Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Comparison chart

Brought Aricia for her jab today as well as to do her assessments. Umm... quite okay, just that Dr Tan used the 6-10 months checklist (as it didn't coincide with the present 6-in-1 vaccination). So some things is understandable that she can't do it now.
Her growth is still small. A small petite baby (but nasty temper) as compared to her sister.

This is the comparison chart I did for the two of them. You have to click the picture to bring you to another window to view it. I can't seem to enlarge it.

Athena skipped school also, since I'm bringing Aricia to the PD thought I might as well bring her in as well. Athena to date, weighs 20kg. That king kong baby.. nobody would believe that she was a small baby at birth. Dr Tan also didn't believe her age.

I have been wanting to do the Pneumoccocal vaccine for a long time but never got the chance to bring her to see PD. Asked Dr Tan and she did vaccination for both my girls. Aricia was the pitiful one, she had two jabs in each thigh. And she cried but then stopped. As for Athena, she has always been our Xena. She didn't cry but let out a "errr" when the needle was poked into her fat thigh.
And the bills came out to $416.50 for the two of them. $$ gone just like that. poof.... Am considering if I should give them the chicken pox vaccination or should I just it be natural - they should be out (just like the old folks always say)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sticking to mom / Athena's naughty girl / Photos

For the past 2 days, Aricia gets so happy the moment I step into the house in mid day. Then she wants me to carry her while she naps; the moment I put her down she'll start scolding me and look at me "why did you put me down mummy??" (Well, if you think how did I update my blog in the daytime- used one hand lor)
When I asked KZ if Aricia wanted her to carry her in the morning to take her nap. "No.. she'll just lie down there and keep quiet. Then I can do housework. But she see mum come home very happy.. At night she don't want me to carry her, just turn on my bed and sleep."
Sigh.... she just wants to stick to me.

You must be thinking why is Aricia sleeping in my helper's room. We thought since we had the little one, it's the little one who demands attention from us.. but the truth is - the older girl whines for us. When she sleeps, she now has this habit of whining and asking us to sleep next to her until she falls asleep (coz' apparently scared - timid girl everything also scared. Ants also scared!)So, what happens is when we try to make Athena sleep; she always end up playing on her bed. It frustrates us and either of us will walk out of the room. Then she started whining louder and cry.. Aricia being the light sleeper gets aroused from her sleep and starts crying. Then Aricia wants to be carried.... so instead of 2 person (1 having to pacify the big one and another to pacify the younger one) doing stupid jobs, we'd rather Aricia sleep in KZ's room first and when the big one is fast asleep in her dreamland; then Aricia will be brought back to her room. Very troublesome huh? I wonder how long this is going to take?? As it is, I don't have time in the daytime now, in the night Athena don't give me a break. Then end up I have to stay past midnight to do my own things - I'm not sleeping much!

Dropped by mom's place in the late afternoon before picking Athena up from school. And these are the photos I took of Aricia and Ignatius. Ignatius didn't know what was going on, Aricia kept looking at my mobile phone and kept smiling. (I told you she's always smiling right?) Then she was looking at her di-di and went to touch him.. it was a very sweet sight to see 2 babies looking at one another.

Day 2

Went for BodyCombat conducted by Suhaimi in the morning. Not as bad as what I expected from myself, the body aches from yesterday's workout didn't feel painful when I'm on the move. I always had problem doing the jumpkick - like one retarded co-ordination like that. Not to mention now that I'm laden with fats all over my body, fats were wobbling about, jump but can't kick or kick but can't jump. Although I still see many toned and slim women inside; I was happy to see 2 women fatter than I am and even worse than me doing the punches. Yee ha!
Went hopping on equipments and this time round, I figured how to use the abdominal crunch equipment.

I had some time before I left the place, so spoke to a Personal Trainer about their package. Well, first had to do a Fat Analyzer test. I told him it's a waste of time coz I'm overtly obese. Results: Fats are everywhere. He explained I gotta cut down here and there, like as if I do not know. And I gotta lose 6kg, and if I go for 3X PT sessions per week, in 6 months time I should be down to 6-12kg. 6 months? I'm hoping to lose 3kg in a month!

And so, I signed up for some sessions and I shall see how - if I've slimmed down all my problem areas. If not..... I think I should go for lipo and then work out from there.
Wish me luck.

Monday, February 26, 2007

What's going in her little mind

Aricia looks up to the interior car light whenever I turn off the car engine; knowing that I'll be opening the door and the light illuminates. She is anticipating the light to come on and kept staring at the light. And then she'll smile knowing that the time is getting closer to see a light inside. When I open the door, she smiles; laughs out loud and kicks her legs in delight. She knows she's learning something new. She knows about cause and effects. I've read so many books about what's in a baby's mind by child psychologists and isn't amazing to see it unfolding right infront of you?

So, before you do anything. Stop and observe your child, you'll be so amazed at what goes in a little mind.

First day in gym

It's funny that when I put on my gym gear and sports shoes this morning, I felt so energetic (otherwise I'm like a slumbered ah-soh). When I walked out of the house - that stride I took, was like as if I've been exercising and I was ready to 'chong'. That's still left to be seen later on.

Athena wanted her breakfast at the coffeeshop, I took her untouched bun at home and was not hungry after that. Strange? I normally would be digging for food. Umm.. perhaps it's psychological mentality. Okay... today I'm going to watch what I eat, well I did say after CNY didn't I? And I'm no longer BFeeding so can cut down on food. Dunno if it's hard, coz' I have this weakness for tidbits; chocolates and sweet stuffs. And well since I have a helper at home, she can help me eat the chocolates. So you see.... helper don't just help me do housework; she helps me take the fats.

Drove down to Orchard (wanted to save time) and started on the equipments. I felt tired, and frankly not as bad as I had expected - probably due to the short lapse in my workout. Flat bods women walked infront of me; skinny women worked hard at the equipments and I was thinking "oh shit! they work so hard when they're skinny, what about me?" And it's not like I was a perverted woman oggling at the other women but they walked infront of me - what can I do? I had my music and my book to keep me occupied, but I got headache from the movements and trying to read the words. But I must admit that the book kept me going, I didn't know I had worked out so long.
When I switched equipments, found out that they have moved the positions of the equipments. And since there weren't that many people as compared to after work hours, I was able to move around quite smoothly. But I had problem using one of the abdominal equipment, there were a few equipments working out the same area, and I had to choose the one I had problem with. Moved again to find one that works for me, but my flabby stomach didn't moved at all.. so it's working at the wrong place. That tummy is too big, may take me a long long time..... perhaps until my membership expires I still haven't got to flatten my tummy. Then I did the shoulder press which works also on the triceps (hoping to trim my arms size) and then I thought... "hey! I can work out carrying Aricia what?!" I worked out with Athena when she was a baby, but she wasn't so figety as Aricia. If I work with Aricia, I might worry dropping her on the floor or something. But hor.... Aricia is much lighter as compared to Athena lah! Use her as a dumbbell is akin to not working out at all.

