Saturday, September 25, 2010


It's the hot hot month of birthdays. Both kids have few friends each born in the month of September - and my girl too!

Not that we were invited for countless of parties this month. Hmm.........which I'd have another headache if I was (reasons will be explained in a much later blog entry)

Birthday girl is che-che's friend since Lutheran days. Their friendship went a looong way back to 2004 or was it 2005?

Photos :

Cutesy mini cupcakes - which are tasty and not so sinful to the waistline.

Games organised by birthday girl's parents. Mei-mei is the youngest girl there and she so gamely played along the games

But because she was the youngest there, she was eliminated early in one of the games. She didn't understand when I told her she had to come out of the circle, she didn't know she was out of the game. (keke!) She did look sad when I asked her out, finally I let her turn around in circles when all the che-ches and kor-kors are playing the game circling around her. Ha! Anyway, that made her really happy.

The Lutheran friends (another boy left before we took this)
The kids had a great time playing together, the mummies had a great time chatting.
Mei-mei always attract attention. Parents commented that she's a very sociable person, which I had to agree. She's very chatty when she's outside so there's no pretending from her. Something funny happened >> She saw che-che packing up jellies to bring home (excess food) and she didn't want to lose out. She couldn't find any plastic bags and she took the empty cutlery pack plastic (which had a tear on the side) and packed it herself. How she did it? According to 2 parents, they saw her looking at a unused spoon on the coffee table; turned to look at them; looked at the spoon; looked at them; took and ran away. They followed her to see what she was up to - she was using the spoon to scoop up the jellies (while che-che was using a fork. ?!?!?! ) Minutes later she presented me with the jellies "Nah! mummy we bring this home. This is mine." I had a good laugh to see the bag she used to contain the jellies. But I must admit this is quick-thinking on her part.
Host mummy commented to me,"your lil' one came up to me and tell me 'aunty next time you must make more jellies ok?' " That's my girl - very thick-skinned!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Music Wonderland Concert

Time flies! Before we know it, 6 months has passed. It's the first graduation for mei-mei. It's her Music Wonderland Concert. I forced hubby to attend her concert, coz' he did attend some of che-che's concert and he has to be fair to both kids.
Enjoying some songs together with her friends.

Singing her solo piece - Could It Be The Sun

Some action fun songs

Getting her certificate

Singing the Goodbye song

That's the end folks! Not the end of her music learning path. After much deliberation have decided that she should continue the next 2 years with Yamaha, at the same time go private. Dunno if should continue the music lesson in MMI or not?? So overwhelmed - not that I'm training a musician.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1 more BIG surprise

Mei-mei saw her name on an envelope when I opened the mailbox and the kids offered to hold the letters. She exclaimed "I have my name!!" I didn't know what it was until I opened the mail for her and realised it's from Singapore Child Magazine.

Apparently, her picture had been one of the selected few to be published in this month's issue.Now .... that's a really BIG and pleasant surprise. I forgot I had sent it in for her. All the while we were hoping for her photo to be shown on Playhouse Disney - but it didn't of course coz' we didn't hear any news from them. Mei-mei was sad everytime the Birthday Surprise comes on and she'd run to the TV. Sound very pitiful when she said "how come no my picture. I want my picture on Rocket."

Sigh......better luck next year! And now, we have to book a workshop asap before the month ends for her prize (ahem..partial prize coz' we gotta fork out the remaining $$)

Monday, September 20, 2010

More surprises

Mei-mei received 2 more presents today. She's so happy and it was so nice of one P1 mummy to get her a small pressie when she was given the chocolate on Thursday. We don't expect any gift, but just wanna share her happy day. But a simple gesture really made mei-mei's day. She insisted on putting on the hairband soon, which I did - later back at home after she had washed her hair.
And also thanks to Aunty SW for the cute Forever Friends bag. She ran off to play before I could take photo and was too tired to run after her.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My lil' girl is officially 4

Mei-mei was granted her request to go to "Ohshard Road" (Orchard Rd) despite che-che whispering in her ears "Suntec City, Suntec City."

Left home and had our lunch at their favourite place - Sakae Sushi in Orchard Central. (Argh! I'm so sick and tired of Jap food!! We have it every weekend ever since KZ was granted her Sundays off.)

