Sunday, March 26, 2017

The type of fake parents

I love to warm up to friends, be the Mrs Congeniality. We were also all first-timer parents as our kids were the oldest in each family, so naturally we forge a friendship hoping to share experiences and learning process. But what puts me off over the years is the emergence of fake friends. 

Secret Detective
They are the parents who make use of me by digging up information where I send my kids to tuition, asked for contact number but don't even call - just claim it's for "just in case, I have another contact". But yet when I asked them where their kids go to, I'm suddenly and abruptly cut short of the conversation "don't have" and then talks about other things. I hate these people! And what happens after the girls are in different schools, they suddenly lost the contact. I know for sure they'll call or message when they need help. Ahhh..... I shall ignore these people.

Liar Liar 
Another group of parents, who keep claiming their kids are dumb. Number 1, I don't believe any kids are born dumb. Therefore I always tell them their kids are not dumb as what they claimed. Say they cannot study this and that; and do badly. If I were to complain that my kids are careless, they also complain their kids are very careless. If I complain that my kids are very careless, they complain their kids are very very careless. Totally uncalled for, because at the end of the day when they get their results. Wham! Superbly good results. What the %^&*! they've been lying. 

Slowly and hurtfully, I know who these people are and will keep a distance from them. I know these are the people whom I can't trust or rely on them at all. However, I'm also thankful for a handful of nice friends who are genuinely nice people. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Damn cockroaches!

Damn it! In a span of only 1yr + living in this house, I've already seen 5 cockroaches in the house (more frequently once all the neighbours moved on) . Compared to seeing only 3-4 cockroaches in a span of 13years in our previous house.
Once, within one hour, I saw two cockroaches (big ones) crawling out from our drain. I have this mentality that when I see any pest in the house including housefly and ants, I'll make sure I kill it immediately. So they better not let me see them. Which infact, is also scarier for me, especially when I'm cleaning the house and I least expect it, the bugger jump onto me.    

Honestly, I'm wondering if it's worse it my neighbour's house. I don't think anyone is as hardworking as me to :
1) Diffuse the living room and yard area every night with Citronella
2) Drop Citronella or Thieves essential oil into the toilet drains
3) Spray insecticide in chute area every night. Including air dumping it for 5 seconds
4) Spray the yard perimeter. Ehh.... only from the bottom coz I would think that cockroaches are more likely to climb up from the ground level to my house. OMG! I hope my neighbours upstairs don't have any infestation, they can also crawl downwards right? But how am I going to spray insecticide? Unless I want to go blind for spraying it upwards.
5) Recently, I've dropped Citronella onto cotton pads and put them around what I deem as strategic points - our rooms. Just in case we get a night creepy crawlie into the room. 
6) Diffuse nightly in girls' room either Cedarwood or Thieves if there's intruder alert. Sometimes as much as I'd like to stake out with a blaster and KILL ON SIGHT, I can't do it coz' though I may be impatient, I can't stay out that long idling and doing nothing but to look left, right, up, down.  So the only best thing is to hope I'll see it on sight again in the day time and kill it. Coz more likely it'll come with sound effects - my screaming (as I fight with that small but yet horrendous pest). Not so nice to scream in the night right? Scare the neighbours.
7) Tape up the drain cover in the yard area. Occasionally I'll see small roaches; earwigs stuck on the tape. if only....if only I could.... I'd love to tape up all the drain covers in the house. 
8) When  on long holiday, I'll seal up the chute gaps as well. 
Haha!  I don't think anyone is as extreme as me. Well.....what to do? We're on the first floor. 

I really hope all the cockroaches will be extinct soon. Really! That will be a welcoming news to the world.    

Friday, March 10, 2017


photo taken from :

Memories : It's been 30 years since I took that road.
I used to think it was a steep slope when my quite old ah-cek (who has a gold tooth crown and always smiling, he never seem to be under any stress even though there were kids fighting/quarrelling behind 😂. How did he do it? I'd be under stress n fiery if the girls quarrelled behind me) would look 👀 attentively to the front as he drove down the slope and I would pretend it was some kind of thrill ride,clutching to the seat infront of me. And when he drives up the slope, I was kinda worried his run down van would roll backwards as you could hear the "chuk chuck chuk" sound. 

Today, I drove down and prior to that was wondering how steep exactly it was. Do I have to step hard on the brakes? Was surprised, maybe coz when I was younger everything seemed big; steeper? 
I was so tempted to drive up Jln Khairuddin,another uphill where my primary school once stood. 
As I left the place, I told lil' one how I felt in the schoolbus when I was a little kid, younger than her current age. That was part of my childhood. 
Got me thinking 💭 ......which part of her childhood will she remember next time?

