Thursday, May 31, 2007

That's my Baby!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Music lesson

The blur sotong me left our house without her music bag. And guess when I realised it? When I was leaving mom's place for TM. I think it shouldn't be a problem for her.

Went to Toys R Us and see what happened to the little one?

I was looking forward to today's lesson too, coz' Jachelle will be joining Athena's class permanently. Suzanna was saying that the Friday's class is too rush for her so she changed it to our class. They came quite late, so didn't get to talk much to Suzanna & Grace. Was too caught up talking to Jenny coz' we were discussing about bringing the children out together (teaching my child to pon-tang school again. Haha!) . We have plans too to make a visit to Helen and her baby boy.
Athena was so happy when she saw Jachelle, held her hand and went to where Elizabeth was. The three of them started running...

As we were going into the room, Grace said I did something to my hair & looked better. I coloured my hair at home so definitely looked better lah! I didn't mention to her probably because I took the time to blow my hair nicely today so I looked more groomed. Yah.. I'm always so lazy, just brush my hair.. and I have stubborn curls in / out - so I look horrible.

Lesson started. Athena kept waiting and hold onto Jachelle's hands when they need to go out. Is it a habit from school? But suddenly poor Elizabeth is being cast aside.
When Peggy asked the children to bring out their workbooks. My dear girl had to shout in the class to let everyone know that "my mummy forget to bring my music books." Peggy laughed and asked , I told her I only realised it when I've left the house. "How can forget bag..Then you carry what?" "My diaper bag lor.... that one must not forget one!"

Ai yoh.. my girl's note reading isn't that good. And I find her solfege isn't that good either. How to help her??
When we were doing the Thunder & Lightning song, everyone bursts out laughing when Jachelle mouthed "char kway teow" so many times. Suzanna, a piano teacher, finds ways to teach her child. Faith mummy commented "the char kway teow burnt already."

And so the story of where..

God is continues.

Nope! I was not sharing much about God to Athena. But during our dinner, somehow there was a mentioned about God. And then I started teasing her "Athena, how can we talk to God? What is his mobile number? "
A : No.. we pray
M : How do you pray?
A : Hands together, close my eyes. Thank you for the world so sweet oh yes....(her grace in school)

Later on, I asked her again.
M : Athena later on I want to talk to God. How to call him? At his home or mobile? What's the number? 7777777?
A : No, afterwards you call the police how?
M : Police is 999. 7777777 is God's number

KZ asked her
K : Athena, do you know where God stays?
A : In heaven
M : (started laughing coz I kept thinking about the "down there" - toilet bowl story of the spider)
K : How do you talk to God?
A : I pray to God. I close my eyes and pray..

Things that she surprised me

My little one gave us a big surprise today.

1. Had been asking her to say goodbye to our Japanese neighbour (as we're heading out). What she used to do was to wave but it'll take some coaxing - or some time for the words I'm saying to process in her little brain.
Today, we almost gave up waiting for her when she waved and said "bah bah" at the same time.

2. She knows her rights and stands up for it. Athena was trying to take her candies away from her, only to have Aricia blah blah-ing away and moving her hands away from her sister. Well, at least I know Aricia knows how to take care of herself but I'm also worried if she'll learn to bully others.

3. Today, again she looked at me when I'm bathing her and she said "bam bam" to me, smiled and continue playing with water

4. We were listening to Athena's Phonics songs when they sing one song to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", KZ told me her eyes brightened up and then she started doing the 'opening and closing fingers' actions.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

29th May 2007

Time check : 9.16pm and both kiddos are sleeping. So I'm left with a long free period. Yippee! I really wish that my kiddos can sleep early every night. One of my girlfriend's 2 young children sleeps at 8pm. And she even has the time to read books; relax etc... and she's basically a lone parent coz' her hubby is not in Singapore at all. Still have time!!
The reason why they both konked out without any fuss is coz' they were overstimulated during the day. I was told that Aricia refuses to sleep the whole day. Whereas Athena hasn't had her nap today.

For the past 2 mornings, Athena leaves the school early for Bedok Lutheran Church where her camp is. This morning, I was still there when the children were gathering to go to school. I wanted to take photos but didn't want to look so suaku. They were waiting for a boy who suddenly went missing, got the teachers worried. Guess who is the boy? That pai-kia Jeremy. I happened to walk past and heard the teacher scolding him for being so irresponsible and she didn't allow him to go after that. Don't know if she really meted out the threat coz I went off after that. Needed to work on my laptop so went upstairs. Then the bus left, I wish I can see the excited look on her face.

Met my secondary school girlfriend for a while in Bedok before leaving to pick Athena up from the church. Time check :3.06pm. I was praying hard that we'll make it in time to PP for the session. I still need to get a receipt of $30, since I needed to get her a pair of black shoes for Saturday's concert, I thought might as well.
The time I had didn't seem enough, finally managed to get a pair in Isetan; went downstairs to get the ticket. Yay! In the queue, saw Baraj's mummy and Baraj.
More details in Athena's blog.

Let her do her colouring. Then it's time to head to her school for a rest before her lesson. Quite poor thing, I wanted to give her time to play toys but we didn't have enough time.

Asked Miss Low if she can include a violin playing part for her class. She said she did consider doing it, but it's really a last minute thing. Only Baraj and Athena is there, Noel might not be able to do this part of the performance on the day. Anyway they kept practising and practising, no time for lesson today. *cross fingers things turn out well on that day *

Back home, didn't want to do anything with Athena since she's already so tired. Had her dinner ; showered and slept.


Athena was walking next to me yesterday when I hugged her close to my waist (I like to do that) or rest my arm on her head as we walk (play around with her). And oh my! My girl is taller liao.

"Oh no! Athena you will be taller than mummy when you're 18."

Hubby cynically said as he walked "no need to wait until 18. 10 years old she will be taller than you. Aricia will be taller than mummy at 9 years old hor?"

I cursed and swear (laughing) and told Athena "ya lor....papa call mummy Miss Shorty mah." My girl didn't know how to comfort me can tell me "ya lor... papa got long legs." Argh!

So, got hope for them to be Miss Singapore or not??

Aricia is also tall. Her rompers tend to be short now but still can fit on the sides.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Really feel like baking

Regret regret why the dumb dumb me had to get a microwave for baking 5 years ago. I really want to bake a cake but it seems like aluminium cake pans like this cannot go into microwave. Aluminium is metal right??

I don't like Strawberry Shortcake but I find this pan is cute and small enough to go in. I'd love to pipe the cream too! Will be messy for a first timer like me but oh well gotta start from somewhere.

Sob...sob... I want to buy a conventional oven.

You must be thinking why suddenly feel like baking so much. I don't know why, it's definitely not "nesting" period for me but probably I find it's one of the ways I can do things with Athena now that she's older.

And I'd love to try to bake a birthday cake and decorate it ourselves. Nothing fanciful or beautiful as those you see in the shops outside.. but you know what I mean - the whole process of decorating your own cake/your own style. And then sharing the cake with everyone. Even if the cake is not done properly; it somewhat warms the heart.


Ps. Where to put?


I'm sorry if I bore you with stories about my little ones. I think that's what I'm living for at the moment.

Aricia, oh we love her so much! She charms us with her "can only see her gum" smile. She laughs at the slightest thing. She makes noise when her sister does so.
She imitates us when we tap Athena to sleep, she'll smile and hit her sister hard.
She moves her body at a fast song, was so happy kept smiling.

