Thursday, September 29, 2005

The wondrous life

30 years hasn't been all wonderful and perfect for me. I am not an optimistic person; on the contrary I'm rather pessimistic but somehow I must admit that so far I am able to pick myself up from all my "falls" , to make me think that life isn't that bad afterall. It all matters on how you look at it.

If you allow me to emphasise on the "falls". I received my first fall down a flight of L-shaped steps when my elder sister kicked me down 25 years ago? I survived (thank goodness- with no broken bones).

Okay, okay. I was trying to give my sister a personal attack on this. But that was like the only physical hard fall I've had so far. The falls I am referring to are setbacks in my life.

Nothing is perfect in this world. One thing for sure, I now live my life for my daughter, Athena. And that alone makes me feel I've got a wonderful life!

Never written a diary before

By now, blogs have been on for a long time. I have been tempted to start one but never got the chance to do it. Finally got down to it.
I have never written a diary before (not counting a senseless diary I wrote at 9 years old) and this is going to be exciting.