Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cute little baby

Was snapping some photos of Aricia watching Tv some time last week, when she turned to look at me and gave me a funny grin
Turned her head back to the screen, I continued snapping, she deliberately pouted her lips.

She can say bear quite clearly, tiger - sounds like it, gorilla - sounds funny but it comes with 3-syllabus, say 'I wan' and hand sign at the same time, shouts the word 'eye' and it sounds the same when she sees the word 'arm'. Tells us she wants milk by going "meh meh" not as in the sound cow makes but she couldn't pronounce milk properly. She actions "milk" to us too!

Hand signing :
bird - funny way of doing it but it's wrong
aeroplane - she's not wrong that the hand had to do the fly action but she comes out with 2 hands now, like playing mahjong
apple - wrong! doing candy
milk - she gets the idea but like spastic movement.

Was told yesterday morning, she woke KZ in the morning; hitting her face and saying "meh meh meh"

She has found a new place to play too - behind the large speaker. We have pushed the speakers lean against the wall today to avoid any injury

My little girl (gasp) has become a litterbug. Yesterday KZ was carrying her and looking out of the window..when that girl.... took the pacifier from her mouth and threw it out of our window!!!!
Can't imagine my girl wearing the striped top. Hee!


Happy Halloween!

A few days ago, Angeline asked me if I wanted to join in the Halloween walk in Holland Grove, but... Athena has her music lesson tonight. She was rather disappointed too when she heard the "highlight" of the trick or treating.That immediately brightens up her kum-chek face. Pestered me to get her a costume.

It's really a pity we don't really do this in Singapore, I'd gladly have loads of sweets waiting. But corner house, who would come??

I hope next year we can join in.

It was very nice of Angeline (I dropped by her house on Monday night) to give my children these.

Wanted to carve a pumpkin at home since Aricia loves pumpkin, but I've been seeing those with green skin in supermarket.

For more information on Halloween, click here!

Jasmine (shannon mummy) sent this and I forgot to send it out to friends.

No trick or treating.. but thanks to Photoshop my children are in costume ready for trick & treating at home.

The week

Trying to find time to update blogs and learn more about Facebook amidst trying to finish the cards.
Facebook -Can't say I am addicted to it yet. But I need to go in to check on my new pet - Stripey. Must pet him.

Dunno why Aricia started a little coughing, probably caught from daddy who I think caught it from me weeks ago. Brought her to Dr Tan after dropping hubby in airport. Dr Tan followed up on what happened after the fits event in his clinic.

Did some shopping for Thursday's playdate.

Rushed back home, dropped both bags and baby. Zoomed out to KKH to meet Cynthia. Needed to pass her a figurine of Dora and discussed on the Pinata. Chatted with her and then realised she used to be a flight crew also.
Since was in KKH, I bought the Aqua cooler to standby at home. Two cushions and two pillows. Heavy siah! I was carrying weights!!
Today, then learnt that MIL will be in hospital on Wednesday for operation. Wah piang eh... don't expect me to cancel the playdate again on Thursday huh!

Baked the cookies. I only recycled one teddy bear coz' the last one newly baked broke. So gave the old one to Athena - anyway she will not be allowed to eat more cookies so can give excuse in not allowing her to eat that bear.

Maybe I was quite kan-cheong, very last minute baking. So 3 teddy bears broke! I hope it's okay and nobody dies from cookie-poisoning. Haha!

Was doing some M&Ms cookies, then the gluttony me decided to put my Hershey's chocolate chips in. Somehow my hands were warm and the chocolate melted and it was so messy. It was definitely the most disgusting cookies but also the most choco-licious cookies. That won't be given to the kids coz' it's ugly and I want it!!

Photos of the playdate will only be up tomorrow. No exclusive preview of my ugly cookies coz' the mummies are reading this.

* Darn! dunno what's wrong with brother's laptop. I've lost everything I typed earlier on. Gotta re-do at home later.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I bought a new bag

Aren't you jealous? I bought a new bag!

A new LV for a fraction of the price in Facebook

at least with this new purchase hubby will not nag at me "I thought you said that bag was your last LV?" Hee!Hee! I love LV and want to add another to my collection - my real collection. Sshhhh... don't tell him this

Wind up toys

I remember my mom bought something like this for me when I was younger. Then it costs a few cents (though a few cents at that time don't equate to the amount I paid), I paid $3.50 for this
Did a stupid wordingsentry in Aricia's blog

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Wilma told me "it's addictive" and "I was the one who asked you to join, you said you're an ah-soh.." Actually she did ask me, but Winnie asked me first, I didn't join then Wilma asked, now Winnie asked again coz' she's leaving the country for good this December so it's a way to contact her.

So what's the fuss about Facebook? I really don't know.

But I'm glad I joined coz' OMG! there are KC girls inside who found one another in there, and only now I'm making my "grand entrance". Anyway, who remembers me?? I'm a low-key goody girl in school.

I must admit it's going to take me some time to go through the Facebook, so many cute things inside. Garden, flowers, buy pressies for friends first I thought I was managing a Tamagotchi. I'm currently adding things into my page and let's see if I'm going to get hooked to this just as I am now on blogging.


Isn't this cute? Athena has always been wanting to eat ice-cream (but I don't allow her coz' once she eats anything sweet, she'll develop phlegm and then she'll start coughing) so I thought something small would be nice for her.

See how small it is. It fits her nicely

Licking it

Eating by fingers

Nah! It's a lip balm
Charming isn't it? She was so happy with it.... and been complaining to me that her lips are very dry everyday

Do you know?

Do you unknowingly use the wrong spelling of words?

I was puzzled when I kept seeing this word spelt this way - pajamas. So I thought this must be American English spelling, you know how they like to change the spelling so it suits the way they pronounce the words.
I get irritated when I see underlined words in the Microsoft Word, and when I check it's all American.
I try not to spell wrong but .... I do make mistakes too.

As much as we try to write the correct way, I'm sure you'll agree with me the great influence of the media. The media where we get alot of American shows, american children shows etc....

Read this page and check through your spelling

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day with Godma Wilma

I mean Aricia's Godma not mine. But little Aricia didn't come along coz' she just recovered and I didn't want to expose her to mysterious can't see virus/es in the air.

I haven't been to her new place since she moved to her own home. And I've been late in getting her a housewarming gift coz' she refused to tell me what she needs for her home (maybe know I cannot afford - haha!), most importantly we haven't had time to meet up for some time already (which later she told me "it's been a year" * gasp* I didn't know it was that long)

I must say I am really honoured to get honorary treatment in her home, with Fitz welcoming me into his house. He's one charming dog - a papillion, a true breed of champion lineage. Goash! Even Thistle (our previous dog also of champion lineage) didn't look as gorgeous as Fitz (my sis gonna kill me for saying this)
And I am proud to say he likes of course lah! I bribed him with his doggy treats. He's so easy-going.