When I was preggie, I thought my child (Aricia) would come out a frowning and gek-sim girl coz' I was nagging and frown alot with Athena. You know the thing they say about "you must be happy, baby will feel it too" thing?? But I'm glad Aricia a happy and very smiley baby.

At the end of the day, we always look forward to see that girl. She makes us forget about the bad things that happened during the day.

Aricia, does she really know what is going on? Is she conversing with me? I mean, she's only 8 months old but it did seem like she's trying to tell me some things sometimes.
A few times, I noticed she looks at something and then she pulls my shirt to get my attention and then look at the thing again. Those few times I talked to her eg." oh yes, mummy saw it too? Isn't the light lovely?"

Then today she mouthed another word to me when I was giving her a bath. Oh yes, I almost forgot a few days ago, she motioned her hands on her body like how we'd rub our body when we bathe in the bathtub. Maybe it's just coincident?
So what word she mouthed? "Bam bam", I thought maybe she heard me saying "pom pom". I don't know maybe it's coincident?

KZ related to me how sometimes she herself gets distracted with the TV programme while feeding her lunch. And how Aricia would look at her and then yak & yak, as if scolding her. And usually in the mornings we are woken up by the shrill "alarm clock". KZ told me twice Aricia woke up extremely early, and KZ told her "daddy & mummy are still sleeping. Don't talk so loud, whisper." She said Aricia spoke softly. Haha!

Yesterday at Singapore Expo, she did something funny and really coincident. While crossing the zebra crossing, almost halfway liao she brought up one hand. Haha! Okay lah it's really coincident, my daughter is not a genius.

Was she worth all the regular visits to Dr Teoh when I was preggie
Was she worth all the injections and (yucks) pills I need to eat to regulate my hormones
Was she worth camping in the toilet mosts of the time

Yes! Yes! She's my little girl coz' she has my hairy-ness.

Will I have another one? No! No!

Boring weekend / $$ ripping Monday!!

27th May
Was so lucky I managed to do what I needed to do with the children before we left for lunch.

Thought it's going to be somewhere near like in Punggol Plaza. Dunno why mad hubby decided to go to the Food Fest. On a Sunday somemore?! We saw the long trail of cars going to the carpark and wanted to turn out. But somehow he realised it isn't as crowded as what he thought coz' they barricaded so that cars who needs to turn right into the carpark will have to make a U-turn upfront. We were lucky there were quite plentiful of lots.

Went in, real stupid to have a stroller in a crowded place. And some idiots walking behind me can tell me "excuse me. excuse me." Siao! Then I hate it when those walking infront of you suddenly stop their tracks and then I can't stop in time, the wheel crash into their ankles. And they start looking at you like murderer like that. Got a few "tsk tsk" from those ah-ma who stop their tracks in the middle of the walkway, I can't turn left or right coz' I'm sandwiched. Then they turn and look so bloody fierce when the wheels kissed their ankles. Argh! I hAtE CrOwDeD places!!

I couldn't wait to get out of the place. Infact, didn't walk much. We went in first to look for food. And I didn't really walk coz' had to feed mei-mei while hubby looked for food. And I don't have appetite to eat.

Guardian big sale on too! Wanted to buy a cute shower sponge for Athena. Long queue for cashier. Ah... no way! Put back the thing and walked out.

Then saw some mad people sitting infront of two doors. I know there are many doors where anybody can walk in/out, we don't have to particularly go out using that door. But they could have sat along the hall wall. Children sit on the floor somehow we can pardon them, but stupid adults sit there. Think they are camping!

Ai yoh.... I go out crowded places, I become mad and feel like killing somebody like that. Better to stay at home or shopping centres where there are more interesting things to see.

We then left for home, but Athena wants to go Ikea. Brought her to the playground the moment we were there. While walking to change Aricia's diapers, I saw Jenny's husband sitting outside. Really surprised to see them there, I thought the children were supposed to go for their classes?? Or is that on every Saturdays? Anyway, I had a feeling I would bump into someone I know today.
Chatted with Jenny and her hubby for a short while. I had to kill time.. actually quite easy with a baby who refuses to sleep when we're outside. I bought her a hotdog, and she ate half of it after her milk. So the time was spent on feeding; playing. Left the place after dropping by the Cafe.

Athena is very tired, she didn't sleep at all in the afternoon. So decided not to do anymore things with her. I didn't want to give her violin lessons coz' it's out of tune and I hate listening to an un-tuned violin. It was play play and playtime for her.

28th May
Decided to go down gym immediately after dropping Athena off so that I can visit mom & hopefully head back home early. Stupid idea! I was ripped of my $$$
Stupid me! Should have done my research early.

Was charged $1.50 at the PIE near Kallang ERP gantry, and then the next shock came $4.50 at the sliproad to CTE. My eyes almost popped out; I thought there was some miscalculation.

After gym at the Novena branch, I had to head towards Outram. Got deducted $0.50 again near Sim Lim tower. Lucky thing after that, I kept to the wrong lane and ended up on the road between the National Museum and dunno where. If I had kept to the right lane and drive past Park Mall to get to Clemenceau, I would have been deducted again although will be 50 cents again. But I think it's ridiculous to get deducted $6.50 + whatever parking fee in Velocity + dunno how much in SGH.
Argh! Next time must plan my trip properly.

I'm glad I was there in time for the BodyCombat class, didn't know/remember they have it today.
So few people, alot of old people so my lousy kicks and punches look like a pro. They launched BodyCombat 32 last week (I think) and something new - ginga (hope it's spelt correctly).
After Combat went on the equipments. The PTs there seems more helpful, one stopped his tracks when he saw me trying to find the handle to change the leg piece. Another one was walking with his client and he corrected the way I did.
When I went to another equipment, that same guy came to show me how to adjust the handle and taught me how to do it properly. genuinely friendly or trying to find ways to break ice by asking me to sign up sessions?

Dunno if it's me but I met two weird ladies at the gym. One kept smiling at me (old lady); at first I thought it was friendly smile so I smiled back. Then looked elsewhere and somehow our eyes connected; again she smiled and somewhat has that leaned forward gesture like trying to hint to me that she knows me / or seen me before. I smiled back and then it happened another time. Eee.....
At the shower room, I left my gym bag on the seat outside my locker while I was blow-drying my hair. This lady came looking for locker to put her things (or so I thought), and so many empty lockers she die die want to use the one I just did. Then she did the most inconsiderate thing, she used her umbrella to push my bag away. I turned to move my bag when I saw her doing that. Then she peered into another empty locker, dunno inspecting what.
She opened up her bag and told me "ai yoh.. my water bottle spill on my shirt." she stupidly used a tissue to wipe and I was kapo enough to tell her to use the hairdryer to dry it. She didn't hear me. Then she made small conversation, " going home already? You come very early?? Ai yoh... at that time I'm still sleeping."
Then she carried both bags on each shoulder and walked away to other side. Oh.. maybe she's going to the toilet to change. But no! 2 minutes later she came back and chatted with the security lady. Then she walked out again with her bags. ?!?! So is she coming in or going off already? She didn't look like she's finished exercising. Weird!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Who's talking so loudly??

I cannot tahan Athena's loud voice. Her normal voice is already so loud, ya lor... all thanks to the 高丽蔘 I took during my pregnancies. It's no wonder I strain my ears to try to listen to what Alexandra was talking to her mummy.. coz' I didn't need to with a loudspeaker next to me.

