Wednesday, March 19, 2008

*ponder ponder*

I don't know if I'm crazy or not, already the Shichida class is so ex I'm still thinking of enrolling Aricia in another class - JG's Playclub.

PlayClub/华语游戏俱乐部 (English/ Mandarin). 18 months - 3 years
Fostering self-control and autonomy
PlayClub is a stimulating learning environment that is highly enjoyable, with a curriculum structured around letters of the alphabet and key Mandarin words, numbers, shapes and colours – all organised in interesting child-centred themes and translated through activities such as indoor and outdoor play, music, art and craft, hands-on pre-science activities, stories, speech, drama and snack.

Maybe it's a good choice; maybe not. I really don't know, seeing her - she can't stay still. Maybe sending her to another class is a waste of time + money + my energy. I can do all that at home since I'm one mother who advocates that "mothers are the best teacher" but... you don't know the suffering I'm going through.sob sobApart from her daily home practice which she will sit still (no choice coz in high chair), I try to let her do others 'learn through play' and I have problem eg. chasing after her; have her snatching it away from me; trying to correct her holding onto something and she'll hold on tight and scream and cry. It takes a looooooong time to do one activity. By the time I finish one, I'm left with not much time left (gotta pick che-che up from school) or energy myself. XXXX-chinese words. I really wonder how is it that I cannot lose weight with the stress running around.

The only thing that I've successfully taught her is her alphabets. Numbers recognition? Wah... I teach 1 she runs away. I run after her, carry her back she cries. Distract her abit,change strategy and with a positive mind, use magnet 1 and show her 1 flashcard & ask her to pick it up for me, she sweeps the magnets around the floor. say I should give up or not? perhaps a school might help her then I reinforce again at home - that is if she can sit through the class (unlikely) that is if teacher knows how to handle her (unlikely too? coz' I tell you this girl needs lots lots of patience, which I'm surprised that I have. And I only became murderous last week during her Shichida class- today is no better, dunno why?)

Perhaps the way to solve this whole problem is to send her for intervention - see whether if she's ADHD or is it coz' she's very rebellious; assertive and blah blah blah - anything that suggests she's more like a boy + hyperactive. Someone please remind me to call Mt E, I suspect I brought back the wrong baby. It was a busy day that day, maybe in the state of confusion they tagged the wrong baby....

Or, another way is to send me to madhouse and I'll ignore the children forever. Don't bloody care about what music lesson, enrichment classes for them.

Should I go for the trial class?

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