Thursday, July 25, 2019

Feeling so proud of myself

I’m so proud of myself.

It’s coming to the end July and Teacher’s Day gifts 🎁 are all packed. This is a much earlier completion date so far, in all my years of preparing gifts for the teachers, some of them clamouring till 1-2weeks before the day. Of course this is only made possible because I have one task less to do now - academics with lil’ one.
The other reason why I’m so proud of myself is that I’ve finally accomplished an iron-on. I have always been fearful of iron-ons, so many “what if”s pop into my mind whenever I consider iron-on and then I’ll change idea and end up preparing other gifts. This comes at a time when ideas are all running dry.

Teachers Day gifts are getting lesser and lesser, which is good news. Che-che never once gifted anything to her secondary teachers. Even for her favourite Math teacher in Sec 3 and 4, all she did was to write a note to the teacher on testpad paper 🤪 .
The gifts are for tutors and primary school teachers, their favourite ones. I guess once lil’ one has no time to go back to primary school during Teacher’s Day will be the day / year onwards I can stop preparing for the primary teachers. Which I believe the day will come soon. Che-che only made it once back to primary school, when she was in Sec 1, the next 3 years after were rather impossible for her to go back as they were dismissed from school late.

Nonetheless, it’s something that I’ve designed personally for each teacher, a work from my heart.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

I have this crazy idea

With a little more time on my own now, I've been thinking what I can do with the very little free time I have. Well not that I have alot of free time.

Now that the girls are slowly not needing me in some areas (academic - marking work; assigning work; typing stuffs for them), what can I do with that little minute pocket of time? I'm still required to send (on some days) and pick the girls up on an almost daily basis. [Che-che has grown tired of taking bus to and from school since mid May]  Otherwise I would have been able to free up more time. I can perhaps bake, decorate icing cookies (but nobody's eating them now), go for some aim and shoot on my own - I meant photography. However I'm interested in landscape and Singapore is disappointing in this aspect. 
I've practically sold my life to the girls for the last 16-17 years that I realised I haven't got a hobby at all. The things I love to do - baking - is mainly for the girls. 
I stopped my reading for a long time so I think I should pick up books. Back to crime or holocaust genre? It's nice to curl up with soothing music plugged to my ears while I read ignoring the world before me. Alas! Easier said than done, always that reality of me rushing out to packing their food into the car and pick the girls. I thought maybe I could do some brainless things like cross-stitch or amigurumi BUT I have no idea what I could do with them after that and it's not exactly a good idea as I'm always trying to declutter the house. I'll end up throwing my money away. Perhaps someone can pay me to do the job for them? Then a silly idea came into my mind - learn a new language. Forget about my 半桶水 Japanese maybe I should pick up German instead? Maybe it's that sudden craze I have now listening to german music as I'm on the computer. But why didn't I pick up German when I was flying? That was a good opportunity to put the language to practice,  though I only know very simple words like "kaffee, tee oder mich" - haha! 
But why German? German is rather hard to pronounce I feel. However it seems that German is more widely spoken in europe.

This song just came into my mind :
Es tanzt ein Bi-Ba-Butzemann
in unserm Haus herum, fidibum,
Es tanzt ein Bi-Ba-Butzemann

in unserm Haus herum.

I still have my german children songs CDs in the house. hee!
Check out lil' one doing her folk dancing. So cute! 

Hmm...... perhaps this has to be put on hold too? As I am in the midst of planning our year-end holiday itinery. Ok, that was a good break from my planning, I shall go back to it now. 

Note : I came across my blog entry in 2018. Have I checked off the list yet?

Auf Wiedersehen. Schönen Tag