We then headed for lunch at Dempsey. Yes, you're right... suaku ah-soh heard so much but never been there before. Hubby & me not into food kind so this is really a treat for me. Treat? I said it and every time I go out with her, I'm so stressed up. We're always fighting for the bill, gonna come up with all sorts of tricks and dunno what nots, run after the staff, push our stupid cards ( I'll laugh if it breaks infront of them)
Okay to be fair, I gave her Ben & Jerry treat and one big delicious and sinful NY Chunky Chocolate ice-cream for myself. *yums*

Had a chance to pop by Go Go Bambini after that. I si bei suaku.... okay will bring my 2 kiddos there one day. Darn! I think I'm too engrossed with my children, I'm missing quite a lot.

Proceeded back to her lovely home.. yours truly live too long in HDB liao hor... ask her one stupid question. " where do you hang your clothes??" Eh... "the house came with a washing machine and dryer.Nobody hangs their clothes here." Duh! But I need Mr Sun to make my clothes smell nice. But oh well, I'm talking to a superbly rich gal who'd probably prefer to send all her clothes to the cleaners.. at that time I wish the floor would swallow me.
Fitz... oh that charming dog. I can just go on and on.

Well, we have so much to chat but it's time for me to go. Till the next time we meet, meanwhile we'll still be emailing each other everyday.

Dang! What happened?? *updated**

Shucks! Trying to re-arrange the photos in the ofoto album but everything's gone! Tons of album inside. All gone! But I still seem to view the photos clicking from my sidebar leh!

Emailed them to check so now waiting for their reply. If not, think I better change to another photo-sharing website. Flickr seems widely used by everyone but I've been such a faithful partner since years ago, why is it jilting me now???

Sigh...........thought my bad luck is gone, still here! Better throw myself in a pool of holy water

Reply from Kodak Gallery
Response (Megan I.) - 10/24/2007 08:04 PM
Dear Lily,

Thank you for contacting the KODAK Gallery Customer Service Team.

We appreciate you contacting the KODAK Gallery about the status of your account photos.

You can upload an unlimited number of photos to the KODAK Gallery website ( However, our Terms of Service states that to maintain free storage, you must make a purchase from the Gallery website at least once every 12 months. If you do not purchase any product or service from us for a period of 12 months, we may delete the images stored in your account.

We notified you twice, using the email address associated with your Gallery account, to remind you of our storage policy. Since action was not taken, and we received no response from you, we removed the photos from your account. But don't worry; they have not yet been deleted.

We're offering you one final chance to restore your account images. All you have to do is purchase a saved project or upload images to your account and make a purchase with those images within one week from the date of this email. Even a single Print order from newly uploaded images will count as a qualifying purchase. When you have placed an order, please email the order ID to We will then restore your account images in about one week.

Your free storage will be automatically extended for 12 months from the date of your most recent purchase.

It was a pleasure helping you today! If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your account or the KODAK Gallery service, please let us know.

Megan I.
The KODAK Gallery Customer Service Team

I don't even remember getting any emails from them. Perhaps it was my oversight in the Terms & Conditions agreement.. but no email reminders from them??

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The children & my mumblings

She sees any baby younger than her, she'll scream loudly (in delight) and pointing in that direction 'deh deh' (di di). Infact any baby, be it boy or girl

Seems more interested in the Pooh walker now. She's been walking alot aided. Umm... once she's done with that can pass to Iggy, dad was saying "then they can pass it back to you after that." Ai yoh, pass back to me for what?!

Ever since she fell sick, she's been sticking close to me like a baby leech. I can't do much at home except when she's sleeping, so I've got all the backdated blog entries. I feel comforted that she wanted me and not my helper at this time.
Poor girl, she poo-ed too much that her buttocks are all red. She cried everytime she poos and pees. Keeps clinging on tightly to me. Makes me feel that I've not loved her in vain.

Heard her saying this "mummy, I have fever also. It's O-L-E, I have fever."
" Turn the thermometer the right side up! It reads 37.0 not O-L-E!!"

I just realised my girl likes to eat pandan cake. Will try to bake that one day. But I'm wondering why is it that all the pandan cakes in cake shops comes in that same shape, circle with hole in middle??
At Dr Lee's clinic on Monday, took her weight and height. She seemed to have lost weight - 18.8kg and stand at a height of 115cm. Wow! No wonder people say she's tall for her age. She's in the 75%-90% for height and 50%-75% for weight.
My mumblings
Phew! At least today I feel so much relieved that Aricia's fever has gone down. Managed to run my errands and return my long overdue (NLB is rich from my contribution) book.
It seems very long since I've brought Athena to school and I don't like the feeling, the feeling of my rushed life coming back again until.... I fall sick. Altho' was a little bored and tired looking after her in hospital last week, somehow I'm glad I make my hubby busy (if not he rely on me too much) - well not much since he's still so lazy to bring her for her music lessons. And I'm glad I have the chance to sit back and relax a little.
At the same time I've not done any Home Practice with Ari for a week now. I think, I will resume next week - no excuses anymore! But yet I'm enjoying this carefree lifestyle.

Finally at the persuasion of Winnie, decided to join Facebook. I suaku hor?? No choice, she's migrating to Melbourne this December so this is the only chance for us to communicate.
Eh... think it's something like Friendster right? So what I do now? Meet other ah-sohs??

We haven't even taken our family photo. Thought of doing this for the time being - Eikon

Studio photos
Ai yoh.... everytime say no time no time. By the time I decide to get it done could be my girls' wedding photo shoots. Better get it done after Athena's BD party

Need to seriously do some shopping for myself to make myself pwetty. Very demoralising to see pretty babes popping out everywhere and I'm blended in with the pillars.
On Sunday bought some clothes for myself, looking for a nice stilettos (before I fall flat on my face) which I'll wear when not carrying Aricia but it's not easy to find a nice pair of shoes when you want it.

Do you believe in "sightings"?
I just need to blog this down. Brother chuckled at my remark on what dad - the medium - did yesterday "so he threw the good person out of your house?" And he told me about the old man in the master bedroom's toilet when we stayed in Upp East Coast. Oh shit! I was a berak queen....
Somehow I remember that mom mention "when you're down on your luck" or "when you're sick" you'll see it.
Apparently (some friends would know this story) we (mom & me) did encounter one, only thing I was too sick to know and probably too young to understand. Mom told me that the lady was tugging my bedsheet (was holidaying in Bangkok that time. so happen our room is the corner room and facing the train tracks), she also sat down. Mom got scared, took a talisman ; open it and put it on my chest. She herself jumped into the same bed as I am in. That story totally freaked me out.
I've never seen one and I don't want to see one. Thank goodness I don't have 3rd eye.
You might expect some interesting tales since I've stayed in so many overseas hotels right? Happy to say I've been very lucky all the while. Hee!