A few nights ago, Athena found my earplugs on my bedside table. She complaint that the room is very noisy and started stuffing the earplug into her ears. Hubby snapped her off "you should put this in your mouth. YOU are very noisy!" Haha! Athena smiled at the remark.

A couple of times too, she wakes Aricia - who is a light sleeper - with her voice. I'm talking about her normal voice.

When sister calls, she'll ask "who's that behind?" And my dear girl is outside in the living room while I'm in the room. I'm surprised that she didn't dare to shout around in mom's place.

What's the meaning behind our names??

Sometime last year before I popped, I did write down the meanings of my children's names.

Today, I made a discovery.

On this website :, it says

Aricia - (origin) Roman (Description) A goddess of prophetic visions

I didn't know Aricia is Roman and a goddess?? But well it says good things about my daughter.

Being a little bored, I decided to scroll down to look for my name, and hoping I'm Goddess of fortune or whatever. I can't seem to find my name, so I went to the closest.

Lilith - (origin) Jewish (descripn) A rather startling young lady started out as a wife & became a demoness
Lilith - Mesopotamia/ Sumeria (descriptn) A goddess of storms
Lilitu - Babylon (descriptn) A nocturnal demones who lingers on as the Jewish Lilith
Liluri - Syria (descriptn) Mountain goddesses who accepted a bull for a sacrifice

It doesn't say anything nice about me at all!! Goddess of storms (no wonder my fiery temper) and worst still - demoness

Doesn't say anything about hubby's name. But oh well, not worth mentioning is better than being mentioned and labelled as a demoness!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

To Do list

Housekeeping in my laptop
- the last time I did was about 4-5 months back or maybe 6?? Alot of things inside, so need to housekeep everything including my web bookmarks
- burn files into a disc. Our other desktop seemed to have crashed, I 'm afraid this might crash... need to quickly burn the photos in first.

- the thing about digital camera is you take and take.
- up till now, I haven't even developed any of Aricia's photos
- going to go broke liao!

- argh! I have like 6 or 7 tapes which I haven't converted to DVD format
- will have to let it play & record while I do other things. Perhaps one tape a day? One week will complete it.
- haven't done Athena's video montage. The last one I did was up to when she's 1+? OMG!
- and I haven't even done Aricia's yet

Baby book
- refused to buy the baby book. Wanted to do scrapbooking style and write anything I want. Turn out I haven't done much, and I can't remember much too!
I have to rely back on her blogs to remind myself on the dates she did what etc..
- Athena's baby book has some incomplete entries too!
- duh! want to document down all these nitty details end up...??

Children's things
- finish more flashcards for Aricia
- some materials for Athena
- at the rate I'm going, I might as well homeschool my children!
- birthdays birthdays, with theirs 2 months apart from one another . I better get myself working it out now.

Own things
- hope I can resume my gym next week. Strange... I felt so awkward when I couldn't exercise for 4 days.
- need to find time to colour my hair.
- Still cannot wear my diamond ring! The only thing I can beautify myself is to paint my nails. You must be thinking why right? I stopped wearing and painting my nails the moment Aricia's born, didn't want to cut her and scared nail varnish chip etc..
- hope I have the time to do some shopping this month, can make use of GSS

Children photos : this week

Decibel level in car : 150dB. Argh!

24th May
My two kiddos posed so nicely for me this shot, just before I start the car. But even before I could turn out of the carpark, the two of them started making so much noise inside.
Mischievous Athena making monkey faces
25th May
Athena was so excited when I bought her this small cake. Kept asking us to sing for her etc.. for the only time - she actually took the candles from our drawer to put it in herself.
And when we finished singing english for her, she told us to sing in mandarin for her. Thought we can walk away after that (since we all couldn't eat the cake), she initiated "May the good Lord bless you....." Ah! Have to sing 3 times!!msn smileys
Sharing the cake with her sister

26th May
Umm.... maybe next weekend I should bake butter cookies and we can do colouring. Ok dokey, will buy mini M&Ms to make the bear - hopefully for the family

26th May
So innovative! Hubby did this to my little angel.
Aricia is enjoying the bathtub more now. Splashing water on me all the time.
Her usual 读书 sessions. Actually not really 读书 lah, just a term I always like to say.

She seems to know how to protest (funny!)msn smileysEvertime I tell her "Come Aricia,读书." She shakes her head.

At least 2 sessions in a day (if I'm really lucky, I can give the recommended 3 sessions)
All the flashcards : Math dot cards, English and Chinese
Then it's reading these series of books for her. She enjoys the book more. No prize for guessing why.
Apart from these, if I can I'll show her the powerpoints I have prepared.

Not forgetting all the other things I do with her.


Hip hip hooray! It's not easy to find this unless you are in Food Fest (which I won't go on a weekend).. neither can you find this in Thai restaurants.

Dunno what's this called but anyways..... eat first find out later!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Chinese sinseh

Yesterday I popped by the medical hall to get something for mom. At the same time, I asked the lady about Aricia.

What she said is that she's okay nothing wrong with the stomach (as what I'm concerned); she's prefectly normal since developing well in all her milestones.

All she could recommend is to give her 植物奶 when she's two. I am puzzled at her recommendation. Breastmilk is already considered the best followed by goat milk, but she's recommending me 植物奶?
Now, she's telling me to cut down on her sugar intake otherwise she'll go hyper (everyone knows this fact what?!). With my 烂 chinese, I thought she said Aricia is hyperactive. So I asked "you mean my daughter has ADHD". Puzzled look from her but all thanks to those ah-soh aunties who are so bloody kapo eavesdropping my conversation - a few of them translated for me. *Phew* No my girl does not have ADHD, coz' she saw how Aricia responds. But I don't deny I was worried coz' I ate alot of durians during my pregnancy.

Umm.... not much information from her.

I decided to try my luck the next day at the chinese sinseh (she's rather well-skilled).

This morning I told the sinseh about my concerns. She's really nice, she didn't shun me away or laugh at my stupidity in bringing my child to her when she's not sick. She asked me questions.. BINGO! Asked is it sometime during the 3rd-4th month, her progression is not that good.

She didn't even feel Aricia's pulse. And she told me her stomach isn't that good and all she needs is some tuning. It will take months but that's like what is expected from chinese medicine. It's okay, I'm willing to part with that money in order to make her a bigger size girl. I should cut down on fruits for her for the time being coz' her stomach is 'cooling'.
Aricia's face is 'yellow'. She further clarified that her not sleeping well has got to do with her stomach as well. Huh?

She asked if her PD has said anything. Well.... she is developing okay, and she did double her weight even before 4 months so everything is going on well for Aricia. But you know.. chinese sinseh have different outlook, that's why I decided to take this chance to try it out. Pray hard it works for her.

Ps. Even Iggy is heavier than Aricia?!?!

Trying to put Aricia in her own cot

For two nights we've been trying to put Aricia back into her cot, coz' I can't let her have this bad habit of co-sleeping with us.

Last night was a relatively good attempt, all thanks to helper who helped me to put her to sleep and who offered to sleep in their room (on the floor) so that she can get up to pacify the naughty girl.
She still cried.... whenever she drops the pacifier. Strange girl!

Will try to ignore her cries and see how, see whether that girl will learn that she can't cry for every single thing. But cannot tell mom this, otherwise get accused of ill-treating my child etc.. and she'll start preaching at me.