When I was there, I kept thinking if I should go for Personal Trainer to work out the specific areas.. or if I've done wrongly - I would need the guidance from the PTs . I want to lose the flabs, so shouldn't I be doing all the cardios first and then when I'm down to the size and (flatten my 6mths pregnant-looking tummy; shrink my fat thighs & arms) then I use the equipments? Correct? I dunno leh.... all I hope it's not a waste of my time working out wrongly.

Tomorrow, I shall go for BodyCombat. I haven't stepped into the studio for 13-14 months. I think I did BodyCombat 22 or was it 23, and now this evening they're launching BodyCombat 31. Oh my!

It's also a consideration if I should continue my membership with Cali.

Gf Wilma was saying "I'll be looking good in 3 months time" - I don't know if I can look good to my desireable size (fit into my kebaya ) in that time span. Let's just say I have this determination now, and hope it doesn't die out.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Aricia is keeping me up to my toes everyday, even when she's fast asleep - I'll wake up startled thinking that she's woken up and run to her cot.... false alarm.

I get people, strangers telling me Aricia is cute. Some who have seen Athena as a baby will comment that her little sister is prettier. I don't know - that's left to be seen in the future. Actually, pretty or not pretty ; personality counts. As it is, Aricia has got a nastier temper as compared to her elder sister who will endearingly say yes to everything you do.
But that's what life is meant to be, we get challenges from our day to day activities. I'm challenged to take care of two different gals, with their own character / personality. And I love them just as they are.

Now..... didn't I say that children are a joy........*frowning*

Photos taken the last few days. Did I mention that Aricia is greedy, she'll eat and then turn to look at you asking you for more.

Eyeing on Kueh Bangkit

Propping her up; only to have her sliding off deliberately

The forgotten highchair that was stowed away 4 years ago.
Eating the table

KZ was playing with her hair and did this - 3 coconut trees.
She looks cute in these pictures, with her 'everytime smiling' looks and curls that makes the hair look funny

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Massive update

I finally got to finish doing the stuffs I need to prepare for Athena's home study.Yeh, I know I talked about this a long long time ago.. but I never got the chance to act on it until now. And the preparation took me about 3 days, working from the time Aricia / or both sleeps till 3am; no nap in the daytime coz' the little one keeps me busy. I look ghostly with dark rings under my eyes.
So now I'm ready to teach her Blends & Digraphs. While preparing the materials, I found that the way they introduce the 'between words' is so interesting and creative. Wow! I think I can really run a Phonics school now.

My girlfriend says I'm crazy and the most kiasu mother she's come across.

Now.. I dunno where I left my mobile phone. And goodness! When was the last time I checked my phone?!?! Day time busy; night time busy... wau lau eh.... macam I'm working in Geylang like that.
Is it in the pile of cardboards or what? Or in some bag? Darn! I hate it when I try to organise some things (in this case her study materials) and end up being so disorganised!
Don't think there's an urgency to find it now. Don't ask me to call myself, coz' my mobile is always on silent mode. Anyway, I don't think anyone would be calling me right? If it's my family, they can always call me at my home. If someone is calling me to help them from loansharks or killer, too bad.... I think they're dead by now.Hahaha

Speech & Drama
Since I was in the vicinity today, decided to check the Crestar - Hougang in person. I was still waiting for the person to call me to confirm the class but no one called. Anyway, the available violin class is only left on Wednesday 1pm. Nah! She's in school. They do have space in their Speech & Drama,which runs every Saturdays 10-11am. Yippee! can check that on my list. DONE! But must admit the school was not in my list.
I am still trying to psycho Athena out in taking up violin but she still insists on it. Asked if I give her a choice between violin and dance.. she still wants to learn violin.
Okay lah........since she wants; we'll give her. Otherwise she might end up blaming up next time for not letting her do what she wants.
♫ Called up Thomson's Crestar - no available space for violin at all.
♫ The next choice is to go back to Marine Parade - the first place I called weeks ago. When I called today to check, it's still available and it seems like it was all fated to be where she should be. They were waiting for that one person to make up for the class of 5 to start. Only weekdays, so now every Tuesday 6pm is the 'yi yi or or' day.
And then we gotta pay money to be a Suzuki member. (So I know she's learning the right stuff not like some idiot person who so claimed " we teach by Suzuki method" but pointed to the book and even told me it's a brand name.) DONE
Umm... gotta go down to the pool soon to find Mr Tan to find out if he has class on Friday. I dunno where I left his name card. (Shit! Forever losing things, one day I'll forget to bring my children home) The rainy season is over so I think I can start her sometime in April (maybe) and I can resume my swimming.... er.... I think I should buy a new swimsuit??
I Can Read
I'll put a hold on this first. Let me go ahead with my lesson plans and I'll see if she can read simple books from what I taught her.(She can recognize some words from GD flashcards though.) If this works, then can forget about enrolling her in the school, coz' to read is basically about deciphering the words.
Art Class
Not that important, though she draws atrocious pictures but I don't expect her to be a Picasso.

This is infuriating! Mother say I always accuse them on no grounds; say they can't control her she not scared... but the truth speaks for itself again!!Everytime she stays there and come back home. I ALWAYS HAVE TO END UP NURSING HER. It gets really frustrating you know?! She wanted to stay overnight on Wednesday and Thursday, so I let her be - so that I can quickly finish doing her cards. I was there to pick her up on Wednesday, only then she said she wanted to stay overnight. Then the ice-cream man was ringing his bell, brother asked me whether Athena can eat. I said no! He probably asked when I was there; if I was not there - all hell breaks lose. No rules and Athena will be happy like crazy. When I called her in the night during the 2 nights, she was always eating some tidbits.
I want her to enjoy her childhood and remember that she usually stay over at her grandma's place, but yet I do not want to keep telling mom not to give in to her - only to be chided by her. Most importantly, I hate to nurse her when all they did was to make her happy by feeding and allowing her to eat. I hate to do the dirty job! I hate to worry if she'll vomit on her bed when she coughs too much, I hate to keep worrying if she'll get choke from her vomitus if she vomits and we're in our room - can't hear.
Been wanting to do some shopping, I feel like dressing up and beautifying myself. Get nice clothes; a nice hairdo and bring my little Aricia for more shopping. But I'm going to lose as much weight as I can, and do the shopping from that whatever size I can go down to.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The way my children sleeps

About 2 nights ago, hubby and the two kiddos slept in our room. He brought in Aricia's mattress and let her sleep on the floor while the older girl sleeps on my side of the bed.

The next morning, he told me "It's really horrible how Aricia turns in her sleep. Just like her sister but worst!..... I found her partially under the table today." OMG! My daughter under the table? Quite hilarious to see how a small kid like her can sleep and turn so much, when hubby and myself don't turn so much.
For sure, we can't let her sleep between us - just like how Athena will kick us/punch us when she's sleeping with us.