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Why the sudden U-turn

This blog was started in 2005 with the hope of penning down every moment of my boring life on an online diary, with some hidden agenda that this will be my Alzheimer's or some sort of "retrieval of my memory" treatment in the near future. 
With online danger lurking by exposing pictures of my family, I should have kept this in paper and pen. However knowing myself and my hubby, hubby will throw out things that don't belong to him heartlessly when he sees too much rubbish. I too don't like too much of a clutter, I believe I would have at some point of time choose to scan into the hard disk and throw the diary away (there goes my memory coz who would go through hard disk? That reminds me I had better remember to give my blog password and hard disks to my kids earlier should anything happen to me. At least they would have taken the time reading through the blogs; reminisce the photos I took of them in their ugly; sleeping and pretty time.)

My blog then was a relaxing point for me. While in the process I did not neglect my motherly, wifely, maidly and chauffeurly duties (no such words but you know what I mean) because I have the bad habit of writing, saving, editing an entry that sometimes it gets posted out late. As I speak, I have a few Drafts in here.

Subsequently, Facebook came along. I joined in 2009? Or was it 2008? And it was easier to post on Facebook as it was an App on the smart phone which made it so easy for me to vent my anger; share my joys and tears and shits. In recent time, I've suddenly realized (like a lost child who had walked  waywardly from religion) that Facebook is merely a place for people who wants Face Value. People are simply showing off, with their friends envying them putting them on pedestal. When their kids received awards, they post pictures without writing anything in it coz pictures paints a thousand words. Okay, I admit I also post entry of my girl winning awards but that would have been in my diary if I had resorted to paper n pen. Basically if you notice in Facebook, hardly anybody vents frustration as much as me, everybody lead such beautiful blessed life posting only the good things to show off when they bought a new bag;  received a coveted item as a present; while I lived a ...well my true life of ups and downs. Thus I decided to make a U-turn back and start writing back in here. I'll need to backtrack a lot of entries though as there were so many occasions when either girls made funny comments and I had written them down on Facebook. 
Facebook isn't that bad afterall, I've managed to link up with long lost friends; friends from overseas. What I like about Facebook is their "On this Day" app where prompts will be sent to you on your posts posted years ago on the same date. It's nice reading through what funny things had happened or silly things my girls do. 

They should have a Blogger app for ease of posting. Honestly, I have no idea who is reading this now but I'll be a little more hardworking. 

What I want to say is :
Sorry for the long intermission 

 I'm back 

Affiliation school changes

And so they announced that  "From 2019, the 27 secondary schools in Singapore that offer their affiliated primary school students priority in the Secondary 1 posting exercise will have to reserve 20 per cent of their places for students with no affiliation to the school." (source :

Thank goodness I only have two girls with the older one currently in my alma mater, come 2019 - yup! It'll affect my last kid. I don't think she'll be that bad to be unable to get into the sister school right? My God! Seeing her P5 results is ... her HMT is .... I can vomit blood. If it continues this way, I really have to start worrying.  

Over the last two years, che-che told me more and more of the primary school kids came back to the secondary school. When she was in Sec 1 (in 2015), not many of the primary girls went to the secondary school. Their results were good enough to go elsewhere. Infact statistically their PSLE results in 2014 was really the best! They had 100% pass and their overall performance were definitely better than the next 2 years. Thus leading to the low COP of the secondary school. 

To divert a little, I used to wonder why the COP in our secondary school is so low compared to another two more IJs. That's coz we only have one affiliated primary school whereas the other two have two affiliated primary schools. So majority of the space would have been filled up by their own girls thus leaving little space left. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Sorry girl, you gotta learn it the hard way."

And I totally agree and applaud with what the school is doing. Infact, I don't need the school to tell me what to do with my kids coz I have the mentality of giving and bringing up my girls in military disciplinary style.

I've never sent anything to the girls' schools before. I'd rather let my girls get the scolding from teachers. There were a few occasion when lil' one was in P2 or 3, she did her school homework but she didn't pack them into her bag coz it was hidden under her pile of additional work she did at home. I knew - coz I was tidying up her table the morning after they were in school. It was placed neatly on her table n she knew she was in trouble not only with teacher earlier in the day but she is going to have another hell nagging session from me (I think more with me coz teachers tend to be lenient). Well, she learnt her lesson after that. 

