Friday, March 31, 2006

She never fails to amuse me and family

Girl insisted on staying over in Grandma's place after her music lesson yesterday. Although I was trying to 'get rid of her' after going crazy for 5 consecutive days, I must admit that when mom offered to let her stay over I was abit hesitant. In the end, I gave in, thinking that I need a sanity check for 2 days before I am home-bound with her next week.
I drove them back home, and then I asked girl what should she say... I was expecting a "Goodnight mummy" and a kiss. But she surprised me with "Thank you mummy for driving me to Thum-per-nis (Tampines)" and gave me a kiss. I found it funny that she thanked me for this.
At night, the little tyrant rules the house. Everyone would have to bow down and give in to her and calls her "Your Royal Highness. When grandpa comes home, she ransacked his bag checking for dupes and illegal items aka sweets. Then she asked "ye-ye did you buy anything for me (in chinese)" Grandpa answered, "I didn't know you are here tonight. I didn't buy you anything."
Smart as she is, ran away and refused to talk to grandpa no matter how much grandpa talked her to come to him; coaxed her etc... Then he offered her "I give you $2"
A : No, I dowan
Ye-ye: (after some time) Come, I give you $2. You want or not
A: (who was playing in uncle/auntie's room, rolled down from the bed fast and started running to grandpa in kitchen)
A: (took the $2, went to the room to take her now empty piggy bank and put in the money)(came out the room and showed everyone her piggy bank)
Sis-in-law(SIL):How come your piggy bank is empty?
A: Mummy take my money to put in bank
SIL: ye-ye also can go to the bank. Why didn't you let him bank in the money for you?
A: No, I only want mummy to do it
Ye-ye: (seeing her piggy bank quite empty gave another 2 gold coins, SIL gave her some coins.)
A: (shaking her piggy bank happily)

A week ago, she heard me hugging the sink in the evening. She quickly ran to the bathroom, said "mummy you womit(vomit)? I looked at her but couldn't answer, she ran out of our bedroom and came back few seconds later. This time I sat on the toilet seat resting and the sweetest thing happened. "Mummy, I give you sweet sweet..." Sounds sweet, wait till you hear what she says next. " You only take one only ok? Cannot take so many.. later Athena don't have, how?" She ended her sentence with that kind of pathetic look (which only we know coz' we've seen it upteen times)
If she really meant to offer sweets to me, then don't say those words. But then kids are kids, they speak their mind.
In the end of the whole episode, I thanked her for her kindness and thoughtfulness.
What surprises me later is she ran back to her dark room to put back her sweets (on top of her telephone - abit silly). Why surprised? Coz' that girl is afraid of the dark. But she overcame that fear and ran, probably for her life, to get me her sweets.

She never fails to amuse me and my family. Sometimes I really wonder how that little girl thinks. No wonder they say that having children is a joy.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

If only I can be that accurate with 4 digits numbers??

If only, if only..................... If only I can be accurate with 4 digits numbers. How accurate can I get when I decided to send my girl to school today. Why must it be today? Why can't it be tomorrow? Or next week? Girl has been at home for the past 3 days, as I wanted to let her recover from her cough. Truth is, she was driving me crazy at home (mess the house here and there; keeping me busy; wanting to sleep next to me.. and I had to sleep with her in a non-aircon room) and I really had a terrible headache yesterday due to the lack of sleep for 5 nights. Today, brought her in to school at close to 10am. At 11 plus, as I was walking towards the coffeeshop, I saw Braxton and Melia's papa & mama. So it means they just got in to school. At 1plus, I was putting parking coupon in the car when they drove in. I was puzzled and asked why are they back at this time, and they told me that Braxton has HFMD. And they're back to bring Melia home as well. At this time I was quite worried as girl's immunity system is still low, and although he was there for a short while I'm afraid of the contact they had ( they are lovers you see) . Most importantly is choy!choy! if my girl has it.. my mom and myself can't take care of her (mom's immunity is low and me preggie) so who's gonna do it. Might as well let her have less contact in her school, since Braxton's is the first person.. um... someone will get it. Good thing I've been asking girl to keep washing her hands with the anti-bacterial handwash. Now it's time to bring out the anti-bacterial hand gels and bring it out with me. Anyway, call me kiasu or kiasi.. the moment I heard that I went to sterilize all her school uniforms. Pulled her out at 2pm, Ms Chan had to wake her up from her sleep. Sigh...............she's going to drive me crazy. And I've to stay indoor with her too.............Argh! Need to do on rotation basis with my mom so that I can exercise.

Pregnancy Report

Post pregnancy report (was suppose to post it but had problem linking it - so here it is now.)


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chinese sinseh Vs Western doctor

Last Friday, brought my girl to the Chinese sinseh to prevent her bronchitis from coming up. Thing in, on Wednesday we noticed the air around out area was very hazy.. Once she reached school she started rubbing her eyes. I asked Ms Chan to help me put the eye-drops, then she started a little coughing on Thursday.On Friday, I brought her to see the chinese sinseh.

I could have brought her to see her PD, but what I don't like is the prescription of antibiotics she always does. Yes, it does help as compared if I brought her to a normal GP (they'll usually give Chlormine) and since they did not know her history of "suspicious of being asthmatic due to inheriditary" they would give normal medications. In the end, I would still have to bring her back to the PD days later.

My girl is already immuned to one antibiotics and can only take Klacid, which I suspect is stronger than the first. See Bacterial Resistence :

What is "bacterial resistance"?
Usually antibiotics kill bacteria or stop them from growing. However, some bacteria have become resistant to specific antibiotics. This means that the antibiotics don’t work against them. Bacteria become resistant more quickly when antibiotics are used too often or are not used correctly.
Resistant bacteria sometimes can be treated with different antibiotics to which the bacteria have not yet become resistant. These medicines may have to be given intravenously (through a vein) in a hospital. A few kinds of resistant bacteria are untreatable.

If I'm not wrong, this time she will also ask me to do 4 times of Ventolin on her; complete dosage of antibiotics; and a bitter dark pink whasalone (something like that) for wheezing.