How to fight?

Last night I taught Aricia how to fight with her di-di. Yup! Great mom at her deed again!!

" Aricia, first you fight with your hands (brings both hands and do punching action) * she smiles*. Then you kick with your legs (motion kicking) * she laughs *.
Then you scream ahhh..............
If di-di fights back, and you're losing. Use girls' most powerful tool - you scratch with your nails.
Then if you're going to lose the fight, you'd better run."

Yay! KC girls RULES!

I wonder if she really understood me... coz' I swear this morning as I got up, I heard her practising her vocal chords. She was lying on her back and playing then she went "a..a...ah..ah..ahh...ahh....ahhhh.....ahhhh........ahhhhh.......ahhhhh.........ahhhhh........
she's learning how to scream.
Oh you mean she was vocalising? Stupid mom!

Where my children came from

Although Athena hasn't reached the stage where she'll ask me where she came from or how she was made. All she knew was "I come from mummy's stomach" and she even thought Ignatius comes from me?!?!

Then when she saw our wedding portrait on the wall one day... she asked "mummy, daddy buy you flowers? mummy where am I?" First time she answered as a matter of factly, before I could answer her, "oh I know.... I help daddy mummy take photo." Quite smart, she thought she was the photographer, so not in the picture. Then another time when she knew mei-mei in my stomach, she said...."oh... I in mummy's stomach." And when she saw my photos taken in SQ days, she kept saying "I'm in mummy's stomach." Innocent!

Anyway, we like to joke with her, and saying that she was picked from rubbish dump is too common, so I came out with : " I bought you from the Pasar Malam for $2." and to tease Athena further, bought you at the stall next to Ramly's Burger (coz we always disturb her that her parents are ah-pu-nene. "Then how about mei-mei?" "Oh.. mei-mei we also bought her from pasar-malam for $2." "Ah-pu-nene?" "No... next to the Otak stall."

Oh such a great mother huh? First was to teach her about Santa Claus instead of God (no wonder she got her heaven and God all mixed up), then now I teach her this.

Mongolian spots

Whenever I look at my two little kiddos bums (perverted mom), I can't help but wonder why Asian babies tend to have Mongolian spots. I've found my answers in these and draw the conclusion from there.

What is it?
Mongolian spots are nothing more than dense collections of melanocytes, the skin cells which contain melanin (refer to red coloured wordings below), the normal pigment of the skin. When the melanocytes are close to the surface, they look deep brown. The deeper they are in the skin, the more bluish they look. Either way, they are not related to bruises or any other medical condition. They do not predispose to skin cancer or any other problem.

Who gets it?
At least one Mongolian spot is present on the great majority of babies of Native American, African, Asian, or Hispanic descent. Caucasian babies occasionally have this condition.

Despite the name, Mongolian spots have no known anthropologic significance, except for being more common in darker-skinned infants.

What are the symptoms?
These flat birthmarks can be deep brown, slate gray, or blue-black in color. They do sometimes look like bruises. The edges are often, but not always, indistinct. They are most common on the lower back and buttocks, but are often found on the legs, back, sides, and shoulders. They vary from the size of a pinhead to six inches or more across. A child may have one or several.

How long does it last?
Mongolian spots are present at birth, and most of them fade (at least somewhat) by age two. Most have completely disappeared by age five. If Mongolian spots remain at puberty, they are likely to be permanent. Fewer than five percent of children with Mongolian spots still have any by the time they reach adulthood. Those who do tend to be the ones with multiple, widespread spots, or with spots in unusual locations.

The mention of dense collection of melanin - as we all know melanin is a substance that gives the skin and hair its natural color. It also gives color to the iris of the eye, feathers, and scales. In humans, those with darker skin have higher amounts of melanin = mongolian spots!
By contrast, those with less pigment have lighter or more fair skin coloring.

Generally, those with darker skin tones and more melanin are able to tolerate exposure to the sun for hours without getting sunburn. By contrast, a person with lighter skin may get sunburn after spending only minutes in the midday sun.

So it means mongolian spots on your butts (where no one can see) is better than getting your face and skin burnt (where everyone can see).

Nappy Rash

Apparently I still have a block nose and didn't know that Aricia had pooed in her diapers (which could explain her frettiness at mom's place earlier). But I didn't understand why they (bro and father) didn't tell me or smell anything....
I tried means to stop her from crying and decided (mother's instinct that it's not her wanting me to carry her but something else) that I had better check her diapers.

When I did, I cleaned and she had little nappy rash.(poor thing) Quickly cleaned her and changed her into the new diapers. Speeded like nobody's business (heng TP to catch me) back home to shower her and air her bottoms.Could have done it in mom's place but felt horrible after the episode.

More experienced this time round (Athena had more nappy rash), so I knew how to handle this and prevented this on Aricia.

} cleaned her bottoms with water
} applied Hydrocortisone on it. Since it's very very mild, one application is enough
} air her bottoms until she pee-ed on the sofa. KZ was still gleefully teasing her until I told her "who's washing it huh? Carry her.." and I took out the cushion cover and cleaned the cushion with Dettol.

What causes nappy rash?
Nappy rash is a skin inflammation. Most cases are due to a reaction of the skin to urine and motions (faeces). In addition, a germ called Candida commonly thrives on the inflamed skin. (This is the germ that causes thrush.) Candida can cause a more inflamed rash which may include darker red spots spreading around the nappy area ('nappy thrush').

Most nappy rashes are mild or moderate, and are not serious. Occasionally, skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, infections, and some rare skin diseases cause unusual nappy rashes.

Logically thinking.. this is what I'll do?

* show her bum to the world and for the ah-pek in the opposite block to see. This is to let fresh air get to the skin.
* change the nappy often Try not to let the urine and motions in contact with the skin for long periods. Infact, those washable diapers aren't helpful either!
* at home, since I have the basin.. I'll wash her bottom instead of relying on wet tissues.
* make sure the bottom is properly dry before putting on a new nappy. Dry by patting, not by rubbing, with a towel.
* don't use powder such as talcum powder which may irritate the skin and infact if you think or experiment what will happen to powder when you add water to it. So it isn't a barrier method of protecting the skin.
* barrier creams those with zinc oxide helps to protect the skin from moisture. Works better than Drapolene or Johnson's .

The next morning after the holiday

Today, we had a solo lion dance in the coffeeshop just downstairs my mom's place. I dunno what happened but that naughty girl, Aricia, kept screaming and crying for me. I can't even let go of her. Even the kind intentions from my parents and brother had to be rejected. They carried her for a while and she'll scream.
Very pai-seh... the whole coffeeshop kept looking at that small but mighty lungs girl doing a solo 'dong cheng dong cheng'. I buay tahan, she simply refused to be let down not even a moment to take something from the bag.

Saw Si Xian's father, and I asked him "would he like to change baby??" He looked puzzled until I told him that his wife wanted to change our babies coz' she was expecting another boy when we saw each other. She had wanted a girl and when knew I was preggie with a girl asked if I wanted to change baby. So now I gladly change my baby away.

