Sunday, May 8, 2016

An accidental encounter with the OILS

It's been three months since I walked into the oily path. Well, if you don't understand me... playing with essential oils. I shall not divulge which brand I'm using here as I'm not hard-selling them but rather use them for personal use. This is a personal blog entry and not meant as a marketing platform for businesses. * I will not hesitate to delete comments if anyone is trying to sell their brands here. TQ. * 

The uncanny thing about this is that I bought two of their blends for my girls when I read about it on the internet. And that was like 6-7 years ago? I was shipping them from the US all the time. 
One day, Friend 1 was telling me she joined this company. And asked if I knew what essential oils were. Of course I did I told her, I mainly buy to make the house smell nice. And I used tea-light diffuser. She was surprised when I told her essential oils have been ongoing for a very long time already. She chuckled and commented she's the backdated one. And then she mentioned about the store bought oils I usually buy vs theirs. To cut the long story short, the next day she passed me a bottle of Peppermint. Che-che opened the bottle and immediately she took the bottle and claimed it's hers and then start putting back the bottles of essential oils she took from me. She told me it smells different and she likes it. Wow! I wasn't convinced and told Friend 1, who said she isn't wrong to like it coz it's natural and the rests are chemical laden.
Another time, I talked to Friend 2 coz once che-che told me she went to their house and saw so many bottles of essential oils around the house. I had no idea whether she was a fervant fan or just a passerby. I told her the whole story about how che-che is able to sniff that bottle Friend1 passed and friend was pleased that she has acute sense of smell. (I don't! Coz I kept asking "what's the difference. Isn't stronger smell better than the subtle smell?") Friend2 was so excited and really a guru, she started telling me what I can use with certain oil etc.. 
The next day she passed a bottle of Peppermint to my girl when I told her she likes Peppermint. Same thing again, she smelled and kaput the bottle and return me the first bottle Friend1 gave, saying that this is better. Again, I kept saying it smells just the same. Something must be wrong with my nose. She claimed it doesn't and she prefers this better. Then I took a look at the bottle. The label .... something is so familiar... I ran back to my room to take out the blends and checked. If only I can strike 4D as accurate as this. It's the same company! I asked Friend2, "you mean they have an office in Singapore now? How long have they been in Sin? I've been buying their 2 blends from the US all these while!" 
I guess it's just fated for me to bump into this company here. I did some read up on the companies as both friends are members of different company. Needless to say, my one and only judge, che-che, passed her verdict. She likes company 2 better, perhaps she was already accustomed to the smell since she used their blend for years? Even when we have two other oils from both companies to compare, she's still biased with her preference.

I decided it's no harm to join the company as I will need to get the oils. But I had many bottles of the other brands' essential oils. It'll be a waste to junk them away, as much as I would like to slowly get rid of chemical laden products in my home, I will have to do it progressively as I will get rid of them by using them in the toilet bins, toilet bowls. But ask me to drop the new oils into the toilet bowl? It's so .... wasted because they cost $$.

Che-che was telling me about her friend (her mother is Friend2) would always use oils in class in primary school. Their classmates didn't like it but they didn't tell her off and endured for the years they were together. Her friend would use this "weird smell in school but I'm so used to it." "She would also drop ### in the excursion bus such that the whole bus stank. When we went Malacca, we're the only group who didn't get any mosquito bite coz she protected us with her oils. During camps, she would go round the whole room and pour lavender." I answered, "isn't it good. She's putting all of you to sleep." "I don't mind, I love the smell of lavender and she did it to repel insects." Haha! Okay I have no complaints but I'd freak out if I found out my daughter is using oils like water. 
One day, a lady walked past us in Macs and immediately she told me "that's ###!!"  
I remembered her mom was telling me to get this ### which is really good. She started telling me what to do with the oils. It's really nice to have a learned person guiding me. I bought and che-che kaput from me (again). She helped herself to my bottles and put them in her room.          

One day,I started with a little of that "gasping for breath" cough. That same bad cough which I got last year when I fell really sick during the impending move into our new home. I googled and decided to use the oils to heal myself. I was a little skeptical. Well you can't blame me, a person who believed in antibiotics to get rid of that sickness before I use TCM. This holistic living is a total different ball game from the two medicinal worlds. You can say I was sold into it because IT WORKED! I told mom I didn't go to the doctor but used oils. 
Then another day, mom came over and stayed. She suddenly felt feverish. I was a little hesistant to apply oils on mom as she is a renal recipient, and I really need to be very careful. But I decided to try on her somehow. IT WORKED! 

have a lot to learn, it's so interesting (like taking up a third language) but I really have no time to read up on more. However, there's one oil which is indispensable - Lavender. Lil' one is slowly loving it and would allow me to apply it topically on her. Whenever she feels itchy, she'd ask for the anti-itch spray I prepared. Also ask to apply the oil neat on her. "mummy mosquito bite me. Put lavender." 
Something which I need to remind myself. I need to read up before I apply any oils topically. Obviously I don't and a funny mistake I did was to put two drops of peppermint on my hand and rub her scalp. It's refreshing! Her eyes started to get smaller and she kept rubbing her eyes. "I cannot open my eyes.." Haha. Should put it in her mouth so she won't be able to open and talk, right? Then I read "Peppermint is a hot oil. Be careful when using on children."   
I do find myself reaching out for the oils more now. I mean, this is not as hard as cooking right? I get the feeling, then think a certain oil will help to remedy. Nobody suffers from inhaling wrong oils as compared to eating horrible food. I was angry with the girls once, really angry. After scolding them, I went to my room. 
I felt horrible and applied an oil on myself. Not too long after, I felt so much better, I didn't have that feeling of something gripping my heart.
The oils will change our lives, slowly. 

Looking forward!