Tonight seems good too!
* Fingers crossed *

*gnaw gnaw *

I have caught Athena biting her nails for quite awhile, and now her nails look so ugly.

I used to do that too, and regretted it coz' my nails don't grow nicely and I don't want the same thing to happen to her.

So, how did I stop my habit. Believe it or not? I only managed to stop it in secondary school. And that time, I put those plain varnish to stop myself. class prefect did ask me. I told her but she's too kind, she didn't book me. Haha!

Why does my child bite her nails?
Nail biting is one of the somewhat misnamed "nervous habits," which also include thumb sucking, nose picking, hair twisting or tugging, and tooth grinding. But anxiety is only one reason children bite their nails; your child might be doing so for a number of other reasons -- out of curiosity or boredom, to relieve stress, to pass the time, or from force of habit.

Of all these habits, nail biting is the most common and the most likely to continue into adulthood. About one-third of elementary school students and one-half of adolescents bite their nails, at least for a time, and between one-quarter and one-third of college students say they still bite their nails. Nonetheless, most children will eventually stop or at least limit the behavior on their own, either because they lose interest or because their classmates tease them into quitting.

How can I stop my child from biting her nails?
You probably can't. Nagging and punishing her won't help, because nail biting is an unconscious habit -- she probably doesn't realize she's doing it. Explaining to her that you think it's gross will probably just enthrall her. Similarly, if your child is in the throes of toddler contrariness, she might respond to pressure by embracing the habit rather than abandoning it. Painting a bitter-tasting solution such as Thum on her nails will seem like punishment. You can't do much until she's old enough to want to end the habit herself, usually sometime in the early elementary school years. (Once she does want your help to stop, Thum can serve as a useful reminder.)

You aren't completely powerless, though. If you can identify times and places when your child is particularly likely to bite -- while watching television, for example -- you might try giving her a substitute activity (a rubber ball that she can squeeze or finger puppets to play with) and reminding her to use it. Keeping her fingernails short and snag-free may also help. But as long as your child isn't hurting herself, your best bet when she's this young is to ignore her nail biting: the less fuss she associates with the habit, the more likely she'll quit on her own when she's ready.

Does my child's nail biting mean she's excessively anxious?
As indicated earlier, the term "nervous habit" is something of a misnomer: Children, like adults, often bite their nails unconsciously, simply because they're there. Even if your child seems to bite her nails more often when she's worried or tense, this doesn't necessarily signal a problem; she may be using nail biting as a self-calming mechanism, much like sucking her thumb or a pacifier. A tendency to pick up this habit may even be inherited; children of nail biters are more likely to bite their nails, and identical twins more commonly show similar nail biting behavior than do fraternal twins.

In some instances, however, nail biting -- or a constellation of behaviors that includes nail biting -- can signal nervous tension that's crept above normal levels. For example, if your child bites her nails so intensely that she's hurting herself (tearing the nail bed or bloodying her fingertips), or if she bites her nails and also pulls out her hair or eyebrows, you should discuss this with her doctor.

Most children, though, choose one or two habits for their own (thumb sucking and nose play is a common combination), indulge in them moderately for a while, and then give them up. So if your toddler nibbles her nails while rubbing her left ear, there's probably nothing to worry about.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's really sad

when you read news like this : -

Horrified aunt watches as truck backs into boy, 8.
Heartbroken mum rushes over from workplace nearby

By Mindy Tan
May 24, 2007

SHE froze when she received the call yesterday afternoon.

The nurse at Changi General Hospital (CGH) was told her younger son had been hit by a truck just three streets away from where she was tending to patients.

She rushed to the scene.

Her son, Jadon Sim, 8, had been hit by a reversing lorry beside Simei MRT station.

He was taken to CGH but died on arrival.

Just before he died, the Changkat Primary School pupil had learnt he came in second in his class - a marked improvement in his grades.

At 7.30am today, he was also supposed to play the recorder on stage with his classmates.

According to an witness, a busker who plays music near the station, the truck had reversed and Jadon, who was behind it, went under its back wheel.

The busker, who gave the police a statement and who declined to be named, had shouted to Jadon: 'Be careful!'

Jadon's aunt was with him. She hit her back against a wall, another witness said.

The busker said the slim and 1.4m-tall Jadon was thrown about 1.5m backwards.

Mr Rosli Md Ghazali, 42, a badminton coach, saw Jadon lying chest-down in a pool of blood after the accident. He said: 'His face was gone. One side was crushed.'

The police received a call at 3.15pm about the accident.

A military medic who was at the scene ran to a clinic nearby to get a doctor.

Some members of the public also alerted Jadon's school, which is a stone's throw away. The principal, vice-principal, operations manager and administration manager rushed to the scene. Jadon's form teacher, Mrs Doris Goh, 57, arrived shortly after.

Jadon was taken to CGH minutes later with head injuries.

A police spokesman said the boy was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital at about 4.15pm.

It's a tragic end for the Primary 3 pupil who had much going for him.

At 10am, he was playing on the balancing bar during his PE lesson.

Said Mrs Goh: 'Their PE teacher had a meeting so I took over the class and let them play.'

She added: 'It is unfortunate that such a freak accident happened. I cannot believe I had just waved goodbye to the children when class was dismissed at 1pm after a Maths lesson.'

Jadon had stayed back in school for Chinese remedial lessons till about 2.30pm that day and his aunt had picked him up.

Mrs Goh said they had walked for about five minutes to buy popiah for his grandmother, who lives nearby. Jadon goes there after school every day.

Colleagues of Jadon's mother rallied around her at the hospital. Her pink uniform was stained with blood.

Jadon's father also rushed down from his office in Seletar. He was crying: 'My baby, my baby.'

Mrs Goh said: 'His aunt kept reproaching herself. It was heart-wrenching.'

When The New Paper approached Jadon's elder brother outside their grandmother's flat last night, the boy said blankly: 'I'm fine.'

His family members declined to comment.


Jadon's principal, Mrs Wee-Kwan Liam, said she would break the sad news to Jadon's classmates after the flag-raising ceremony at 7.30am today.

The music performance where Jadon was due to perform has been cancelled.

His form teacher, Chinese teacher and music teacher hugged each other in the primary school after walking back from the hospital.

Four school teachers who are trained to handle emotional distress will observe Jadon's classmates and counsel them counsel if needed.

Mrs Goh said she had planned to nominate Jadon, whom she described as an eager student, as the class monitor. Jadon was already one of two 'Green Ambassadors', who promotes recycling, in his class.

He was a sensible boy.

When the school held a swimming programme for Primary 3 students, Jadon did not sign up because he did not want his grandmother, who is also looking after his younger cousin, to make an extra trip to fetch him from school.

Mrs Goh said: 'The children's report cards were supposed to be given out on Friday. I'm glad I already told him he came in second in class.'

Mr Philip Ho, the school's operations manager, said: 'We make so much effort to ensure no child leaves the gates without being accompanied by an adult. The students are not even allowed to go into the carpark. Yet, this has to happen a few metres away from school.'

My heart goes all out to his parents. It is any parents' nightmare when their children are involved in any accidents and I think (choy!) how would I cope.

It makes me feel even more guilty when I realised that I scold my daughter too much. She is trying her best to do what her mummy wants her to; she is trying to act like a little mature girl just cause her mummy wants her to. Without the mummy's realisation that she's only a kid!