When Aricia's making so much noise, it makes me think "oh boy.... I better call Mt E and see if there's a mistaken identity - brought home wrong baby." I'm sure she's not my baby.....

The screaming didn't end there. She was so fretty even when I brought her upstairs for a short while. Sister got mad with the loud scream from her; slammed the door and started her verbal screaming herself. And dad trying to tell her (as a matter of fact) "yes, and you were worse when you were younger" only to be snapped by vulgarities.
I know it sounds irritating especially early in the morning, but surely she can't blame when the baby refuses to listen to me or anyone who tried to coax her. Deep inside, it makes me feel that my Aricia is not welcomed in the house.And it was because of her, dad got the verbal abuse for nothing. So what?! I shall not bring her up anymore lor..... At that point, I just feel like walking out of the house. I felt so horrible, all coagulated from the earlier episode in the coffeeshop.

All the cutesies red packets

I have this liking for cute things. So every year, I'll buy a pack or two on cartoon characters for the children. And the very goldy ones for parents.

Some samples of what I bought this year
And these are what my children received each. I only sort out the cute ones for this picture
This has got to be my favourite! From sister and it's from HKG

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CNY - Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3

Eve night, hubby and myself slept rather early.. just after the countdown. So whatever has happened to the 守岁?

Woke up early to get the children ready to go over to PIL's place at 9+am. Since it's too early to give the kiddos their shower, I just gave them a wipe before dressing them up.(fortunately I was a little smart to give them both their 2nd shower quite late the day before)
Here's them playing around first........ And since mummy couldn't scold her.. Athena took the chance to bully her mei-mei

新年快乐, 恭喜发财

We were the first to arrive in PIL's place, while waiting for hubby's sisters and their families, I kept munching on Bak Kwa and a few pineapple tarts (which were not sweet & very nice); chocolates etc... Yup! That's why I said I'm going on a diet after CNY. So gotta eat as much as I can now.
SILs and their families came, had our meal (early lunch) there and we were the first to leave the place as we had to rush to Marina Mandarin to pick my friend up. I didn't get much photos of them, these are the few I've taken.

In clockwise direction : SIL Jasline, Johnny ; SIL Aveline and Jasline ; MIL ; SIL Aveline (also born in the Year of the Dog)
Didn't have time to grab any cousins' photos together, this is the only one I've got. And..... Athena being the only girl and being shy didn't talk to her cousins at all. It took alot of coaxing to get her to sit on da-gu zhang's lap in the first place.
Picked Richard up a little late, good thing he came down just in time to check out. Since we were around there, we thought we should go over to River Hongbao - something new for Richard & KZ. Stopping over here for a snapshot for Richard and KZ. He's seen the Merlion at the old site before. We wanted to walk over to Fullerton but the ah-pek and ah-soh cannot take the heat. We were melting... if only the sun can melt my fats. Oh boy! I'll be there 72 hours!

When I looked at this photo, I realised he had Athena's smelly bear in his pocket. And then I remembered about this blog.. wish we had taken photos of her smelly bear's travels!
We stopped at the Esplanade for a thirst quenching drink, the weather was superbly hot. Since Richard hasn't had his meal, we stopped at Thai Express. Going into the airconditioned place was... heavenly for us - the roasted pigs. I needed my limeade desperately, ice-cream would have been better but I just had ice-cream the day before. We sat ourselves down instead of the waiter bringing us to the table, sitting near the portable aircon. Stupid weather!!!
Athena was eyeing on the chocolates that Leila gave (apparently she was on a short transit on her way to MNL, and I missed the chance meeting her) her. The Whitmans Chocolate comes with a toy Snoopy, which Athena was clutching to it tightly refusing me to snap a photo of it
As we cooled down and our heartbeat beat at the normal rate, it was time to go. We gave up finding the River Hongbao.. and good thing hubby suggested waiting at the pickup area, the flabby ah-soh wasn't that keen to walk back to Marina Square.

We went back home to let Richard (and us) rest first, Richard was staying with us for the night before he flies off the next day (19th). We rested and entertained him in our small & humble home. I ate again while giving Richard his favourite Bak Kwa. I popped in alot of melon seeds.
Then it's time to go over to my parents' place to 拜年 . My family were looking forward to us visiting them, well.... in actual fact they were looking forward to meeting Richard. Mom last met him in 2002 for his wedding in Palm Springs, while the rests of the family last met him on my wedding day in 2001.

Richard & mom before dinner time
Food! Food! Food! Roasted pig - Richard's favourite

Dinner was good, as usual. Mom always take the extra time to cook her food nicely and she'll take her time to do her presentation nice.

All the 3 grandchildren are in the home. Well, not much noise this year coz' only my 2 loud girls are making noise. And Ignatius was sleeping through while Aricia was screaming in hunger; screaming to be carried. Oh boy! That boy sleeps really well.. and with his mouth opened too!
Little Aricia sleeping on the floor; Iggy with his mouth opened
Dad gave me my favourite Julie's Chocolate rolls + Strawberry rolls. Hubby gasped!
Before picture taking, we were chatting and eating. Umm.. more Bak Kwa and they had a big box of Ferrero Rocher. Tum tum tum...........I wonder who ate so much?!? No prize for guessing. Hubby warned me "you better don't eat so much.... tomorrow must cook liang-shui (herbal tea) already."

3 woof woofs
The proud grandparents with their grandchildren
Our family!
Family was sad that Richard is flying back tomorrow, they didn't have time to play host to him. And everyone's wondering when he'll be back again. I said probably at my sister's wedding.. and sister went "oh then.. you'll be here many times, coz' I'll get married; get divorced; get married; get divorced."
(After looking at the messy and chaotic picture, I think we should approach the studio for a proper family photoshoot. Umm... maybe we'll wait till Aricia and Iggy is a little older.)

We were tired.. I was getting a little sniffy. I dunno why I kept sneezing away, it's either dust or I'm coming down with the flu. At home, chatted with Richard while watching HBO and then I couldn't take it and had to excuse myself for bed. I'm such a bad host!
Day 2 (19th)
Umm... I don't think it's the aircon that's making my throat dry and a little pain. Oh no! It's not the snacks lah! I think I was over exhausted (trying to psycho myself). Told hubby and he gave me the "didn't I warn you, you greedy pig!" look.
Richard had 2 slices of bread and coffee, then we brought him out to Jalan Kayu for Roti Prata.
Oh my! We waited for an hour for our pratas. This is madness! We were hot and feeling rather kan-cheong. Had to leave asap to get him to the airport in time.Well... when asked he said the prata is worth the wait, I don't know if he was just being tactful.But then we had more important thing to do - whisk him off to the airport and get RID OF HIM!! Hahaha!just kidding.

