Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Aricia's first day out?

Brought Aricia & Athena to Paragon today as it is Aricia's check on her jaundice level.

Before we brought her out, we changed her diaper. And you know, just when you are in a hurry, things get more crazy. Aricia poo-ed so mom washed her bottoms with the water in her 'top & tail' pail. She had to poo some more (into mom's hands) And I quickly grabbed her used diaper trying to catch her poo, and.......she had to do a Manneken Pis act. Her pee literally forms a rainbow and hit me & the floor. We were screaming & laughing, Athena was laughing at us. Third time! She had pee-ed on hubby twice already so he calmly told me "good! let her urine on you. You always laugh at me."

After some cleaning up on girl, we left the dirty floor for KZ, we left the house. I carried her in the front seat with me and when we were about 10 mins away - she wanted a feed. By the time hubby dropped us at the back taxi-stand (facing Mt E)she was still sucking. Nobody knew I was carrying a baby in the lift until Athena spoke about mei-mei; they all turned to look at me.

All's well, jaundice went down. No need to run a blood test at all. She's now 2.235kg, gained 100+grms over a period of 3 days. Not too bad! For that 15mins of check, we were charged a hefty sum of $84!!! We were asked to go back for her second HepB jab in a month's time. I doubt I'll be going back there. The distance alone will kill me, which was the reason why Athena also did not go back to her 1st PD. I mean, if my child is sick I am crazy to travel half the island when there are other clinics nearby. I might let Aricia go to the Kids Clinic in Rivervale Mall, perhaps I should change Athena's PD too!

After the visit, I dropped by Metro to look for something for my pump, and safety pins. Just a short walk and I was so tired. Fortunately, the staffs were very helpful, she helped me look for the items I needed. And another staff offered to help me pay at the cashier.At first Athena said she wanted to go to the Toys, but did not go. I felt bad... and promised her once I am well, I will bring her to ELC. She was hungry so we went down to basement to get some bread for her. The weary me simply had to sit down carrying a tiny blankie. I must admit people walking past will look at the little newborn, and smile to me. We left for home after that.

Aricia's first day out? Just like her sister, both were sleeping throughout. Athena opened her eyes the moment we stepped into the house. Aricia opened her eyes in the car as hubby was reversing into the lot.

Here's a pic of daddy with his 2 little girls
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Since she don't need to be under the light, Aricia is now sleeping in this temporary cot which we rented from the hospital- so that I don't have to walk from room to room everyday.
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Monday, September 25, 2006

My poor little darling

My poor little darling is subjected to 24hr "sun tanning".

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Our room is in a terrible mess now with the equipment, a bassinet we rented from the hospital (as it's inconvenient for me to keep walking to Athena's room should she cry, and my bedside table is filled with things that I need as I stay confined in my bed.

Developing arm muscles

I am developing big arm muscles from the way I pull myself up/down the hospital bed ; our home bed and every piece of furniture in our home. What a way to gain tone up my already fat arms!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Back to basics

It's back to basics after staying an additional day in the hospital, as I had fevers for 2 nights. My gynae couldn't explain the fever. He said it could be due to milk coming-in, urine or scar infection. And I had highlighted to them after some time that I am immuned to the antibiotics that they had been giving to me. (actually it was by accident that one time, they gave it to me with the tab. I brought it up to them after that. My gynae quickly changed the antibiotics.)
Anyway we came back home and suddenly our house is filled with baby stuffs again. We thought we had forgotten the basics but nope!- it was second nature to us with a little rusti-ness and chorlor-ness.
Aricia, on my discharge day yesterday, blood test showed her jaundice level is high. Dr Siva asked if we wanted her to stay for additional 3 nights or to rent the photolight equipment home. We chose to rent the equipment as we did not want to crazily go to the hospital (when I'm supposed to be resting) to breastfeed the child. I'm wondering why in the first place, he didn't put her under the light after she was born. As for Athena's case, maybe the PD at that time was more experienced, immediately put her under the light. And insisted on breastfeeding with formula. While I'm glad that Dr Siva is very supportive of me doing a total breastfeeding.

I must admit when it comes to breastfeeding, I'm really blur. But I'm glad that Guat Choo and Mrs Yeo (lactation consultants) and all the nurses were so patient with me. I can't latch her on properly, resulting in pain in nipples when she sucks. And these people just came to my rescue. They helped me and even guide me when I did it on my own with them looking on. But I'm glad now my milk flow is good (which is considered quite fast) - the only tiring part is that she comes to me every 3 hours or so, depriving me of my sleep. Even if my feverish nights, the nurses asked if I wanted to formula feed, I insisted my way. Now at home, she only likes me coz' of my milk. Even when they try to spoon-feed, she refuses. Darn! the milk go to waste! But then again, there's the pros & cons in everything.

You know I haven't really cried until a day or 2 later when I was carrying Aricia. With Athena, I cried the moment I saw her in my room. With Aricia, I think, I was overwhelmed by the anethesia (even now I'm still feeling numb) that I only teared on one night when she was crying & crying. I pacified her and started singing one of Athena's music lesson song - and she immediately kept quiet & looked at me. Sang another song for her and she smiled at me. And - I saw dimple! Now we're betting who's prettier - Athena or her.

But I must admit, I am very proud of Athena. She's doing well as a big sister. (And I do feel bad for neglecting her now. But when I can, I'll ask her to sit next to me, and hug her.) Although, she told me to "wait a few more days" but when we were going to hospital. She was responsible in carrying Aricia's gift and chocolates. And in the hospital, she kept asking me "mummy, you say we go and see mei-mei. But where is mei-mei?" The adults around us start laughing at her cute remark.
When Aricia's born, on the first day, she refused to leave me and Aricia. And pushed everyone away when they wanted to touch Aricia. It was only after some time, she'll allow. You should see her expression when mom lied to her about Wilma "bought the flowers for mummy in exchange for Aricia". When she got home that first night, she called me and asked "mummy, is Aricia with you? That pink colour aunty never bring Aricia home?" So cute.... It was a good thing that I let her skip school for last week and this coming week, so that she won't feel neglected. She came to the hospital very happy every day and would be so excited to see her little sister.
At home, she's so helpful. Such a little darling!

