Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lil' Aricia

Aricia is so cute, she is so fiesty. She........never fails to amuse us in her funny ways and lately she's really shown us that she can protect herself. Wow! Not bad for a small 18+ months old baby!

Yesterday, she had a fight with a boy bigger than her in ELC. You know how kids behave, they play with one toy and then jump out and start to play with another; another kid jumps in and then they fight blah blah... it's unavoidable. One boy when seeing her stood up from those small little 'move on her own' car toy and went to play with another toy jumped in. Aricia saw him, screamed and pushed him away. But he being big size pushed her in the process he accidentally scratched her face. SHE HAD A CATFIGHT!! MISS UNIVERSE AH LIAN HAD A FIGHT!! He's going to scar my Miss Universe. Argh!!!!
But I don't blame him afterall he's only a small boy, and his parents did tell him off.

The scratch was from the forehead (arrow) to near her eyelid (arrow). I don't understand why there was a red mark at the eyebrow (circled) and his sharp nails scratched the side of her nose (circled)

Today, at the slide. She's rather obedient and will follow to queue but when someone infront of her is slow in climbing up, she'll grumble - really mumble something to the person. She's very lor soh! And then something funny happened! One big boy behind her was saying "hurry up. so slow....." That girl turned to look at him while she was still on the steps climbing up and scolded him "naughty!" -LOL

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