Friday, February 3, 2017

They are so different

I'm reminded just how different my two girls are.

School - related
Big one : Will be like in Lala-Land like that. She'll forget to pass me any notices / forms from teachers. She'll not write down homeworks in journal and sometimes forget what homework/s she needs to do. She'll take some time to think through because I don't like my girls to go to school without doing any homework/s
Lil' one : Very alert. Will shout and tell me what homework/s she has for the day. And then try to shove the consent forms into my face when I'm driving. Needless to say, she's the more responsible one. 

Big one : Needs alot of nudging that I do get really angry with her. I die already also must come out of coffin to remind her to do something. She gets her work done after lots of scolding.
Lil' one : She reminds me things that requires my checking / acknowledgement etc.. She's very automatic.

During our holiday in Shenzhen, we bused back to our hotel from an attraction. The girls sat together and I told them how many stops away we are to our destination. Somehow I napped in the bus, for maybe 10mins? I woke up and then muttered "where are we now?" Lil' one responded "6 more bus stops" and I noticed she has her fingers either stretched or bent to a number. She's the one who is very attentive. Her sister? Just waiting for us to tell her where she needs to alight. 

God created them so differently. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Aspiring to be a monitor

For a number of times, lil' one has been wanting to be either a Class Monitress or Prefect. Every new school year gives her a ray of hope for that short moment (she'll behave extremely well) ,then after that she'll be downcasted for not getting to be one. Seeing her so disappointed 😔 somehow made me sad too. So the question is "WHY?" I know teachers are looking for that certain qualities in a child who is required to lead the class. 

Lil' one do not lack in some qualities. She is responsible; over-enthusiastic; helpful. Over the years, she's volunteered to help teachers this and that and she's really happy doing so. Needless to say, she's the one in the house who would help when asked. I asked her if she wanted to help teachers coz she wanted to skip the next lesson? She said no and she runs back to class, so she won't miss anything. Eh.... did I mention that she's kiasu/kiasi too? 
However I did say she "do not lack in some qualities. I also believe there's something lacking in her.  

Getting votes :
Last year, she and 2 other girls were asked to step out of the class while the teacher counts the votes. Sad to say she was the only one voted out. (so can you imagine how she looked when she stepped into the car and she slumped back into the seat.) Nobody likes her? Nobody votes for her? Does mummy and daddy and all the family members' hands count? 
Unfair? Perhaps yes. But she also needs to be well-liked by her friends for them to vote for her right? So this kind of monitor chosen by class may not neccessarily mean that they'll be prefects next time.   

I know it's bad of me but I always like to tell her that coz of the feedbacks from previous teachers that she isn't behaving well in class so the new teacher will not select her. That was a mood damper and perhaps some counsellors would feel that I've spoke in negative ways on my child. However I was hoping it's the other way; encourage her to behave herself coz she needs to know that teachers are watching.

This year, the same thing happened. Five girls out of the class but in the end only two girls got the job.

Feedback : Talking too much, running around in class. Over the years I get the same complaints from teachers. She finishes her work quickly and then goes to another table to talk to her friends. Other than that she's alright, so I think this was taken into consideration.

Yet again, I feel that a few girls during che-che's time were chosen to be monitor wrongly. There were (1) cases of favoritism, (2) case of just coz the teacher was lazy to choose so she told the class she'll get the first girl on the class register, (3) case of randomly choosing one without understanding the child. In the end, those girls were promoted to Prefects. We got a school bully and she was the first case of a Prefect almost getting her tie removed from her. Her parents had to come to school to vouch for her proper behaviour from henceforth.  Two heck-care prefects who can't be bothered to come to school early for Prefect duties; who don't attend any leadership camps. HUH! Notice my sniggerish remark. How all these girls wasted the space of other potential leaders. Obviously these people don't even stand a chance to be in the Committee or be the Head / Vice-Head.  
During that time, every monitress were made prefects the following year. They changed that (apparently) after 2 years? Only those observed to have carried out their work well deserves to be a prefect. Which explains why some girls in lil' one's years are always monitor but never made a prefect 

This year :
Out of the 3 girls who were not voted, if the teacher deem the girl/s suitable she may chooseeither 1 or 2 girls from this 'group'. In the end, she chose none of the girls and chose another 2 girls because they were monitor the year before in their form class. She explained after consideration she wanted someone with experience. 😏 
And apparently the teacher explained to lil' one the reason  why she didn't choose her. She explained that the previous year form class girls (after being asked for feedback) said that she sometimes don't hand up her school homework. I thought I heard her wrongly and asked her to repeat the last sentence again. IMPOSSIBLE!! She is a very responsible girl, infact she reminded many teachers over the years about handing up homework. It's more likely that the girls hate her for reminding teachers about homeworks rather than she not handing up her homeworks. Anyway, her reports have indicated that she has been religiously handing up homeworks on time. 不公平! I felt the injustice here. How can the teacher get feedback from the girls? She should have checked with the previous year form teacher who will give unbiased feedback. Lil' one didn't even dare to tell her current form teacher that she's been maligned. As explained to her, if she didn't speak up for herself and (confidently) mentioned previous form teacher name to double-check, I'm sure the teacher will know that she's innocent.    