More photos and updates will be posted once I'm more settled.

Aricia's here

Our bundle of joy

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Born on 19th September 2006
At 1253hrs
Weighing 2.315kg (5.1 lbs)
Measuring 47cm (18.5 in)

P.S She looks just like a clone of Athena.(will scan in Athena's newborn photos next time)

Counting the days to Aricia's arrival

24th-Tue or 25th Jan-Wed 2006
Found out I was pregnant. In October, we will have a new addition to complete our family.

Sometime in Feb 2006
We spread the good news to our family members
Months before
Excited, but perhaps the excitement is not as great as when expecting the first.
Had to think of names. Debating between Alethea and Aricia, and we finally chose the latter
Didn't buy alot of things as many things can be passed down. But of course had to buy a small hat to keep head warm; a dress or 2 for the full-month celebration and small nitty gritty stuffs

9th Sep 2006-Sat
Doc. said bb is small.. made me so worried, and I'm trying hard to put on extra pounds for her. Athena asked me when is baby coming out. I answered "In 10 days time". She started counting 1, 2, 3, 4..... until I told her it's in 10 days not 10 seconds

10th Sep 2006-Sun
Was changing the daily cards, when I changed the date from 9th to 10th. Athena told me "mummy, mummy today is 10. Today mei-mei come out."

11th Sep 2006 to 15th Sep 2006
Getting more tired now, so resting as much as I can in the afternoons. Cancelled all appointments with friends. Gluttony me just had to eat as much as I can, as I will be starting my confinement soon - and can't eat alot of stuffs. Wilma(Aricia's godma) sms-ed me on Monday -11th and told me her friend was in the same situation as me. Her doc recommended Ensure and she gained weight. I hope it helps me, I can only find out on the 16th whether it's all gone to her or to me.

13th Sep 2006- Wed
Last lesson which I can bring Athena for her music lesson. After which mom will help me take over, well she has some basic music knowledge so should be able to help me better as compared to asking KZ - who thinks it's play time for her. Helen, Amanda's mummy, and myself as usual would have a short chat after lesson; asked if I'd be keeping the placenta. I doubt so.... it'll make me scared. And.........I don't even have a conventional oven, how to bake??

15th Sep 2006- Fri
Athena made me lose my temper in the morning, threatened not to bring her out gai-gai later in the evening. But went soft and brought her out of school at 4.30pm. It's my last jalan-jalan ritual, and one of the last few moments I can spend a twosome quality time with Athena.
Gorged myself full at Jack's Place. Felt bad as I wanted to treat them but brother picked up the tab, as they kindda asked the preggie me where I wanted to go. I know it's like my last good meal... so I better EAT! Had my lobster bisque and grilled chicken. Finished all the celery and corns on the plate, but couldn't finish the backed potato. Wanted to have some desserts, but..... due for prick test tomorrow morning. So hang on until Saturday, I'll probably have a scoop or 2 of Haagen Dazs or B&Jerrys. Before I left for home, I had to ta-pao rice dumplings to eat on Saturday afternoon, Sunday and then I'll pop on Tuesday.
Mom's newly assigned duty :- check with the medical hall lady if during confinement can eat glutinous rice for breakfast; what kind of fruits; can eat chocolates; can eat the big pao which father bought from JB. Mom said "I've never seen such a glutton like you, still thinking about food during confinement." I thought to myself - thank goodness this is my last pregnancy, so I'll probably suffer for the very last time.

16th Sep 2006-Sat
Obstetrician appointment today, very happy that Aricia is eating alot from me within a week period. Only 3 more days and we will see Aricia. How will she look like? Does she have alot of hair? Double-eyelids? Many thoughts ran through my mind. Getting more excited now. Athena has been wanting me more, so I hope I can get as much help to keep her entertained while I rest.

17th Sep 2006-Sun
2 more days and we will get to see Aricia. I thought the sooner I get over this, the better it is - coz' I've been trying to find a comfortable way to sleep. When I sleep on my back, my back aches and it's not supposed to be good for my back. So I turned to the side, I have my small pillow to support beneathe the tummy but I don't know why the tummy seems to be heavier. And it makes my sides ache. Throughout the nights about two months before, I've had short sleeps; wake up to turn myself to change position; by the time I am about to doze off I feel the side ache and it goes on...Fortunately, I'm still able to take afternoon naps & rest as much as I can.
Before we napped, hubby suggested going somewhere good for our dinner with chilli crabs. "Otherwise you cannot eat during your confinement period." Very sweet of him to think of me, he knew he married a glutton, and I've been ranting to him about "I'm going to eat as much as I can now. Durians, restaurants, good food.." I told him "haha!I'm the one going into confinement, sounded like you are going into confinement with me." "For you lor..." In the end, we didn't go coz' Athena was screaming in the car "Daddy where are you going? I want to go Rivervale Mall, I dowan to buy Kueh Tutu." Even when hubby pretended and kept on the straight road; she screamed at daddy to "turn left. Daddy turn left." Anyway, it didn't matter to me, I wasn't really carving for Chilli Crabs. But I'm just so touched by hubby's kind intention. I had Chicken Cutlet . And you know what? 4 years ago, just one day before I had to be in hospital to be induced, I also had that. We had a good laugh.
Told KZ "you have to cook all my favourite food tomorrow night." "Ok mum".