Nashvin - that naughty boy - feel like kicking him!
I hate that boy! Some time back he kicked my Athena - for no reason!
Apparently, Athena was recalling the incident in school for me when I asked her why she didn't tell Ms Clanna. "I'm very brave. But Joseph saw and tell Ms Clanna. I'm very brave.." You say I need to scold her or not?? "Brave for the wrong reason! You get bullied in school, you start screaming loudly if teacher is not there. Or you scold the person so they will not bully you next time. If not, cry loudly.
I was rather angry too with Ms Clanna for not telling me this. The next day, I asked to speak to her alone and told her off. Might seem I'm blowing up a small matter right? Quite true, I have to coz' my girl is very timid, she'll get bullied. And worst is if she comes back with internal injury and we don't know what happened.
Well, since that incident, she's been filling me in what happened in school or if she did scold Athena in school that day.
Nachvin has alot of trouble with the other children too! Seems like no disciplining methods has worked on him. Last week, Athena brought home the wrong file - it was his. I saw what's written in the communication book. Sigh.....he's a problematic kid!
I hate him for bullying my girl, I want to kick him!!

Who is it?

In my entry ' Real Tired', I mentioned about a "someone" remember?

And so the story goes like this, was chatting with KZ yesterday when she told me something. She mentioned that on the day / night when Ari was going to have her 1st 2 fits at home, she couldn't really sleep. She felt cold and feel someone was there, she turned around but no one's there. She didn't feel scared coz' she felt protected. She felt like someone was watching.
So when I told the story to Moo Han, she mentioned about her sister. And our conversation topic then was changed to Guardian Angel.
Honestly, I didn't feel scared too coz' my heart is clear but I was happy that whoever it was, it saved my girl's life. Of course lah! with my helper not having the mind to turn on the lights to see if she's okay and the stupidity (that's what she said of herself) of trying to stuff the pacifier back into her mouth, that someone actually made sure my girl's life was there. If it was something evil, it would have taken her life away.

With that in mind, I spoke to mom about it. And being the superbly paranoid kind when told of what MH's sister mentioned about theirs, think mom got a little scared, tho' she was the one who suggested to KZ that it was the guardian angel protecting Ari. She also did said to me "maybe it's our ancestor coming back?(pause) but they never go to your house before, how they know their way?" "because they heard so much about Punggol 21 flats so must make their way here,"I said

Dad said he's coming in the evening. Like a medium, he plucked my already withered promegranate leaves and did what he had to do. Exorcist in action!! Haha!

So what was it? I told KZ, probably it's God??

For your read : Guardian Angel
A Guardian Angel is a specific type of "Spirit Guide." Spirit Guide refers to a general category of beings who are in soul, or spirit form and not in physical form. Guardian Angels are direct expressions of the loving thoughts of God sent to us to watch over us and help us. They are pure love and bring to us only what will help us, guide us, protect us and encourage us to aspire to the very best qualities of our soul.

Guardian Angels are with us before our conception, when we, too, are in soul form. They accompany us through birth and are with us in every thought, word and event we experience in life. Guardian Angels are committed to us for the entire journey of our life - they never leave us and we are their only occupation. They will be with us when we leave this life and when we are, again, a soul in heaven.

Everyone I have ever met has had at least two Guardian Angels and often more. Talk to your Guardian Angels even before you know their names. Practice communicating with them and have patience. If you practice sensing, listening, envisioning, imagining and consciously intending to have lucid dreams with your Guardian Angels, you will sense them ever more clearly and eventually hear, sense or know their names.

Saint Augustine said, "Make friends with Angels."

Treat your Guardian Angels just as you would your dearest, most loving friends. Take your time and gradually build your relationship with them. Remember that when you take one step toward them, they take 10 steps to you!

There are 3 Guardian Angles with you as I write this and they are also helping co-ordinate other 'Angel teams' that are helping you with several aspects of your life. Welcome them as allies who will help you in every part of your life.

Angels are spirits without bodies, who possess superior intelligence, gigantic strength, and surpassing holiness. Angels are composed of ethereal matter, thus allowing them to take on whichever physical form best suits their immediate needs. They enjoy an intimate relationship to God as His special adopted children, contemplating, loving, and praising Him in heaven. Some of them are frequently sent as messengers to men from on high.

Angels are the essence of love and joy and stem from the Heart of God/Goddess.

Now, you will ask why God/Goddess? Is God a female or male? He is neither and both at the same time. What is referred to us as God is just the Supreme Source of the hole Existence, a Spirit of such a magnitude, so unconceivable, that has no sex and could be both at the same time if it chooses to. So the reference to God/Goddess was just to emphasize that however you choose to call upon him/her/it it's of no importance.

Angels are countless in their number, and flock around the Universe in their millions. Angels are dedicated to serve the needs of all free will entities so that you may experience the same level of unconditional love as they do. Each Angel carries out its assigned task without any hint of hesitation as they take great joy and pleasure in offering their Loving Wisdom and Guidance. Everyone has Angels around them constantly, without exception, and they are eager and excited at the opportunity to communicate with you.

Angels was created with one purpose, the purpose to love and to serve all without condition. In doing so, Angels hold a focus of pure love throughout the Universe and are therefore able to set up a resonance for the vibration of pure love wherever it is needed. You on the other hand, are a free will entity. That means that you have chosen to develop your ability to exist with unconditional love by gaining much experience through many lifetimes and many varied forms of existence. The Angels have been created to counter balance any energies or actions that move in the opposite direction to love so that you will eventually remember your true essence.

In Christian religion and theology an angel can also be a member of the lowest order of the nine-fold celestial hierarchy this is a ranking which comes directly below archangels. A fallen angel is often classed as a devil, like Satan himself; whereas a guardian angel is classed as a human guide or protector. Angels are commonly represented by a figure with wings and wearing a long white robe. They are also sometimes depicted wearing halos which emanate from the angels' head in a glorious wreath of light, serving as a symbol of divine wisdom. Angels do not die or age, they are immortal, created by God and existing since the Creation. Generally they are accepted as being the guardians of souls. Although angels are generally divine, they have been shown to be fallible and prone to sin, particularly pride. One of the most notable examples of this being Satan and his fallen army.

