Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hinamatsuri - 2nd March

It's ひなまつり. Wow! I thought I did this last year... another year has passed. And no pageantry celebration or preparation coz' I had been really busy with the girls. Simple affair for them as it's a school day too.

2nd March
Here, the girls are excited when they saw a parcel. To their delight, it's Kitty-chan
Savouring some treats
A hug from daddy. A goody bag from me
And their much awaited present. Like Christmas like that!
Opening up their goody bag

3rd Mar

Goodies prepared for che-che's friends. Nope! I didn't prepare for mei-mei's friends - too many children already.
In it were hina tsuzumi, hina arare, hina fruit cup jellys, candies and soft jelly.
In the morning, I prepared a simple bento. I love the way some Japanese mama did theirs. Haiz! I still need my precious sleep afterall.
Rushed back home and prepared their lunch and for their tea-break.

Here, mei-mei is enjoying her lunch
For their tea-break

It's scaled down, but it's the thoughts that counts right?

Friday, March 18, 2011

More branded stuffs

What can you say when you have a materialistic mother?

You try to influence your child, then you end up with two furry balls. Oops! Better make myself clear before PETA comes in and skin me alive.They're merely hamsters and they are named Gucci and Chanel.
Okay, so why the funny name? The kids have no idea and came out with one that is their friend's hamster name. I told them no copying but in the end I'm the one infringing copyright. Ha! All I could think was Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Hermes - 2 syllabus that's is not mouthful for two highly excited kids (who sound inaudible when they talk excitedly).

I dunno what prompted hubby to make such promise - that commitment to take care of pets. I thought fish died already no need to have any pets. Better still - more free time right? They harped on it for days and tried to be angelic to get their hammies. And well they waited patiently for daddy to return back from his multiple trips, finally had a weekend in SIN and off we went on 20th Feb.

There were so many different kinds of hammies. Roborovskii, Dwarf Campbell, Winter White and Pudding. Roborovskii are fast so it's definitely a no-no for the girls.Finally decided on Pudding when asked for the tamest hamster. I had a good laugh looking at the breed, they seem to have some 'balancing' problem? They walk and then fall backwards, walk and fall backwards.
Once we zero-ed in on the breed, next I asked for both females. They brought out all the females for me and let the girls selected theirs.

One caught my attention immediately, that was the littlest and it was really curious. The other 3 cuddled in one corner. Mei-mei chose that curious one.Che-che finally chose hers and it remained still. Haha! I'm sorry, I know you're not a statue. No need to remain still. And it must be really frightened - it pooed!!

Then came the challenging part of trying to listen what the guy was telling me how to care for hamsters and trying to sieve out the unneccesary stuffs amidst the excited kids asking me to "see! mummy see! so cute! so funny!"

The total costs $380+. Wow! So much for two furry balls. Hopefully it's a chance for them to learn ownership.

Outside the pet shopGuess who this is? Right! It's the curious little ChanelNot shy and .. DARING! Dare to run out of the sandbox. Gucci stayed putNow.. finally .... look who's looking at me now.

Last day of school hols

Time flies! The week-long school holiday is coming to an end. And we only managed to find the time to meet. We gathered at Mag's place. She's such a good host!

On this day, Che-che has her LP class, followed by mei-mei's JMC. I know mei-mei will not want to miss her music class so asked KZ along. And she cabbed down to Mag's house first, I joined them much later.

These are the pictures taken tonight

Mei-mei love this wand and bear. Says she's a fairy and wouldn't put it down
Both adults and children had a great time, as we often do.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday Boys

Mom says my whole life revolves around parties and parties. Well, that's because kids these days are really fortunate. They get parties while the person who brought them into this world slog hard organising their party. But I guess nothing beats than seeing your precious child enjoying his /her birthday party.

We had the honour of being invited to two cute boys' costume party. Everyone came dressed up.

Aricia wanted her Lil' Jessie costume (Guess everyone's tired of this costume already, so shall keep this away soon).

These are the events that followed : -

Playtime before her BFF comes.Though she is very gusty, when it comes to this kind of inflatable playground, she chickens out
The birthday boys.
Ahoy Deccy! Fireman Fergy

Here comes her BFF
She finally decided to have her hand painted
Snack time

"What is the time, Mr Wolf?" She's really excited and happy, kept jumping up and down. Happy to see that she's enjoying herself.

Cake time!
Guess what?? Blur me actually deleted the whole lot of photos... ARGH! Lost some candid shots of my girl.
She had a whirl of good time and all I could tell her was - "Girl, enjoy your childhood!"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sports Day

First Sports Day for che-che. Well, for the last 2 years the lower primary have a day off from school.

She looked forward to it. We left the house early, in order to get a parking lot in Tampines Stadium. Packed snacks for her friends. She didn't get to sit with her friends coz' everyone's from different House Team.

The pictures for the day's events.

Our pride

Hi ladies, you're on my blog! The nice and funny ladies

Tabulating the scores
I sneaked into the students' area - thought I can blend in (since I wore blue).... only to be chased out later. Sob sob...

Parents Race. The indirect way of not wanting to participate in any running is - not to wear any track shoes. Haha!
Look! No shoes. But I'm not so game like her.
The cheerleaders

Well done, ladies!
Broke out in cold sweat.

Overall House Winner
At dismissal

Nope! This trophy belongs to her BFFeaeae