18th Sep 2006- Mon
I don't know why but I didn't really sleep well through the night. Alot of things went through my mind. What if.. what if I don't wake up from surgery. Choy! Then my poor children are motherless, maybe Athena will be happy that no one will be screaming & smacking her.
On the other hand, I was also getting excited as I will be seeing Aricia tomorrow. Will she cry as loud as her sister? - Until mom can recognise her cries even though she just heard it for a short while. I start recalling 4 years ago, as the nurse pushes the plastic cot from the nursery to my room. What I heard was the wheels running sound and Athena crying "wah wah...." 4 years later, my girl has grown big and I can't imagine her to be an elder sister. I wonder how she'll behave tomorrow - smiling; shy to touch her little sister?
The journey of 9 months is finally coming to an end. I must say in retrospect that I've enjoyed both pregnancies. And both times I enjoyed having them in me, experiencing the miracles of life. It shall be my last time holding onto this memory (unless accidents happen - I hope not!), so though I want her to come out; on the other hand I want to let her feel more secured in me.
Call me a strange mummy.
Went for check-up to gear up for tomorrow. And then I just gotta have my fill at Spageddies. I was already extremely full but I needed to eat my fill, so had my share of Tiramisu. I'm satisfied!
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Athena lost her favourite teddy bear in the night. We went on a bear hunt in both Punggol and Tampines. On one hand, I was telling her "good! teaches you a lesson on taking care of your things." yet on the other hand, I felt sad for her coz' she had that teddy bear when she was little.

19th Sep 2006-Tue
Didn't sleep well last night, was thinking and thinking about her stupid bear. Felt excited but I just don't know why felt so paranoid about the 'will I wake up'? part. The family, including KZ left the house at 8am, anticipating he morning rush hour jam in CTE. We cabbed down so we were indeed lucky that a cab came by just as Titus walked ahead of us.
Arrived in Dr Teoh's clinic for a last scan & it's my last time seeing her blurry image. "I'll be seeing you soon Aricia" - I told her. They gave me the thumbs up and I went down to the Admissions. Then they told us "I'm sorry but our single rooms is taken up, we'll put in the double-bedded first and once if there's a single room available we'll put you back. But if there's no room for the night and you move to the single-bed the next day, we still charge you the single-bedded rate." Darn! What good money-making method!! But what can I do? I had to accept whatever room is available now.
Took a mother-daughter shot before I have another daughter to handle. Here's us!

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Then the concierge came to help me to the room. Asked if I needed a wheelchair, "ah...no way! Let me walk first coz' I'll be fully bedded after that." Was brought into the room, where it's already occupied. And the woman had her TV volume so loud, not even reducing it when I was there.
Time : 1000hrs
Nurses came by to do some paperwork and checks
Time : 1045hrs
Came by to give me enema. And.......you know what happens after that.
Time : 1138hrs
Athena started feeling the separation anxiety and was crying "I want mummy" even louder.And even insisted that I bring her to the toilet for a pee, no one else can take over the job. Then wheeled me to the OT with hubby carrying Athena; KZ and mom following. Mom's handphone rang - it was brother who called to tell me not to worry. The push to the OT seems long,I was nervous- playing with my fingers just like how Athena would do so when she's nervous. And I swear just by looking at those white ceiling lights makes me giddy as they pushed me along.
I think they all can sense my anxiety. Even the staff in the Observation Ward noticed it, they came and assured me. Then I was told of the news that Dr Teoh had a surgery which turned into emergency case, and it's taking longer than usual. He can only start the surgery at 1220hrs. I hope he can make it in time during the time framce, but then if it's meant that Aricia's born later and her fate changes then we have no choice. The wait seems an eternity, I was singing to Aricia and she responded to my singing. I hope it's not the last time I can feel this. You might think I'm paranoid - but it's true! The staffs thought it was my first time but I told them my earlier delivery was also by C-section. But at that time, it was natural turned emergency I had no time to react and think stupid things.
They finally pushed me into the OT. It looks scary.. I had time to look around me. To my right there was a sliding door and there was a surgery going on in the next theatre. But too far for me to hear what they're saying. I better not hear it too, it'll freak me out!To my left, there was this silvery big panel with a clock and some other dunno what things. Infront of me was two big UFOs lights - that can light up the whole world - and behind the last light from me, is a multi-plugs adapter. Wow!
Socks put on. They covered me with something heavy. Dr Woo came in her gown, came to inject something into my left hand. Said they're putting a leg massager & if I can feel it. And then they put on the mask... Wait! I don't think I saw Dr Teoh coming in or did he?-just as I was about to lose consciousness. I heard Dr Woo's voice "you breathe in, breathe out, breathe in ................."
I didn't dream of anything this time. Everything was a white blank. When I was under sedation with Athena,I was walking in a path with trees lined on the side, like Winter Sonata. But even before I could walk to the next tree, I woke up.
All I heard was "LilyAnn, you have a baby girl" (sounded like Nora's voice but she said it was not her. I probably heard her voice before I fell fast asleep. And strange what I heard before happened again this time. The only difference is I didn't feel a pipe being pulled out from my throat, and my throat didn't hurt either. And then I started mumbling rubbish. I heard mom's voice saying "she's coming off her anethesia, she's talking rubbish and she's repeating everything." I think back of what I said was really hilarious - but it shows I was okay.
Things I mumbled : 1) Am I dreaming or is it real? I have the same thing happening now.
2) Is that you Aveline?Or am I dreaming."
3) You are Jesline, and you are wearing XXXX. Aveline is wearing XXXX. (I heard them laughing)
4) It's 3plus now.
5) How come I'm hearing Athena's voice. It sounds the same as before and that time Athena was not even born what!!!"
6) You are Kai Zet. You mean I hired you already?"
7) Why is Titus's sleeping here. I'm supposed to be the one who's tired not him!
8) I want to change to single room. Just now that lady turn on her TV so loud, I cannot sleep. I want to change room.
Oh yes! The very first sentence I really mumbled out was "I'm not going to give birth anymore. Giving birth is so painful. I don't want anymore children".
In between my rubbish mumblings. I kept bringing up my left hand to see the cathethar, went back and thought 'yes, I'm not dreaming'and "ouch! it's painful". Then turned to look on my right to see the room number on the cupboard.
I then heard the phone ring, hubby said "oh, good so you have a room available now. Okay, we'll wait. I had no idea how long we waited but I was still feeling groggy when they wheeled me out of the room. And twice or thrice, they didn't move properly, they bump into something and I felt the pain. After some time, I think about 4plus I was more aware of what's happening around me. I knew I was in my room and people started coming in. Infact, as I'm typing now, I'm still feeling giddy and numb, they said it'll take some time for me to be 'normal' again.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Recognising words / Drawing

Last night Athena surprised me when I simply took out another set of flashcards (not the usual Glenn Doman I've been religiously teaching her) and she told me the words. At first I thought it was purely conincidence that she got the word right. Subsequently, I pointed out to more words and she got everything right.