Oh well, I'm ranting away just because I didn't want my child to feel ...what's that word ...worse than being disappointed. 

Perhaps I should just make her a badge and make her be a Head Prefect at home. Will that appease her?  

Monday, December 5, 2016

Year-end school holidays 2016

Athena : 7th week of break so far
Aricia : 3rd week of break so far

For che-che although school break started earlier for her, she has been kept busy with her Band. Going back to school in the afternoons; full day for practices, rehearsals, performances, concerts etc..

They will only look forward for the following week when we go on a holiday, however it's not the destination that they had wanted. the man wanted to bring them to USA on the condition that we had to leave on the 17th Dec (latest) as the airfare would cost more on 18th Dec. Best is we leave mid December as flying to and fro would have made us lose 2-3 days plus we need more time on driving leisurely from places to places. 
Sigh.............WBAS! Why? Why? Why? Maybe I should opt her out next year.  

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Making me prouder of her

It was a surprise to receive this in the mail. 

But it's a great affirmation of her commitment to .....? what? First time she's getting an Eagles Award.  

I've always been proud of you, however having this makes me even more proud of you. 


Monday, November 14, 2016

Dreading 2017

In just two months 2016 will come to an end. We'll usher in 2017, make resolutions (though I don't make them anymore coz I never make an attempt to work out my resolutions. I need magic not resolutions!) and wham! girls are in their upper level in their respective school. Another new phase as they're a step closer to their major examination.

Though I've walked the whole primary level with the older one, it's a new start for me to handle all over again, in a different style as every kid is different. 
Primary 5 is also tougher as it's getting them ready for Primary 6 and PSLE. The examination formats changed; the weightage changed; the grades dropped in first semester / term (you'll be lucky if the child maintained good results) 
Been pre-empting her that Primary 5 means staying back in school more; more homeworks plus since she's taking HMT she'll have added work amongst some others. I'm not sure if she can cope but we'll try and see how it goes. Infact, I didn't have much of a break the moment the older one finishes her PSLE. I realized the P3 (lil one in 2015) was almost similar to what her older sister has been doing. The standard has raised up yet again!! That's a span of 4 years. I can't believe what would happen when it comes to my grandchildren time. 

The older girl - 
Hopefully we have made the right risky choice for her subject combinations. We had to drop her weakest subject, the school didn't give her the subject so I guess it's some big hint the school is dropping on us. She's taking her favourite subject - History. With heavy commitment in Band, I had to be realistic. She wanted this subject; that subject and I kept questioning her if she can cope. As much as I'd love her to take Pure Biology and Pure Chemistry, I don't think she can cope with it. Looking at "how well" she's been doing her time management for the past two years, with my constant nagging leading to harsh scolding ....  Nah! I think the less subjects the better for her, so she can concentrate on acing each subject. To think that she had been harping on doing EMP, promising that  she'll  manage her time well etc.. I'm just so sick and tired of her empty promises; of her talk but no action. No way! I don't want to have that commitment then realized she's not keeping her promises; I'll be like stuck to caring for a dog for life when I'm not prepared for hard work. Plus, if she takes EMP, she needs to spend an additional day after school hours in another school. I have no idea which day it would be, whichever day it is, it might 'eat into the time' of her tuition or piano lesson. Sounds easy huh? But I've got to handle another kid also. Though she can take bus but that means more time wasted on travelling. 

Although she says she wants to get into JC, I'm just keeping my options open for her. I don't even know if she'll 'wake up' and work hard as she should have been. Anyway, hell no I'm not going to send her overseas to study if she fails miserably for her O'Levels. She can come out to work and then do part-time studies next time. There comes a time when I just want to give up on her. Should just let her learn her lesson the hard way.    