Having said that,I don't carry their schoolbags for them unless I'm rushing for time n their heavy shell is pulling them back. I don't take pity on lil' one though she's small size and she choose to carry the whole bookshelf with her. They ever complained before when they were younger but my reply to them is always very harsh. "You didn't pack your schoolbag, it's your problem." They will just carry it n not grouch anymore.
They just have to take responsibility.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Playdate with A

Lil' one's friend, A, has been asking her over to her house for a playdate for about a week. I asked if her mother is aware of this and asked for her mom's contact number so that I'm certain she is aware of this "invitation" (coz I was worried they were planning this secretly) and we can discuss on the arrangement after Sports Day.

She is really excited. If I remember clearly, this would be her first playdate alone with her friend. 

I haven't organised any playdate for lil' one
I spoke this for the longest time - years! Started since she got to know C, her MMI friend at 3 or 4 years-old. Gasp! That's 6 to 7 years. No wonder she said I was being unfair as che-che had so many playdates but she had NONE. We had friends over at our place so many times. 
Honestly, she can't blame me. As lil' one was growing up at the age when I had che-che's small little friends over, che-che was already in Primary school. There wasn't any way I could have her friends over when I had to shuttle che-che for her tuition/s. 
Perhaps I should really find a day to have her friend over at our house.   

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Yay! USA here we come!

Great! we're heading to USA this year end. And that means che-che will miss her WBAS this year. Though she was enjoying herself last year and wanted to go again this year, she can't give up this trip as she has been asking us for the longest time to go back to US again. She's damn lucky! Some kids don't even get to go so far, are not so well- travelled like her.

Lil' one is super excited as it's her first trip to so far far away.

I'm excited too even though I've been there before. Nothing beats going on holiday right?

Not sure what hubby is planning. I used to plan itinery but I'm too tired now..... I can't cope with so many things on hand. I'm sure it's going to be a fun trip (provided the kids don't fight with each other)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Edusave Award

It's the first time che-che attends an Award Ceremony. That's because the very first time when she got two awards in primary school, one she wasn't eligible to get the monies as the monthly salary ceiling is above the requisite. However, she got the monies for another one but strangely there wasn't any ceremony. The cheque was simply passed to the girls in school.
Thereafter, she had another 1 more of EMB in between that time and now, which again she couldn't go for the ceremony. But I'm wondering...... there were some kids I saw who ..... I doubt their salary ceiling is below coz if they can stay in a condo, that means their salary must be of a substantial amount too right? So perhaps we can lie the next time any of the girl gets the award? 

This ceremony is held in our Function Room. Good right? Don't need to go and cram and sit through lengthy ceremony, just to get that few seconds shot of your child. Get to mingle with some neighbours, otherwise everyone is always so busy with their lives. And we're basically stuck at home coz' the girls always have to clear their school homeworks or tuition homeworks on weekends. 

The girl. She ASKED if she can not go for the ceremony and when I told her to neaten up her pleats for picture taking, she told me she can wear her pinafore the other way (anyway nobody knows also, they look the same front and back). GRRRR.... she's trying to be funny with me. She wasn't that vocal when she was younger now the true side of her shows. 

Didn't smile much, but luckily she managed a forced smile for this shot.        


All Singaporean students from Primary 4 onwards in Government and Government-aided schools, junior colleges/centralised institute, independent schools, specialised schools and the Institute of Technical Education are eligible for the Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service, which is given to up to 10% of students who have demonstrated leadership qualities, service to community and schools, excellence in non-academic activities, and good conduct. 
The values of the award are as follows:
  • $250 for Primary 4 to 6
  • $350 for Secondary 1 to 5
  • $400 for Pre-University 1 to 3
  • $500 for Institute of Technical Education/specialised school


All Singaporean students in Government and Government-aided schools, junior colleges/centralised institute, independent schools, specialised schools and the Institute of Technical Education and Polytechnics who are not recipients of any Edusave Scholarship are eligible for the Edusave Merit Bursary, if they are within the top 25% of their level and course in terms of academic performance, have demonstrated good conduct, and whose monthly household income does not exceed $6,000 (or per capita income does not exceed $1,500).
The values of the bursary are as follows:
  • $200 for Primary 1 to 3
  • $250 for Primary 4 to 6
  • $350 for Secondary 1 to 5
  • $400 for Pre-University 1 to 3
  • $500 for Institute of Technical Education/specialised schools/Polytechnics


All Singaporean students in Government and Government-aided primary and secondary schools (from Primary 2 onwards), junior colleges/centralised institute, independent schools, specialised schools, the Institute of Technical Education and Polytechnics (from Year 2 onwards) who are not recipients of any Edusave Scholarship or the Edusave Merit Bursary are eligible for the Edusave Good Progress Award, if they are within the top 10% of their level and course in terms of improvement in academic performance and have demonstrated good conduct.
The values of the award are as follows:
  • $100 for Primary 2 to 3
  • $150 for Primary 4 to 6
  • $200 for Secondary 1 to 5
  • $250 for Pre-University 1 to 3
  • $400 for Institute of Technical Education/specialised schools//Polytechnics Year 2-3

Friday, February 3, 2017

They are so different

I'm reminded just how different my two girls are.