Today, she was doing some drawing at home. I asked her what she was drawing, and her pictures seems more recognisable - as compared to last year's drawing. She can draw a rabbit, snail and a whale. (of course still needs improvement) When I asked her where does a whale swim. She replied "The whale swim in the ocean." Wow! When probed further who taught her the word "Ocean", she replied "you". I can't remember when I taught her that but it must have been a long time ago.

Now, I can only hope that Aricia will be as smart as her sister. Umm... it means more home coaching & stimulation from mummy.Geez.....I can't imagine having to go through the whole cycle again!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Our future chor-lor Singapore Girl

Presenting our future Singapore Girl aka the clumsy girl.

See all her silly poses.

Her blog contains more information

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Day

Weekends are usually lazy days where I will get up late, but today I had to get up the usual time (on weekdays) to make my way down town. Was quite grumpy this morning, as everybody didn't seem to care about Athena's breakfast while I was preparing myself in the bathroom. Started grumbling to everyone around the house. I wonder if they will take the initiative to remember to feed the older girl, while I'm either resting or busy with the little one OR I'll be so stressed up bothering about whether the big & small one had their meal; had their shower; brushed their teeth etc......Who said being a mother is easy?!

We left the house with KZ staying back at home (we need family time together). For obvious reasons, I was late for my appointment. But it doesn't matter as there were many people ahead of me and I needed to do a prick test first. Luckily, I brought out my breakfast with me. So I had my tuna sandwich at the lift landing area (didn't want the clinic to smell of tuna, and have cats coming into the clinic.)
Everything went well, today they let me do a scan first before taking my weight. I was very happy that Aricia has gained 0.34kg within a week (thanks alot to Wilma) - she's now 2.54kg. Good!As long as she's above 2.5kg I'm happy. Of course Wee Chee did explain that it's only an estimate, we have to +/-0.03kg. So it means she can either be 2.51kg or 2.57kg. It didn't matter to me even if she falls in the former, as I still have time to gain some weight for her. Athena's weight at that time too was around 2.5kg. It then confirmed that it's just me - all my babies will be small. Then it was time to weigh myself (crossed my fingers when I was on the scales). I am pleased that despite gorging myself with lots of food; milk; durian mooncakes during the week, I only put on 0.1kg - that makes me 67.3kg heavy (total weight gain : 10.3kg).When I walked out of the room, I gave Aricia a good rubba rubba, praising her a good girl.
I had to do my Pre-Admissions today. Decided to stay back in single-bedded room, but *gasp* was that the same price we paid almost 4 years ago? Then, I saw the price between Elective C-section & Emergency C-section. All the time I keep thinking that Elective C-section would be more expensive but I was wrong. The staff heard my comments to hubby and asked "she was an Emergency case?" "Yes, the high maintenance child"- as I said that I turned to look at girl who hasn't stopped prancing about since morning. She saw me looking at her and went "huh?" After I did my blood test in the lab, hubby said "Athena's a high maintenance child, liao-lui. Somemore got no Baby Bonus for her, Aricia still got Baby Bonus. Next time, Aricia will be richer than you Athena."

Hubby had a voucher for Tung Lok that expires in October, he told me it's due next week. ( I had a peep later and saw it's October, probably he thought I'll be in confinement so can't go out.. So sweet of him...)When we were walking towards the carpark, he asked where is the nearest Tung Lok. I could only think of Club Chinois at Orchard Parade Hotel or Charming Garden in Copthorne Orchid. He decided to head out to Copthorne Orchid, only to find out that they've closed since April.
Racking our brains, he thought of Paramount while I thought of Noble House. But he decided to take a longer drive to let the girl nap inside the car, so we went to Paramount. We couldn't go for the Ala-carte buffet which requires a minimum of 4, so we had to settle for the Set lunch for 2. The portion was just nice, Athena the fussy pot wanted to eat BBQ Pork bun and noodles. We ordered the bun for her and let her have our E-fu noodles. That filled up the tiny stomach.
We finished lunch at 2pm and unanimously agreed to head back home. I was getting tired; Athena only napped a short while; hubby tuned his bodyclock to weekend mode - where we will all nap in our bed with girl in between us for a cuddle. At home, we all had our shower and plonked to bed. With Athena & me sleeping longer. Woke up just in time for dinner.

Dinner then, was simple foodcourt food. I was feeling a little guilty so had dumplings soup for dinner. Did I mention that Athena seems to be on some kind of drug today? She hasn't kept still except when she's napping in the car and home. She hasn't been walking but galloping like a little pony; jumping while I'm holding onto her hand etc.. I just don't know what got into her. At home, she was singing and dancing.

Anyway, that somewhat ends our Saturday.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Your Birthdate: October 7

You are an island. You don't need anyone else to make you happy.
And though you see yourself as a loner, people are drawn to you.
Deep and sensitive, you tend to impress others with your insights.
You also tend to be psychic - so listen to that inner voice!

Your strength: Your self sufficiency

Your weakness: You despise authority

Your power color: Maroon

Your power symbol: Hammer

Your power month: July

Kids say the darnest things

In the morning, as I dropped Athena off in school. Wei Zhe & Braxton came up to talk to me.

Wei Zhe : Athena mummy, how come your stomach big big?"
Me : That's because I have a baby inside me.
Braxton : A baby. How come your stomach big?
Me : So baby can go inside
Wei Zhe : No.... you eat too much then got baby inside
Me : (laughing) You eat alot too right? You see your stomach big big, you've got a baby inside you."
Wei Zhe : (smiling) No............
Braxton : How the baby come out?
Me : (kept quiet)
Wei Zhe : You cannot eat too much already....