At exactly the time she was born, I gave her a kiss. 4 years ago, all I heard was her cries. Sharp but not as loud as che-che's. 1 after she was born till now, my girl never stop talking. Haha! Really wonder where she get that trait from? Me?
No peace in our house; our house had been topsy turvy since with her frustrating us every second - when she argues with us or makes funny comments. She livens up our home. And that's my girl, alright! I love her very much.

The girls had so much fun today, we had a nice family time together too.
Photos :
I prepared her with a light make-up and lip gloss.(first 2 pictures) She went out, I showered and came out to see a heavily madeup girl (last 2 pictures). Make Up Artist? Her beloved che-che

Ice-cream treat. While they were eating, I kept crossing my fingers che-che don't start coughing. Che-che had Candy Floss Flavour, mei-mei had Chocolate
Didn't bake, we had a lot of leftover cake though we gave the bigger portion to mom. Instead we took the muffin and a cookie from Coffee Bean, plonk the LE figurines. And it became a LE dunno what. Heck lah! As long as there's birthday song, there's candle to blow.

My birthday wish for you, my little girl as you blow out the candle today.
May you grow abundantly in all aspects (I need the physical aspect to triple-up). As you grow into a young little girl, may you discover the many happiness and love.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Mei-mei is overwhelmed! She received so many presents from so many "aunties", mainly from my friends (mummies) in IJ.

She gave out her goody bags to the girls' mummies on Thursday as it'd be very rushing when the kids come out. There were 3 extra musical note chocolates for her to give out to the other aunties.
My friends gave her her presents, it caught us by surprise coz' we didn't expect to receive anything and ... we didn't really mention about her birthday. It was only when mei-mei declare that her birthday is on Friday that they asked. But still it was so nice of them to remember and secretly rushing out to buy something for her.

Clarabelle gave her a present too. Thanks mummy!

She can't wait to open her presents, kept bugging me the moment we stepped into the house to put things and jelly into the fridge. And when we had our lunch outside kept reminding me..

I gave in today. Cannot tahan her nagging. Notice the dining table is so messy. No time to pack at all.

Posing with their Annie & June bag, which I bought quite some time ago
First opening up their goody bags. I always like to see the expression on their face when they do that
Present from che-che
Present from Clarabelle mummy
Present from daddy n me
Present from Aunty Youli
Present from Aunty May Ling
Present from Aunty Junie - Shichida
Present from KZ
Colouring her card

My lil' girl is 4-tastically 4! - The Party

Che-che was so excited over mei-mei's party. I brought mei-mei to school and came back to fetch them at 8+.
Party starts at 10am, I was suppose to be there at 9.30am but reached there at 9.50am ?!?!?! It was raining and took me a slightly longer transition time at the baker's home when I collected her cake. I love her cake. It's beautiful!

I was given a cartoon jelly as an apology for the spelling mistake on the cookies. Oh oh! I didn't serve the jelly, thought I could use it on Sunday instead.

Simple decoration in the room, dressed my Princess up. Party started a few minutes late.

My poor che-che couldn't join in coz' the number of kids plus her was an odd number. And when I asked her to challenge KZ in one of the games after the kids, she didn't want to play. Chey! not sporting at all!! So that's the problem with different age group kids. It was a good idea to bring the party to school.

Mei-mei enjoyed herself thoroughly, laughing loudly, jumping about. I'm so happy.

Happy Birthday, Aricia!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My lil' girl is 4-tastically 4! - Preparation

Months ago
When I asked her what she wanted for her party this year, she gave me a 'I dunno; I can't think look'. Che-che gave her so many ideas, which were HER IDEA! I ignored che-che indefinitely.
Then that same day they were watching Little Einstein on Playhouse Disney, she was so excited, shouting "Annie! Annie! Annie!" "pat, pat, pat.... " Sang along to the theme song.. I asked her if she liked Little Einstein and she said yes. If she wanted it to be her theme this year (since it's for both boys and girls, it'll make things easier for me) She agreed. BINGO!

Theme settled so the next thing follows, sourcing for products. Planning the time for shipment etc.. When the boxes day after day. We had a total of 4 boxes, the last one was extremely big. Actually my shipment also includes their Halloween costume, Children's Day goodies etc.. Haven't considered what to buy for che-che's birthday as I decided to take things as it comes. I was overwhelmed with so many "projects" one after another without any break.