Angels can take on a variety of different forms. In Ezekiel 1:16-21, Isaiah 6:1-3, and throughout the book of Revelation they are described as taking on not only the appearance of men but many fantastical forms. A notable example was the angel who took on the appearance of a burning bush. The image of an angel with wings tends to symbolize the spiritual nature of the being. The purpose of the wings being to allow the angel to travel through the ether as well as being a symbol of divine authority.

Angels are everywhere and you can ask for Angels to assist you with anything you wish. There is no limit! In fact, if no Angel is available for a particular task, an Angel is created as an answer to your wish or prayer, just for you! Yes, the You and the Divine create Angels on request. Angels are God/Goddess making a personal visit, but in a scaled down form. However, the love that they have is just as immeasurable. Remember - Angels are bound by the laws of Free Will. Therefore, they can not assist us in our lives unless we ask them too. So, don’t forget to ask!

Here is it again God/Goddess and the same question arises.Angels appear to us with many forms and shapes. Many times the qualities of an Angel are so delicate that they choose female forms or even masculine bodies with female face characteristics. An Angel will appear to us with the form that is best for us.

A Spirit Guide is also a free will entity, but has evolved over what you would consider to be a long time. They are part of a group consciousness of beings that have evolved beyond form into beings of pure light and essence. Although Angelic in nature, Spirit Guides are a free will entity and therefore choose their path of further growth. Spirit Guides are master teachers and are able to travel and navigate through many, many levels of existence. They are here to Guide and teach when you are willing to listen. They are always communicating to you through your thoughts, music, your environment, wherever they need to be in order to get your attention.

Everyone has at least one Guardian Angel, and sometimes two or three. A Guardian Angel is a being that is dedicated to serve and to help you throughout your lifetime. However, the relationship is somewhat deeper than that. Your Guardian Angel was created out of the same essence that makes up your soul. It could be said to be a higher, or essence aspect of yourself. Your Guardian Angel isn't essentially separate from you, it has absolute and unequivocal dedication to you and travels with you on every journey that you as a free will entity choose to make. Your Guardian Angel makes an agreement with your soul to assist it in completing any task it has decided to undertake. This is the reason why Angels have been known to make miraculous rescues from accidents. If a soul has decided to remain focused on the Earth Plane for a given length of time, an Angel will assist in getting someone out of trouble who's 'time is not up'. Angels and their miracles are God's way of remaining anonymous.

An Angel, is complete, unified and centered within the Heart of the Divine at all times. An Angel does not question or contemplate itself, it simply is. In being itself, it is a bundle of God's ever present love and grace. An Angel has been created to serve, love, hold and support those to who it is assigned, and those who ask for Angelic support. Angels are to be found in every corner of the Universe, and in their millions! If you could see Angels with the naked eye, you would be amazed at just how populated the Earth really is. Have you ever felt a breath of cool air brush along your cheek when alone somewhere? That might very well have been an Angel moving aside as you walked into an Angel conference, quite unaware!

So, if you have a Guardian Angel, why do guides make contact with humans? Your Guardian Angel is that part of your eternal being that is holding a vision and focus of you as a unified child of God-Goddess. Your guide, on the other hand, is here to assist you in making easier choices that will help you to grow through experiences with joy and with more ease. Not all guides are permanent, once you have learned all that you can with one guide, another will often take over and take you further. Your Guardian Angel has love and protection to impart, and as such, his or her purpose is to provide you with a reflection of your true nature so that you may never totally forget the essence of the Divine. You could say, your Guardian Angels holds the 'blueprint' of what you truly are in focus so that you may awaken to that ultimate truth. The ultimate being that you are, one that is pure love, that you are God! There are Angels for just about every function you can think of, and many more! There is no limit to how many Angels you can have in your life and there is no limit to what you may ask for! You can ask Angels to assist you with any project, problem or issue you may have. You may call upon Angels whenever you wish to and for whatever purpose provided that the purpose is not intended to hurt or injure anyone or the Earth itself. Ask the Angels to fill your home with love, ask them to watch over your children at school, ask them to travel with you on long journeys, ask them to sponsor you when you are trying to stop smoking or are trying to lose weight and get healthier. Ask an Angel to take care of your computer or to assist you in resolving an argument with a friend or relative. There is no limit to what you may ask an Angel to do for you. By simply getting used to blessing all that you experience and through asking Angels to be present everywhere on your life, you will begin to embody Angelic qualities in your life. You will be more open to the love and abundance of the Universe. You will begin to experience more joy, health and laughter as you sense the wings of Angels as they fly around every aspect of your life.
Angels Beliefs !

In many religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam, it is believed that between God and mankind there are intermediary beings, called angels. They are bodiless entities that perform certain tasks for God and are commonly thought of as the messengers of God. Angels are good spirits, unlike their counterparts the demons. They are usually portrayed as having a human form, being dressed in long, white clothes, surrounded by a bright light and with long, swanlike wings. They were portrayed thus by artist, often on Church command, to alert the faithful that angels are more than human. There are cases, however, where angels appeared as ordinary men and were mistaken as such (the story of Lot, for instance). In the early stages of mankind, the belief in spirits was universal. The primitive man believed that there were no good or bad spirits. A spirit simply had powers, called manna, with which it could do either good or evil. With the emerging of Christianity and other major religions, the belief in these kind of spirits was condemned, and they became demons. The belief in angels and demons can be traced back to ancient Persian religion where there were two supreme beings: Ahura Mazda and his eternal opponent Angra Mainyu. The first represents good and the second represents evil. Both have followers and servants, angels serve Ahura Mazda, while demons serve Angra Mainyu. Here the distinction was first made between good and evil spirits.

In the Old Testament angels play a prominent role as the messengers from God. Also in the Old Testament the leading demon, Satan, is introduced. However, it was not until the New Testament that Satan was portrayed as Lucifer (actually Satan and Lucifer are two separate fallen angels), the first of the fallen angels to rebel against God. In the New Testament, angels are present at all the important events in the life of Jesus. Here, they became more than just messengers; they are portrayed as the agents of God in bringing judgment to the world.


With the playdate cancelled, I had all the cookies at home. Was thinking of doing it next week, had been thinking of clearing the cookies away coz' it's taking up space in my home but I dread doing it all over again when the time comes. But on the other hand worry if the cookie will still taste good. Since dad likes it, I gave it to him. He don't like the M&Ms cookies which I prepared for the kids to bring home... oh well that's for me now. Heehee! Moo Han my father will eat Nathan (I mean Nathan's apple shaped cookie).........

In the fridge, had been trying to clear some ingredients for the fried beehoon (eg. fishcake, vegetables) & the 3 small tubs of strawberry which I had been munching healthily.My fridge still looks full leh!