Video of Steve Irwin's last moments

I received a video via email, which apparently has been mass-emailed before it reached me. This video as claimed is the last moments of Steve Irwin.

The video ended as it reached me, I only sent it to my sister to confirm my suspicion as a fake video. After which I deleted the video from my computer. Upon viewing it, she confirmed it's a hoax. Whoever is that idiot who tried to pass it off as the real video, is only hoping to see how much & how far his/her attachments will reach the world.

I doubt the real video will be released, that is if his wife wants it to be released. So whoever receives an email on this. Please do not forward it. Please show some respect for Steve Irwin.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Assisi Underground

In the morning, while having my breakfast I was channel-surfing until I came to this Channel showing The Assisi Underground which is based on a true story.

I don't know why but although I have my roots here in Singapore, I had always loved to read on books on the Holocaust - when I should be more empathatic towards our grandparents generation (and perhaps our parents too) during the Japanese Occupation

It is therefore not surprising that I have interest in Concentration Camps, Anne Frank house, and even tear when I went to the museums in the countries that I have visited.

Perhaps, I should start reading up on the Japanese Occupation in Singapore. Just as I wrote this,I've learnt that Elizabeth Choy had passed on today, at the age of 96.

One of our games

Sometimes, if I can, I'll pop by hubby's office to pick him up from work after picking girl up.

While waiting, Athena & myself would keep ourself entertained by playing games in the car.

One of our games goes like this as we observed people walking out of the side gate.
Me: That is not my daddy. He/she is short etc....

Sometimes, she'll say (whatever comes into her mind) before I did.

Once, I came out with this sentence " That is not my daddy. He is fat." (was a fat guy who came out)
And Athena, being the naughty girl, said this ( I did not expect her to continue my sentence) "my daddy is fatter!" I bursts out laughing in the car.

When hubby's been told of this, he bursts out laughing and tickled our little girl (and she had to beg for mercy)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sleeping Beauty... er... Sleeping Fat Lady

I am starting to feel tired since last week. This week, it gets worse. I can be napping alot in the late morning and afternoon. Come evening time, I'm tired again. I'm simply lazy to do anything with Athena now. I just want to sit on the sofa and have someone to wheel me around the house; put me to bed.

I'm beginning to feel pains in my pelvic area once in a while too. Aricia, should be pressing her head downwards now. Mom says my tummy is 'dropping down' too - I can't see at all. But all I know is that when I walk like a wobbly Humpty Dumpty now, I gotta hold my tummy up.

Obstetrician was telling me that I should be on high alert that I could be in early labour anytime this week or next. So, now I'm taking as much nap as I can and cancelled all appointments with my friends, to be on the alert. Anything happen, I'll just grab KZ and the bag and head straight to hospital.

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Our silly chat

We were lying on the bed for our nap when Athena and me chatted.

A : Mummy, why mei-mei always like to kick you?
M : Because she has not enough space inside Mummy, so she is kicking mummy.
A : Ha ha.. Mei mei so naughty one.....
M : Last time you also inside mummy tummy, you remember? You also kick me and punch me.
A : Last time I small small baby in your tummy then I bom, then now I big big
A :(pause) Mummy, you eat more lah! You eat more and then your tummy bigger, then mei-mei got more space lor....
M : Yah. So smart hor?

In the night
A : mei-mei, mummy call you wake up!!!!
A :(turned to look at me) Mei-mei never wake up? .... Mei-mei wake UP!!!
M : Mei- mei cannot hear you
A : I talk to mei-mei in the centre? Mei-mei here in the centre? (points to my navel)
M : No, mei-mei here (point to my right side)
A : No........mei-mei here in centre. WAKE UP!!!(the little air makes me tickle)
A : Mei-mei, you still got enough space or not? I ask mummy to eat more so you got space.
A : Mei-mei, you quickly come out okay?
M : When do you want mei-mei to come out?
A : Tomorrow!
M : No! Too soon. You count the number of days, on the XX day then you will get to see mei-mei
A : Okay.... 1,2,3,4,........
M : Huh? I mean days not seconds!

Hubby's first trip to the obstetrician with me - for this pregnancy

It is only now that the dad has shown his face in Dr Teoh's clinic - after such a long time. Of course it would be nice to have your hubby following you on every antenatal appointments, but I simply detests the weekend crowds. And having gone through the first baby, I realised that it's no point in hubby following me every appointments, until much later.

For the previous 3 appointments I was not able to put a slot on a Saturday... so I'm glad that now finally hubby had a chance to see Aricia moving (instead of the photos I bring back)

My appointment was early, went upstairs to do a prick test with my girl while hubby went to park the car. Then we met in Lucky Plaza for my breakfast.

Nora first took my weight. Usually I'm happy when she looks at my weight and I'll make a comment "heng ah............never put on much weight". Today, I was happy too but this time round, my comment was "good. I finally put on more weight now. I've been eating & eating, so I hope Aricia takes in more weight." Everything remained so hopeful until Wee Chee did the scan for me before Dr Teoh came in to see me.
Wee Chee: Your baby very small you know?
Me : Yes I know, how heavy is she now?
Wee Chee: Approximately 2.2kg
Me : Huh!!! Only 2.2kg
Wee Chee: What was the last weight we told you?
Me : 2.08kg. It was about a week ago. And only gained 120grams?
Wee Chee: Usually all these are estimation only. Let me check the chart. Athena was a small baby also? How heavy was she?
Me : 2.6kg
Wee Chee: That means, it has got nothing to do with any malnutrition or what. It's just your body - skinny so all your babies will be small
Me : Then I gorge myself during the week to put on more weight. Was so happy just now, then now I realise the extras will come back to me.
Wee Chee: Haha! So now baby is not the parasite anymore - you are! But it's okay if baby is small what?! Athena was small and then you fed and plump her up, so you can do the same for your baby.
(a while later she came back)
Wee Chee: I checked the chart, your baby is considered average. So no need to worry.
Me : Yah. But I'm going sugery soon. So that means I will not have enough time to help her put on more weight. Would there be any risks for the baby? Won't she be in the incubator? What is the weight......?
Wee Chee: 2.5kg and above is considered okay.
Me : (have to be mentally prepared)

Then hubby was called in to see Aricia. I wonder how he felt seeing her "live" for the first time. We only got the side profile as she was moving her fingers about. A little sad that I couldn't get a nice photo of her.