Goodies - Handmade
In the end, these are the goodies I've bought and prepared for them. The only thing I kindda regretted was buying that plain white castanet, since I'm following to the music theme. I thought it came with some gems for decorations like last year's craft. Had wanted to go down to Laine's to get some nice gems stickers but then it's not safe. Imagine a kid so happily hitting the castanet and injuring himself/herself with the 'hard' gem stickers. Managed to get some cute flat stickers from Evergreen. Saw some really cute 'face' stickers.
Printed instructions, cut, paste on the cellophane bags. Cut the stickers , rebag. Packed the whole thing. Tiring!

Always liked handmade stuffs. Shows my undying love for my kids. Yay... at the expense of my health with all the late nights, surely it's undying love.
This is a must have, if you noticed in most of my kids parties - chocolates. Thankfully, it is not the embarrassing situation where I had to re-fridge them and tell my guests to remind me to give it to them later before they leave like in this party.

These are the chocolates prepared this year. No more colouring, just simply white chocolate with dark chocolate. Yums! I'm suppose to be on a diet but I ended like licking my fingers. Haha! Don't worry I did not dip my saliva into your chocolates, ladies!
Needless to say, Photoshop wordings and cut again to paste behind my chocolates.

Goodies - Purchased and packed!
Here, mei-mei offered to help to pack her bags for her friends in school
Things inside : blowout, guitar bubbles, yo-yo, kaleisdoscope, stickers, castanet, jelly beans (which I got it at a very good price online as compared to what you pay in specialised chocolate shops in SIN), milk candies, seaweed & musical note chocolate

The boxes come in 6 different colours.
At first I only photo-shopped and printed out only the front and back stickers. Then realise the 2 sides were so plain. Aligned the colouring pictures, photoshopped and then printed out.
I was so happy with this outcome until I realise it looks like a Happy Meal Box. Not a bad idea at all.
I packed differently for her Shichida friends. In a cup. I wanted the cup for my 2 girls but it'll kill me $$$ if I were to buy for all 30 kids. So thought to get this for a smaller group of children.
No space to put the guitar bubbles so hanged it outside the bag.
Not forgotten are che-che's IJ friends. Had to get them something different coz' LE would be very childish for them.

Party where?
Honestly not so keen to have one in my place. It's the mess we have to clean after the party. Plus not that I live in a mansion, I don't have much space in my house.
I had been sourcing and checking out for a venue for a party. I came across Rhythm In Me, which suits best coz' of the music theme. I liked what I saw there. Ample space for the kids to jump, run about. Big makan area space. Minimum = 20 kids.

Thought no problem since I can invite mei-mei's classmates over. I can get 12 or maybe a humble 10? And the other 10, I'll get some of che-che's friends & my friends over who's kids are of varying ages. I spoke to the teacher in mei-mei's school about my idea, only to be told that past experience wasn't too optimistic. Parents have invited their classmates but out of that 17 kids in the class, only pathetic 3 came. Wah.... then how am I going to get that remaining 12 kids after minus-ing her Shichida friends? Outside friends or che-che's friends who have 2 or more siblings, the age gap varies. The majority will then be 6 - 9 years olds. For a 4 year-old party?? Games are organised to the age accordingly, either way some group will be bored. Too easy or too hard? Then it's suppose to be a party for mei-mei not for che-che.

Finally made the decision not to have a party outside this year but to bring it to her school. Rhythm In Me do organise parties outside. But the minimum number became 15?? Additional kids costs $$. Duh! Scrapped the whole idea, so next in line was to get someone, some clown - if no clown I can be the clown - do something. Fortunately I had that settled quickly and kids were left in suspense. There was also the intention of letting che-che to pontang school ... ahem.. naughty mummy. Then came the good news - NO SCHOOL!! PSLE Listening Comprehension on that day.

No time to bake for mei-mei. And sadly too, I have no space in my fridge if I want to do a cake as tall as a 3-tier wedding cake (joking! Not that capable) or as wide as the ocean. Now you know the reason why hubby bought a smaller fridge - to stop me from baking.
No time to decorate cake. Though I'm itching to do one. Hmm......think better to take the $$ to buy one.

With the house looking like a warehouse, I can't wait for the day to come.

15th - (Wed)
Collected the cookies in the morning. Cookies are meant for those kids who don't get to eat the cake. I like the cookies

and then guess what? Name is written wrongly. Made a call to her to inform her about the mistake and to correct the name on her cake. She offered to make the corrections but I didn't have to time to go back to her place and go back in the afternoon to collect. Declined the offer
The same night I made some rainbow agar agar for the kids in cups
Looking forward to Friday