When I brought her to see the Chinese sinseh again yesterday, she was surprised to see me back within 3 days. I expressed my concern for her as her cough got worst and this time she keeps sneezing and started having stuffy nose. So she explained that her cough arises from the mucus. (Umm... logical since ENT-ear, nose, throat are connected) and asked if I had brought her out for the past 2 days and the sudden switch of temperature eg. hot; cold; hot; cold.
It was spot on! I remember on Saturday when we went for seafood, she was hot then I brought her down to walk along the beach and it was cold. Rushed up to get her her cardigan put it on for her... went back to eat while mom took care of her. Then mom said she was playing/ running in the grass patch, she perspired. Cool down a while and we went back to the car.
When I asked her to help me listen to her lungs, she said it's clear no wheezing at all. So i stopped giving her the Ventolin, but in the night I thought I heard some sound when she was sleeping next to me so I gave her again.

Now, I'm wondering if there's such thing called resistence to Ventolin??

I don't deny that her PD is good but at one visit, she mentioned something about not testing her for something before prescribing her Ventolin and Flixotide. And somehow she kept saying that she is asthmatic.. I don't deny there's a higher chances of her being asthmatic as her papa has it when he was young (and recently it came back again) but I don't see the symptoms of her being asthmatic. In her case, I can safely say she has bronchitis.

Time being, I've been giving her Illiadin nose drops and burning Eucalyptus oil (to the extent that I'm afraid I'll burn down the house one of these days) and hopefully by doing it the natural way will help too.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Tidying up of wardrobe

It only took me less than 20 minutes to pack my clothes from my wardrobe. Nope! Not that I'm moving house or going on a holiday.. but rather I'll be going from a Size M to XL and some clothes will not fit me.

It was easy to distinguish the clothes which obviously I can't wear now and those which still can last me a few months down the road. Jeans were the first to go.. still can wear but it's the belt area that I feel uncomfortable. As I packed them I wondered if I could still wear them after delivery. I have some work dresses which I bought from Southhaven, and they were my favourites in the working world. And not forgetting one bloody expensive dress(suitable for evening dress) which was not officially used yet (still has label on) from GG5.. Argh! Determination! Determination! Must lose weight no matter what! Maybe for the sake of beauty will have the urut lady bind me up for long. Haha!

13 minutes later, I took out my maternity clothes and packed them in my wardrobe.

And ooohh......... I had some undergarments and boy was I surprised that I actually was upgraded to a C-cup before. I think I was too over-zealous in getting the disposable panties too, realised that I had some new unopened packs left.

At the end of the day, I was so happy that my wardrobe looks much tidier now.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Road Runner

Remember as a little kid there's this cartoon called the Road Runner where Coyote will always try to blast him? Well, I was on Animal Planet in the evening and was surprised when I heard that Road Runners existed, and boy do they run real fast! New discovery for me.

First attempt in using chopsticks

Girl tried to have her rice with chopsticks. Umm... she's getting the hang of it but still can't grasp that much rice grains. Not to mention, the mess she made on the table and floor after that.
Ps. Can't figure whether to use left or right hand.

New discovery

Was at Hougang Mall today when I stopped infront of Polar. And guess what? I only realise now that they do have birthday cakes with the Sesame Street Characters on it, and they're quite pretty. However I do not know if their cake taste as good as Bengawan Solo's.

But anyway, I'm prepared to order it from them this year if my girl still wants Cookie Monster as her birthday theme. If not, I hope it's Princess, (now she tells me she likes Princess) then it's easier to get the favors from Singapore (rather than sourcing from the US- anyway when the time comes I don't have much time to plan her birthday. Probably be more tired or busy with No.2)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Furious! Furious!

Was craving for crabs in the late morning, then hubby suggested having seafood for dinner as it'll be too heavy for lunch. And at the same time to call mom, bro and SIL along.
I was too excited thinking about my crabs that I actually went without an afternoon nap. Hahaha!
We reached East Coast at 7plus, and Red House was already quite packed. Darn! Should have made reservations. Was happy to see that they have a section airconditioned. But we were warned of a 20 minute wait for a table anywhere in the restaurant.
Brother raccee the other places and told us that No Signage has seats upstairs. So we thought 'what the heck. We might as well try other places.' and how hot it can get - can't be right? Cause there are fans.
We were dealt with the most horrendous heat. Make it worst is the bloody service. I can't believe that they had only 4 people serving and only 2 (inclusive in the 4)can take order in our top section. So we waited and waited, trying to get the attention of the staff to take our order. And he made a blunder when he repeated the order so we corrected him.
The worst has yet to come. We actually waited for 40 minutes for our first dish to be served and the stupid woman didn't even bring our rice. Chinese take their meals with rice what!! Thank goodness we asked for one bowl of rice for my girl who was about to faint (ok, just exaggerated on that) quite some time back. Quite poor thing, only had white rice to eat.. Then when the dishes came we try to feed her with the dishes. Not only she was aggitated, I was too! Firstly is the service, secondly is the heat. I was feeding her and then brother was fanning her (mind you, she was seated under the fan yet she still feels hot) with a piece of paper. We all had to settle her dinner first. Hubby kept telling me "you eat first, you eat first. Let her eat herself." How can I do that? Whenever I'm out, myself; mom or brother would rather starve ourselves and feed the child first. Let the child have her fill then we can have our fill. Hubby ordered two kinds of crabs, chilli and black pepper. And when the black pepper crab came we all stared and told the lady it's the wrong dish they served. Then she said "it's correct, we don't have black pepper only white pepper." I was quite pissed off and told her "shouldn't the guy tell us." Though I must admit she was quite apologetic. (what to do when you have a fuming mad pregnant lady). The waiters are quite blur too! One guy came up with a tray full of Cokes and walked towards our table and then somehow I think he realised the number of Cokes don't tally with the number of people there; turned to the other table. And remember we already had our Pepper Crab?? He came out again putting the dish down. We looked at him and told him "we ordered Chilli Crab" And I can't imagine how blur can he get when he was moving the first Crab dish to make way for the new one that he brought out.??!! No common sense.
Anyway, their food is horrible. The Chilli Crab is not nice as Red House's, I think they used curry powder to cook the gravy.
I will NEVER recommend this place to anyone.It's no wonder everywhere else was packed except for this place.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A clone of our little girl

Hubby and myself were talking about "what if there's another clone of Athena?"
M: What if there's another clone of Athena
H: (paused) will be so cute like Athena
M: Double trouble (thinking of the days when I was a SAHM with her, she practically kept me busy the whole day)
H: No what..........she's quite sensible
M: Yah, true she's sensible; cute; likes to tease people..
M: What if we had twins?
M: Twins personality are different. Never mind!