A little worried. What if ............... To think that I was happy thinking that she's going to be bigger than her sister.

Average Fetal length & weight chart

Weight today : 67.2kg (total weight gain :10.2kg)

Friday, September 8, 2006

Such a thoughtful girl

KZ is happy to hear that Athena has shown concern for her.

In the afternoon, I drove the car to the washbay for KZ to do a thorough cleaning.Athena followed me downstairs, then I brought her up to our room to take a nap. I had to wait an hour later, to drive the car back to a lot, before taking my nap. At 1+pm, I went into dreamland. I think she woke up at 3pm, saw me still asleep and fell back into bed. At close to 4pm, she woke me up "mummy... wake up. Mummy open your eyes (pry open my eyes), Aunty Zep is waiting for us downstairs." I feign ignorance and asked her "why would Aunty Zet be waiting for us downstairs?" "Because she go downstairs to wash the car, she wait for us for a very long long time. Quick!"

Such a thoughtful girl.

Am I prepared?

As we await for Aricia's arrival, I am now beginning to feel the jitters. I know it sounds stupid since I'm already a mother and I should be more experienced than a new mother.

I have three worries now:-
1. Sensitivity towards Athena: As the whole family welcomes the new addition, we can't deny that a small girl will try her best to attract attention when she realise the spotlight is not on her now. Whether we are angry with her or not, we have to choose our words carefully. Making sure that we do not use negative words to compare her and her little sister.

2. Adaptation: In the initial few days and months, I will also need some adjustments (as it was 4 years since I last took care of a small baby), and will I be able to adjusts to it. Having to take care of Athena & Aricia. What happens if they both cry for me at the same time? I have no choice but to put a stop to Athena's daily lessons from me. Who benefits? - SHE!

3. Breastfeeding: I don't know if all those reading will help me. But then again, we need practical help also. All I can pray now is for a smooth breastfeeding experience and I get a helpful lactation consultant.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Two of her favourite boyfriends are leaving

Do children at this age remember who their friends are? (I think so... I still remember my PAP boyfriend, Boon Keng)

Yesterday, I bumped into Javier's mummy, Jeslyn, after such a long time. And she told me that Javier and his younger brother Zendan will be starting next year in a new school. After which the whole family will be emigrating to Perth the following year.
Braxton, her another boyfriend, is also starting the new year in another school. I think it's a pity that her two of her boyfriends are leaving....

One of the reasons I oppose to hubby's suggestion to change Athena to another school was "the friends she has". Now, one by one is leaving. And they probably won't even rememeber her......

So.... shall I change her school? But then,there'll be a disruption to the syllabus the school adaopted.

Vast improvements in KZ's cooking

I must admit that I am rather pleased with KZ's cooking skills now. One thing good is that she is a fast learner. Sometimes, she'll cook the dishes that mom taught her; sometimes she'll cook the dishes from the cookbook I loaned her.

She's learnt to do her dishes nicely, just like mom, with all the garnishes. But the only thing is that, she can be very impatient - instead of chopping the garnishes or food in small slices; she chops them in big chunks. And I happily took something from one of the dish yesterday thinking it's vegetables - and YUCKS! It's ginger!!!

Mom was telling her, now that she's learnt another skill (she has never cooked back in Myanmar), she can open a Chinese restaurant when she gets back home in 2 years time.
And when I think of 2 years later... I am going to eat lousy food again! I doubt mom will be able to help me teach my new helper next time. Sigh.........

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

My printer went to heaven / Selling un-opened cartridges

Of all days, my printer had to die on me - it had to be today.

I was happily printing some stuffs even when the black ink was low, then I decided to change a new black cartridge. When I closed the cover and turn it on, the ribbon made a loud and noisy sound. Tried many times, and finally decided to call Epson technical centre for their help.
At first Ivan suggested to change the other 3 coloured inks as they are empty. The problem still persisted.
He later asked me to do other tests before concluding that I will have to send my printer for servicing. When asked about the approximate charges, he said it'll cost me $100++ and suggested to get a new model with the same price - CX3700 which is selling at $188 in Sim Lim (siao! I'm not going that far to buy my printer)

I left the house earlier to TM to get a new printer before picking Athena up from school. I wanted to find the All-in-one which uses the same cartridges as my old model - CX4500, but it seems like they are already considered old models and obselete. My first stop was Popular, and CX3700 is selling at $248. I decided to go over to Challenger instead to check out the price and range. Was glad I walked over, they are selling it at $178 (I save $70!). The only thing that is not included is the USB cable from computer to printer, I thought that's a small problem as I can use back my old one.

**** SELLING ****

Now with a new printer, my 2 unopened black ink cartridges :T0461 - are of no use. Rest assured that they are original cartridges. 1 comes intact in the box, the other is without box but still remains sealed in the vacumn packed packaging.

If anyone don't mind the other 3 coloured cartridges which has not been used by apparently pricked a hole when I loaded to test the printer :
(Please note that I will sell it at a price of $10 for all 3 coloured cartridges, and it must be sold soon. As I do not want the ink to be dried up.)

These cartridges can be used with the following Epson models :

Anyone interested, please leave a comment at the end of this post.

My shoulder hurts

Veron, one of the beautician at my facial place, made my shoulder ache.

On Monday, as usual she'll give me a shoulder massage like other beautician. I suspect she practically just used her ultimate strength to massage (just for the sake of massaging) without using the proper technique. Mom told me, why didn't you tell her to lighten the strength. I explained that both her and Lina uses strength and I can take it, but I have no qualms when Lina massages me. Infact, I found Lina's skills are much better, even when it comes to massaging the face with ampuoles. Veron? Macam like my skill like that.