Richard eating pratas

Went back home to pack up his bag and we were out in half an hour. Good thing Punggol isn't that far off from the airport so although he checked in at 1040am for his 1205pm flight, he still had the time to do some shopping inside.
Athena was so happy to send him off at the airport, thinking that he'll be back soon (just like her dad always does)
Goodbye Uncle Richard

I was feeling sweaty although I had my shower before I left home and only went to the airport. Went back home and we all really scrubbed ourselves clean... and being the clean freak hubby and myself couldn't stand the idea of the house not cleaned during CNY, hubby took out the vacumn cleaner and steam-cleaned the flooring of the whole house and he also steam-cleaned the sofa (Athena dirtied the sofa just as we were leaving home). On Day 2! No wonder we're always poor!! I pity my helper, she was given one day rest yesterday and today she has more laundry to do. I kept changing clothes coz' I was perspiring and took many showers. Siao ah.... my luck all gone liao! Late afternoon, it started to rain. Thank God! Throat was getting worst but the tin of chocolate rolls kept telling me "eat me, eat me." I ate two and got scolding from hubby. Then, one hour later was feeling a little hungry I took a slice of bread and put... bak kwa in it. Actually hubby dind't know about it until I had to put my bread down on the coffee table while I carried Aricia and the bread kindda flipped open. "still eat bak kwa?!" and giving me the 'you deserve it!' look Like I said, I'm going on a diet after CNY so must eat as much as I can now right?
Hubby cooked luo han guo, I scooped them up in cups for 5 and had some spare so bottled them. Looks like I need it more than them.

Anyway, it's a good thing that both hubby and myself hated visiting. And we aren't that close to our cousins now that we're all older and gone our own ways. PILs and mom were also born in Malaysia so most relatives are in Malaysia. As for dad, it's only him, aunt and another adopted brother. Ai yah.. better still stay at home and don't hear the nonsense or the stupid relatives always trying to compare this and that with their children and us. I'd rather play with my children and sleep. If not, I sit and munch and grow fat is much better than hearing craps!

In the afternoon, hubby was reading the papers and Aricia was fighting over it.

Click here for video.

The children napped, I wanted to - body's tired but mind still alert.So was drafting blog and hoping to post it in on 19th... no chance obviously!

Evening time, my engine is running flat.. I was getting more sickly. Hubby and Athena went out to get a cake for Aricia. Came back from Compass Point with a plain cheesecake as her cake. Well... better than none at all. The children enjoyed it, Athena had fun poking the cake with the candles; shifting it one side to another and moved again. And she helped to cut the cake... well it's a good thing it's only eaten by the family and KZ didn't mind the horribly cut cake.

Happy 5th month, Aricia
Aricia kept looking at hubby when he stopped feeding her. She was enjoying the cheesecake, makes it easier since the cheesecake melts in her mouth.
Athena giving the thumbs up too!

I wanted to give Athena her music lesson but I'm dead tired. After eating that small slice of cheesecake I headed to bed. I'm going to sleep in Athena's room alone, hubby will have the two kiddos in our room.

I tried the Panadol Cold & Flu Hot Remedy for the first time. Well, at least now that I've stopped breastfeeding I don't have to worry when I need to pop anything in my mouth.
Peace at last! I didn't care... I heard some commotions my girl made; I knew she was learning how to spell some words and kept asking my helper and then she did some Math with hubby, I heard everything but I was lazy to move. I wonder if a person is semi-conscious.. if that's how they feel?
Day 3 (20th)
Felt slightly better, wanted to blog but hubby suggested bringing the children out for a movie. At first I was quite apprehensive but then, I thought that since hubby's flying off again better to spend some time together. And moreover, it's not like we go gai-gai on all our weekends.

Snapshots of them in the morning

In the car, Athena asked me "mummy, when is Uncle Richard coming back from his holiday?"
Me : Holiday? He had his holiday in Singapore
Ath: No.. he holiday somewhere. He take aeroplane go holiday. Uncle holiday in USA?
Me : Yes, but that's where he stays.
Ath: Huh?? (eyes opened bigger)

Photos in Aricia's blog (didn't take any photos of Athena outside)

Basically, we had our lunch in Country Manna - haven't had that for a very very long time. Had our nice meal and then just outside Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao, the Lion Dance troupe was there. I managed to get two separate (not so good) videos. Wanted to continue recording it too see what the lion formed on the plate but the children were getting scared.
Click here. video 1
Click here. video 2
Walked around and then went for the show. Hilarious show that mimicks what happened in my ex-company too, I felt I was acting inside the show. (Except the ball was passed from SBS to SMRT to LTA to PTC. Wahaha!) and things like "we need black and white. You cc to this and that person and whatever shit." I'm glad I'm out of the shit and I don't need any 'black and white' to bring up my children - I just scold and smack them when they're naughty; praise them when they're good.
Aricia was a good girl inside the cinema. She watched a little; slept and watched; ate Kueh Bolu. She was so quiet when I offered her, simply opening her little mouth for me to feed her.

After the show, we went shopping in Carrefour. Was tempted to buy my Opera cake but decided against it. (umm... for the time being) Athena had been bugging hubby for her popcorn in the cinema so hubby had no choice but to buy it for her in the supermarket.
We wanted to have our dinner there, but then hubby decided he's still full so we made our way back to Punggol Plaza for our meal. Well, I'm glad that even for that short 15 minutes in Food Mall, I got these two videos. See how greedy she is; grabbing KZ's hand into her mouth. She puts the popcorn inside her mouth; starts laughing; eyes darting about as if she knows the camera's on her.
Click here. video 1
Click here. video 2

Our day is coming to an end, it's back to working day tomorrow for hubby, and for me... my crazy days start again.
Took another sachet of the Panadol Cold & Flu Remedy and then I started to read what I had been drinking. 750mg of paracetamol? Isn't that alot as opposed to the normal 250mg x 2 tablets we take each time? Phenylephrine Hydrochloride works as a nasal decongestant. Although I do agree that it doesn't make me drowsy (which explains why I'm still writing at this time) but I may not want to take it anymore.

Can anyone help?

Can anyone help?? I've given up sewing up Athena's bear's nose - which seems she deliberately pulling it out.

Any idea if Martin Huang or Woffles Wu can help?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ushering 春节

The year has almost come to an end. On a footnote, the Year of the Dog was a relatively good year for us. We also had a little baby to add to another Dog in our family. And good thing, Iggy came in time for his first angpow and join in the league of 3 doggies in our family.
Grandma dog, che-che dog and di-di dog. And you know what? They were all born around the same time?? Golden Pig is here waiting for midnight to strike and he will snort his way in. He'll be blessing those lucky ones who took the opportunity to try for a baby and who will be popping in his year. He'll save some space in his sty for them (haha..just kidding) Lunar New Year is a time the children will love, they get to dorn new clothes and shoes; they get to receive red packets; they get to eat candies and tarts ;they get to see their 'see only once a year' relatives. For the older ones, it's a dread coz' you get relatives asking you "why are you still collecting angpow? Why aren't you married? When are you going to have children?" Phew! We escaped those.... unless some stupid idiots might come to us and asked us "so.. try and have a son!" I will tell them, if you can confirm giving my son a space in ACS or CHS I don't mind.


