Saturday, December 17, 2016

WBAS - 12th Dec to 17th Dec

Since the girl is in the school Band, it has been expected that she's to be laden with a heavy responsibility. And it's one that she enjoys, though I must admit I'm not ready for her lil' sister to follow her footsteps (i'll be so tired doing all the chauffeuring).

This year, she went for WBAS where only successful applicants are accepted. An audition was held sometime in August. The funny thing was her teacher thought she wasn't going this year and kindda confirmed with her face-to-face "so you're not going this year right?" She went, though at first grudgingly (coz' we couldn't go to USA this year due to the short timing) thereafter she found it fun and wanted to go next year. 

For the whole week, I was lucky the man didn't mind sending her to and fro on his way to/back from work. I only had to take care of the lil' one and send her to her classes. Only the last day (Fri) where he needed to make a conference call, only then did I send her and pick her up.

The last day - 17th Dec (Saturday) - which is today, is the day they put up their performance in Esplanade.

During workshop days

Hugging her husband. She got to know some people from other schools. Like there's a saying "Music brings people together"

 With her friend
 A lovely gift from Youli. I don't even have the time to drop by any florist!!

    Till then, maybe she'll be there next year.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Year-end school holidays 2016

Athena : 7th week of break so far
Aricia : 3rd week of break so far

For che-che although school break started earlier for her, she has been kept busy with her Band. Going back to school in the afternoons; full day for practices, rehearsals, performances, concerts etc..

They will only look forward for the following week when we go on a holiday, however it's not the destination that they had wanted. the man wanted to bring them to USA on the condition that we had to leave on the 17th Dec (latest) as the airfare would cost more on 18th Dec. Best is we leave mid December as flying to and fro would have made us lose 2-3 days plus we need more time on driving leisurely from places to places. 
Sigh.............WBAS! Why? Why? Why? Maybe I should opt her out next year.  

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Making me prouder of her

It was a surprise to receive this in the mail. 

But it's a great affirmation of her commitment to .....? what? First time she's getting an Eagles Award.  

I've always been proud of you, however having this makes me even more proud of you.