Spoke my mind

Spoke to Ms Chan yesterday as I picked girl up from school. " I need to discuss with you something about the incident." She was all ears when I told her it was all an misunderstanding, as girl has told grandma she pulled the soup towards her and it spilled.
Moreover I was not aware of what had happened as she was not at home, and if she remembered I was abit hesitant on the phone.. I was skeptical infact and kept questioning "if she drank soup from the bowl..." And when I asked mother what happened, she said girl told her the truth - which then means that what I had deduced is correct.
The cut the whole story short, I made myself clear to her that I'm one who believes in disciplining a child when wrong but not when it's not justified. And I also told her frankly that I was not at all happy when she told me about it, and I'm her mother I know her behaviour.
Ms Chan apologized to my girl. She felt bad that I was a little traumatized, I told her its okay but I need to make myself clear to her. At some point the principal happened to walk pass, I kept quiet coz' I wanted to show her that I'm on her side at this moment and is not making a big booha on this. She got the whole idea... so now she knows the grandma and mother cannot be trifled with.
But what I'm glad is that I've finally spoken my mind and tell her how I feel. Afterall a mother knows her child best!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Did this to her hair - nice?

I'm running out of ideas on how to tie her hair. Did this I dunno call what hairstyle for her, nice? Umm.............maybe it's time to check out the library if there are any books on how to tie hair.

My inner ramblings

I am not at all pleased or happy when I received a phonecall from Ms Chan on Tuesday afternoon. She had called to ask me why girl was not in school, I did not suspect anything but assured her that she's fine (no sickness... just incase they're worried about the HFMD that is spreading) . Then she toned down her voice and told me that she has given my girl a smack in the hand on Monday afternoon because she poured the soup on herself during lunch. I was abit shocked as mom had not mentioned anything of this to me (girl stayed over in Tampines on Monday night).
But normally, I would listen to what Ms Chan has to say about my girl being naughty in school. I did the same yesterday but somehow an instinct told me "there's something wrong somewhere.." and I kept asking her "are you sure? You mean she drank the soup from the bowl and the soup spilled?" I doubted her words, worst still as a mother I felt angry that she had smacked my girl's hand. Do not be mistaken, I believe in disciplining my child when she has done wrong and I've given the teachers permission (altho' they are not supposed to use physical disciplining methods) to discipline her when she has done something wrong. I don't believe in scolding or beating my girl a few hours later when she would have forgotten what she has done, and 'why did my mother beat me?'
I don't know how to describe the feeling I have inside me now.. I need to find out the truth. Am thinking if it's repetitive smackings for no reason then I may have to pull her out from her school. Which I know many people have asked me why I have not pulled her out since I'm not working.. true, I could have put her somewhere closer to home but I thought of how much the teachers loved her and how she's gotten used to the place. Like one childcare teacher in Pasir Ris I bumped in Hougang pool told me "You're the first mother I know who will think of the child, many mothers will think about themselves first eg. convenience"
Okay, gotta find out the truth..........

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Grandma & granddaughter relationship

My girl simply adores her grandma (my mom). Not to mention too that she'll take the opportunity to bully my mom sometimes eg. refusing to keep toys. While I can be screaming at her to keep her toys, grandma keeps her toys for her without complaining.
Grandma has build a close relationship with girl when she was born. Infact, she was the second person to see her in the hospital. Thereafter, grandma helped me with the confinement period and passed on what she knows about feeding child to me (well, I'm a first time mother.. what do you expect). The rests were picked up from my big brother who used to work in PD wards. In the subsequent months, she stayed on a few days in a week to help me take care of her; play with her. Let's just say she was the one who taught me how to cook the porridge at 4 months; 6 months and etc... and grandma sacrificed to be in the heat to help me sun the brown rice- thrice! Everytime she comes back 2-3 hours later, I start wondering if she'll come back brown herself. I wouldn't have done it myself unless there's a portable aircon.
Anyway, there's alot more to write but I don't have the time to write everything down.
Girl loves to be with her grandma. Always loved to stay over in Tampines, and she would sleep in grandma's room. When grandma comes over to Punggol, she will not sleep with daddy mummy but would sleep with grandma.
Asked her who she loves most anytime... and she'll reply grandma.
Of course grandma loves her afterall she's the first grandchild. And having raised all her 3 children to this age (youngest me -31), she somehow liked the idea of having a small child around.

Chwee Kueh

Hubby came home last night with 8 chwee kuehs, asking me if I wanted to eat it imediately. Being the person who likes to "save the best for last" decided that I can have my Nutella bread that night and the chwee kueh the next morning. Also I just had my serving of the herbal soup I'm suppose to take for my pregnancy and you can't have white carrots once you have that.

Was being kind in asking him if he wanted me to steam some for him in the morning but he declined. Okay.. he left for an appointment in the morning; I slept in bed a little longer and then decided to eat it at 9+.Was suppose to go for my Pilates class at Cali... argh! Thought of going swimming instead then it started to pour.

Wow.... the chai po is heavenly. Found the plastic bag.

It's the Bedok Chwee Kueh, they have 9 outlets selling it.
1) Blk 628 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
2) Blk 207 Bedok Central
3) Blk 448 Clementi Central
4) Blk 105 Lorong Ah Soo
5) Blk 50A Marine Terrace
6) Blk 270 Queen Street (Albert Ctr)
7) Blk 85 Redhill
8) Blk 335 Smith Street (Chinatown Complex)
9) Blk 105 Yishun (Chong Pang)

He called to ask what I wanted for lunch. Craving for the Hougang Chicken Rice again. Being kind, I told him "it's raining here, you want me to go over to pick you up from the train station later." "Huh? I drove the car what..." You see lah! Lucky thing I didn't go downstairs to the carpark wanting to go swimming. Otherwise it's going to be a wasted trip.

Left to pick girl up from Tampines. Mom joined us for dinner as she didn't have enough ingredients at home to cook for all of us, then the girl kept insisting grandma to come over to stay with us. More will be blogged after this entry.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Girl has been using my stuffs

Just found out that my girl has been using my stuffs. She didn't want to use her Kids' Bath & Bodyworks shower foam but has been using my Cotton Blossom Shower Cream -also from Bath & Bodyworks (saying its very nice smelling). And here I am worried that my supplies will run out. Umm... I think it still can last me another year. Before then, must go to US to stock up on that.
She has also been using my Body Shop Hair Serum, which unfortunately cannot be found here. I bought it in London, so may have to ask hubby to shop for me when he goes back to Switzerland.
Actually, I kindda of realised I've been too pampered by using stuffs not available here. When I was flying making purchases were much easier. Now have to resort to asking my girlfriend (who's still flying), or hubby or doing it during our holidays. I think I must stop this stupid bad habit. Thing is, can I??

