Wednesday, March 5, 2008


(In draft too long... all forgotten)
I love strawberries and I was jumping with joy when hubby bought a huge box of strawberries from Seoul. I saw so many big ones and immediately ate some. Woah.........shiok!
and today Moo Han has to talk about it.

Athena was asked to pick up her violin to practise yesterday. She surprised me - that she could press the strings hard enough this time and bow it (with just a little 'touching other strings') properly. Still very ah- nia nia no strength bowing but I get to hear the whole songs.
And... she asked to continue her violin + a new class in ballet. Huh? Ballet?
I'm happy that she's rekindled her interest in violin, but somehow I'm so worried that history might repeat itself again. "Athena press harder, string harder. A! A! A string not E string!!"

Hiroe & Rag asked if Athena is going back lessons soon. They don't like the new class, all the parents are very stuck-up. Hiroe mentioned too that Ms Low is leaving at the end of this month. *feel so ticklish* but may end up kena sabo-ed by Athena who always give me false hope.

Being a typical kiasu mother
Since young, my mother has always told me to "sit infront so that you can pay attention to the teacher" and so I stupidly obeyed her since mummy's words are never wrong. Somehow then it becomes a bad habit of mine to sit infront everywhere, and kena targetted by teachers asking students for answers.
When I'm older, you expect me to be a little smarter and sit behind right? No! Still must sit infront! Training days in SIA, can die lor.... want to doze off also cannot coz' infront of trainers. Don't be mistaken, it's never boring in class just that having to be back as students again after so long...most of us can't take it. We'd look forward to the breaks, suddenly the energy is there. Back from breaks, we'd start to yawn. Break time is also the time I buy mentos - to keep myself awake in class later.
Now, I shall pass the baton to my children. They have to sit infront next time so that :
Athena - cannot daydream in class if she's seated in the front
Aricia - will not fight with students behind the class

This meeting is finally materializing. MH (Moo Han) and myself went to visit my buddy after our gym. Evan, at 7 months, is so cute! It's really interesting to meet up, it wasn't much of catching up on our past since we're all ahead in being young mothers.
I wish the time will stop and .... unfortunately we had to leave. Well, the next meeting will be at my place next week and will try to get our other batchmates. Some of them are still flying so cross fingers.

I don't know why everytime when it comes to PTM, I will have to be so bloody suay and can't leave Athena at mom's place. Today had to bring KZ & Aricia out with me.
PTM went well, not many people attended.
And Peggy had to say "I'm the strictest parent in the class." Of course lah! She has to practice properly. Don't come and waste my time!


The Chengs said...

Maybe one day, you'd start hating PTMs, and start putting on the reply form "Unable to attend". ;-)

Lily Ann said...

But being a kiasu mom, I think I will still go to hear what the teacher say.