New clothes were purchased for the two princesses, no chinese cheongsams (sad..) this year as they are either too big or too small. For myself, I only bought one top. I wanted to lose the weight so didn't want to waste the $$. Suppose to buy a new pair of shoes but I just didn't have time to go shopping. When I did, that naughty Athena kept pulling me away from the shops!
I prepared some small oranges for Athena to give to her school teacher when she goes back to school on Wednesday, and for her grandparents as well. It's cute (made small red packets) and I really like it. Very red and gold looking! Needless to say, our house has to be cleaned. We did everything except to thoroughly scrub the kitchen floor. Decorations were up on our small home, red red red everywhere. We didn't but much treats this year coz' we always end up throwing them away. Something that I've always wanted to do, is to do the Cantonese candied tray (but may end up throwing them away..). Each item represents some kind of good fortune :
* Candied melon - growth and good health
* Red melon seed - dyed red to symbolize joy,happiness, truth and sincerity
* Lychee nut - strong family relationships
* Cumquat - prosperity (gold)

* Coconut - togetherness
* Peanuts - long life

* Longan - many good sons

* Lotus seed - many children
Normally every year, we would have our family coming over to my house on the 2nd or 3rd day. Where it's our turn to prepare food for the family. Ya lah.... yours truly can't cook so we do steamboat - healthy some more! I think this year they will skip it coz SIL's doing her confinement now.

There are many taboos on what not to do during the Lunar New Year

The entire house should be cleaned before New Year's Day. On New Year's Eve, all brooms, brushes, dusters, dust pans and other cleaning equipment are put away. Sweeping or dusting should not be done on New Year's Day for fear that good fortune will be swept away. After New Year's Day, the floors may be swept. Beginning at the door, the dust and rubbish are swept to the middle of the parlor, then placed in the corners and not taken or thrown out until the fifth day. At no time should the rubbish in the corners be trampled upon. In sweeping, there is a superstition that if you sweep the dirt out over the threshold, you will sweep one of the family away. Also, to sweep the dust and dirt out of your house by the front entrance is to sweep away the good fortune of the family; it must always be swept inwards and then carried out, then no harm will follow. All dirt and rubbish must be taken out the back door. (back door? in our HDB flats??)And there's always the argument between hubby and me, he likes to vacum the floor and when I tell him, he says he's "sucking them up and keeping them in the vacum cleaner." Argh! Feel like strangling him.


All debts had to paid by this time. Nothing should be lent on this day, as anyone who does so will be lending all the year. Back when tinder and flint were used, no one would lend them on this day or give a light to others.
Everyone should refrain from using foul language and bad or unlucky words. Negative terms and the word "four" (Ssu), which sounds like the word for death, are not to be uttered. Death and dying are never mentioned and ghost stories are totally taboo. References to the past year are also avoided as everything should be turned toward the New Year and a new beginning. If you cry on New Year's day, you will cry all through the year. Therefore, children are tolerated and are not spanked, even though they are mischievous.(how about children crying? does that count??)

3. WASH HAIR?? On New Year's Day, we are not suppose to wash our hair because it would mean we would have washed away good luck for the New Year. (shit! I always wash my hair thinking new year new start) Red clothing is preferred during this festive occasion. Red is considered a bright, happy color, sure to bring the wearer a sunny and bright future.(yes! and what time do I also get red interior! Menses!! Super lucky this year)

Enough of my rubbish! Here's wishing one and all..
A Happy and Prosperous New Year
(let us oink together, everyone!)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What a surprise! !

Reached home at 10+pm after Athena's music lesson and was in for a small surprise. Hubby bought a small cake for me. He didn't do it like so lovey dovey kind - its unlike him, (if he did, I'm going to suspect if anything happened during his last business trip)he simply brought it out from the fridge and showed it to me when I was doing something behind.

Athena was so happy to see the cake and was prepared to sing a birthday song and cut the cake. But KZ kept saying "no... it's for mummy. Your daddy buy for mummy is....(feeling embarrassed)."

The cake is heavenly - filled with chocolate. Hubby took scraps of it coz he hated chocolate. I vowed to go on a diet after 19th after we celebrate Aricia's 5th month birthday.

When I went to the room later to put my bag, I saw the flower on the bed. I was obviously elated like a cow, coz' to get him to do it spontenously is like asking him to carry a mountain for me.
I took out the flower and grinned at him. And you guess what he said?
"Actually it's free one... they gave complimentary flower." I wish he didn't tell me and deceive me for his whole life this little secret. I would have been deceived to think "my husband went through all these for me." But then again, knowing my practical down-to-earth husband he wouldn't mind paying $18 for a cake plus small flower instead of $18 for just a cake alone and no flowers.. and dunno whether the wife's going to nag at him if he didn't get me any flowers. And he won't buy a bouquet of flowers today coz' it's marked up, he'd rather pick some wild flowers from the roadside... since I can be easily conned (that's why I got conned into marrying him) with small things.
(mom says I'm the stupidest stewardess around. Never open my eyes big on board, target First Class passengers.)

Don't ask me why the surprise today coz' normally I have to grumble that he forgot our anniversary on Valentine's Day. Perhaps he suddenly remembered as we missed it this year; or he's thankful to me for giving him 2 beautiful (ahem) children; or he's suddenly guilt-stricken; or he's cheating on me!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Managed to get a video of Aricia how ticklish she is - she laughs at the slightest thing. And I like to see her toothless mouth.
Click here for video

Anyway, started her with the brown rice (for full day) yesterday and now the feeding is at a controlled situation - every 3 to 4 hours. Still can't drink much; still small baby - wonder where all the milk go to. ?? Have a feeling she's going to be smaller than her baby cousin.
And I am controlling her feeding time, so it's much easier. I did the same with Athena, just that with Athena her milk feed was at every 3hr interval so the transition was like the usual. As for Aricia, I have the opportunity to control her every 2hrs or 1 1/2hrs feed now. So.. both children feeding time are the same.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Realied that I haven't put up this long overdue picture of Aricia at tummy time. How's her skills?? I think she's slower than her che-che and abit more 'nuan'. At this time, Athena was sitting quite steadily when we propped her up. As for Aricia, she doesn't!

Honestly speaking, it's either she's really 'soft' or she's simply mischievous. I hope it's the latter and I have some same incidences to prove it - when I put her up she uses her legs to move herself down and she starts smiling. And it happened a couple of times. But then there are some times, when you put her up she'll fall like dominoes to her left ; right; centre. I hope it's not this case.. otherwise it's a concern for me to check out her development.

Now.. what about the tummy time? She's been doing it, but most of the time her hand position is wrong, so she's stuck!