Friday, October 7, 2016

41 and not any wiser

Honestly nothing to rave about. It's just like any other ordinary day for me, the girls need to eat (I have to cook!), the house needs to be cleaned (I need to clean the house), the girls schooling and after school classes go on as usual. No need to raise pom poms; no need any big celebration. Infact, we didn't have time for it until late in the night at 10pm when everyone is home.
All I am thankful is getting to live past another year. It's really scary to think that being one year older is being one step closer to my non-existence.

Monday, September 19, 2016

My nottie girl is 10

I can't believe it. My youngest girl is 10. Soon, she'll grow up and leave home. I must admit I'm not looking forward to this at all as it also means I'll be old and wrinkly by then.

Can I put a standstill to time?

We didn't have a party for her this year. Have to maintain a low-key for all celebrations this year. Maybe we'll organise one for her when she is 11.  

She's lucky that she didn't have to go to school on her birthday this year. It seems like for many years, this date coincides with something that she is given a special holiday from MOE. This year is Project Click, where the kids get to stay at home and do work assigned by teachers in mconline. However, the next two days after that is her Oral examinations. So it's not exactly a nice enjoyable treat for her either. She will have to mug the books revising apart from doing the assigned work given by school teachers.

The day before : 18th September (Sunday)
We brought her out for lunch at NEX. She had wanted Swensens but the queue was very long, so she settled for MOF instead.

Days ago, she told me she wanted a birthday cake from Polar. She wanted those cute image cakes. She suggested that she can choose the design she wanted. We chose a small cake coz' the whole family seems to cut down on cakes. Hmm... I wonder why? Though I had a crazy idea to bake her a small TsumTsum swissroll. In the end I gave up the idea, I simply can't find the time to bake.

Che-che and I thought this cake looks cute. However it's a big cake (but still smaller than some other cakes) the birthday girl didn't want it
She settled for this $7.50 cake in the end. She used to like Tweety. Practical coz three of us got to eat a small piece, che-che got half of it and everyone's happy. I've got a practical and easily contented child (I think)

She asked daddy for a birthday present - A DOG!! As usual, we'd go to Pet Safari to look at dogs. (It's a routine thing the girls would do when we're in NEX) Then as usual,  in her usually loud voice she'd say she wants this dog and that dog. Nope! No dogs; no cats; no fish; no terrapin. There were a few cute ones, I especially like the black sheltie.

After we got home, I decided to let them relax today. I'll start panicking and dump one whole load of stuffs to make her memorise tomorrow. Let her play in the pool with the crocodile float I bought some time back. She had such a great time.

At the pool, she hardly played with it when a small boy came up to her. And she asked him if he wanted to play with it? So sweet right? There's something about this girl. Though she drives me/us crazy with her non-stop yakking; she irritates us by asking silly questions. She has the heart of gold. She's a nice, caring girl. They had so much fun playing together. After the boy left, she had the whole float to herself. But just as we were leaving, a few kids came and one of them asked me if she could play with lil' one but I explained that I needed to go back home already, perhaps we can play together next time. Well, if that girl asked her direct for sure she'll (lil' one) gladly jump down from her float to let her play. 

Dinner was something simple. They wanted to make their own pizza. Followed by her birthday cake. She's one happy child!

She was bored to tears after finishing her cake. Nobody made any move, just acted so normal. Dad walked into the room; che-che went back to her room; she was stuck outside at dining table playing with a canned drink while I was busy washing dishes. Perhaps she was feeling a little disappointed that nobody remembered to give her anything. I would feel that way you know...... She said she was bored, she didn't know what to do. So I suggested studying and she rebelled. Then I told her I just remembered my "essential oil parcel came and I needed to top up my oils and she can help me open up the box" She didn't suspect a thing but found it strange to have newpapers inside instead of the usual bubble wrap. And when she saw that bottle.... I got it down on video... That look makes me so super happy.  
Posing with her presents from us. Well actually..... it's more than these. On Friday, she asked for a file & a Tsum Tsum compact scissors from Character& Design as her present. Weeks before, she asked for a Tsum Tsum pencil case. She wanted Marie but they didn't have it so she got the Alien from Toy Story.Wah..... my girl knows how to ger-tok the mother!! 

