Friday, March 21, 2008

4 hours flat out!!

It's PH and I thought it'd be nice to bring the kids out with helper. I asked Athena where she wanted to go, her reply was Harbourfront - no way I'm going that far!

I just never learn my lesson right? Close to 4 hours and I'm flat out. Goash! Two kids fighting; two kids never stop playing; one kid kept taking things from the shelf in supermarket and refuse to let go of them; scream and kick in public.

First stop was to have our lunch (quite late for us as we fed Aricia @ home) at Delifrance. When I was leaving the place, there was this irritating guy that was about to come into the cafe. And he was so persistent in having a particular 4 seater when he was alone (or maybe he was expecting someone). The staff wanted to show him another seat but he refused and kept insisting on sitting that table when they haven't even cleared the table (customers just left). Then one small girl - read this : one small girl - asked for a table and you know lah! She said "can I sit there?" very innocently and that idiot man told her off in a stern voice "that's my seat!" Crazy man - he just reminded me of this man.
Oh! Aricia was so funny, when the waiter stood to take my order, she turned towards him and mumbled to him. Looks like she was placing order as well.

Second stop, ELC. Athena missed that place so much. I bought her something.

Third stop, an indoor playground where the 2 of them had a good time. Aricia managed to climb the stairs herself and she's really happy, going down the slide on her tummy.

Fourth stop, ToysRUs

Fifth stop, MarketPlace. Where I paid for the most expensive pumpkin! Happy that I found the Betty Crocker Chocolate Frosting - been looking for it for quite some time.

Sixth stop, to the carpark. I'm tired. Plus I need to do the pancakes, been putting off for quite some time already.

Photo time!!
In Delifrance
See how she eats her eclair - she licks the filling
See how che-che eats hers? She digs out the filling
Indoor playground

In this 1st picture, notice she slided down on her own. It was the 2nd time she went up and che-che was trying to position herself that mei-mei had to deliberately slide herself off che-che's grip.

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