Now my shoulder hurts. Darn! I'm not going to let her do facial for me next time.

KZ tried to help me by doing a light massage using a cream she brought from Myanmar, but it didn't help either.


Aricia has been moving alot of late. Moving practically every few minutes,dunno if she's feeling uncomfortable or what, or practising Bodycombat. Poor mummy gets abused by her children.

She likes to nudge her limbs around, suddenly you get a bump here and then there. And she's really cute, responding to me when I asked and talked to her. And when I play her Mozart (or Rojak - as what Athena calls it) CD; she moves in accordance to the music.

I remember saying that she's alot more gentler than her elder sister. She still is - but now moves as much as her sister. I don't mind her moving alot, but sometimes she gives you the sudden movement when I'm either driving or talking - and then I gotta pause. As for driving, I gotta go slow on the road.

And oh yes! Did I mention that she lies on my right side? When I sleep on the side and turn to my right; she'll make funny movements to remind me that I'm squashing her. I have a feeling that when she grows up; she'll have the same preference as hubby to lie on the right. Athena and me lie on the left, and Athena was lying on my left side.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Athena's photos / Our collage

I have been waiting for this for so long.

I don't know, but it seems that I am more excited than Athena. Perhaps, it's due to the fact that I didn't get a chance to have professional shots taken when I was a little child.

I told mom she looks so babyish, mom's reply was "of course lah! She's only how old?" Mom says she really resembles me. I think so too, but I don't deny she's prettier. But mom kept saying that I was also cute and pretty in that "80s era"and I attracted alot of attention from people too whenever she brings me out.

Okay, enough of my nonsense.

Click here

Also, this is the collage of us which I am going to hang in her room. Sigh...... her room looks like a gallery now.

Monday, September 4, 2006

Aricia's gift for her elder sister

I had bought Athena a gift some time back when mom helped me divert attention. It was a Playdoh ice-cream maker, which she had always wanted. Then weeks ago, my sister-in-law (hubby's sister) gave her a dough set with ice-cream maker. When I saw it, I was happy to see girl so happy with the toy but on the other hand thinking that I needed to get another toy for her. So last week, I brought her to ToysRUs to see what she wanted. KZ helped me divert her attention while I went to pay for it.

This is her new present :-

Humpty Dumpty aka Hungry Hippo

Humpty Dumpty had a sudden craving for tim sum last night. So called mom to ask if she'd like to join me today. After dropping girl in school, we went to collect her photos and then proceeded to Neptune Theatre. I have always liked their fried wanton since young. And I can't believe that we've ordered alot of food - with the glutton eating the most. I've never felt so satisfied!! But what made me felt sick was not the food, but the parking charges. We stayed from 11plus to 1plus and the parking came up to $10. Gulp! Can buy me at least 3 bowls of desserts? Ummm..........I shall watch what I eat on Thursday onwards to gear up for my prick test. Haha!
(Frankly speaking, I'm trying hard to eat as much as I can now so as to help Aricia gain more weight. Doesn't matter since I've put on less than 10kg so far.)

Went for my facial today, mom decided to try her luck to see if there's any slot for her. After our facial, we walked around a little. I stopped by for a Herseys Chocolate Cake at Burger King.

I then went to NTUC to ogle at the chocolates. And this caught my eyes!

Many years back I remember Vicenzi sells the puff pastries with my favourite hazelbut fillings besides the plain one. Then it stopped. Nevertheless, I am so glad that I decided to be an ah-soh to pop by NTUC today. There are 6 in a pack, and I finished 3 within less than an hour.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Comex 2006

Thank goodness hubby and myself are not the computer techie freak -otherwise we'll be one of the millions to have "crazily drive to Singapore Expo to find CARPARK FULL everywhere. To squeeze our way around, most of the time will be spent on walking and finding our way out, instead of stopping by at booths. And most importantly to gnao-gnao at those people who walk bloody slow;or stop suddenly infront of us; or have some crazy people bringing their children in on their stroller - wheels come crashing into our ankles.

I think I can count how many IT Shows hubby and myself went - twice or thrice. But those times we went with a purpose to get something and leave.

Anyway, I'm a dummy when it comes to computer stuffs so it's not my cup of tea. The things that I probably would like to see are photo editing softwares; PDAs to look at. But I don't think that will make me crazy enough to join the throngs of visitors to the exhibition. I'd prefer to spend the day lazing at home.

Strangers come together as one

Most of the time you will read my complaints about those no-heart humans existing in this world.

Earlier on, after I have posted an entry in my blog, I went to kapo on other people's blogs. And one of them is :-
I do not know her at all, but I guess that's what blogs are for - for strangers around the world to read. The blogger is from our neighbouring country - Malaysia.
Anyway, as I read her blog, I came across an entry for a lady called SCB. And it really touches my heart to see many people coming together to try to help SCB recover from her coma.

Having said so, I recalled reading an article from Digital Life dated 29th August 2006 - Virtual Memories

Extracted from The Straits Times : Digital Life supplement

LEUNG WAI-LENG pays her respects to gamers who mourn friends they have never seen in virtual funerals