Aricia likes to play. I play peek-a-boo and she starts laughing out loud. I hit the sofa hard and she laughs out loud. I do funnhy things or even talk - she'll laugh. Whatever it is makes her so ticklish?? Oh! She has this fondness for plastic bags; perhaps it's the crinkling sounds that she likes (as I noticed she liked the cloth books that makes crinkling sounds.) You take the plastic bag away from her and she'll cry & shout. She's so loud... as compared to Ignatius who's so gentle. Yes!Yes! I know I shouldn't let her play with plastic bag. I only let her play (for a short while) only when I'm there .. and then I take it away from her.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Busy weekend

After getting scolding from Athena for not bringing her home early from school - so that she can visit di-di, I brought them out again on Saturday.
Well... before brother had to quickly leave for work, Ignatius decided to poo-poo. And my SIL can't change the diapers (too tall.. will be hunching her back + scar pain etc..), he wanted to ask the nurses to help; until I volunteered to help. In the room, I was the most experienced since I just had another baby not long ago. They felt comfortable (I think) and let me do it until I shreked "oh shit! how do you clean the bird bird?" My father was trying to 'suan' me "just clean lah! You clean babies before what?!" "Yah! I cleaned 2 ko-ko-poks (my daughter's endearing way of calling her private part) leh! This one is bird bird!"
And my irritating father had to ask Athena "come come to see the bird bird".

Read their blogs for more pictures :
Athena's blog
Aricia's blog

Had been a mad woman running around from place to place these few days that I'm really exhausted. Plus hubby not around so it's mainly a 2-man show. Exhausting! You can imagine how exhausted I was - I was to put Athena to sleep but I fell asleep instead!!

Hubby came back home late last night. So... our 6th anniversary went by quietly. Infact, I forgot about it until he mentioned "ay.. today 10th hor?"

Since hubby hasn't seen the baby yet, we went down again. And he hasn't visited my mom either so went to visit her today.

Then we have to attend Victoria's birthday party in Tampines. Hubby didn't want to go - good also! Can go on a slow pace for Athena.
Read about the party here!

Came home late; needed to shower her; put her to bed..and she was complaining that she didn't do her music lesson today. And I needed to post my late blog entries - apparently all pre-dated and posted late - 12th Feb (Mon)!! Which also explains I didn't do much editing for the photos, just load in and write.. faster this way.

Shit! Another busy weekend next week. It's CNY and will play host to Richard and turn my house into a Bed & Breakfast for him. Thank goodness, we don't have much relatives to visit. Can rest, rest and rest

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Look! Who's here!!

Amidst the un-prepared news that my SIL, Pauline has to be induced today.. we were even more un-prepared when brother said gynae suggested Emer C-Section as water bag level dropped drastically. At that time, I was at SGH visiting mom. She had fever again and she looked jaundiced. Sometimes I wonder why... why is it my mom? Why must let her suffer so much in her old age? Can't she just enjoy being a grandmother in her old age?? Doctor was suggesting a minor surgery.. actually not really a surgery, it's like puncturing holes to her stomach to remove something.. I just can't recall what's that word now.
Anyway.. after visiting mom .. drove down to KKH. Abit siao.. my brother also rushed down from KKH to see mom. So, the four of us - father; sister; brother and me all like dong-dong like that drove own cars. If possible, can tong-pang someone and save the parking fees right? We gave KKH & SGH 4 times the parking fee.

Initially I had wanted to go back home to bathe my smelly girl and only stay on for 1hour or so. But when we were there, SIL was still in the room. So in the end, shelved the plan and stayed on to stay with brother outside the OT. Wah lau bei long siah! We waited and waited outside the OT. Nobody told us we were to wait elsewhere.. until one staff called my brother on his mobile. We were then looking for it. I couldn't contain my excitement! I am going to see Ignatius - my nephew for the very first time. And.. we're only a few steps closer to the room. Ignatius eyes were opened and he looked at us. I was quite a drama-mama.. I almost cried. Shit! I cried when I saw my two girls when they were brought to me, now I cry with my nephew.. Either I am siao or too emotional. Helped brother take pictures of Ignatius. And the nurse flipped the receiving blanket to confirm gender. We were like... "oh.. so you going to show us his bird bird?" So, I'm honoured to be the 3rd person- other than Pauline & brother - who saw him.
Guess what the bloody nurse had to say to me. "Oh! You're pregnant?!" "No... I just gave birth not long..." She was so embarrassed, and I blamed not only my fats but the breastfeeding top that I was wearing. You see lah! My sis said I shouldn't be writing too much about me being fat in my blog, but that's the truth what?! When I told this to SIL's mom, she said then I should have No.3 and try for a boy. I was saying "no, no no! 2 is enough. 2 is enough to drive me up the wall." I didn't realise in my excitement my voice was so loud that a doctor who was standing nearby was laughing and he later smiled at me when he got into the same lift.
Back to the topic - After that we left the room, brother waited for her outside while we suddenly remembered it's lunch time. So, I went upstairs to bring them for makan. When we went back to the room, they were still not there. When I brought down the food for brother outside the OT (& I complained that I forgot to take a photo of Ignatius & me), they said they're changing her room. So I was given the duty to pack the things and bring them over to the new room. Should have charged them bell-hop fees.
Ignatius was already in the nursery. We brought Aricia to see her di-di (cousin) and put her too close to the glass, she knocked her head on the glass twice. Haha! Got some interesting shots of her (in her blog).
Then as they wheeled Ignatius into the room, we were all scrambling to carry him. Of course SIL's mom was there so I had to show my respect.. When I did, I was so happy. I just wanna cry (crazy woman!) and then I want to carry my own baby again... Maternal instinct kicking in?? Argh!No!No!
I'm a 姑姑 already!
I'm going to bring my camera along when I next visit them. These photos were taken from my mobile phone.

Baby Ignatius
Born at 1.25pm
Weight : 2.71kg
Length : 46cm
Head Circumf : 34cm

Hey! Both Aricia and Ignatius were born around the same time. Just half an hour apart..

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Who's with the atrocious mandarin??

I have been commenting about the recent McDonald's advertisement to my hubby. Saying that the guy didn't pronounce his word properly.

I went on for days and he's been keeping quiet, so the more hao-lian I became and continued..... he got tired of my yakking (as it is the small one yakking drives us crazy) and said " it's 招财 lah! not 早餐. You heard it wrongly." Haha!So I listened again.. and yup! confirmed don't leave any post-production editing to me at all.

This is so hilarious!

Mom is warded in hospital since yesterday.. and today we got news from my brother that my SIL needs to be induced. Wahaha!! Both of them in different hospitals and I can envision us running around from one hospital to the next.
So the little boy piggy is destined to be a little doggie; just like Aricia. And somehow I don't understand why my mother is so concerned about "born at the end of the year" when we don't really bother about the Lunar calendar. I mean, isn't it great that Ignatius is born in the early part of the year? And that is what really matters for school registration.
On the other hand, they are lucky that Ignatius can collect angpow this year.