So tanned..

Only thrice I've stepped into the public pools and now I'm slightly tanned. BY the end of my whole pregnancy I'll be an Indian.

Problem is, by the time I get my girl to school and I proceed to swim - the sun would be hot at 10am. The Sunblock lotion I used is of no use.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Can't they be more straight-forward?

Was tidying up the table when the back page of Recruit Section attracted me to the advertisement.

blah blah blah story...... countries United Airlines serves within Asia. You must be less than 193cm in height with a minimum vertical reach of 208cm.......


Can't they be more straight-forward with the height requirements? I know 208cm is the compartments height but like that how to calculate?? Eg. I'm 159cm + length of arm from elbow to tips of fingers + maximum tiptoe length. ??

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Our normal lazy weekends

Our weekends now are usually spent at home and driving out to Punggol Plaza or somewhere close in Sengkang, Hougang for lunch and dinner. And the rests of the time are to laze at home; hubby will play his computer games while I will go into Dreamland.
Today, I am pleasantly surprised when I bumped into my ex-Secondary school classmate Endora Teo. Infact the last time I bumped into her was more than a year ago at Compass Point, we didn't exchange phone number and this time too! Was rushing off and clearly forgotten about it. She is now a mother to a 3 month-old baby boy, her mother (whom Endora resembles 100%) was carrying the sleeping baby. Never mind, she stays in Punggol now so I'm sure I'll bump into her one of these days again.
Before we left Punggol Plaza, I went to buy my otak otak. Bought one non-spicy one for my girl. Turned out she really liked it and asked for more. Need I say more, we were already in the car so there's no way to turn back.
Had to find toilet seat cover in Hougang so we went to Hougang Central for dinner. In the car, I was feeling sick and craving for my Futomaki and Miso soup.I really wonder what is the thing in Miso soup that makes me crave for it. I remember when I was holidaying in the US (and not knowing I was preggie); suddenly lost appetite for anything but asked for Miso soup. That's when I drank the whole soup finished very fast and sat there staring at hubby and our two mothers having their lunch.
Okay, sorry for sidetracking. Back to our dinner, he stopped by at the coffeshop opposite Kopitiam and I thought of having Chicken Rice. You should try it, it's by far the best Chicken Rice I've tasted (and mind you, I'm not a Chicken Rice fan at all) After our dinner, we left for Hougang Mall. Dunno what Dog show they have there, but saw two Siberian Huskies. So cute...........asked my girl "Is that a dog or a wolf?" She said "It's a dog. Woof Woof." Haha! Actually long long time ago she saw a husky in the street and then she started shouting to me "mummy, you see wolf. Wolf!" Well, huskies have the looks of wolves. So she's not wrong.
At this time as I'm writing this, my eyes are half closed. It's time to hit the pillows.

Think they're sexy or what? And Beer Ladies

So horrible... I mean if you have a bulging tummy and not so smooth skin - for goodness sake COVER IT UP!
Thank goodness I already had my lunch early when I was greeted with an unsightly sight. One woman in her 50s has fats all over her tummy area, put on a pair of jeans that is obviously tight (from the creased belted area). Her top just stops nicely on her jeans, and when she moves a little you see fats coming out. Brace yourself for what I'm going to share with you next - that woman walked to where I was( standing next to kiddy ride as girl was riding it) bent down to pick something from the floor and oh my goash! can see her butt line. And she was so close to me that I could see the texture of her skin. I think the butt line from my girl is much better to see.

Beer ladies:
I don't understand why they have to use this kind of marketing gimmick. Have Beer ladies in the coffeeshop to serve beer to the hum-sup men. Please lah... they want to see better figure - ask them go Geylang. The ones I see are usually the old ladies.. And today there was this old lady with her breasts quite shrunken (must be due to age) wearing a top that is tight and trying to show her breasts- which accounts to nothing. She had make up on her wrinkled face and ...... got men order beer meh?? I think they'd prefer to pour the beer themselves.
Honestly they should put away with such jobs for women. Women who do this only degrades themselves.

It's finally up!

Yipee! Finally framed up her photo collage I did for her room. Need to find another rectangular (preferably glass frame)frame to put more photos and hang it up. Meanwhile chose to put the smaller one near to her bed instead of the big one (sekali that one drop on her - can kill her) Will have to go down Ikea (I think I've said this upteen times but I'm just so lazy to drive all the way there - so out of the way)to find frames. Or does anyone have any idea where I can find it??

At the same time, I've decided not to wait for that 'never came to reality Ikea trip' to get her a box to put her current toys in her room. Instead bought one from NTUC and it fits just nicely in that little corner. So that place is more tidy now.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Pon-tang school

In the train. A sexy and hairy pole dancer
At Swensens
Fries time in BK

Quality time to spend with my girl today (as if I do not have enough of her to drive me crazy)

Left for Orchard at 11plus. Stopped by at MosBurger for my lunch and for her porridge. And that girl was so excited thinking that I'm buying her lunch told me "mummy, I want to eat fries fries", went back to her seat and then before I could finish counting up to 10 she came back again "mummy I want toy toy". She managed to eat her porridge and I had my soup and fish burger. Apparently whenever we're out, that girl is so happy (that she will do things without you asking her to) and started greeting the people seated behind us "hello jie jie, kor kor" and then they played with her and she responded. They mentioned that she's so cute and friendly, and said goodbye to them when they left. Next round, three young ladies sat down and she also talked to them.

Anyway, jalaned around. Stopped by at Swensens. And I swear this is the first time I've swallowed my ice-cream so fast. Girl was snatching the cup from me. Everytime she scoop, I put my spoon in and scoop off what she took, so she's left with little bit and I have to eat doubly fast with double portion. Don't know whether I felt my stomach turning cold slowly but all I knew was my throat was cold from the first spoonful to the last. People might think I "never had food for so long.."

Managed to get my maternity towels (thick thick sanitary napkins) from Mothercare. It's on sale at $3 per pack of 12 so I grabbed 4 packs first. Can't remember how many packs I have left from the last time (need to count) and grab the remaining packs on Monday or Tuesday. Passed by Osim, girl was so funny she saw the U-Zap belt and said "zap zap tummy. zap zap tummy." At first I thought I was hearing the advertisement from the screen in the shop but it was her voice. Looked at her and she smiled at me. Then she pointed to the 'horsie' (I-Gallop) and said she wanted to sit on it. Honestly, I don't think it helps by toning the inner thighs or what. Infact I don't believe in any of the slimming belt or toning belt. Because I was a victim convinced that it would help me so bought one years back. Ah yah! Never helped me at all.. so I don't believe in it anymore. Anyway, back to the horsie kiddy ride. She wanted to sit so I carried her on it. She was happy and another kid said she wanted to sit on it too, so 2 kids were sitting there (facing the main corridor) enjoying the free kiddy ride. The girl came down and her mummy sat on it. Argh! So obsene - like *ahem*....

