Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

I saw how hard she worked these days. I don't know if it's for this Halloween thingy or if she's suddenly matured. I really hope it's the latter. But this final decision was made in the afternoon. A last minute decision you should say. I told her "you don't study hard, no more Halloween next year onwards."

We had to make a pact- two hours only. Had to ask KZ to cook their dinner and they'll eat in the car on way home. Che-che agreed.

Prior to leaving house, gave them the ugly treats I prepared

Reached the place 5.15pm, officially start trick-treating at 5.25pm. We were practically rushing and mamarazzi was busy snapping pictures.

What is Halloween atmosphere? You need decors
Buckets to fill up the treats
And you need the kids too!

My Little Red Riding Hood and Queen of Hearts

Did you know that APPLE came up with it's latest gadget? A huge iPOD. Woah! Loved the way these people

She was running. Infact, we were running! Don't forget we had to cover everything in 2 hours.

Mr Wolf, Mr Wolf trying to devour my girl.

At exactly 7.18pm, we were back in the car ready to go homw.

By 8.30pm both kids were in bed. Happy Halloween Girls!

Halloween Treats

I'm not that enthusiastic in preparing so much treats this year. Perhaps it's of the lack of time I have now compared to last year and the year before. And I really do need the rest as much as I can.... after fused out/ sucked out of my internal energy end of each day like a martial fighter.

Even the goodie pack was ahem - SIMPLE! I didn't go back to MMI; I didn't prepare any for mei-mei's St Hilda's friends coz' not appropriate lah!

I bought these for my girls. I like the Blood Drips - meimei was screaming in the supermarket when I told her it's blood and "hey! it's your blood group - B+"
I bought a few big packs of these Reese pieces. And simply gave out without wrapping them up or tagging it.
I gave some of the shortbread cookies to che-che's friends too.
On Halloween, while taking a short break myself after the intense coaching. I decorated these chocolate cookies for my girls.

The new student

Candies for the little girls.............

who didn't wear her school uniform

who went wondering in the woods instead of studying
waiting for ??

Happy Halloween girls!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Exams! and all the grumblings

I totally hate Exams period (full stop)

With a 4 year gap in between two kids, with one kid who needs alot of pushing; with one girl neglected. Exam period and still alot of homework!! What the ?!?! Shouldn't it be time for revisions? And I'm one old menopause woman so mad with a kid who dilly dallies, who gives you untidy work, who gives you stupid careless mistake work. I mean REAL careless mistake hor! And then I don't have much time for her to do MY WORK. All the time rushing to complete her school homework amidst her and my tight daily schedule/shuttling between classes. Mind you, I don't sign her up for every class in the world. I may be kiasu (scared of losing out) but I still believe in giving my child a fair share of play and work. And substantial amount of classes for her weaker subjects.
And I have one man in the house who don't understand why the wife keeps screaming; scolding; banging the table when I'm erupting. Who thinks that "look! I didn' t have to study so hard and where am I today. So let her be".
When mummies meet we talk about the treacherous education system we have here. How we'd lose out if we don't work on par with the peers. Unfortunately not everyone understands until their child reach the proper schooling age.

I thought I had some support but realise nope - I have a non-supportive mother who thinks I'm abusing her poor grandchild. Who keeps telling me that the girl is not so smart so I must face up to reality. What the ?! So I've been boasting or raising up my standards? Can somebody just go and take a look at the way my girl do her work! I don't mind geniune mistakes but careless mistakes - BIG NO NO! I cried when I saw her SA1 results, it wasn't those kind of condemn results but it wasn't justifiable for my hard work and her intelligence. And why did I cry? I felt all my effort and shouting had gone down. I want to give up, I'm really exhausted. But if I give up then she's really DEAD MEAT. Nobody to push her.

