in other activities he forgets. In this case respond with as little fuss as possible and if he is expected to clean up after himself, quietly, he will very quickly learn to pay more attention to his physical needs. Discretion and privacy, along with clear explanations of what is required, will see this skill accomplished in an easy and quick fashion.

He enjoys honest reasons and explanations, cuddles, experimentation, room for error, encouragement to play and have fun, limits, choices.

He doesn't like chaos ( unless it is of his own making), lack of information, being pushed beyond his abilities, lack of boundaries, dirt.

Virgo baby

3- 6 years

Usually modest and cautious but may appear arrogant or over confident as he becomes more comfortable.

Enjoys working out problems and fixing things.

Likes trying out new ideas or solutions and enjoys sharing these with others.

Would prefer to share ideas than feelings.

Can become irritable or fidgety if scared or nervous and needs to be taught how to express his feelings and that it is OK to feel this way.

Needs encouragement to be herself and not to conform for the sake of making others feel better. This includes within the family, as there can be a tendency to always try and be the 'perfect' child.

He continues to try out different roles and may show contradictions, such as being compassionate for the sick or injured but shying away from emotional suffering. Swinging from loud to withdrawn, compulsively tidy to messy, content to miserable etc. He may be uncertain as to how to get what he needs and will try out different tactics until he finds the right one.

He will always be kind and gentle but occasionally may need to be reminded of these qualities within himself if he gets stuck in one of his more negative moods.

He enjoys experimentation, doing things his own way, honest responses, guidance, choices and alternatives.

He doesn't like criticism, disappointment, substitutions, being stuck with the jobs no-one else wants.

Virgo baby

And she seems more 懂事, when she sees me packing che-che's school bag (that girl is so prissy... complain this/complain that until I get fed up. Everytime I have to remind her to pack her bag etc.. until sometimes I get frustrated I end up doing it for her) she runs to her bag and pack in her diapers; checks her small towel and extra clothes. So sweet.... She's been doing that for days now that I think she's beginning to feel it's her routine. Well done, Aricia! See! My lil' girl can be sensible but she's also too hyper active/noisy and ... my great entertainer!

2 days ago, she almost fell but luckily she was quick to hold her balance. That girl was too engrossed listening her che-che's complains that she wanted to reach out her right hand on hold on the sofa and try to lean on the sofa on her side. That girl didn't realise she was a distance from the sofa and almost fell like a domino. The quick-thinking gal, crossed her leg to support herself. She then move her right leg back so she was standing. In that quick 1 second, she went "Wo...oh...." and the expression in her eyes?? Was so cute like as if she was trying to laugh at herself for the silly judgement she made. It's little things like this that make me happy and look beyond the daily frustrations I feel as a SAHM.

Singing - She hears her che-che sings and she follows. She was heard singing the Lucky In My Life(english part only) before. Hee! Now that her che-che has to practice this song 小小羊儿要回家 for a performance, daily. Aricia also knows the song..... even before the che-che reaches the part, she sings shouts out loud 咿呀嘿呀嘿. And you know what? That girl is so 长气, she can really hold her 嘿 long. Needless to say every mornings I have 2 girls singing behind me, oh boy! that really kept me awake!