Girl dozed off and I managed to take a slow stroll into the boutiques. Was tired so stopped by at KFC for a drink, sat down for awhile, girl opened her eyes. She wanted to eat fries so went to order for her but they were out of stock (can't believe it) so we went next door-BK.Hubby met me later and we settled our dinner at MFM. I didn't have much appetite coz' I was full from the ice-cream, fries and fizzy drinks so had a soup in MFM. She had the Kids Meal - Fish & Chips and finished quite alot. Hubby ordered their speciality 'Garlic Mussels' which I don't eat but I dunked the bread into the sauce - garlic butter sauce. Yummy...

Dropped by at Carrefour and hubby went to 'stir' her "you want daddy to buy you this?" It's the scooter thing, she can't do it but you know kids.. you asked them of course it means yes. So we left the place and walked a little more. Then we wanted to head back home towards the train station, she told daddy. " Daddy you haven't buy me the bicycle." "I want that one.... (actioned with one still and the other kicking)" He didn't want to buy but she was so persistent. So they went back to Carrefour while I waited for them outside.

After a long day, we headed back home.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Look who are the excited ones?!?!

Having breakfast in school
N2 Students gathering in their class
Lining up
Moving out of the school
Getting up the bus (she was quite afraid)
Sitting down
Excited Athena & Javier
Last night I had to remind hubby to wake me up early at 6plus (as I need to get girl in at 8am).

In the morning, I don't know if his clock was fast or my handphone clock was slow, he woke me up much before 6.30am. I intend to shower first and then wake my girl up but hubby got so excited and woke her up just at the same time as I was having my shower.

I got her to school at 7.56am. The two grandparents were looking from upstairs, their unit, calling "Thena Thena", then I actioned them to keep quiet as I want to get her in to school without wasting time. Grandmother wants to ask her to go upstairs and have porridge (actually it's her excuse to have the granddaughter upstairs) which I declined coz' I know for sure my girl will delay her time and they will also play and delay time. What better way to let her have her breakfast would be ideally in the school. Think they were a little sad that I denied their time.

She had her bun and milk in school. And you know what? That girl actually ate the lotus fillings in the bun. At home, she simply refuses to eat any fillings. Kids! No other parents stayed inside except for Jesline (Javier & Zenden's mummy) and another boy's (Is it Elliot?)mummy and of course myself. We saw how the teachers in the school was fumbling around; gathering the noisy and boisterous kids; packing last minute things.

Ms Chan asked the little children in her class to bring their shoes to their class and sit down. At this time, I put on the mosquito repellent on her (lying to her its body lotion). Thankfully, hubby bought this and another bigger bottle from Manila - it has those nice scents instead of the Citronella ones we have in Singapore. Anyway, I wanted to put for the other kids in her class but they all say "No". Then I asked Jesline and the other mummy, they accepted the offer.

The other mummy hails from China was asking me what it was and where to put, so before I could reply her she mentioned about "hands & legs", then I told her in my can-die Mandarin "hai you fang zai.." actioned 'neck' - what was that word?? The mummy said "bo zhi", I nod my head. Just then a little girl laughed at me speaking in her heavily Chinese accentuated way "jie jie ni bu hui suo bo zhi", then continued "wo shi ta de piao jie". Obviously her auntie (classmate mummy) was embarrassed but I thought the girl was cute and said "dui. Wo bu hui suo bo zhi"

The children were gathering near the main door and MS Chan led them in prayers. Just then Jesline and myself quickly made ourselves out and talked about 'us being the excited ones when the children don't feel anything at all...' When they left in batch, we followed. Coincidentally Ms Chan has let Javier partner Athena. And I was reminding Athena about keeping her hat on all the time; clean her hands with wet tissues if its dirty and using the small towel I put in her shorts pocket to wipe her perspiration. I think she finds me a nag and said "yes (pause) mummy".

Went up the bus and could see the excitement in her eyes (coz' she hardly takes bus). And all I can do is to pray she'll have a good time.

When I picked her up from school in the evening, asked her what she saw in the Botanical Gardens, she only told me "we play ball.." Hello! I was asking her what she saw - "trees, flowers??" Proves that girl only likes to play..................

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

If you think I'm an old lady, retract your words. There's another old lady.

I am 31 and well qualified to be an old lady. But please remind you that I'm not writing about myself now but rather a 3yrs+ kid - who's like an old lady.
My girl has been harping on the same thing over and over again. Complaining to me about her uncle(my brother) not apologising to her for pinching her buttocks. And hey! It happened weeks ago. Between that she still jokes about with uncle; laugh and play.
So repetitive and naggy...... can't stand her!!

Not that she missed me at all.... made me so happy for nothing!

Now I know why my girl has been asking for me these days in the afternoon.
It's not because she misses me or loves me so much, but rather she felt fearful as she hasn't seen a familiar face the whole day. Usually my mom will pop her head to wave to my girl at about 10plus, and another time in the afternoon. Mom does that and then assures her that she will be coming for her later.
Thing is, my mom was not well and was hospitalised for a week plus. So my little girl didn't see a familiar face.. and asked for me. Darn! I thought she really miss me, made me so happy for nothing!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cute Beatrice

Haven't seen Beatrice since she was a month old, today she's already 14 months.
I'm glad my girlfriend Jasmine sent me a video and gave me the permission to share it here .

Enjoy her cute little funny girl.


She's been asking for me

Ms Chan told me that for the past two weeks and yesterday, she's been asking for me in the afternoon.
" I want mummy...." When Ms Chan asked if she's afraid mummy do not want her, she said "yes".

