Wednesday, March 12, 2008

4 days late

.. from san-ba (International Women's Day) - literally translated as gossipy and we're still very gossipy. Ha! The Ah-sohs or Tai-tais ( I prefer to call myself an ah-soh) met at my place today. The ex-cabin crews who are stuck at home after hanging up our kebayas.
Who's here?
Seated : My buddy Juliet with Evan
Standing : Lina, Angeline with Alexandra & Aleciabeth, me with Athena & Aricia, Moo Han with Nathan

Where are the kids?
Lina brought
Xavier but he went back home for his lunch + nap. Lina stays in the next block, another aquaintance I met by chance & was thick-skinned to ask if she was an ex-crew when once she parked her car next to mine. Kapo-ness led to making a new friend. Moo Han came with Nathan. Super-on LSS Angeline came with two kids : Alexandra & Aleciabeth - she never leave home without them. Buddy Juliet came with Evan, whom we just visited a week ago.

Our kids are around the same age, with Athena being the oldest and Evan being the youngest. It's really coincident or maybe it was a good year to have babies but our kiddos are 2002 (Athena), 2003 (Alexandra & Nathan) and 2006 (Xavier, ShyAnne and Aricia - all months apart) 2007 (Aleciabeth & Evan)

Activities for kids planned? No only simple cupcake decorating
I thought they'd play the toys in the room, but Nathan was so happy sitting down and finish his maze. Athena & Alexandra played together. They asked to paint at the easel but I had to reject coz' I have to bring out the paint; dig out the aprons - next time I'll get it prepared.
The women gossiping & sharing tips
Last minute I decided to let the children decorate cupcakes. I didn't bake it, bought the chiffon cakes; wanted to do the buttercream icing from scratch but I haven't tried it before so wouldn't want to risk poisoning the kids + dunno what's the outcome. Since I had a box which I intended to use for the Strawberry Shortcake decorating, I decided to use it first. Thank goodness, I used it too so I can gauge how much it makes and it's definitely not enough for me to finish the whole cake.
Umm.... it's not what I expected I thought it was really those buttercream type.
And so the fun starts... I think!

Funny when I saw this photo. The mummies are busy

My Athena & my buddy guiding her. That's what buddies are for!
Everyone participated, from the youngest - Evan.............
to the oldest child - Lina. She's so funny!Kept smiling & giggling - really a child.
The "real" children's work - yup! Easter theme since it's approaching soon
With that, the gathering ended with a sweet (icing) note.

Wanted to let the children hunt for eggs in my house (since I don't even have a garden) as I have some chocolate eggs - not pigeon eggs - but only 3 kids not so fun. Maybe they can help me clean the house in the process (as what kids always do when picking up treats and junks from pinatas). Hee!
Come Easter Day, I will let Athena do it as what she does every year in my house. I'll have to wait for Aricia to be older before she can participate.

Looking forward to our next gathering. May the ah-sohs UNITE!!!

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