Next round : Was thinking if I should do the cookie again or perhaps should do pizza using my cookie cutter and let them throw what they want to throw in (but I've got one small toaster so will take time lor.....)Last session, I used the cake and topped up with chocolates and sprinklers - which was really chocolate overload. This time round for the sake of the children, and before being blamed by riends for causing their children to be hyperactive, I thought making pizza will be fun and well...healthy. And play cheat lah! That's what my mom taught me : use white bread, spread ketchup, put cheese, put sausage, put sliced cheese and put in toaster. Well... that's what I like, I hate capsicum or olives so my pizza is simple.
Coincidently, Moo Han was suggesting to me about making pizza in the playdate on the phone. Same frequency! But hers sounded more "into the feeling" whereas mine was more of the "just dump it in" kind of pizza. Umm... will check with her later on this.

Now pray hard my girls are ok, so I will make it on either next week or following week.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thank You, Moo Han

Moo Han was really lucky, she managed to get hold of me the moment she called this afternoon (normally my phone is somewhere else and by the time I see the missed calls is too late, and when to reply something crops up at home, then old woman forget.... ) coz' I was holding my phone at that time trying to reply all the sms-es. Perhaps I should say I'm lucky that she called.

Moo Han has been there for me all these while, praying for me, trying to bring my mood up. Checking on my girl this despite her being kept busy with her 2 kiddos.

I was trying to find the cooling mattress and somehow we both had the same frequency, she asked at the same time if I had that. When told that I'm looking for it, she checked for me and even her cousin was nice to offer to lend it to me - a total stranger. Anyway, I haven't had time to go down to Compass Pt today. Only now it's back to normal temperature.

Today I've found out the real definition of a true friend. She need not be chatting with me everyday, she need not need to know me for long, she may be my friend 'behind the scenes' all the time until the time comes she'll make a grand entrance.

(I am utterly disappointed in a group of friends who pretended nothing have happened. No sms or calls. My sister would know who I'm talking about, she is someone who claimed to be my friend but no words from her at all, even when she happened to sms me for help at the same time yesterday. She mention no regards about my girl even she knew of hospitalisation last week, now also no mention. Don't be mistaken I'm not hard up for some sweet-talking but it sure lightens my load when mentally I have my friends helping me and sharing my load with me)

Nevertheless,Wizard Animation

A little of daydreaming

Can't help but daydream this.............................

My hubby probably dowan to move out of Punggol mah!! So this is in Punggol

Nah! Hubby not that rich to buy us a house but still daydream that one day he struck rich.

This is not my dream home although I am day'dreaming'.. but I think it's really cool to have the pool just behind your house. It's like I can run and jump in from the steps (see below pictures). Scream at kids to come back from swimming from the convenience of my living room.

And since the showflat is so close by, I should pop by right?? Ya lor.........but they see this ah-soh go in also no entertain lah! I fill up their Pooh bathtub or inflate the tub and it's still in the convenience of my home what! (only thing I gotta pour the water away everyday)

Real tired

I am really tired, really tired. I was so prepared to send the older girl to school so that I can care for little one. In the end, she came back home with us still in her school uniform.

In the morning, brought Ari to Dr Lee. I dunno if I've made the right choice in going there or if I could have just brought her to KKH immediately. But yours truly suddenly have the fear for TUESDAYS. Remember it was last Tuesday when Ari was brought to KKH? In the morning before I left house, changed her diaper and I noticed something red in her stools. Dr Lee or KKH?

Anyway, can't determine what was the cause of the GE so had to send her stools for culture. She was given antibiotics and a green colour panadol (tastes horrible). In the morning too, KZ told me she felt giddy, still stubborn refuse to see the doctor. I don't care, bring her to Dr Ng, I still need her help. She has lack of rest and a little anemic. Yah lah, I told her"see lah, eat maggi mee all the time. Tell you to eat proper food, you dowan." Dr Ng heard me and told her to eat proper meals coz' she needs the energy to work. Somehow he mentioned about the unstability in Myanmar etc.. she teared. Yes, she's worried for her family.
After consultation, went down to Tampines Polyclinic to submit fresh stools.
Like one goon goon mother like that. With yesterday's and today's driving around, Tan Chong will be happy to see me soon for the next car servicing. In the car, KZ was carrying the "very manja" baby & told me that Ari feels hotter.
The moment I stepped into the house at 12.30pm, took the temperature and it went up to 40. Spring into action. We haven't really stopped since. I'm contemplating, should I really send her in KKH again? But still same medicine what! And waiting for the lab results. And not like they will help in sponging, most of the time I'm the one sponging her in the room. Only twice the nurse stripped her and sponged her on her own.
But think........ KKH?? Haven't even receive last week's bill, now go in again?? Haven't even do the Thank You card, go in again??
It also means :
1) Ath will have to skip tomorrow's YJC. Everytime asks hubby to bring her there when I can't do it, he'll say "let her skip lah!" Very lazy, say busy but he come back home from work - he plays the computer games. Usually I can ask mom to help me but this time she's in hospital, can't help.
2) Also going to skip Ari's class on Friday again?!?!
As it is, I've stopped her home practice already.

I was so tired (only slept 2 hours) that I literally fell asleep while feeding Ari milk. Hee! I woke up in shock to see her mouth covered in milk. And she didn't rebel??? Nah........she's too tired herself! My mind wants to go on but physically I'm so tired. I couldn't take it and asked KZ if she's ok to take care of Ari while I take a nap. My half hour nap became 1hr, I keep hitting the snooze button.
I didn't feel comfortable leaving her at home with KZ while I bring Ath for her violin lesson, so in the end stayed home to continue wrinkling my fingers.

Why? why? why? The whole family down in luck. But there was someone.... I'll write about this when I have the time

At Dr Ng's clinic, was talking to Stella and Annie. And you know I hate it when people always like to compare.
a) I say I'm very tired. That person says I'm even more tired than you.
b) I say I'm sick. That person also says he/ she is sick
So.... Annie made this comment when I told her the whole family all down. "It's good what!quan(2)bu(4)yi(4)qi(3)lai(2) , quan(2)bu(4)yi(4)qi(3)qu(4)" What a remark! I told her "no, no. cannot all come at the same time, it's not easy without help."
Annie says,"I also can what. That time my FIL sick in hospital, I also bring my 2 children to the hospital what. I also one person carry one, hold another's hand. My husband that time also not in Singapore, away 2 weeks (ai yoh might as well tell me 2 yrs)"
Me : But at that time your child not sick right? It's your FIL not your children?
Stella :(look at Annie from the corner of her eyes and blinked at her)
Annie : If there is no helper, no matter what you will learn to survive on your own.
Me : Quite true, but at the moment I can't. Coz' I have one baby and one big manja kid, I can't handle 2 sick kids on my own without help.
Annie : Can, I that time so tired.. bring them to the hospital to FIL
Me : ?!?!?!