Wonder why the sudden behaviour in whining. Insecurity?
Hubby told me this morning too she was crying when he carried her back into her bed. When I asked her why did she cry coz' she has to go back to her bed, she asked me "mummy why you did not partner me?" and began to hug me tightly.
I assured her and told her "you silly girl, mummy cannot partner you coz mummy's going to be your mummy all your life."
A: You mean you partner me all the time?
M: Yes

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wrong baby

Conversation between hubby and myself after we both got so irritated with her constant yakking and made up singing in the room.
M: What happens if the hospital calls us one day to tell us we brought home the wrong baby?
H: Return to sender
A: (giggling)(think she knows we're talking about her)
M: So maybe her real parents are ah-pu neh neh
H: Hmm......
M: Athena, are your parents ah-pu neh neh?
A: Yes, ah-pu neh neh

Quiet and then she started her dunno what made-up song
M: Ai yah... confirmed our daughter lah! So talkative like mummy.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Where do we go from here??

In United Square
St Nicholas Girls' School & her new dolly, Nicole
Few days ago my batchboy, Leslie called me to let me know that his daughter school is having a Food & FunFair today. When he told me it's St Nicolas, I was very excited. What's more exciting is I found out how they got their girl in the school, they did clock the 40hours volunteer work; plus his wife is baptised.. but then he also did mentioned that although his wife was from CHIJ Nativity, her results was good enough to go St Nicholas. So perhaps that put her at the winning edge.
Anyway, I told hubby the night before that I want to go down to check out the school. He kept quiet, didn't seem interested.
In the morning he said he has a meeting with a headhunter at United Sq. While they met, I brought my girl around the mall with the first itinery to buy her her panty.LOL
He told me that the new company (if he's successful with interview) it's going to be an IA-International Assignment in Shanghai. And how I feel about it. "Well, you have always wanted to go China, this will be a good chance." Well, we have no idea how long it will be but we shall not probe further until everything's more or less sucessful and finalised.
Anyway we left for St Nic. Hot weather, we couldn't take it. But we bumped into his ex-IBM colleague Rachel who's girl is in the school. And she did tell me "Volunteer yes, but you still need to be within 1km." I mean hubby heard it himself and how Rachel praised about the school, he should understand why I was so persistent in putting her there. "You should consider moving here if you want to put her in."
We left St Nic not without being empty-handed. They were selling the dolls and I asked her to choose the smaller one (coz' cheaper mah!) then that girl kept pointing to the big one. Argh! $$$ fly away.
I was feeling quite hopeful when hubby brought up the idea of moving house. I did remind him that exactly next year when Athena is 5 we would have stayed here for 5 years and good timing. He said "oh yah, we moved in just before she was born." Then he cut short the conversation and asked "so what if this No.2 is a boy?" I reminded him that Catholic High is just next door and coincidently it's also where I'd put my son in (ACS had to be out coz' they're 100% for old boys kind - no chance). Then he looked at the flats "wah... so old..." But it sounds more hopeful to me now..
In the late afternoon before I slept I told hubby I was craving for Pasta and then started thinking about Futomaki. Slept woke up and first thing I told hubby was " I want to eat Futomaki" Had 2 plates of that.
Perhaps it was all planned, I didn't even realised that my batchboy, Leslie, his wife and Lea were there. I only saw them when they were leaving. And all the more he convinced "you should put your girl in St Nic's. Move to AMK."

Now.. where do we go from here?? Firstly, of course I want my husband to go further in his career. So how long will that be? Years? That means she'll have to be in S'pore Int'l School and no more St Nic's? Or should I stay back at certain time to put my girl in a school in Singapore? But then the family will be apart.
I guess we'll just have to leave it in the hands of God and see whether we've been chosen to stay in our homeland or flock to Cheena. Maybe no more Orlando.. sob.. sob...

Joke of the Day

What do you get with two blur parents? An innocent victimised child.

In the morning we were getting ready to go out. I showered my girl and hubby brought her out to dry and dress her while I continue my shower. So that guy never put on my girl's panty. I didn't know coz' she was wearing a dress.....

Walked out of the house; at the postbox she said "I never wear panty.." quite soft and with that pathetic tone. Anyway, I turned and asked her "what?"
"I never wear panty.." and lifted a little of her dress to show me. Haha! I burst out laughing and stopped hubby who was walking infront. We were laughing at her, I said it could be the wind blowing and then she thought it was cooling below.

Told him we'll check the boot, I might have her spare panty in the swimming bag. Umm... no there isn't so she was without any panty until I shopped for her later.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Day Out With Kid In Tow