I have been protecting my girl, sometimes I wonder if I'm over-protecting her and in turn harming her in the future eg. can't cross the road properly etc..

Brings back tickling memories

It brings back tickling memories when Athena asks me to clean her ears for her.

Ever since I bought a Winnie The Pooh ear cleaner with an in-built torch light, she's been asking to clean it for her once a week.

However this week itself, she's already asked me to do it twice. And it's not that she has alot of ear dirt but.. coz' she likes her ears being tickled.
I used to ask my mom to do it. And now, I'm doing it in the next generation. Somehow it makes me feel that I am my mom, and Athena is me. It brings that closeness between us two, it brings back memories of my mom & me being that close too!

Sentimental lot of people

I think my family is a lot of sentimental people.

On Monday, mom was transferred to another ward after her ward. Apparently the staff had packed in her things for her, while brother & me were looking through her bag. Apparently, brother kept saying "her card. Athena's card and mom's spectacles are missing." "Can you find the card Athena made??" I thought it wasn't that important as the spectacles but brother felt otherwise. Then he pouted his lips "but.. Athena made it."
I didn't know mom had shown it to father as well. So they were talking and looking for the card more than anything else. Actually, not only them I keep every card Athena gives me too!
It's not a beautiful card. A simple card coz' it was made a day earlier, I couldn't think of any designs to draw. But Athena thought of the words to write. I told her "Athena, write Get Well Soon.." My dear girl said "no! It's Get Well Faster." Oh well! It's interpretation from a child's mind so I let it be. It touched mom.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Primary 1 supplement

Thanks to sister who responded to my request for the copy of the Monday's supplement section. Hubby yesterday night also brought it back to me.

Am thankful they came out with this, so it gives me an idea.. I'm still thinking leh...........

I'm shocked ! IJ Katong no balloting at all. Wah piang mean nobody wants to go there now? And I'm going to send my girl there!?! But then again, last year was Dragon babies so it can be quite inaccurate.

Hubby can tell me "why you so anxious, anyway her registration is not so soon." I dunno if his travelling around has made him go bonkers over the day and time, but my dear girl will have to register next year. Funny thing is he told me "Umm.. Nanyang is good what. Register her there." Siao! Like I don't know. Then I told him " so! still have to volunteer what! That's why I've been talking about volunteering services in St Nics or RGPS so many months back." Ai yoh.. I'm beginning to wonder if he knows what is going on.

The little tooth-sies

Aricia will be showing me her teeth.. but once I whipped out the camera..

she bars me from taking any photos of her. She even put up this resistence by kicking her legs. (told you she knows how to fight)
After some failed and blurry shots of I dunno what. (look like porno shots. Haha!) I managed these two which can see the whites.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thank you

Mom's operation on Monday went well. Doctor was saying that in 2 months' time, mom will still need to go back to do an endoscopy to try to remove the smashed up stones.

I would like to thank my friends who sms-ed their well wishes and their prayers for mom.

I don't know if Athena really understands. When I told her that "ma-ma now okay." My dear girl started singing :
"Allelu Allelu Allelu Alleluia.. praise ye the Lord.........."
Honestly I don't know if it's coincidently or what but she really sang it after I told her the news. Or probably she learnt this song today??

Time being too, I don't know what will the arrangements be in the next few months. I've offered to bring mom over to my place to try to take care of her. No gym (fat fat fat!) and I'm afraid I may not have time to meet my friends. So my friends, hope to get your understanding in this.

Monday, May 21, 2007

My 8 month old baby

" Your baby is starting to grasp what it means when someone leaves his sight, the result of a growing understanding of object permanence. An exciting demonstration of this comes the first time he tries to imitate a goodbye wave by twisting his wrist or flapping his hand. Not all 8-month-olds can wave bye-bye, but it's a fun new feat to anticipate. It takes a certain amount of fine-motor coordination to wave in the style of the Queen (or Mom and Dad)."

Aricia did try waving goodbye a couple of times, not that good. But well she did response when I tell her to . Ummm.............. I think my girl listens to me.
Speaking of which, I have this funny thing to share. Just the other day, I was fed up having to keep putting her back in her sitting spot, coz' she kept wanting to crawl away when I was showing her flashcards. I got so mad and said "Aricia! No! No! Aricia naughty naughty! Aricia ....." She sat there stunned; looked at me with her mouth and eyes wide open.

Dunno why hubby's like a stranger to her. Whenever he carries her; she cries. Even when sleeping next to him, she'll scream and cry until I lie down next to her. She'll look at me and touch me; then turn to look at him and turn her back against him.
Thought since she likes to touch and dig my nose; perhaps she's like che-che who needs a soft toy to "molest" and then fall asleep. So, I tried giving her her Eeyore. She flings it away. Give her her bear bear, she flings it away. Give her her che-che's smelly bear; she'll touch awhile and then flings it away.

The thing they say about curly hair is true - bad temper. Aricia is rather a fiery girl, she was seen throwing a tantrum; even fighting back. Wow! Really wonder what's in her little mind that she can fight for her own rights.

Over the weekend, I was told that Aricia was so funny. KZ went to wash the toilet, Aricia followed her in her walker and went to bang the toilet door. Haha!

2 nights ago, Aricia was turning around everywhere on the bed. Somehow she turn and turn; finally she sat up infront of the TV. Guess what she was watching? The stock news?!?! She's going to be a banker! So smart, so small already can watch that. We all had a good laugh.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I worry

I worry so much for Athena, one who is so niang-niang-qiang.

I worry if she'll get bullied in school next time, with cases of students ganging up to bully one increasing recently. I can't help but worry if she'll come back not only battered outside but emotionally.

I worry about her future, if she'll make it big in the working world. My dreams of her being a professional may well be .. (ahem) unrealistic dreams on my part. Her personality is one that is easily satisfied in life. Anyone she sets her eyes on, she'll marry that person.

I worry that if she's so weak emotionally, she may get bullied by her colleagues and worst!- her husband.

I worry, I worry.

It's not that I worry unduly but my dear Athena really is very ....

Let's take a look at what is happening right now?
She does her writing and drawing quickly and carelessly. I have mentioned about Athena having problem in following dotted lines when doing her writing. How is it so? Because she always do it fast and without proportion. You might say that I'm expecting too much from a 4+ child, but I've seen better handwriting from her peers.
In her Art class yesterday, I asked Mr Lim. He says that she still can't draw her shape right. Give her a few more lessons, it should do.
Infact, I was peeping though the peephole, when I saw how Athena rushed to draw the shape the teacher asked them to do. The girl next to her was doing it slowly and nicely. Then the teacher went around every student and he stopped by Athena, erased everything off (sometimes I really wonder if erasing everything whatever she has done has any detrimental effect on her. I mean when she does her writing, I keep erasing it off for her so many times) and held her hand to draw.

This morning, as usual she'll have to do writing. And I was telling her off from the beginning to the ending. First was commenting on the writing, then commented on her chinese strokes. At one point, I was so mad that I took out the cane. And guess what? She wrote properly?! I told husband "you see, she can write so nice.. good girl." Hubby said "there Athena you can write nicely. Do it nicely." Out came my comments "of course she will do it properly what? Can't you see this?( holding out the cane to him) I'm tapping it on the floor now." He giggled.

I envy some of my friends who commented that their children love to do writing; assesments books after assesments books without their parents asking. As for me, I've got a very playful child who needs pushing from me.
Sometimes I wonder if my efforts will go down to waste.
Is there any help out there where I can approach??