How to compare?? Not for comparison what!!

Came back home, walking past our withered promegranate plant which mom gave us 2-3 weeks ago. Told KZ, "this plant is so pantang... I think when it started to wither it was hinting something to us. You see now, the whole family sick, like very unlucky like that." I dunno, maybe I read too much into things and also maybe... no sun lah!


** I know alot of friends and my aunty, cousins are praying for us since the last episode. Thank you so much for including my little girl in your prayers

I feel like 'throwing in the towel'

22nd October - Monday
Damn sian. Damn suay, damn damn damn! Sorry if this really sound vulgar... well actually not really vulgar I can sound even worse than this.

Last night heard Athena started coughing again. This morning, her cough sounded more phlegmy so I thought I'd bring her to see Dr Lee instead of going back to Dr Ng, who's medicine doesn't seem to help her since last week. Perhaps I had neglected her during the time when I had to care for Aricia. I had forgotten to give instructions to them but sometimes I'm really fed up - I'm always the one who have to keep giving medicine while hubby plays his own computer games. Then better still for him if he don't have to pick Athena to / from school. So he was very happy when mom suggested letting Athena stay overnight. But I stopped coz' SIL had the gastroenteritis and the worst scenerio is to have Athena kena the bug (father started it or was it Iggy , passed to sister, passed to brother , passed to SIL) and spread in our family. I mean, having one trouble (nursing Aricia) is bad enough, I do not want to turn my house into a hospital. Somehow when SIL recovered, mom said to bring her over... hubby more happy than anything. I think she has a little of the bug-gy now and the love between the sisters is so great that Aricia has it too.
Sorry, I was too engrossed in complaining.

Anyway, Dr Lee said she is wheezing a little. So I'm lucky to have brought her to see her sooner?? Needless to say, she gave antibiotics and a follow up is due on Friday.
This morning was rushing from home to Dr Lee in Tampines, to her school to get her file (she came back with the wrong file on Friday), to Pioneer (ulu place) to pick up my blank cards, to home and wait for brother to help toddler-sitting while I quickly print some cards, to hospital - SGH - to visit mom. Yes, yes, I already told mom to escape the germies by coming to my house once brother caught it but she refused. In the end, she's exposed to the germs. And on Saturday, she kept lao-sai and purging. In the end, she has to be warded coz' for mom any small illness will be big for her. And she needs immediate attention in SGH coz' she's a renal transplant patient.

Once home, I thought I'll be lucky to enjoy the rests of the evening drilling Athena in her violin and organ lesson and do my illegal business in the night. Darn! asked KZ about Aricia when I stepped in & she told me Aricia had been sleeping for quite a while, she was worried awhile ago and ran to the room to check on her coz' she normally don't take such long nap, and she dunno if her hand is hot or what........I didn't wait for her to finish her sentence and quickly ran into the room. Shit! She feels a little hot. Took the new thermometer to measure. This time it didn't show the constant 37.8 but a 38.5!! Argh! And you know what's bad enough?? She didn't even have the decency to tell brother who was there. I asked when she touched her, "oh.. not long ago, about 10-15 minutes ago." I told her off, "you're lucky I came back now and not 1 hour later. You should have told brother here, he will know what to do.." Ai yoh, I dunno what that KZ is thinking leh! Needless to say, I spring into action - panadol and sponging. First cycle I stupidly took her temperature after I stopped sponging her. I squealed "shit!", came out and brother smiled at me and said "you're suppose to measure the temperature half hour after you finish sponging." And so I thought I was well-prepared when it does happen again, I'm definitely not. Lucky that brother is trained so he has taught me alot of things and I'm learning new things too!

Twice her fever went up and so did a few cycles of sponging. I feel like putting her in the freezer to cool her down. Ai yoh! Now fever up again. Shit! After sponging, I'll paste this on her. Frankly speaking this is the first time I'm using this coz I was/am skeptical at how it works. Guess now that I'm desperate I'll do anything.But I'll only paste it after I finish sponging.
You know what's worse? A clingy girl who wants me to carry her all the time, then my body heat gets to her, doesn't seem to reduce temperature fast.
If only I'm that lucky with 4D and Toto. I'm very tired already..........and it always happen when hubby is out of town! Not that he will help me but he will lighten my load by taking one child away from me. Now I have 2 clingy kids; one pair of hands for each of them (I have no hands to scratch myself)
I haven't even do what I need to do, buy and this has to happen again.

Horrible bug going around. Kill the bug!

** We all know that why fever occurs - body fighting germs. So with me sponging her most of the time am I causing more harm to her?
Also I am trying not to let her take too much of western medicine (bad for body) but it looks like she'll be taking more than usual whenever she runs a fever
Does it mean that Athena cannot school again today-23rd?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My playful girl is discharged!

She was the talk of the ward - the orchid hair baby. The nurses and cleaner likes her. The doctors commented that she didn't look like she needed to be there (too active; too playful).They hi5-ed & played peek-a-boo with her.

Once after I step out of the hospital, I'm going solo. And so, I needed to find out more information and asked to be taught on how to manage it. I pray that I don't need to handle such situation again. Of course I briefed hubby on it and he was like "you mean she turned blue at the clinic??" OMG! He didn't even listen to me when I made that phonecall to her ! I'm sure he'll freak and feel the heart pain if he saw it himself.

She found out another useful usage for this splinter, besides hitting the cot & then us with it....
Cleaning the window!!

Thana came to remove the cathether (I think that's what they call it right?)KZ turned away and squealed when they pulled out. "It's okay.. it's plastic. you see it's plastic." Oh... I was fooled too, I thought it was needle and was fooled into thinking that my girl is so brave moving her hands about. When I had that needle in me, I dare not move that hand much.Hee! Oh I must comment that my girl is so brave, she didn't cry when it was pulled out rather she cried when Thana was holding on her little hand putting pressure on the site. She cried and tried to retract her hand.

Could this have been avoided?

Somehow things always happen for a reason, I feel. But in this case of what my little girl went through (though she definitely has no recollection) and a little trauma on my part, perhaps it shouldn't have happened this way.

Could this have been avoided? But if I had 'walked in another path' - treated her signs differently I wouldn't have known that febrile fits can happen to anyone. Anyone so close, my own flesh and blood. And perhaps I wouldn't take her fever for granted next time and treat it asap.