Enjoying her chawanmushi (actually this tastes better than Sakae)
KookyArt & Isabella & hubby
Photo taken by Canon staff with compliments
(I think the colour is too yellow)
Couldn't wait to eat her second piece
Decided to let my girl skip school today and next Friday too (school holiday).
We both slept until 9plus in the morning, took things slowly and prepared her breakfast for her; showered her. After which we left for the Baby Fair in Singapore Expo. We arrived there at 12plus and I was getting hungry so we popped by at a Food Court. We were lucky to secure a seat fast and boy did I regret sitting inside - it seems that the open area had wind blowing while we were inside the Food Court with minimal aircon. Girl was so happy to be gai-gai-ing that she started waving to every aunties and uncles walking pass us; to those who were sitting outside.(we were seated by the glass panel)
Was a little disappointed that the fair was not really suitable for me, although got baby.. but what I really need is a stroller. Did drop by and find out more about educational CD software from Galaxy. They offer the whole range of English, Maths, Chinese and GKnowledge (I'm usually more interested in education stuff more than anything) at a price of $4800++. I did notice Athena was very good with the computer and she could respond to it, lady was praising that she's smart for her age. But then the lady kept pressing me to buy or to commit to buy. I did tell her nicely that I need to speak to Finance Manager (thinking it'll put her off) but nevertheless she was quite persistent; asked her colleague for an Order Invoice - which then I told her I'm not buying anything today. I want to compare with the many softwares out there.
Sometimes being too tactful won't get into the minds of stupid/persistent people.I was a little frustrated and thank her for her time in explaining to me the things which I wanted to find out. But as a consumer I have the right to choose what I want to buy.Then she started saying that "we are the only one.." I snapped her "yes, many people tell me this. When I told you my girl is on Glenn Doman, you were ready to critize that flashcards didn't help - which I must say it did help my girl." "Never mind, if you want to try out, we let you try out the English first. We guarantee you within 3 months you will come back to buy the whole series." "Yes, and that's $1000+++. Problem with kids you know.. they find it interesting now they play. Once you buy back home they don't like it then what am I going to do with it?"
Strange thing also, consultants always like to flip to pages of newspaper articles praising their products; then flip to show me the Order Invoice - Nanyang Girl's and dunno what other elite schools bought the program (and I remember Grolier also showed me Nanyang Girl's bought their products as well...)
To keep the whole story short, I was persistent she was persistent but I still have the choice FULL STOP.
Walked around and was happy to see NewBaby - catering for Confinement Food. Guy was helpful in explaining that I can tell them what I don't eat so they'll substitute to something else.
Left the Hall and was pleasantly surprised to bump into Angeline (we used to fly together and my sightseeing kaki). At this time Athena and Alexandra (her girl) were asleep.. otherwise I think Athena would love to bully her again. Haha! That girl...... We chatted and then went our separate ways.
BookFest was just next door, it seemed threatening to me coz' it seems like it's a Chinese BookFair when I looked in from the entrance (my Chinese is half past six) but anyway since I have the time I decided to walk around. Popular took up a big section of it and I decided to see the assesment books. Yes! This mother is crazy.. assesment books for Nursery. They were on offer so I grabbed 9. Anyway, I've told so many people that I'm into educational stuffs for kids so now you should all believe me. I stock on Richard Scarry's; Infocomm CDs; Chinese Hanyu CD.
Left the Hall was contemplating where I should go- Starbucks or head to the car. Then somehow girl got up when we were near the bouncy castles and some game area. She must have got some sixth sense. Asked her if she wanted to go, said yes. Brought her out.. It's $5 for 30 minutes, then asked her where she wants to go. "I want that balloon balloon one.." No way am I going to spend $5 for something which I can do at home; blow up the balloons and let her throw around (just that over there they pump in air so the balloon is floating around inside and the kids play inside). Told her you either go bouncy castle or we leave. She didn't look too disappointed though and said "we go". So off we went towards Suntec.
At 3plus, I'm surprised that the carpark is full - probably with the IT Fair (but don't people have to work??) So went to park in Raffles City instead. Girl wanted to eat at Sakae (coz she saw the froggie) near the ERP gantry-Suntec.Initially wanted to walk to Suntec but it's not easy with the flight of steps I need to climb up and down from the building with Citibank with the girl and stroller. I told her we can't go there but brought her to another Jap restaurant in B1 of Raffles City. She had her Chawanmushi and I was craving for my Futomaki.Left the place satisfied.
We walked to Marina Square instead. We had fun time- with me pinching her buttocks and she running away from me in Citilink. That place was noisy enough but her laughter was loud enough to be heard-people turned to look at her.I was lost in Marina Sq, saw this Hokkaido Ice-cream parlour..........makes me think of the many ice-creams I had while I was in Japan and how I'd savour each flavour like a young kid.Was rather full but told the lady I will come back later.
We saw the Young Parents corner, checked out the goodies for their subscription. Nah! Nothing interesting.. anyway I can't remember when my subscription with them expires.So will consider whether to subscribe again next time. There was an area taken by Kooky Art - $12 to paint 5 cookies. She wanted to do it so I decided to let her have some fun. They thought she was a very neat kid; coz she coloured inside the line and was doing it very slowly. " Kids at this age don't colour inside line, and she can do it,"says Diana. Two other older kids were also colouring their cookies. Wow! I don't know how long we were there but the other 2 kids left and she was still doing her 3rd piece. Was chatting with Isabella (boss),her husband and Diana like old friends. Talked about so many things.. schools; enrichment classes. Anyway, she spoilt one piece of her cookie and Isabella was so nice to let her have another piece. So in total she had 6 pieces. She couldn't wait to eat the spoilt cookies.. We left at 6.15pm (and not after that girl helped them clean the table - they were impressed by her cleanliness) and she started eating the 2nd piece. We had our dinner at the Food Court and we left for home at 9pm.
What a day!

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Amanda Lee

Why do kids all smile like this??

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

School trip to Botanical Gardens

Ms Chan informed that the school will be organising a trip to Botanical Gardens next Thursday (16th) and if I will allow Athena to go. I thought why not since her classmates will be there and hopefully she'll enjoy the gai-gai with them. Immediately I paid her $5 and signed the consent form.
I don't know if she is excited but the mother is.. I mean, it'll be her first excursion trip with the school. When she was in playgroup and N1, they organised a trip to the Zoo but the first time we didn't allow her coz' the teacher can't guarantee they'll be holding her hands and knowing our chor-lor and lun-zhun daughter might just trip and fall somewhere. When she was in N1, it was quite untimely as she has just fallen sick and we thought of letting her have a full recovery before the heat makes her sick again.
I was so anxious and thinking if I should give her an umbrella- scared my precious get burned lah! But in the end thought that girl always like to play with umbrella she will not know how to shelter herself. So got her a hat; bought her some snacks and brought out her insect repellent. Now I'm thinking if I should kapo and go as well...
Darn! When can I learn to let her go??

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Brought her to the pool

Wanted to leave girl at mom's place today while I go swimming. But mom called to say that she's not feeling well and I had better bring her back home from school.
Anyway, since I've made up my mind to swim my fats and flabs off I thought I'd bring her along with me to Hougang Pool.
She had a lifevest on, and I also let her sit on her float (umm... actually it's for up to 18 months old) so when she sat in it sank in further coz' of her weight. And she made a remark "mummy.. how come got so much water in here?" Well, she's meant to get wet so I pushed her along and swim. Was kindda restricted and can only swim breaststroke. Swam a few laps of the training pool and then at times I'd let her sit by the side while I swim towards her. She can tell me "mummy, you go far far away." " How to go far far away? How can I rescue you in time if you drop inside the pool?" After some time I brought her out of her float and carried her by the armpits. Asked her to kick, she kicked. Then she surprised me by doing the breaststroke on her hands. I was so pleased "wow! You so clever can swim breastsroke." At first she kept quiet... then at my second remark she sang "I am a fish swimming around, swimming around..." and did the action.
So.... she wasn't doing breaststroke but was doing the action to the song she learnt in Little Notes. ????
Before we left brought her to the baby pool where she wants to play the slide. We left for the shower area; took a shower and thought of bringing her to the small eating area. Told her "mummy only brought $2.50 with me to the pool so I can't buy much." She looked around for tidbits instead and settled for a 50cents Maggie snack. We left for home after that. In the car she said, "mummy tomorrow you bring me to the pool again."

Monday, March 6, 2006

Argh! Why?Why?