School - related
Big one : Will be like in Lala-Land like that. She'll forget to pass me any notices / forms from teachers. She'll not write down homeworks in journal and sometimes forget what homework/s she needs to do. She'll take some time to think through because I don't like my girls to go to school without doing any homework/s
Lil' one : Very alert. Will shout and tell me what homework/s she has for the day. And then try to shove the consent forms into my face when I'm driving. Needless to say, she's the more responsible one. 

Big one : Needs alot of nudging that I do get really angry with her. I die already also must come out of coffin to remind her to do something. She gets her work done after lots of scolding.
Lil' one : She reminds me things that requires my checking / acknowledgement etc.. She's very automatic.

During our holiday in Shenzhen, we bused back to our hotel from an attraction. The girls sat together and I told them how many stops away we are to our destination. Somehow I napped in the bus, for maybe 10mins? I woke up and then muttered "where are we now?" Lil' one responded "6 more bus stops" and I noticed she has her fingers either stretched or bent to a number. She's the one who is very attentive. Her sister? Just waiting for us to tell her where she needs to alight. 

God created them so differently. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Aspiring to be a monitor

For a number of times, lil' one has been wanting to be either a Class Monitress or Prefect. Every new school year gives her a ray of hope for that short moment (she'll behave extremely well) ,then after that she'll be downcasted for not getting to be one. Seeing her so disappointed 😔 somehow made me sad too. So the question is "WHY?" I know teachers are looking for that certain qualities in a child who is required to lead the class. 

Lil' one do not lack in some qualities. She is responsible; over-enthusiastic; helpful. Over the years, she's volunteered to help teachers this and that and she's really happy doing so. Needless to say, she's the one in the house who would help when asked. I asked her if she wanted to help teachers coz she wanted to skip the next lesson? She said no and she runs back to class, so she won't miss anything. Eh.... did I mention that she's kiasu/kiasi too? 
However I did say she "do not lack in some qualities. I also believe there's something lacking in her.  

Getting votes :
Last year, she and 2 other girls were asked to step out of the class while the teacher counts the votes. Sad to say she was the only one voted out. (so can you imagine how she looked when she stepped into the car and she slumped back into the seat.) Nobody likes her? Nobody votes for her? Does mummy and daddy and all the family members' hands count? 
Unfair? Perhaps yes. But she also needs to be well-liked by her friends for them to vote for her right? So this kind of monitor chosen by class may not neccessarily mean that they'll be prefects next time.   

I know it's bad of me but I always like to tell her that coz of the feedbacks from previous teachers that she isn't behaving well in class so the new teacher will not select her. That was a mood damper and perhaps some counsellors would feel that I've spoke in negative ways on my child. However I was hoping it's the other way; encourage her to behave herself coz she needs to know that teachers are watching.

This year, the same thing happened. Five girls out of the class but in the end only two girls got the job.

Feedback : Talking too much, running around in class. Over the years I get the same complaints from teachers. She finishes her work quickly and then goes to another table to talk to her friends. Other than that she's alright, so I think this was taken into consideration.

Yet again, I feel that a few girls during che-che's time were chosen to be monitor wrongly. There were (1) cases of favoritism, (2) case of just coz the teacher was lazy to choose so she told the class she'll get the first girl on the class register, (3) case of randomly choosing one without understanding the child. In the end, those girls were promoted to Prefects. We got a school bully and she was the first case of a Prefect almost getting her tie removed from her. Her parents had to come to school to vouch for her proper behaviour from henceforth.  Two heck-care prefects who can't be bothered to come to school early for Prefect duties; who don't attend any leadership camps. HUH! Notice my sniggerish remark. How all these girls wasted the space of other potential leaders. Obviously these people don't even stand a chance to be in the Committee or be the Head / Vice-Head.  
During that time, every monitress were made prefects the following year. They changed that (apparently) after 2 years? Only those observed to have carried out their work well deserves to be a prefect. Which explains why some girls in lil' one's years are always monitor but never made a prefect 