Mistakes! Mistakes!
1) took the first fever at 4+pm for granted.
2) didn't sponge long enough at 9+pm
3) when 1st fits occured (I didn't know it was fits coz' I was not there), should have stayed longer to monitor her. We did sponging for her perhaps it was not enough or.. perhaps we shouldn't even sponge her at all after that??
4) KZ shouldn't have covered her, giving her that sudden increase in temperature again
5) after 2nd fits, apparently 2hours later, KZ then told me she had another similar incident. At that time still no thermometer to take proper temperature but I think I could have given her a dose of panadol before going to the doctor
6) while waiting for the doctor, felt her temperature going up. Went to buy her the fever sticky pad and put one on her forehead. If I had attempted to sponge her body to keep the rests of the body down

I've checked with them on how to manage it. Think I'm more prepared next time (choy!)
Things I should do:
1) I should have a contigency plan on the nearest doctor to go to. Need to find out all their opening hours so that I can zoom to the available one.
2) Put a chart on our fridge so that KZ or me can take note of medicine fever & actions taken written down

Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy 13 months baby

Bought a cake to celebrate little one turning 13 months today. This time round, the cake is from Prima Deli I think I ate this before, it's quite nice with hazelnuts in it.

I waited for hubby to come by, he's late today. He needs to do some work before flying off on Sunday. Then I realised that brother is coming by, I was hoping that the cake will be enough.

We sang the birthday song at 9+, way too late coz' the rests of the ward was quiet - probably resting already. We were singing softly when mom crazily started to sing so loud and clapping her hands, we had to hush her. Ehh.... I looked out and they were handing over outside. Staffs peered in.

Yums! Unfortunately not enough to go round the ward.

Two of them came in about 30-40 minutes later to take temperature and BP, that girl fell asleep so they couldn't sing the birthday song for her. Well... I had to clarify that it's not exactly her birthday, it's her birth month (well, if it's her first birthday, I'm sure to be very kek-sim)

Pictures will be uploaded later as it's in SIL's camera.

Still here

I am thankful for my friends who came in support, it has made my job lighter. Thanks to friends who offered to come by to help me out while I take a quick snooze. It's okay, I'm used to hard ( and suay) life.

So the update is, since midnight her fever has gone down to 35, 36. But now it's slowly climbing up again. 36.2, 36. 4, 36.8, 37.2. Eeeks! *fingers crossed* Dr Menon was saying if we feel comfortable and by 5pm we can opt for discharge. But they still prefer to see how. If not, I think tomorrow she will be home. As for virus, they still can't find the source even after repeated tests from her stools and nose. Virus is just like her, playing peek-a-boo all the time with us.
Her rashes seem to have gotten worse, said it could be due to virus. SIL said it's what they call the mock measles.
Dunno if it's the forced down leng yang shui that brought her fever down or was it really her body has fought the virus out.

Today is the 19th. Does it call for a double celebration? Thought of getting a small cake for her, for making a great impact in our lives the past 13 months and also a celebration for her getting better as each day passes. Dunno lah! See how...

Anyway, what have I been up to since my last blogging last night. I was really tired when I posted that out, good thing I copied the whole thing over. Sat there and went to koon-ning land. So I turned off, not knowing what rubbish I've written in the last part of my blog. Okay, once out I can't be bothered to re-edit coz' it means more time wasted.
I said "we take turns right?" Turned out I really konked out all the way until 7am. I was told Aricia woke up and played peek-a-boo with me under the cot. Obviously I didn't know what happened. I was that tired out!!
Okay, think I shall stop blogging for now. And start saving pictures into the laptop for flashcards making.

Colourful world in codes??

I can't help but keep hearing this announcement a couple of times
" Attention all medical staffs. Code blue at Neo natal or Women's ward operating theatre XX"

Being curious, I sms-ed brother the meaning of code blue and he told me "need resuscitation" OMG! Pray hard nothing happened.

Since their server here is so fast, decided to check it out further. Turned out ... so many colour codes, got more than I can asked for.

Color Code Standardization

In 2000, the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) determined that a uniform code system is needed. While codes for fire (red) and medical emergency (blue) were similar in 90% of California hospitals queried, there were 47 different codes used for infant abduction and 61 for combative person. In light of this, HASC published a handbook titled "Healthcare Facility Emergency Codes: A Guide for Code Standardization" listing various codes and has strongly urged hospitals to voluntarily implement the revised codes. According to this revised coding scheme, Code Yellow denotes a bomb threat.

Australian hospitals and other buildings are undergoing their own standardisation.

Code Amber
Code Amber can denote:

* a theft or armed robber. (Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center)
* a child or infant abduction. (Healthcare Emergency Codes per New Jersey Hospital Association(NJHA))

Code Black
Code Black is used differently in different hospitals.

* It may refer to a bomb threat or a bomb being discovered in a workplace.
* In US Military hospitals, Code Black is the medical emergency term for mass casualties, as from an epidemic or other public health threat.
* In Australia Australian Standard 3745-2002, "Emergency control organization and procedures for buildings, structures and workplaces" defines a code black as a personal threat. This incorporates a diverse range of situations including assaults, confrontations, hostage situations and threats of personal injury or attack.
* Often, especially in the Mid-West of the United States, it denotes severe weather, especially tornados.
* It may refer to a nuclear attack. (Ranken Jordan Pediatric Specialty Hospital)
* Additionally, it may refer to an infant or child abduction. (Heartland Regional Medical Center)

Code Blue
Code Blue is often used to represent a real or suspected imminent loss of life — the patient has stopped breathing and their heart has stopped beating, which is referred to as cardiac arrest. CPR should be initiated immediately. The Advanced Cardiac Life Support protocol described by the American Heart Association should be initiated as soon as medical personnel, trained in its use, are on the scene. ACLS involves securing the airway with an endotracheal tube to provide airflow directly to the lungs, as well as assessment of the need of cardiac interventions, injection of appropriate medications and defibrillation ("shock") of the heart when indicated.

* "Code Blue - Adult" or " - Pediatric" are sometimes used to specify an adult-related or child-related "Code Blue". HASC based changes have suggested these codes be replaced by "Code Blue" and "Code White", respectively.
* Adult medical emergency (in contrast to Code White for Pediatric medical emergency) per Heathcare Emergency Codes (New Jersey Hospital Association).

Code White

* a pediatric medical emergency per Heathcare Emergency Codes (New Jersey Hospital Association).
* a combative or violent patient (in Canada)[3]

Code Brown
Code Brown can denote a number of things.

* Severe weather. (Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center).
* External Emergency. (Australian Standard.)
* Missing Adult ( University of Toledo Medical center)
* Medical Gas Emergency (Carolinas HealthCare System)
* The term is sometimes used humorously to refer to a patient having an uncontrolled bowel movement.
* A chemical spill

Code Gray
Code Gray can denote

* A combative person with no weapon under HASC suggestions.
* A security emergency or patient elopement (New Jersey Hospital Association).
* Imminent severe weather in the Midwest.

