Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Happy Happy
I'm so happy, Mitsuko 美津子 from Shichida Japan emailed me. And... they've made an exception for me to order their items and get it sent to me. Hee! Thank goodness I persisted and they agreed, if not I'll have to resort to ask the preggie Mio to help me - abit paiseh.
Sent to them the list, now is to wait... wait ... wait... for Mr Postman. Yay!

In the meantime..
I am so tired having to bring out the flashcards when I need to change them. Why?
I packed them all into these 2 boxes in the storeroom. Imagine I have to bring out almost everything everytime I change cards. Sian! No wonder one parent actually had a book shelf specifically for flashcards. Maybe I should really have one section of our shelf for the cards.
I have stopped making flashcards at the moment, I have more than enough cards for now. I only need to do the songs flashcards which does take up some time. Sigh.. been doing a lot of English songs, not much time to do the Japanese & German songs coz' it's tedious to go through the translation. Maybe should ask Kaiyoko (my Jap neighbour) to help, but so paiseh leh..

65 Day Dots Program
Taking a week break from it. And thank goodness, my next cycle will end on a perfect date.

Biting nails

Athena has been biting her nails and disgustingly bringing her feet into her m
outh as well (in school too!) and bite. Yucks! I was told that I can buy a Nail Bite Solution from the pharmacy. I bought one yesterday and really hope it works.

Sick sick sick
I don't understand why everytime hubby never practice self confinement or...at least be responsible lah! He's sick and he don't tell me, still carry the children. They fall sick I mati leh!

Water feature
Wah....I so scared the mozzies come, I want to put the granules inside but have to wait until dad comes by..... it's so long, been telling dad to come back to help me see what's wrong with the motor. Sick! Feel like tearing down the whole thing, which hubby will then tell
me "that time you want lor, you want lor.." (cynical) No wonder someone was telling me installing this whole wall water feature thing has alot of problem. Anyway, I should say that this water feature is what I like in my house but it's also what I hate about in my house. Why the conflicting thoughts?? I like it becoz' I wanted a spacious feel and I thought it'll be nice to have water trickling down and hacking off that wall does make it look a little big for this small place. I hate it coz' I don't like the way this company did the silver border. I had expected a nice sleek silver border but didn't expect a 'paint over the PVC pipe kind'. Ripped money company!
Hmm!change to a smaller 'put on the floor' kind which will risk Aricia playing with the water or have mum being so paranoid & every time reminding me "you better make sure you're near her, afterwards she drop inside the water and drown." - my daughter never leaves my sight for long = a more tired mummy chasing after her. Need this for fengshui purposes to have more $$$ coming in (hee! better solution is the wife don't spend $$$. Haha!)
Fengshui for everyone

Online orders
Bought another An Pan DVD from amazon.jp . He's so cute makes me hungry (red bean), ordered another Tweedlewink to add on to my collection.
I'm hesitating if I should buy the next volume of Signing Time. Think, think of the above. Anyway, now she's speaking in her baby language, is there a need for it?

Sell items??
KZ was telling me the other day "mum. Don't throw away the toys that you buy for them, I like the toys that you buy make them think and think, I buy from you."
I looked at her and said .. "you'll have to wait coz' I'm keeping them for Aricia to use first before I can sell them away." "Huh? My niece that time also old already. Hahaha..."
She did mention about my flashcards as well, no mention about buying so dunno if intended to buy or think I'll give away.
I will wait til they're older and sell them away. I cannot throw them away coz' I've paid so much for them + most are self DIY so to throw away like that very sayang.

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