This year :
Out of the 3 girls who were not voted, if the teacher deem the girl/s suitable she may chooseeither 1 or 2 girls from this 'group'. In the end, she chose none of the girls and chose another 2 girls because they were monitor the year before in their form class. She explained after consideration she wanted someone with experience. 😏 
And apparently the teacher explained to lil' one the reason  why she didn't choose her. She explained that the previous year form class girls (after being asked for feedback) said that she sometimes don't hand up her school homework. I thought I heard her wrongly and asked her to repeat the last sentence again. IMPOSSIBLE!! She is a very responsible girl, infact she reminded many teachers over the years about handing up homework. It's more likely that the girls hate her for reminding teachers about homeworks rather than she not handing up her homeworks. Anyway, her reports have indicated that she has been religiously handing up homeworks on time. 不公平! I felt the injustice here. How can the teacher get feedback from the girls? She should have checked with the previous year form teacher who will give unbiased feedback. Lil' one didn't even dare to tell her current form teacher that she's been maligned. As explained to her, if she didn't speak up for herself and (confidently) mentioned previous form teacher name to double-check, I'm sure the teacher will know that she's innocent.    

Oh well, I'm ranting away just because I didn't want my child to feel ...what's that word ...worse than being disappointed. 

Perhaps I should just make her a badge and make her be a Head Prefect at home. Will that appease her?  

Saturday, December 17, 2016

WBAS - 12th Dec to 17th Dec

Since the girl is in the school Band, it has been expected that she's to be laden with a heavy responsibility. And it's one that she enjoys, though I must admit I'm not ready for her lil' sister to follow her footsteps (i'll be so tired doing all the chauffeuring).

This year, she went for WBAS where only successful applicants are accepted. An audition was held sometime in August. The funny thing was her teacher thought she wasn't going this year and kindda confirmed with her face-to-face "so you're not going this year right?" She went, though at first grudgingly (coz' we couldn't go to USA this year due to the short timing) thereafter she found it fun and wanted to go next year. 

For the whole week, I was lucky the man didn't mind sending her to and fro on his way to/back from work. I only had to take care of the lil' one and send her to her classes. Only the last day (Fri) where he needed to make a conference call, only then did I send her and pick her up.

The last day - 17th Dec (Saturday) - which is today, is the day they put up their performance in Esplanade.

During workshop days

Hugging her husband. She got to know some people from other schools. Like there's a saying "Music brings people together"

 With her friend
 A lovely gift from Youli. I don't even have the time to drop by any florist!!

    Till then, maybe she'll be there next year.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Year-end school holidays 2016

Athena : 7th week of break so far
Aricia : 3rd week of break so far

For che-che although school break started earlier for her, she has been kept busy with her Band. Going back to school in the afternoons; full day for practices, rehearsals, performances, concerts etc..

They will only look forward for the following week when we go on a holiday, however it's not the destination that they had wanted. the man wanted to bring them to USA on the condition that we had to leave on the 17th Dec (latest) as the airfare would cost more on 18th Dec. Best is we leave mid December as flying to and fro would have made us lose 2-3 days plus we need more time on driving leisurely from places to places. 
Sigh.............WBAS! Why? Why? Why? Maybe I should opt her out next year.  

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Making me prouder of her

It was a surprise to receive this in the mail. 

But it's a great affirmation of her commitment to .....? what? First time she's getting an Eagles Award.  

I've always been proud of you, however having this makes me even more proud of you. 


Friday, November 25, 2016

Big baby is 14!

20th Nov (Sun) - The girl wanted Dynasty Paradise @ Vivo as her birthday treat

21st Nov (Mon) - Her birthday cake from Antoinette .We didn't cut the cake the day before as we were too full from dinner at Dynasty Paradise  
25th Nov (Fri) - What a way to spend her birthday! The girl had to be back in school for Band practice. Although we did say we didn't have time to celebrate for her, that was why she was given her birthday treat on 20th. But hubby, no matter what dotes on her (even though he doesn't display much affection), he worked from home and decided to go and pick her up from school and asked what she wanted to eat. Though it had to be a quick one - eat and return home - as he had some work to do.
Meanwhile, the surprise has been up in her room. Lil' one was hushed not to spill the beans.  

The moment she looked up her room door from the living room, she suspected something (moreover she noticed me angle my handphone in vertical way) and deliberately detoured and walked to my room first. Yup! Got the video down. Oh man! She hates taking pictures that it's so hard to get any nice shots of her.
Checking out the big balloon.Smiling .......

Happy Sweet 14th my darling girl!