Code Green
Code Green can denote a number of things

* A combative person using physical force, especially weapons. (American Hospitals)
* Internal disaster. (Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
* Code Green is used to indicate an evacuation situation (Ontario Hospital Emergency Codes)

Code Orange
Code Orange can denote a number of things.

* It is the Australian Standard for Evacuation.
* It is also an emergency status term used in certain hospitals to denote a bomb threat or a bomb being discovered within the hospital.
* Also used for an emergency medical team for patients whose health is rapidly declining (UMASS MEDICAL)
* "Hazardous material incident" per New Jersey Hospital Association.
* Prisoner escape
* Code Orange denotes a disaster, usually external involving mass casualties (Ontario Hospital Emergency Codes)

Code Pink
* Code Pink can denote infant/child abduction.
* Biohazardous contamination of a patient or staff may also be denoted by Code Pink. (Heartland Regional Medical Center)
* Code Pinks can often be false alarms. When the infant's wristband is cut off it is often slipped into a pocket and walked out with, triggering the alarm. They are also false alarms when being transported through and alarmed exit or elevator.

Code Purple
* In Canada Code Purple can describe an emergency in which the emergency department reaches its patient limit (a status sometimes called "Total Divert", "triage situation" or "Saturation Alert") where a hospital has to redirect ambulances to other hospitals that still have capacity for additional patients.
* It can also denote child abduction, may be replaced by Code Pink.
* Australian Standard for Bomb or Substance alert.
* Is used when a patient's weight is heavy enough to warrant extra help in transportation/care/etc.

Code Red
* Usually denotes a fire in the building.
* In some hospitals, it is used for a general surgical patient who needs advanced life support, as distinct from Code Blue for medical patients who need advanced life support.

Code Silver
Code Silver denotes a combative person with a weapon under HASC suggestions.

Code Yellow
Code Yellow can mean a number of things.

* It is the recommended term used for a bomb threat in many California hospitals according to the HASC handbook and recommended by the New Jersey Healthcare Emergency Codes.
* It is the new Australian Standard for Internal Disasters for a building.
* In some trauma centers, it is a page for the emergency response trauma team, typically when a trauma patient is in imminent danger of death.
* Code Yellow is used to denote a missing patient (Ontario Hospital Emergency Codes).
* Code Yellow is sometimes used in the Mid-West for tornado warnings or severe weather.

Other Codes

Code 10
Code 10 may denote the expected arrival of a mass casualty, not exceeding 10 people, to the Emergency Department. (Heartland Regional Medical Center)

Code 20

Code 20 can denote the expected arrival of a mass casualty of 10 to 20 people to the Emergency Department. (Heartland Regional Medical Center)

Code 99
* Code 99 can denote a medical emergency, someone on the verge of death. (Usually Code Blue)
* Code 99 may mean that a mass casualty of more than 20 people is expected to arrive in the Emergency Department. (Heartland Regional Medical Center)
* Code 99 may mean a bomb threat has been received.

Code 100
Code 100 may denote a bomb threat, whether by phone or other means. (Heartland Regional Medical Center)

Code Adam
* May denote missing person.

Code North
* Code North can denote a combative person. It has been suggested that this be replaced with Code Gray and Code Silver

Dr Pyro

* In Kaiser Permanente facilities they use "Paging Dr. Pyro", e.g. "Paging Dr. Pyro on 3." Means a fire on the third floor.

Dr Red
* A variant on Code Red, typically when a fire is isolated, is an announcement "Paging Dr. Red". "Paging Dr. Red, 5 East" means the fire is on 5 East.

Dr Rush-Pace
* This is a variant of Code Blue, but usually used in Pediatrics, or on floors with many patients families or patients listening.

* Mass Casualties are sometime abbreviated "MASCAL".

Codes by Emergency

Bomb Threat
Can have a variety of Codes, including Code Black, Code Orange

* Code Yellow: HASC
* Code 10: Standford University Medical Center (old system)
* Code Black: Markham Stouffville Hospital
* Code Blue: Some schools in Western New York
* Code 100: Heartland Regional Medical Center

Child Abduction/Missing Person
* Code Pink can denote child abduction
* Code Purple was sometimes also used for Child Abduction
* Code Adam is sometimes used for missing person.
* Code White is used in the IWK Health Centre for a missing person.
* Code Yellow: Markham Stouffville Hospital
* Code Black: Heartland Regional Medical Center
* Code Stork: child/infant abduction

Interesting reads

Extracted from Mind Your Body dated 17th October

Asthma linked to throat bugs in newborns
Month-old infants harbouring certain types of throat bacteria may have defective immune response that puts them at risk

Newborns who harbour certain types of bacteria in their throats, including Streptococcus pneumoniae, a common cause of pneumonia, and Haemophilus influenzae, which causes upper respiratory infections, are at increased risk of developing recurrent wheeze or asthma early in life, new research shows.

This finding 'opens new perspectives for the understanding and prediction of recurrent wheeze and asthma in young children,' lead author DrHans Bisgaard, from Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark, and his colleagues conclude in their report in The New England Journal of Medicine for Oct11.

The researchers assessed the development of recurrent wheeze and asthma in 321 newborns who had throat cultures taken at one month of age, and who were then followed through to five years of age.

Twenty-one per cent of infants were colonised with Spneumoniae, Hinfluenzae, another type of bacteria called Mcatarrhalis, or a combination of these bugs, and this finding more than doubled the risk of persistent wheeze, wheeze flare-up and hospitalisation for wheeze.

The prevalence of asthma at age five was significantly increased in the children who harboured these organisms as newborns compared with children who did not (33per cent versus 10per cent), the investigators reported.

In a related editorial, DrErika von Mutius, from the University Children's Hospital in Munich, Germany, comments that these findings may be interpreted to suggest that the presence and growth of bacteria in the throat in the first four weeks of life 'indicate a defective innate immune response very early in life, which promotes the development of asthma'.

Thus, she adds, the researchers 'may have found an interesting and new sentinel rather than a causative signal'.




Whole Kids Organic Sultanas, $8.10 for 6x30g pack, from Cold Storage Jelita.
Sultanas are an ideal healthy snack, but are usually preserved with sulphur dioxide.

In the United States, the Agency for Toxic Substances has warned that children with asthma or other respiratory problems may suffer asthma attacks or breathing difficulties if they eat foods preserved with sulphur dioxide or other sulphur-based preservatives.

Whole Kids Organic Sultanas does not use sulphur dioxide, artificial pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers, so asthmatic sufferers can now enjoy this great source of energy that also contains vitamins B1, B2 and various minerals.