Saturday, November 23, 2013

Big girl is 11.

No birthday party for the big girl this year (again). I think I'm getting old such that I get so mentally and physically drained at the end of the year with all the exam preparations.
Brought the girl out for a fun outing at Wild Wild Wet. We haven't been there in ages, mei-mei hasn't even been there at all. Took a few pictures before leaving the camera in the locker. I would have loved to take more pictures but it would mean I can't soak in the water.
Signs that che-che is getting older (obviously), the two younger ones played together while she decided to do her own thing. Soon, she'll be doing things she wants to do. Soon, she'll decide to go out with her friends instead of us. Soon, soon, soon..... oh well better treasure the time we have with her now.

She saw cakepop for the first time and was so awed by it. I told her I can do this, it's really easy and her eyes went *ding* can we do it? Can we bake? I haven't baked for a long time.

Proceeded back to the East (haha! Idling in the East from Mon to Fri is not enough, on Sat also must go back there?!?!) Deal is hubby has a birthday voucher, so instead of using on himself he used it for his girl. I mean, who would buy a birthday cake for himself right?  
Family pictures with my nephew. I have 3 kids - heehee!

 Brother - another November child. 6 days after che-che's birthday.
One last photo shot before we return home