Happy Birthday, my dear girl.
I love you very much

Sunday, September 11, 2016


As I sat infront of the study table in our room, the aircon just above me blast mercilessly at me. I got up to take my blanket and wrapped it over my head; covering my legs as well. Immediately I was transported back to the years 2000 to 2002. That was the time I did evening classes with MDIS pursuing my Dip and later Adv Dip in Mass Communications. I did my studies; my projects during my flights lugging a loptop, file and tapes along. You read it right - tapes. Then I wasn't savvy about digital recorder and so passed a tape cassette recorder for my friend to help me record the lessons. I would listen to them when I'm in Singapore and overseas. Must say I'm a diciplined studious person.  
Anyway, back to the wrapping myself up. Outstation, we weren't able to adjust the aircon temperature. Most time I'll be cold in the room. And when I was, I would bring a towel (not a duvet unless it's a single bed I'm sleeping on) and wrap myself comfortably. Sit cross-legged. Prepare my steady supplies of water and snacks and I'll push the big chair to the table and work. I can even take a 10 minutes power nap on the table in between. That's how comfortable I was. 

Advancing Technology

Things just gets slimmer and lighter and better. Our previous laptop was with us for 3-4 years and recently I can't type certain letters on it, namely b, x and z. An additional bluetooth enabled keyboard was the solution until the man decided it's time to change it. 
It was suppose to be che-che's computer but I end up using it more often than her. Had my programs & cutesy fonts installed in the laptop and I must admit if not for the frustrations for not being able to sync the keyboard and of course the inconvenience of lugging an additional keyboard outside, I would be happy with the old laptop. I don't have to start all over again re-installing softwares. 

This is so much lighter and slimmer. If che-che wants to bring this out to do her class projects with her friends, it would be so much easier. I remember her mentioning to her friend the other day, she can't bring her loptop coz some letters don't work. So, her friend brought hers and green eyed monster is just filled with envy seeing how her friend carry it in her backpack so easily. 

So tempted to get one on my own. Haha! Then I'll have to start imposing and threatening to confiscate the laptop from che-che when I notice she's distracted with it.         

Meanwhile, I'll need time to install printer and what nots inside here.Update my blog post, 2 has been in the draft box for the longest time. 

Monday, September 5, 2016


And I've finally decided not to proceed with planning any Halloween trick-treating event this year. I can't cope with housework and some scanning to do,tidying up the house. 

Seems like I spend alot of time scanning this and that huh? Before we moved, I've scanned quite a couple of things that the girls need so that I can junk the hard copies away. However, if you remember I was one Supermom who had to handle EVERYTHING all by myself for the renovation and the move, there were some stuffs that were still undone. I could only do them progressively. I had to scan some Young Scientist magazines, National Geographic magazines and some other magazines that I used to subscribe for che-che. 

Also, seems like I still need to tidy and organize the place. WHY? Moved in one year already still have things to organize? I have two daughters who mess up the place faster than I can tidy.  
One pair of hands, surely I can't handle all these by myself now. I gotta prioritize.

I will wait and see if MC is organizing anything.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Volunteering In School

I've doing this six years (I think) in running. This year tasked to take charge of the little babies - Primary 2. Half the time I've taken care of the lower primary and though it sounds easy, since they will be the "little angels listening to you" opposed to the slightly defiant upper primary girls.  I still prefer to get the upper primary girls. WHY?

As far as I remembered, I'm always getting these whiny girls who would complain to me every nitty gritty things. "Aunty, she pushed me", "Aunty she hit me", Aunty they are fighting." If there's one thing I can do - I'd lock both kids up in the toilet and force them to make up with each other before I can let them out. Haha! Sounds really evil. 

I wonder how teachers can endure all these grouchy fussy babies in class. Task me to handle my two girls already I'm about to disown them, what more 30 other kids!! With that, a BIG SALUTE TO TEACHERS.

PV chairperson : Please give me the upper primary the next 2-3 years I'd help out. All I need to do with the girls is to ensure their safety.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Affirmation Award

Big girl came back with an Affirmation Award from school. Dunno for what but this is just for record purposes 
And she was given this file. Hee Hee! 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Which is scarier?

I called her tutor and asked if we can go to the air-conditioned venue today, as she had a fall recently and doctor advised no PE which equates to no perspiration. I'm not saying that she perspires by the rainstorm in tutor's place but I needed a comfortable place for girl since injury is still a little raw.
Tutor was really concerned about her and asked about her. And then she asked me a question, if it was an accident or she was being pushed. I told her it was an accident coz she was in a rush.
After that I thought to myself. Which would be scarier?
The physical accident - push and settle hatred once and for all OR the tormenting mental bully she got over the years?? 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Her FIRST fall