Life comes full circle in the virtual world: People get married in games, and now they also hold funerals for their dearly departed.
As for Fayejin, she was a powerful level-60 troll mage in online game World Of WarCraft (WoW). And popular not just with her guild, Maledictions, but with players from other guilds as well.
Then, tragedy struck in real life. Young Fayejin died suddenly of a stroke in March.
With her online friends scattered around the world and her family's unwillingness to divulge personal details over the Internet, her gaming buddies thought of an in-game memorial as the only way they knew to pay her their respects.
Her friends planned to gather at her favourite spot in the game, Frostfire Hot Springs in Winterspring. A player with her account infomation would log on as her character while attendees would give their eulogies through their in-game avatars or characters.
A video of the proceedings would be recorded and presented to her family.
That was the plan. More on the twist, later.
Half a world away in China, a young girl nicknamed 'Snowly' died of exhaustion after playing the game for several days straight, according to the Xinhua news agency.
An established member of the Chinese WoW community, her in-game friends organised a funeral attended by more than 24 players, who knelt on a grassy plain as a eulogy was delivered.
Like in-game weddings, online game funerals are becoming a vicarious way for players to express real-world emotions for a friend they may have never met in person.
An organiser of Fayejin's funeral, Austin, 17, a student who plays a level-60 orc warlock, still receives messages from players as far away as Europe informing him of similar events.
The phenomenon has been around since Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) went global in 1996.
Local online games veteran, Mr Alex Toh, 29, who has played online games for nearly a decade, remembers attending a funeral for an American guildmate in Ultima Online, one of the first MMORPGs.
He was one of the guildmates who could not spare the time or money to fly to the wake in the United States.
Said Mr Toh: 'Having a memorial in the game is a good way for players around the world to grieve. Although it was virtual, the players took it seriously, wearing black and white and reminiscing about the player. Even after the event, the players kept wearing black and white for months.'
Said Austin: 'There is a person behind each character, and if people realise that, then they can understand that online memorials are very much like ones in real life.'
Agreed, said Mr Alex Mitchell, an instructor in the Communications and New Media programme at the National University of Singapore who is currently researching online games.
Said Mr Mitchell: 'As long as the people involved feel it is an appropriate way to go through the process of grieving for their friend and it works, the emotions are still valid.'
But there are always the louts. And back to Fayejin.
Unfortunately for Maledictions, the Frostfire Hot Springs, where her funeral was to have been held, was also a Player vs Player (PVP) zone. There, players are allowed to battle and kill each other.
Counting on the goodwill of the game's community, organisers posted details of the memorial on an online forum for the game's server, Illidan, and requested that the group not be disturbed.
The plea was promptly ignored. About 20 members from an opposing faction called Serenity Now, knowing full well that the mourners would be unarmed and unprepared, descended on the funeral party, killing most of Maledictions' members in the game.
A video of the massacre was later posted on YouTube, mocking outraged players who posted angry messages on online forums after the attack.
A member of Serenity Now, who gave his name as Matt, and who plays a Level 60 Priest in WoW: 'I wouldn't necessarily say it was right, but I wouldn't really say it was entirely wrong either.'
He continued: 'The mourners could have chosen to hold the funeral in a zone where they could not be attacked.'
It seems that the organisers had put too much faith in other players sharing their sentiments.
'We realised the funeral could be attacked, of course,' said Austin. 'We just thought that people would never do that.'
Mr Mitchell believes the problem stems from differing perceptions of the reality of online life.
'It was a clash between what was allowed by the game's rules and the unwritten social rules governing the behaviour of online communities,' he added.
'Social rules dictate that you should not disrupt a funeral, but in the game, the mourners were simply fair game for the crashers.'

I hadn't realise that WOW is so virtual to the extent that some gamers would actually talk while playing. Hubby is a computer gamer on WOW (an addict I would say). Only recently I found out from him that the voices I hear are the players' voice. To think that they are so willing to pay so much to make their voice heard, and I still think it's crazy for hubby to pay by Paypal every month for some kind of online game subcription?
The cheapo wife can only go on the cheaper way - by blogging on her complaints and ranting about her boring ah-soh life.

I pray for SCB's speedy recovery.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Failed as a PI

KZ was telling me that Athena likes to yak and yak to her before she sleeps in the night.

Sometimes, Athena will rest her chin on both hands (and elbows on a low partition) and yak and yak. Then she will say "Aunty Zep, open your eyes." Or sometimes she will sit up; holding onto her smelly bear and yak. I think she got her talkative-ness from me!

When I asked her what she talked about. She said she talk about her bear-bear; her being a baby blah blah; her mummy and daddy and her grandma; duagu; duakim etc.....

So, tonight I decided to plant the baby monitor in a conspicuous place (under her table - as I needed the socket. And hidden behind my laptop bag). First, I plugged in our receiver in our room; and then asked hubby to bring her to the toilet to brush her teeth, while KZ went to prepare her milk. (KZ is not aware of this as well. Want to see if she got bad-talk us or not. Heehee!)

I tested the other end by making Athena talked while I walked back to the room to adjust the volume and ensure we're on the right channel.
She finished her milk and I took the bottle out to wash and made my exit from there... Came back to the room immediately to listen. No sound! After some time decided to make a check, and saw KZ tapping her to sleep. Probably she was too frustrated with her yakking, so by tapping Athena to sleep will make her talk less.

Shit! Failed on my first day as a PI!

Friday, September 1, 2006

Painted the town red

I looked out of the window in the morning and the sky looks dark. Although it's good news that we won't get burnt under the hot blazing sun but I'm afraid that it might rain when we're in the Zoo. Exactly a year ago, I brought Athena to the Zoo and it started to rain. Although I was smart enough to have brought along my umbrella but that girl can only shelter herself as I push her around the animals' spaces. Poor me was wet.

She was so excited when I dressed her up saying "I'm going to the Zoo", so it was really sad to see her pouting her lips when I told her of the change of plans. She asked if she could go to ELC again, I said yes (but didn't keep promise in the end). It also gives me the opportunity to change the spoilt item which I had bought for Athena yesterday.

We stopped by for lunch at Food Republic. After the fasting and 'watching of diet', I felt like a glutton and went to order a dumpling soup for myself and a red-bean pancake. When a lady came by with a drink cart, I ordered a Kickapoo to give myself those *burps* (no pun intended)

Won't go into minute details on where we walked around today. But brother met us at about 5 plus for dinner. We had to leave too coz' dad is coming by my house to see the baby cot.

We spent the entire day painting the town red. We were so exhausted.. and you know what?! KZ was walking around the house unpacking the stuffs when suddenly she said "argh! pain pain..." She had leg cramps. Haha! Guess it's the first time she walked so much with us.

Some photos of us :
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