Friday, July 22, 2011

Racial Harmony Day - 21st July & 22nd July

Days before
This year, I finally bought them sarong kebaya. Well, should have pre-empt that majority of students could be wearing that since their school is located in the Katong area.
Anyway, the girls were pretty excited with their costume. Few days ago, I brought them to the shop and did their shopping. Mei-mei attracted the people's attention there being the youngest and the cutest. One of the customer brought her out to the main area "mama (grandma in peranakan) mama , you look at this cute little anak".And I thought she really looks good in the kebaya.

1 day before
Mei-mei's school asked us to bring some food which represents our ethnic group. Haha! I'm not peranakan neither is hubby.
I decided to pack some stuffs for the kids instead coz' I thought maybe the kids will be overwhelm with so many different kinds of food in class.
Bought them mini rice-dumplings, kueh lapis and kueh salat. Packed them up.

21st July
Mei-mei's school celebrated Racial Harmony today, as across the whole of Singapore.Not for che-che's school which did the next day to coincide with some Mother -tongue thing they have in school.

Gave the snacks to her FT and showed her how to bring up the box handle as I did not do it, to make lugging around easier for me. I love the box!! Amazing hor? I managed to squeeze printing; pasting and assembling everything within one day.

My little girl in her kebaya
The children in her school. When I saw the other children brought to school. I thought the parents either didn't understand the note (bringing codfish snacks, biscuits ???) or I've read too much into the lines.

Right after school, we took out out cameras to have some nice photo shots of the kids.

I love this shot taken by I's daddy
And how he photoshopped this into a Korean Love Story Drama

22nd July
It's che-che's turn to don this today. She's pretty excited wearing this. No sandals, wanted her to wear my SQ sandals but it's too big for her. She looks cute in this too. Must make her wear more often since she outgrows her clothes very fast.

8th April - Well done, mei-mei!

Shichida Yellow Belt

Well done! I'm so proud of you, mei-mei!