Careless mistakes
Mom kept saying everyone makes mistakes. Yes, every kid is bound to make careless mistakes. I made alot of careless mistakes too when I was schooling. But I was born at the time when kids still had time to climb trees to play; I was born to both illiterate parents. If I had been caned at; nagged at - perhaps I would be doing very well in my career and writing my thesis instead of blogging right here.
It's a matter of whether child makes minimum mistakes or tons. My girl is alot! She knows her work but like I scolded her "your eyes; brain and hand cannot co-ordinate. Your eyes see one thing; brain think another; hand write another answer!"
I just had to prove it, prove to someone. Mom had a look at her SA1 exam script and realised - oh yes! The girl is extremely careless. She knows how to work her way around the problem but dunno where she came up with a original number (eg. in problem sum you see numbers like 20, 4 more, 6. It's multiple-step and she can work but she starts with a "30". Where the heck 30 come from?!) Transferring mistake; and the main killer - untidiness! And that's the time she speaks the same voice as me. After that? She'll go back to her old school of thoughts.
She didn't realize that her granddaughter has the potential, or in her biased eyes - - - shall not say anymore. When once she was in the house and girl asked me a question, I mentioned one sentence haven't got around to guiding her how to solve the problem. She exclaimed "I know already and then started working out on her own." I pointed out to mom, "look! this is what I mean. I usually only need one explanation and she understands. In this case, she solved everything even before I could help her." Mom kept quiet and dare not mention anything about my girl being not so smart.
Please don't be mistaken, I'm not saying that my two girls are geniuses. There are many kids out there who are definitely smarter than them. But if she's kept them to the minimum of 1 -2 or no careless mistakes, that is the result that she deserves.

Everytime before any exams, I'd be screaming my head off. The screams get more aggitated and loud. Coz' I find myself repeating the same old phrase which I have been doing daily. (I'm not doing a 'last minute trying to change her 360 deg' but it definitely takes up a toll in my health having to repeat the same old thing day in day out.)
1) careless mistake!
2) you transfer wrongly!
3) you didn't read the sentence carefully. Already indicated as singular, you can write plural!
4) untidy. You can't read what you write so you add/minus wrongly, you think your mother and teacher can read your handwriting!
5) question asks for this, you answer that!
Last year, I wrote down all the rules on the whiteboard and every minute I had to repeat "what is Rule #1? when she is untidy, I'll tell her "turn around. tell me what is Rule #3"
The only time I can redeem my constant screaming is to see the results that she deserves. So that hubby won't say I've been screaming in vain.

This Exam period is really jialat! I didn't have much time to cover during the September hols. And during the 4 days PSLE Marking Day - I thought I can cover a huge amount of work. Ended up with tons of school homeworks (again!)
Then I feel so guilty ignoring lil' girl. Thank goodness she's rather independent. But still.... I would prefer my other half to support me. You know what I mean?

Running against time, haven't had much time to throw those school exam scripts at her. Siao liao lah! P3 already like this; how about next year. And she's involved in SYF next year!!

Apart from the schoolwork, I should be thankful that I don't have to do housework or cook. Wonder how I'll survive when KZ's not working for us. Have to be mentally prepared when the day comes. By then, my white hairs grows at an even faster rate. I'll need a pacemaker.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To do :

Che-che's exams has yet to begin but I can't wait for it to end. I have so many things I need to do.

1) Call HDB to check on our toilet.
It seems like there was a leak between the wall, water seeped out to the corridor area when there's high usage on the shower head. Could be some piping problem.
Then again, reminds me never to trust those idiot guys who put up their services on the papers. They do rubbish job!! Months back we noticed some bubbles appearing on the wall. Water came out when you press it. Hubby called for that idiot guy, who said there was a leak in the piping and then went down to his vehicle to get a brand new tap thingy. Our point was, why change that if there's piping problem. Changing it won't solve the problem right? And that guy had the audacity to charge so high for one stupid tap, which I can get cheaply at Sim Siang Choon. I told that to hubby before I left the house for the girls' swimming lesson.
All I knew was I was greeted by a slop job of installing the tap. In the process, our blue tiles cracked and he didn't bother to "mend back" or do a sealant. And made it worse, there was a small chip in our shower recess area. $%^&!!! And the tap was slanting!! What the ??
My dad does a much better job. If not for the fact that this had to deal with plumbering, which my dad wouldn't know, I would have asked him to help me. I like the way he drills the wall nicely and do the cover up for us so beautifully. If I had known, this fraud idiot guy- dunno how he can bloody convince hubby, was going to really drill and install the thing I would have called dad.
Now the wall leaks again and we're absolutely not calling that stupid idiot fraud guy! Our skirting seems to be popping out too, darn! Worried about termites so had to keep inside dry. Currently the girls are asked to shower in our room. As for helper, she has to shower with the bucket and boil water if she needed to use warm water.
I could have called them to come over during the PSLE marking days but no ..... I wasn't going to take the risk of the noise around the house when I desperately need peace and quiet to go through work with che-che.