I am going to make her daily schedule even more tight now. She leaves me no choice, I have to include writing for her everyday. Too bad if she can't watch her Mr Bean; too bad if she can't watch any other TV programme.
I remembered I bought this quite some time back for her. It's time to re-use it again. Isn't it ironic that I'm bringing it out for her, when I should be giving it to Aricia?? Put it in the car and make her practice practice practice.


Can you believe that I was interrupted by my dear Athena, who poo-ed.

She pushed the room door open, while I was blogging. Told me she poo-pooed and didn't clean her buttocks. So I had to clean her up, quite alot. Then she told me "mummy, my panties also poo poo. Not much but have some." When I saw it, I almost fainted it was so heavy and the poo is soft (I hope none of you are eating when you're reading this). I wonder if she's feeling discomfort coz' today I've been feeling discomfort. Probably something that we both ate??

And apparently my dear girl has pee-ed a little on the bed. Where else? But the side where I sleep. Argh! I couldn't tahan the PJ and panties, had to wash it immediately. I can't believe hubby heard the commotion, still went to bed - the dirty bedsheet. Say he's a clean person - I don't believe.

There has been occasions where Athena do accidentally pee on her bedsheet or vomit, I usually have to stay up washing the bedsheets and whatever is soiled. Talk about cleanliness, I'm the one not him!!

* snip snip *

After months and months of persuasion. Athena finally got her haircut today - not after some commotion she made. And how she tried to stick herself tightly to the stroller.

I've got a short video of her. But had to be stopped - sick! all because of security reasons.

Doesn't she look equally nice? We all starte praising her that her head's all swelled up. And she keeps tucking her hair - so hiao!

Going solo

Not a bad idea to bring Athena to her lessons all by myself today, no more hide & seek; no more "I can't do anything with Aricia around, while hubby take his own sweet time to read the papers etc.."

We train down to Kovan. Can say it's a good idea coz' we're very near to train station (and Athena loves to take public transport), but bad idea when we return home in the afternoon - hot! although I brought an umbrella along. I might just drive down next time round, save some time (really!). By the time we got home after lunch at where else? - Sakae Sushi - it was already 3+pm.

I like going solo. I could do my own things.

After I dropped Athena off in Yamaha, I went over to Heartland Mall to check out if there are any Speech & Drama courses there.
I went to Morris Allen but they don't specifically have Speech & Drama.. but they have this English Enrichment which I thought is very interesting to sign up Athena for. It did consists important things like writing; critical thinking;reading. The fees made me step back first, I'll have to discuss with Financial Director first. (no.... too expensive. Aricia's Shichida is setting back our costs for 2 children, unless we withdraw Athena out on 2 class. Err.... like what can I pull her out from?
After dropping by 4th floor, I went down to Popular to see if I could get any books for Athena. I ended up buying 2 CD-roms for her.
This is very interesting, has another CD-rom for 5 years and above

Oohh........I'm so glad I found this! I love Paddington

It was close to 11pm and I had to be back to pick Athena up. I didn't want to walk out with her to have a bite coz' the timing is neither long nor short. So, I bought bread for her to munch on first. I can also have my rest in an airconditioned place. She read some books.

12pm came and her Art class started. I sat outside with my player and a book. Umm... relaxation.

Her work!

Can you guess what is this? Hubby said "wah... abstract art huh?" "No, daddy it's whale." Haha! Her drawing.....better don't say anymore.

I might make full use of that time to go for a haircut next week

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy 8 month old babe!

Here's looking at you babe! You're the babe who turned our lives around.....

like ants on hot surface. But we're not complaining (ahem) coz' you are such a little cheerful; smiley darling who'd turn gloomy days into bright sunshine days.

Happy Birthday mei-mei! We love you.

So have you seen Anything? & Whatever?

Does this ring a bell to you? I didn't know whatever they were talking about, coz' it could be practically anything under the sun. Whatever it may be, doesn't seem to be anything important to me coz' my life still went on. The prelaunch gig they did on the radio for the past week kindda irritated me. I dunno what they were advertising for, but I wasn't that curious coz' it doesn't mean that anything or whatever will cure my cold & sore throat. I didn't get to know it until today in the supermarket. I showed hubby and he said he knew. Asked him if he wanted to try one and which one, his reply was "anything lor..". "Which one?" "Whatever lor..." Argh! This irritated me again! I chose anything? instead coz' I can choose to have ANYTHING in this world - at least I'm more decisive than if I were to choose whatever? It's taste anything like 7-up. Thought it would be some kind of interesting drink but no..... it has to be those copied taste. Nah! Won't waste the money to buy either of them!! I'd prefer to have nothing. Unless the taste is superbly good, I'd have everything!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Chocolate chip cookies

Suddenly in the mood to bake again. But could only do it in the evening after I had my sufficient rest. By the time I was preparing the dough, Athena came back home. So she was in time to help out with the cutting etc..
As usual she'd make the mess and sneezing into the dough that she was flattening out. Eeeks! Arr..... I think that was the flower which I had a bite. Yucks!

I brought out the decorating box (icing powder; colours; cutesies quins etc..) thinking perhaps we should colour the cookie so that she can present it to her dua-gu.
Of course have to 'test' the cookie first to see whether it tastes alright. The smaller ones are nicer; cruncier; whereas the bigger ones cut up is a little soft in the inside. Argh! The flower tastes okay, star tastes a little soft so it means we can't make the bigger bear and decorate. Ai yoh... how ah? Make the flower; decorate it and give it to dua-gu? Eee.... like ah-niah like that. Haha! I really wonder how do some people have their huge cookies tasting crunchy??
In the end I kept the box and probably will have to wait for next round to bake more cookies. Then she can be little Santarina and give out cookies to whoever she wants. Meanwhile she's been eyeing on all the cookies and wanting to eat "my hand, my house, my tortoise, my snowman." KZ's been eyeing on the smaller ones.

Video time!

Aricia was asked to blow bubbles, which I found it amusing and cute. She ended up doing a 3 minute long "acting" for me.

Also, dug out from the used tape was of Athena. She was 2+ when I video-ed her. Remember a long time ago when we were younger, there was an advertisement with a boy and a girl talking about a drink?? Check this out!

Ps. Thinks she makes a better child model than that girl huh?

I can't imagine how much she has grown, I'm really thankful for the constant video-ing of her.. she's grown alot. Talked alot and still my daughter lah! (although I threaten to sell her away; throw her away blah blah)

Another video of her last Sunday, playing the violin - in a horrible way.

Dua Gu's berry berry sad...

