Wednesday, November 25, 2009

JXC Concert

JXC 1st year-end concert. Just one more year to graduation and then everyone will go on their separate ways (I think). I have the option of letting her go for private lessons (hopefully together with Aricia - if she qualifies, so as to save travelling time)

Photos :

Playing her solo pieces - I don't understand why she brought her book out when she didn't even look at it ?!?!


今日は私の大きい少女(アテナ)のための特別な1日です。 彼女は今日7歳です。 彼女をバービーショーに持って来ました。 彼女はそれを愛していました!

For her birthday, I brought her to a Barbie show at Raffles City. She loves Barbie and she was indeed surprised.
She loves the costumes at Level 1, didn't want to leave the place. She eyed on the new toys - a doll house which costs a *coughing* $500. I eyed on the bedroom set, when I saw it last week. I dote on my girl too much, I know I keep saying that I won't get her any more toys but .... this mummy was deprived of this ; didn't want to disappoint my child.

Told her I'd get her a present, which is the bedroom set coz' both the doll house and aeroplane is too expensive.

I intended to leave after the show, but there was a Meet n Greet at 4pm. So we stayed on. While waiting, we had our snacks at Aerins.


My little girl talked about her wanting to show Barbie her nails etc... and while queuing up she always had to run away. When the usher stopped her, she told him "I go and show Barbie doll my nails." Sounded very enthusistic.

The children were given a sticker each. Just as they were going up on stage, my lil' girl chickened out. *slap head*
In the end, only che-che took photo with the 'don't look like Barbie' girls