Saturday, March 22, 2008


Children in the bus - Athena with Si Xian, Jachelle with Neil

I decided to go for the show, after getting the assurance from Mrs Wong that I won't be in the way. I'm glad I made that choice, the show is fantastic - it's like watching Hi5 - for free! (athena had the first row) I didn't bring camera along as didn't want to be seen as a papparazzi coz' I'll go crazy snapping photos.(paiseh) Umm... I did regret after that coz' my stupid mobile battery went low. Had to be thick-skinned to ask Teacher Linda to help me take some photos which she later bluetoothed to me.
And I didn't want to be seen as "an outsider" - must pretend to be a teacher. Hee! Even to the extent I tell my daughter not to acknowledge me as "mummy" but Ms Teo. Haha!
(Conversation the night before :
M : Athena, tmrw mummy's going with you for the performance & I need a small request from you. Becoz' no other mummies are going to be there, so please don't keep calling me 'mummy', pretend I'm your teacher
A : Why? Is it only you going? How come?
M : Becoz' mummy asked Mrs Wong for permission
A : Oh.... you mean other people mummy daddy never go
M : Yes, so tomorrow don't call me mummy
A : call what?
M : Call me principal (bursts out laughing myself)
A : (looked at me)
M : Call me Ms Teo
A : ( silence) )

Performance is at Riverlife Church
We were the first to arrive, the children upon hearing all the christians songs started singing out loud. Getting the attention of the ushers there; giggling away at these cute kids who were belting out all the songs played. Asked "how come they know?" Of course lah! Christian Centre so should know what?!
It was a small group of only 4 schools being invited. My girl's - Lutheran Child Care Centre, Grow & Glow, Gracehaven and Touch. One of the staff, whom I later found out was Lisa, the Director of Superlife, introduced herself to me and I couldn't lie - not in the house of God - told her "I'm Lily, not a teacher but a parent of one of the student."

Show started, got the children up and about dancing away. Then it was story time - Esther : Tale Of A Shining Star.

After the show, they were sharing and can you imagine them asking kids "who wants Jesus to come into your heart now?" (pause) "Put up your hands... follow this aunty."
I stared in disbelief, come one they're only kids they won't even know what's going on. My girl was playing (twirling) with her hair; obviously didn't put up her hand but just followed her friends. And before you know it - the whole LCCC is out there. Haha! Not that I'm against this but ultimately I do hope my children will accept Christ into their lives but... they're still ignorant what's going on. (funny to see my girl + other children sitting on a chair in a circle oblivious to what they'll be told next. When asked her later "I dunno what it is.")

There's an autographed segment where they'll give you a postcard and the children queued up to get their autographs. Being kiasu, and being the only parent there I asked them if they sell any DVD. They didn't expect this sale during this show, so had to call someone to check on price.. meanwhile I took out the sleeve for them to sign as well.
DVD Sleeve

Her classmate kept wondering how is it that Athena " has CD and I don't have. I also want." I should have bought the other one as well - Esther DVD. Umm... maybe I'll see if I can find it outside one day.

Her class was the last to leave... and you know what?! The group posed a photo for their class. Argh!!!No camera
I didn't take any videos but managed to find this short video.Anyway, I guess I couldn't take much of photos or videos too coz' I was helping the teachers out and children going pee pee.

Video of Rocfish

They have one last show at 10am tomorrow in Riverlife Church in Loyang Besar Close. Sigh... wish I can go but I have things to do tomorrow and I bet it's going to be very crowded. ** Riverlife has this Superlife worship service for children from 1 month to 12 years old. Isn't it cool?? Thought of bringing her down and maybe.... touch her heart and then maybe....

Lastly, RocFish rocks!!

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