2) Get contractor to make new glass panel for our display unit. Weeks ago, the panel dropped out for no reason bringing all the trophies tumbling down, dropped things from the first shelf to the second shelf. It was a pity too that our cute souvenir from NZ had to be discarded. But must be grateful too that the rests of our prized souvenirs were intact. Thank God too the girls weren't there with me when it happened.

3) Throw out things in the cupboard. I haven't had any time to do major housekeeping. Actually it's difficult to do so when you have one big garang guni and one small going-to-become-a-garang-guni girls at home.
I've been telling a friend that I have things to donate to the orphange in Cambodia. Some are really good and new things. So I need to clear them out. Clear some things probably for the Salvation Army too. KZ was eyeing on my stuffs and did ask me to give her some to give the children there way before. I didn't comply coz' I found out from her that she intended to give to those children with parents and family. I'd rather give to orphange! But she also did say that the orphans needed more. The girls were abit hesistant when I told them I was going to clear some stuffs but they kindda agreed with it.

4) Clear my flashcards and Shichida-related stuffs. I don't have time for them anymore, lil' girl is sad. Kept asking if I was going to print new flashcards for her. But as the girls grow up and prioritizing what is the most important thing to do, I'd rather concentrate on their academic aspects.
After I clear that space in the study room, I need to re-organize their books.

5) And my photos???? Holiday photos in 2008, not compiled into the album.

6) Che-che's reward chart for one whole year including abit of last year's. Oh my! I've the scoreds tabulated down on a piece of paper and che-che can't wait for her reward gifts. Different gifts for scoring different marks. Makes me wonder, why sometimes she can do so well for those top school papers but .... when it comes to her school papers .... *bang head" for the amount of careless mistakes she makes.

Argh! So many things to do but so little time.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween ??

It's been a quiet month leading to Halloween. I didn't prepare any Halloween treats too for any of the girls' friends too. I needed a break, moreover I can't imagine the response I'd get if I suggest giving something to the children in St Hilda's. Immediately, I'd have pastors coming over and pray for me thinking I'm possessed.

For the past 3 years, we had been lucky that Halloween was on a Friday, Saturday and last year was on a Sunday. Though it was the exam period, I decided to let them go trick-treating last year. But I'm really not sure about this year. I've their costumes ready but I'm so worried about the most scariest part post Halloween (horrible results from che-che)

And it's not helping much that she's given so much homework (still) at this point of time when she should be revising her work. I'm really behind time this year!

Some Halloween music to get you in the mood.

You shall wait and see if I had gone trick-treating, in this blog on a much later date.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I've passed the 0.5, officially I'm

considered a mid-30 +1 woman. Argh!

Been a normal day for me, the girls didn't have any school. I utilized the time going through work with che-che as the exams are round the corner. Apart from the SMSes from dear friends, it's been really quiet. Bringing the girls for their classes.

Hubby's on his last course this week and next week. We didn't have time for any celebration or treat. However hubby will always be so sweet and buy me a cake on my day.

Hazelnut Cake
Family pic

The cake's really nice. Oh man! I feel my waistline expanding
Thanks hubby!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm on the 0.5 mark

Met the ladies for a dinner together, in celebrating our turning a year wiser.

Not much pictures taken in Teppanyaki place, which the girls weren't interested at all. The mummies had our faces steamed (can squeeze out blackheads) and oiled.

Pictures taken after our dinner
The girls played in the playground for a short while before we adjourned to M's house. We finally saw our cakes. I don't find my "bloody" cake bloody. It was nice for little T to help me decorate mine.
2 birthday girls

Our groupie pic

We chatted while the girls' played, as usual. I had a long tiring day today and left the house at 11+. Thanks for the great time ladies!

Children's Day Goodies

Simple goodies for the children. This was a bulky task - having to pack for 120 kids.

I turned cross-eyed alternating the RAINBOW of colours. But they do look pretty, don't they?
With the tags stuck on the favor bags. I was only going to present this and the bubble to the kids. Didn't have time (and energy) to pack.
But it's unlike of me to try to ignore, I feel rather uneasy. In the end, I packed goodie bags for some other kids. Thankfully, I always have my ready supply of bags at home. Printed out these cute labels and painstakingly stick on every favor bag.
Che-che complains that every year I make her carry heavy bag of goodies for her classmates. I then became so considerate and decided to do these name labels. Rather costly for a mere 20 sticker each kid but .... it's flat and it's compact.
Each girl in her class was given this and the skittles goodies
I also prepared this for both girls' classmates. Was really tired.