I can't wait to see Ignatius and be a gu-gu. Time to pamper him now!

Talks too much

I don't understand Ms Chan. First, at the Teacher's - Parent meeting last year, she said Athena is very quiet in class; don't talk much. Then today, she complaint to me that Athena has been talking alot now. She says one sentence; Athena says more than one sentence and then she just yak yak & yak. When I asked her what was she talking about. "oh... everything under the sun." "Isn't that good? She's interacting?" But somehow I got the drift that she talked too much by interrupting/irritating her. So.. no choice infront of the teacher have to bedek bedek "Athena, next time don't talk too much and interrupt Ms Chan. Listen to what Ms Chan says in class, ok?" No response! But deep down inside, I'm happy... (crazy mother) that I didn't pick the wrong baby home.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


After playing hide and seek with Mr Sun , we managed to sun the brown rice. Brown rice are readily available in NTUC Supermarkets but I don't like the idea of the instant brown rice (as I was told) - definitely preservatives inside. Infact, we had a free brown rice from Athena's prize before. I tried and didn't like it. It looks and taste slightly different. Anyway doing DIY is good coz' I have the assurance that it's the right stuff I'm giving her, and also the pao-shen we can go for the better grade. Please don't ask me what are those things that I grind them in, I can only identify the pao-shen; white colour thing and barley.

1 kilo of brown rice gives me this amount
Hard work but I'm happy and satisfied. Okay, so will be able to give her now.

Good riddance!

Brother's helper finally arrived and was brought home on Sunday. And based on what they've observed, she's much much much better than EK - or we call her one leg based on chinese translation.

The new helper is from Indonesia and she didn't need to be asked to do her duties, she just went along. Picked up the things and she knew what was the purpose for those different sprays. Let's hope she stays this way. I guess, even if after a few days she shows her true colours (eg. lazy).. they will have no choice but to keep her until my SIL's confinement period is over.

Well. it's a good thing that they got rid of EK to get this better (not heart thumping) helper.

The last time we knew about EK was that she was re-hired by someone else. So we thought she had better wise up her actions. Or if the new employer is also the "dirty" kind where she/he can live in a 'they think she cleaned the house' condition, then she's lucky.
But guess what?! They asked about her on Sunday and she's already back home in Myanmar. Apparently, she was working hard for 2 days and then on the 3rd day onwards they noticed she didn't have strength at all. Good riddance! So she think she got a good deal by coming here to work. Well... now she knows Singaporeans are not that stupid !

Sunday, February 4, 2007


We played host to Richard today before he leaves for Melbourne & KL tomorrow.

The whole gang went over to the hotel to pick him up; and headed for Chinatown. (Well, the last time he was in Singapore - 6 years ago : for our wedding.)

We were walking to our first stop - lunch when we passed by Sri Mariamman Temple. We were naturally drawn to enter the temple as we heard music coming from it. Turned out as I checked, they were bathing the God - no wonder the Hindis were seen clasping their hands. Richard is indeed lucky, the very first time he was here (this is his 3rd trip) I brought him here and there was something going in inside - he remembered it was a wedding. And this time round, he caught something again. First stop was Yan Palace Restaurant. At first Richard was doing alright with his chopsticks; then he got tired and asked for a fork & spoon. Food was alright, it's the company that matters. I enjoyed the hashima more than anything else.

Here's one together

Taken outside Chinatown Point

We then left to walk around Chinatown in the blistening hot sun. It got worst when we were walking in the stalls at those closed roads. People and people everywhere... even if it's not the sun that gets us perspiring; the people walking so close to us will make us perspire.
The heat got into Englishman Richard, who's used to cold winters in both England & US, and he was practically drinking & drinking. First, he needed the decaf drink from Coffee Bean; then we asked if he wanted young coconut juice and he took it. Hot and cold - drink buay lau-sai I laugh siah!
He looks better this time round. Once his perspiration was practically trickling down his forehead

So inspired by Yveon's hubby who takes nice shots, was trying it myself but turned out horrible

At one stretch of the road, I made a loud tsk to which the f#$%-ing woman turned to look at me like about to pick up a fight. I glared back at her. When women fight; they scratch like cats. Haha! So, it's not hormonal changes during pregnancy that make me bad tempered.
What happened was I was so frustrated with this couple walking in the opposite direction. We were walking along a narrow path in both directions. And this couple were holding hands and already the path is just nice for 2 person to walk they have to bloody block my way; I tried to move to my left or right but there's simply no space. And they so lovey dovey to the extent that they still had to continue holding their hands. They could have just let go for that one minute and let people past or have one of them walk infront the other. No.. they didn't & we jammed up the other pedestrians for a split 20seconds. I didn't care and just squeezed my way through forcing the lady to walk behind and she heard me tsk at them. Darn! Should have just pretended and step hard on her toes. I turned back not to look at that f#$%-ing woman who thinks she's pretty in that spaggetti top and fully made up face (hope her make up melts on her face & the boyfriend gets scared by it & run away); but rather was seeing how my helper was to push the stroller with them so stuck to one another like Chang & Eng.
Anyway, I do not want my outing to be spoilt by some irritating pests. To us, its not really exciting things anymore but to Richard everything is an eye-opener. He wanted to get this Chinese top but it costs $53, although it's cheap after conversion to USD, he thought it's not worthwhile.
And how I can't forget his favourite - BBQ pork? Wanted to get him a kilo of it to bring it back home but US customs are very strict. So..dunno what else to get for him. The queue in Lim Guan Eng is long and we didn't want to wait, so we bought him a few slices to eat for tonight (before he flies off tomorrow) from 美珍香 and we bought ours too-which may finish before CNY.
We had alot of snacks along the way, he was curious; I was greedy. I bought and we all shared. He wanted to try the tapioca cake but was too full. Umm... okay shall see if I can get him that when he comes by on CNY. Well, no one lied when they Singapore is a food haven!

We sent him back to the hotel for a rest before Dolly takes over the night shift. I followed him up to his room to collect something from him. Thought I'd help keep the things he don't need with me for the time being, so that he don't have to lug it to Melbourne & KL. And we were sniggering away.. thinking of what he told me earlier in the day. "You know when you came to send me off in the hotel. People kept looking at us? They see me; you and a girl they think.. family?" I laughed and said it's impossible coz Athena looks chinese unless it's my second marriage. So when we stepped into the hotel lobby again, I made this remark "oh that woman with her child is back again!"

Anyhow, he's back again on the 17th and fly off on the 19th morning. He's going to stay with us - in our small but humble home. And do some visiting on CNY with us. Umm.. shall look forward to that. Athena loves him and even offered her hand to him to let him hold her today.

* More photos with the children in their respective blogs *
Ate so much rubbish while in Chinatown. Had 2 Thai pancakes; 5 spicy fishballs, 1 McFlurry. Hubby said I ate so much, and I wanted to answer him back "well.. I'm feeding my fats."