It was like the usual - drive to school and yakking in the car with my girl. Somewhere near Tampines, she told me "mummy, there's something crawling behind you." I looked into the rear mirror and asked "what"
A: There's something crawling on the chair.
A: Going up , going up (points upwards)
M: (panicked) What is it? (dare not lean back on chair)
A: I dunno. (scared look on her face and started to cross her legs on her booster)
M: Where is it now? Is it still there?
A: Yes (scared). It's going up up
M: Is it big or small
A: It's big
M: (lagi more panicked)
A: Yeee......
A: Mummy, it's going to your cardigan
M: (parked the car, quickly opened the door and saw a nymph, opened the other door to let her out) Darn! How to kill cockroach
A maid, washing car next to us, heard me say this and walked over to help me kill and bring out the cockroach. Wah.. she's my heroine.
Why got cockroach? I clean the interior thoroughly once a week. Ai yoh.... I better bring down Dettol later to clean the interior again.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

We've got other residents in our house

Today the pak-chik from Singtel came to see what was wrong with our home phone, which was apparently spoilt for weeks.
Tests showed that there was a shock circuit somewhere. And he pulled out our sofa to show me this plug point behind. I made this remark " I didn't even know there was a point here." Anyway, he did what he had to do and checked on other phone points. He asked if there was one in the kitchen and we brought him there. He saw the plug opened and said something about "this has to be closed at all times, sometimes dust can go in and spoil the wires." Anyway he opened up the thing and next minute I heard him throw down the cover and let a loud "yeeh!" I was standing there sms-g to June and looked. There near to my feet was a lizard. Scadycat ran out of the kitchen " yeeeeee..........." and jumped onto the sofa. Wow! I never knew I could run that fast.
Little girl said she wanted to see the lizard and then she made " dirty." Pulled her away and the pak-chik said two eggs dropped out. Shucks! There were lizards breeding in our home.
Thank goodness the pak-chik opened that today. Otherwise we'll be accomodating some illegal pest residents in our home.

Friday, March 3, 2006

First time I went without an afternoon nap

Gotta mark this date - 3 Mar - as it's the day I first went without afternoon nap. Yes, I did feel sleepy but not as bad as before. Hopefully it's the sign of my fatigue easing off.
Started the day by dropping my girl in school and then went down to Mt E for my appointment. I didn't have to wait long (which is good.. but only when I went back home I realised that I had mistaken my appointment time for 1030 when it should be 1010 - in other words I was late for my appointment!)Walked around in Paragon a little and dropped by in Dune - they carry nice and sweet dresses. Nathalie was ever so helpful to me and left the shop with only one dress for her. Anyway, I was getting a little hungry so needed to have my lunch. Was contemplating between Nooch and Spaggeddies, but I reckon the people in Nooch recognises me by now so I decided to have Italian. Not a bad choice I had my Penne with Crayfish; passionfruit soda - slurp!slurp! Boy! I was really full when I walked out of Spaggeddies to the washroom. But I swear after I came out from the washroom I felt hungry again.
Suddenly thought of stocking up on my pasta sauce from Marks & Spencer so went upstairs to buy 2 bottles.
Girlfriend June smsed me asking where I was and wanted to meet up. She decided to meet me in T. Pagar as I was leaving Orchard soon.
Left for Tanjong Pagar to collect my girl's trophy and other prizes. Prizes included a month's supply of Vitagen (mom thought I told her it's a year supply - I said "siao! company go bankrupt man! One month drink already will lao-sai; want to have one year supply") which I must go down to collect at MDI in MacPherson one of these days. Other prizes include vouchers. I was more interested in the trophy coz' I wanted to add it to her collections. I'm so proud of her... speaking of which must thank the mother's good genes right?? (vomit blood)Okay, I'm not proud of my looks but I'm glad my girl outshine me.
After collection, popped by at Modern Maternity to have my top altered with a longer elastic band (stingy me must use the maternity wear throughout the whole pregnancy kind one..) and then went to Spinelli's for a drink and snack. My stomach's growling.. had my cheesecake - yummy and strawberry shake. June came by and we chatted.
Yes, I needed to go to the gym but told her that my gynae aint that supportive of me doing high impact stuffs. Umm.. we shall see whether we can meet up for gym. Missed that alot! We used to gym together when we were working in the same company.
Anyway, close to 5pm and I had to leave to pick my little brat up from school. Stayed in mom's place awhile and then went back home for dinner. Cooked mee-hoon kueh and we had dinner together. But pity June lah! My house didn't have any ingredients like fishcake and it's too late to thaw the meat so we just went plain. I promise you June, I'll do a proper mee hoon kueh next time (that is if you're keen). June left when her abang came at close to 9pm??
I fell soundly asleep at 10pm. Couldn't take it anymore..

My funny gynae

I like my gynae, he's always so cheerful and jovial. Of course you can see the look on his face when he's really stressed up, and then I dunno if I have the "consultant" word printed on my face- he'll complain to me how some patients are too much, of course he still protects the identity of his patients.
My visit with him today was a funny one.. we chatted and I dunno why he talked about the one-eye dragon guy who fled to KL and how stupid he is waiting to be caught. Of course I teased him saying "if you can think this way.. you must have the mindset of a murderer." and quickly added "joking huh?" But he didn't mind it and laughed it off.
When I asked if I resume my exercise. He made this remark "You better don't do high-risk exercise huh? I won't be here next week." when I told him I go gym.
When I first visited him years back for my first PapSmear, he was chatting and obviously trying to distract me. Well he did, I was surprised when he said "okay. done!" Then when I fell pregnant, he was the cautious kind. Yah.. and when he prepare to operate me in the OT for my Emer C, I saw him praying. Yup! He's a christian. Anyway, I see the dedication he has for his job. He actually took the syringe and medication out of the clinic; hoping to catch me outside on CNY eve - when everyone's rushing home for reunion dinner. I was so touched by his actions.And he even said "call me on my mobile phone.." Hey! Which doctor will give you their mobile phone number??
Anyway, he mentioned to me that he'll only retire 11 years down the road. Which means I'll have another 11 years to see him for my regular check-up. I think it is a pity that the gynae association will lose out this good and dedicated doctor. But I think he's done alot of good deeds and it's time he enjoys his old age.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

A nod is all I need

What I need from my gynae is a nod for me to go ahead with my exercise regime. Afterall, I've held back for 2 months already and it's killing me!!!!
Once he okays it, I'll quickly zoom down to Cali Fitness and work out man! Still thinking if I should go for Bodycombat class. June says I'm crazy but I really envy how Elizabeth conducted the lessons when she was preggie.
Then there's the Tuesday morning Pilates class and not forgetting my swim. Swimming is the best exercise for preggies.
Ah yoh.............Dr Teoh you better say yes when I see you on Friday!