Monday, March 18, 2013

Athena's First Trip .....

..... ALONE without the naggy mummy and her irritating little sister.
 My big girl, is making her very first overseas trip with the school Handbells Ensemble.

She was really excited in the beginning of the year when she heard that the P5s were going for a 3D2N camp in Dairy Farm. And even more exhilarated when the Handbells - for the first time - are heading out to Hong Kong for workshops and performance. She did ask if we were going with her, we replied no and she seemed alright with it. Lousy parents!

Fast forward the months, and today she's finally leaving for the trip. I packed her bag for her and had everything labelled. Ha! I'm too systematic. Had a checklist pasted on her ziploc bags which I hope she'll make a check before checkout. 

We woke up really early for the first day of the school hols, earlier than usual. Grandma had to send her off too. 

I felt excited too coz' she gets a chance to travel without us, and she seems to be handling it so well. Goes to show she's finally grown up. The next 4 days, she'll learn to take care and be responsible for herself.

Without much ado, these are some of the photos I took today.

Leaving the house
Thought she's been wanting Mcs breakfast so we brought her there. But she wasn't so enthusiastic, was worried if she'd be late for the meet up time. Sigh..... if only she's always so anxious when it's school term
Woah! First time leh! My daughter asked us to hurry our breakfast. And she turned around and dragged her bag towards the lift. The parents and grandma became her children, tagging behind her
Her BFF was already there
A picture with the Teachers in charge of Handbells. One of the teacher had been a teacher since my time and no... she didn't teach me

.Checking in. The all so familiar procedure, however this time round they do it without the daddy and mummy's help. The parents were the free-iest people around there. Not really for this Mammarazzi who's busy snapping pictures

Their instructor

A prayer at the beginning of the trip

A group pic of our ringers
CHIJ (Katong) Primary ringers and their teachers and Instructor

Waving goodbye to us. They can't wait to get in
Not 11 yet and she knows what is "being embarrassed" 
Oh no! Does it mean I can't hug her next time ??

The parents running to catch up, they're like chasing after stars

Is mei-mei feeling sad??
See you on Thursday, my girl!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Disney on Ice 2013

The girls saw the advert on TV and begged to go. I thought last year che-che said the show was lame? Nonetheless, I went to buy tickets for them. Was late so didn't get the first row - ended up the third row. Sigh....

I love this!! Bubbles