Mom mentioned to me 3 days ago about how brother teared when he felt that Athena has distant herself from him. He was sad and a little 不甘愿 to accept the fact that all the doting for the past 4 years have gone down the drain. I did explain to mom that it's not that I don't want to release her over the weekends but she really has programmes on. So yesterday when I bumped into brother in the hospital, I brought up the issue. I did explain to him that sometimes the phonecall he makes is really at the wrong timing. She's watching TV or playing, which she'll not want to talk to anyone. I mean, even when sometimes I call when she stays over at mom's place she don't want to talk to me. And also explained that that day when he called to ask to bring Athena out for tim sum on a Saturday, she really has programmes on. Then he said I'm giving her too many classes liao. I had to further clarify that when she was 2 years old, and young I didn't have to enrol her for anything, so she had more free time. But now with her being in K1, I need to prepare her for P1. And all those courses I have enrolled her is by far all the "playing around" type. None of it is for serious studying until probably next year I'll enrol her in academic classes and pull her out from her 2 weekend classes. If I compare myself with other parents, I'm still not mad in occupying the whole weekend from morning to late afternoon or evening for classes everywhere around Singapore. Also, usually on weekdays I need to coach her in her studies and music so I can't really allow her to stay over. So he needs to have some understanding from there. Then he revealed that sometimes Athena calls him "papa" "daddy", which I believed made him even happier. And he said "last time I said I want to be Athena's godfather, you say cannot." "Did I say cannot? You want to lor..." "Ai yah, now you say is to give in to me." I kept quiet and wondered if I ever objected, what was the reason? Think and think, think and think. Finally I think I remembered why. I thought being dua-gu is of a closer relation than a godfather, and I also remembered how I kept wondering to myself why my SIL is godma to her niece when she's her ah-yi. But if SIL can be godma to her niece, I thought why not the uncle be godpa to his niece. But I did raise up something to him yesterday and even sometime before, that if (choy!) hubby and myself were to leave this world, I would want him to be her guardian coz' I know he will take good care of her. But now with 2 kids, I dunno if he can cope with my 2 + his own kids. Umm.... do we will this out??


Aricia has been rubbing her tongue at her still-can't-see-much teeth. She feels something is there, so... rubs and rubs. I have problem taking photos of it.

She's back to her old habit, spitting and blowing saliva. Even when she's eating, she'll do that resulting in the whole area around her walker dirty.
Since she has so much saliva to spare, she's been making funny noises as well, sometimes in tones that you think she's talking.
Umm... have a feeling she'll be talkative too!

She bites the spoon, towel. When you remove it from her, she can throw tantrum. She fights back. Wah............this girl knows what she wants. I think this girl will bully the che-che and poor che-che will not know how to fight back. Umm... looks like I have to be stricter with Aricia huh?

I know been saying she's active. You know she's so fast too?! I never remember Athena had so many knocks as compared to Aricia. Fell from bed once coz' I just turn around to pick my bag from wardrobe which is only 2 steps away.
Another time was on the sofa, I pushed her in and I was changing CD. I kept looking at her making sure she's at the same spot. Somehow, when I turned to press "Play" she fell! She was that fast in both instances.
She was on the floor, when I needed to turn off a switch. I dunno what that girl was thinking, she thinks she can simply fling herself down, she fell on her side. *bam*

For the past few nights where Aricia has been sleeping with helper ( a few times was coz' I fell asleep while putting Athena to bed, by the time I got up was already 2plus, so I didn't carry Aricia over to our room). Helper told me she's been waking up at 2am to play. She'd start blowing saliva; crawl on the floor; play on the floor. Helper wakes up and carry her back to the mattress, she crawls off again. Haha!

This week in a brief

Gym : Body combat in the morning. Dunno why, is it the fitness glove that I'm wearing that I'm suddenly transformed into a fighter - I was feeling the hyped in punching etc..
Suhaimi gave me a smile when he saw I was (still) struggling with the jumpkick. Next time I better don't stand infront. Geh-kiang lah!
MeiYi : I laugh at the way Athena speaks to her violin classmate, MeiYi who hails from Beijing. She speaks with a mixture of mandarin and english with her si-bei angmoh tone. No wonder her Speech & Drama teacher says she speaks funny, and sometimes like got short-tongue like that.
MeiYi, is the only girl in class who is always the problematic one. Why problematic? She doesn't concentrate, asks her to do it properly - she plays around. Teacher teaches; mother look but never correct her child. And I can see that her child is quite notorious type. If I complain about Athena not holding her violin properly, this girl is worst! But what can I say? Her mother couldn't be bothered.
Then MeiYi started coughing with ........... alot of phlegm. I'm shocked! Her mother hasn't done anything since 3 weeks ago after I heard her phlegmy cough - this time is worst! Asked her if she's brought her to the doctors coz' it sounded really bad to me. And not that I was cursing her darling daughter or what, but I gave her a matter-of-fact advice that it'll go into her lungs and she'll get pneunomia. Oh shit! I think I translated wrongly and told her "脑膜炎" - meningitis? No wonder she gave me a funny look. I mean, I was trying so hard to convey the message across to her in my funny mandarin.
Anyway, she said she gave medicine. Asked her what medicine from GP?
She : No, I gave her 仳杷膏
Me : 仳杷膏? Is it of any use? Her cough didn't sound like 仳杷膏 can cure it. Why don't you go down to the chinese medical hall to get one medicine from them, it's meant to clear the phlegm.
She : Medical hall? I don't trust the medical hall here? Anyway, the only chinese physician that I'll trust is those from China, how qualified are those in Singapore?
Me : Okay, if you don't trust the chinese physician here. Anyway the recovery is slower with chinese medicine, why not bring her to PD? There's medicine to clear the phlegm. Don't delay.
She : No, it's okay. I'll let her have 仳杷膏 and then when we're back in China end of this month, I'll bring her to see the physician there.
Me : (keep quiet. Anyway it's her daughter not mine! I've done my part to advice her. In my mind, I'm thinking buay-gia-se. Perhaps I get overtly cautious once Athena gets a cough coz' she has bouts of acute bronchitis that's why)

I don't know if you remember me writing about this chinese girl from Wuhan, whom I met in my gynae, who don't eat medical herbs during pregnancy?? I spoke to her mother and was shocked that the chinese don't rely on it. So, MeiYi's mother has this thinking too.
I dunno, maybe like how she's thinking - she only trusts her countrymen. Likewise, I only trusts the lady we normally go. If you ask me about the physician over there, I'll be fearful. Coz' don't forget there has been reports of bogus bear gull; pearl powder etc.. sold there. So you think I dare to risk my life?

Too tired to go gym today, otherwise want to make it down for Rino's class. Body aching from yesterday. No wonder Jefferson was telling me "do equipments first then do cardio". I did before and after and was almost dying when trying it again after Combat.
After dropping Athena off in school, went to mom's place to take something. Yam and sweet potatoes - mom's scared it'll rot so asked me to bring to my home for consumption first; otherwise spoil already wasted.
Alyse called me to ask if I'm home, she wants to come over. Alyse was my ex-team gal in 1997 or 1998? Turned out that she and me had applied the same area. We're only a MSCP away! Saw her a couple of times in her kebaya reporting for work. Anyway, she has resigned recently - due to pregnancy. Congratulations gal! Welcome to the Mommies Club.
She came by we chatted, the last time we chatted was when she needed to pass me my boxes and boxes of handiplasts - Dora; Spongebob; Barbie and what you can't find in Singapore. Athena uses it as a miracle plaster; just one small scratch she'll complain and give her what design she wants and immediately - no pain. I call it miracle plaster too, coz' she'll finally stop whining about - I get peace.
Wow! There's so much to talk about. She asks if I can be a babysitter coz' she wants to go back to work after delivery. Coz' by then Aricia will be one. I don't mind helping her once in a while but not all the time coz' I'm relatively busy with the kids. "Busy?" she asks. Yah... and then I started my long story about my daily schedule with the children leaving me no time to do anything; not even my own business- which I have to stop time being. Damn stupid! Paying to ACRA but business is still.
Anyway, I can't imagine myself looking like those old ladies - paid nannies. Eeeks! I'm young and I still want to enjoy life not to be 100% housebound 5 days a week!
Alyse is looking for contract jobs for the time being too. So if any of you have any recommendation for a 6-months job, do leave a message for me.
In the evening, received news that mom has to go through ERCP tomorrow. I'm scared coz' mom had been going under knives countless times, although ERCP is non-surgical I'm nonetheless scared.
Prayers ,prayers, prayers. It's been heartening to know that helper has all these while been praying for mom. Dad usually don't make the effort to pray, has actually done so. He even dropped by the Guanyin temple to prayer.
Why?Why?Why?Why my mom? Hasn't she had enough of suffering?