As a SAHM, I've literally watched my two daughters "firsts". First roll over; first crawl; first word; first .... But I wasn't around today to watch my older girl's FIRST MAJOR FALL. Her first fall that requires stitching. OMG! 
But like my sister says, it's all part of growing up. Everyone will get their major fall. I got mine, all thanks to the evil sister who kicked me down the L- shaped stairs in our Telok Kurau house and it's a miracle I survived. Maybe that's why I'm abit crazy, I must have a hard hit on my head thus affecting my brain. 
Hubby received the news first, well actually they called me first but it has to be planned in such a way that I had to accidentally leave the phone in the car when they called. (I hardly forget to bring down phone from car) So they called him next. When I got back to the car, I was puzzled over at some missed call numbers, didn't know where it's from but looks like it's from Marine Parade area. But decided to call hubby first who left an urgent message. By then it was already close to 3.40pm, I was on my way to pick lil' one up from school. Information was disseminated as "Athena had a fall in school on the stairs". My heart missed a beat, I envisioned she had take a tumble down the stairs, an epilogue to her mummy's accident donkey years later. And maybe legs fractured? I cancelled lil' one's ballet and tuition and headed down to KKH. Meanwhile hubby was already near the hospital. 
When I saw her, I was so relieved she was standing and walking. But the blood on her white blouse. Oh my! Her precious B+ blood. Just words of concern for her and no chiding, no point to chide her coz she must have felt awful too. But I was wrong, my girl was still so cheery. Need stitches still 不拍死. I arrived at the time when the plastic surgeon (at that time I didn't know he was a plastic surgeon. All I knew was he wasn't in green scrubs, so he must be some specialist) checking on the injury and I looked, a gaping wound about 2.2cm. Eeks! It must be very painful. But she wasn't in pain at all.  Honestly, I can't remember what he told me and I didn't even know what questions to ask him.

I asked if I could stay with her inside as she is afraid of needles. They didn't allow, however I'm amaze at how cool and collected she was. While waiting for them to prepare the stuffs, she whispered to lil' one "sitting in the ambulance is so fun". The big-mouth girl had to spout out loud, "che-che said its so fun sitting inside". She then explained that it was her first time sitting in an ambulance (of course! How many times does she want to sit in one?) Asked her what was inside, was a paramedic inside as well? "Nothing inside. The last question I asked her was if the siren was blaring away. She said it wasn't. So I told her they probably felt her injuries weren't that serious. Her remark after that left me laughing. "Aiyoh! It's around 2+. There's no traffic jam at that time!" 
I sms-ed brother, and he came by after work to see her. The whole time we were laughing & joking as if nothing had happened. Lil' one was seen munching a muffin. I didn't know where she got the muffin from, but she found it fun to be walking around in the kids clinic. She gets to miss her taichi class and her tuition. 

These are pictures of her, taken after stitches were done

At one point she was also amused with the patient tag on her left wrist. I asked if she wanted to keep it as a souvenir, she was figuring out how to take it out nicely. I told her I have to snip it off, they make it in such a way that nobody can yank it off. In the end, she hesistated and didn't want to keep it. 
Sigh....I seem to forget that she's still a child though she looks big size.

She was still able to read her phone messages. All from her friends, classmates who are so concerned about her. And in such time, I saw her even reading her storybook. Not bad huh? 

After almost everything is settled, when she is not needed, hubby sent them home. While I waited for the medicine, settle payment and update their address. Made my way home after that, having to carry all the bags that were left in my car. However I get the peace..

*** The next day 23rd July ***
She went back to school for her practice. Asked her if she wanted to miss it but she said she can't, she needs to go. So I told her, we'll see how it goes in the night. I was watching out if she'll get any fever. Thank goodness nothing happened so we sent her to school. However she did mention that the school asked her to stop practicing about 15 mins before band ends.
Her sense of responsibility and commitment is something I should be proud of.


Monday, July 11, 2016

The headache that comes annually

It's the time (yet again) I have this headache. Come every July, I'll have to wreck my brain on what to gift the teachers on Teachers' Day. Something practical; something handmade; something special. I must admit I'm really running out of ideas.
Sigh........ Ok I admit it's just me. Most parents won't be bother but buy gifts the day before Teachers' Day.
The list must be up of course. Used to get them involved in the process of making the gifts but I prefer them to take the time to study.

Then another headache, should we have any party for lil' one?  She's so happy that she didn't have to be in school (again) this year coz it's Project Click Day - a day where the kids do online work.
Grand Master Tan says there shouldn't be any form of celebration this year for our family. However the lil' one don't understand why; the man pampers on his lil' one and says to have one with the family. Thing is, the kids plus the birthday girl will be bored. If I hv a kids party, the adults will be bored. Should we have a party, all the planning and preparations should start NOW! Hmm....maybe I shall just quietly ignore.