YJC : PeiZhen's daddy is on flight so Grace came. As usual we'd be talking. At one point, Peggy had to say "Athena mummy, Peizhen mummy.. " Then she asked if we knew each other, we said we were ex-colleagues. Then phew! tension wasn't there anymore, Peggy chuckled "wah... so small world, bump into each other here."

And guess what I found out from Grace? The Mothers support group they have in Pasir Ris (consisting of ex-crews and hubbys pilots) included Angela as well. And when I talked about May Tia's birthday party some time back in Laguna Country Club, she said she was there. OMG! I could have spoken to her then. Small world it is!
Again my girl had to be stopped by Peggy. She likes to turn her head around to see her friends when they all gather around the piano. I've already told her upteen times, old habit dies hard. Peggy stopped playing and then turn her head around in her direction.
Then she came and tell me "Athena has got short attention span huh?" Yes! I dunno what to do with that girl. Really! She's too playful already!
After class, KZ was waiting outside with Aricia (who refused to sleep when she's outside). Everyone asked who's baby is that. Athena would pretend and go up to her little sister and say "my mei mei..........." and then kisses her. Trying to be proud or what I don't know? Faith kept looking at Aricia, her mom says that she's been asking for a baby sister. I told her maybe one day she can come to my house to play with mei-mei, Faith was so happy. She wants to touch Aricia but she's shy. On the other hand, Aricia is oblivious to the attention that she's getting; starts smiling at everyone; kicking her legs and moving her hands in excitement chuckling. Received comments that she looks like a doll. (Most of the time we get comments from strangers about Aricia and not Athena, I wonder how Athena feels??)
Grace who seen Aricia at Ikea before said she likes her curly hair. Another mother says she is big. I said "you're the first one who commented she's big." Then she corrected "her length" Then she asked if Athena was born big. I said no, both are born small but Athena progression was much better. "Is Athena a big eater?" "No, both of them are big eaters but this little one outputs alot." "Ai yoh........she's so lucky."
Little Aricia as you all know is teething, so she's trying to ease her itchiness etc... when I was carrying her, Suddenly she lunged forward towards the nape of my neck and nibble nibble - like a little Dracula. Haha!

I'm not in the mood to hit the gym today. Anyway, I woke up feeling weak. I remember in the night I was covering myself with my blanket from head to toe and all curled up in foetus position.
Brought Athena to school. Feeling shitty liao, rested at mom's place awhile before popping by hospital.
Mom said I looked tired, I told her. And I got a scolding from her "and you still dare to come, afterwards you spread to me how?" But how am I going to explain to her that I want to come because I'm concerned about her. She kept asking me to "go home and rest". Nah! I decided to stay on. She scolded me "see lah! all the late nights..." As if I want like that, I don't have much time in day time mah... infact I've been sleeping early (my standard - 10pm) for the past few nights. I dare not tell her maybe it's the bak-kwa that I had been munching.

During the time we were there, two ladies came and introduced themselves as churchmates of my aunt. Brother & me chuckled and said "ah gou 派来的. They gave encouragement to my mom and ended the meet with a prayer. Brother was saying mom was giggling away, trying to laugh. And I commented to my brother "why are your eyes opened? Aren't you suppose to bow your head in prayers as well?" He kept quiet. I bowed but struggled to hear what they were saying - coz' it's in teochew. And I'm thinking "ok.. when is Amen "

Resolution : Perhaps I should try to spend more time with her. I haven't been able to since Aricia came into this world. The only time I have with her is (if) breakfast at the coffeeshop downstairs after I drop Athena in school. Sometimes I'll rush off to gym, then in the evenings most time I'll just pick Athena up from school and leave.
As for going gai-gai, haven't been able to do so since I started giving Aricia her lessons.
Perhaps I should take a step back, stop lesson for one day and bring mom out.

When she was wheeled in, I stayed awhile too, shivering in the room. Trying to take cat nap but can't coz' so cold. I worry if I can stay awake to drive from SGH to Tampines to Punggol. Get ready my already low battery phone just incase I need to call my brother or dad to come rescue me at the expressway.
Anyway, I endured all the way with the music blasting. And I can't sing coz' throat pain but I made sure I was singing the words in my mind, so it keeps me awake.

Back home, Athena is really lucky that mummy is not drilling her. I explained to her that she can play her Logico but she insisted on her train set, so I allowed her and she has to keep it once she's done. I heard some commotion outside, poor helper had to feed Aricia and had to feed the whiny Athena, who keeps shouting "nobody take care of me, nobody feed me." (She was trying to be a little baby) And then the two children made so much noise, whenever Athena whines Aricia echos. Very noisy but I was too tired; feverish and I don't know what happened next. All I knew was it would be only 5+ close to 6pm when I fell asleep. I woke up at close to 8pm for my dinner, saw the train set has been kept in the bag. Was told Athena kept it by herself. Not much appetite, but saw the teriyaki chicken. Yums took a few despite my sore throat. When I was having my dinner, Athena asked me if she could bring her wan-wan to school etc... then it got more. She tried with her chocolate milk which I refused but hubby said "nevermind, otherwise she never drinks at home." My idea was to dilute the drink for her at home coz' she's already coughing.. I don't want anymore sweets that will aggravate her cough further. Went back to bed, was feeling really tired. Felt bad in neglecting my children especially Aricia who kept looking at me and calling out "ma ma ma ma"

In my drowsiness, I heard some commotions, there was no screaming on the mummy's part so the house is quieter in that aspect. I slept in their room, while Athena gets to sleep with daddy and Aricia with helper. Woah! Relaxed siah! Maybe I should fall sick more often?!?! Around 10+, I heard hubby coming into the room. He was looking for her ventolin puff. Darn! The school forgot to return it back to me. Why? I heard the girl coughing quite badly. In my heart I was thinking, ya lah... still say let her drink the milk. Gave her mucosolvan and I do have spare ventolin and flixotide at home, so hubby helped to give the puffs for me coz' I don't know how it should be done for a direct puff.
Checked through her bag to see what was the final things helper packed in for her trip. She has the wan-wan and a rabbit sweet inside. Milk is not there, KZ said she heard her coughing so quickly took it out.
I gave instructions to KZ to help me give the Ventolin syrup and Flumicil the next morning, just in case I'm still sleeping.

Hubby was tasked to be the chauffeur. She has a trip to the museum today so she needs to be in school early. Good! I don't have to rush, but I still got up to make sure that she's been given her medicine. Athena was so happy in this rare chance that daddy brings her to school, she was so happy. Once she even came to me to tell me "I want to kiss my mummy goodbye". Aw... so sweet!
Rested at home, bathed and fed Aricia using a mask. She gave me a strange look. Aricia Aricia ....很有性格 ! She can throw tantrum at her tender age. Oh my! Quite cute to look at.