Sunday, December 4, 2016

Making me prouder of her

It was a surprise to receive this in the mail. 

But it's a great affirmation of her commitment to .....? what? First time she's getting an Eagles Award.  

I've always been proud of you, however having this makes me even more proud of you. 


Friday, October 7, 2016

41 and not any wiser

Honestly nothing to rave about. It's just like any other ordinary day for me, the girls need to eat (I have to cook!), the house needs to be cleaned (I need to clean the house), the girls schooling and after school classes go on as usual. No need to raise pom poms; no need any big celebration. Infact, we didn't have time for it until late in the night at 10pm when everyone is home.
All I am thankful is getting to live past another year. It's really scary to think that being one year older is being one step closer to my non-existence.

Monday, September 19, 2016

My nottie girl is 10

I can't believe it. My youngest girl is 10. Soon, she'll grow up and leave home. I must admit I'm not looking forward to this at all as it also means I'll be old and wrinkly by then.

Can I put a standstill to time?

We didn't have a party for her this year. Have to maintain a low-key for all celebrations this year. Maybe we'll organise one for her when she is 11.  

She's lucky that she didn't have to go to school on her birthday this year. It seems like for many years, this date coincides with something that she is given a special holiday from MOE. This year is Project Click, where the kids get to stay at home and do work assigned by teachers in mconline. However, the next two days after that is her Oral examinations. So it's not exactly a nice enjoyable treat for her either. She will have to mug the books revising apart from doing the assigned work given by school teachers.

The day before : 18th September (Sunday)
We brought her out for lunch at NEX. She had wanted Swensens but the queue was very long, so she settled for MOF instead.

Days ago, she told me she wanted a birthday cake from Polar. She wanted those cute image cakes. She suggested that she can choose the design she wanted. We chose a small cake coz' the whole family seems to cut down on cakes. Hmm... I wonder why? Though I had a crazy idea to bake her a small TsumTsum swissroll. In the end I gave up the idea, I simply can't find the time to bake.

Che-che and I thought this cake looks cute. However it's a big cake (but still smaller than some other cakes) the birthday girl didn't want it
She settled for this $7.50 cake in the end. She used to like Tweety. Practical coz three of us got to eat a small piece, che-che got half of it and everyone's happy. I've got a practical and easily contented child (I think)

She asked daddy for a birthday present - A DOG!! As usual, we'd go to Pet Safari to look at dogs. (It's a routine thing the girls would do when we're in NEX) Then as usual,  in her usually loud voice she'd say she wants this dog and that dog. Nope! No dogs; no cats; no fish; no terrapin. There were a few cute ones, I especially like the black sheltie.

After we got home, I decided to let them relax today. I'll start panicking and dump one whole load of stuffs to make her memorise tomorrow. Let her play in the pool with the crocodile float I bought some time back. She had such a great time.

At the pool, she hardly played with it when a small boy came up to her. And she asked him if he wanted to play with it? So sweet right? There's something about this girl. Though she drives me/us crazy with her non-stop yakking; she irritates us by asking silly questions. She has the heart of gold. She's a nice, caring girl. They had so much fun playing together. After the boy left, she had the whole float to herself. But just as we were leaving, a few kids came and one of them asked me if she could play with lil' one but I explained that I needed to go back home already, perhaps we can play together next time. Well, if that girl asked her direct for sure she'll (lil' one) gladly jump down from her float to let her play. 

Dinner was something simple. They wanted to make their own pizza. Followed by her birthday cake. She's one happy child!

She was bored to tears after finishing her cake. Nobody made any move, just acted so normal. Dad walked into the room; che-che went back to her room; she was stuck outside at dining table playing with a canned drink while I was busy washing dishes. Perhaps she was feeling a little disappointed that nobody remembered to give her anything. I would feel that way you know...... She said she was bored, she didn't know what to do. So I suggested studying and she rebelled. Then I told her I just remembered my "essential oil parcel came and I needed to top up my oils and she can help me open up the box" She didn't suspect a thing but found it strange to have newpapers inside instead of the usual bubble wrap. And when she saw that bottle.... I got it down on video... That look makes me so super happy.  
Posing with her presents from us. Well actually..... it's more than these. On Friday, she asked for a file & a Tsum Tsum compact scissors from Character& Design as her present. Weeks before, she asked for a Tsum Tsum pencil case. She wanted Marie but they didn't have it so she got the Alien from Toy Story.Wah..... my girl knows how to ger-tok the mother!! 

Happy Birthday, my dear girl.
I love you very much

Sunday, September 11, 2016


As I sat infront of the study table in our room, the aircon just above me blast mercilessly at me. I got up to take my blanket and wrapped it over my head; covering my legs as well. Immediately I was transported back to the years 2000 to 2002. That was the time I did evening classes with MDIS pursuing my Dip and later Adv Dip in Mass Communications. I did my studies; my projects during my flights lugging a loptop, file and tapes along. You read it right - tapes. Then I wasn't savvy about digital recorder and so passed a tape cassette recorder for my friend to help me record the lessons. I would listen to them when I'm in Singapore and overseas. Must say I'm a diciplined studious person.  
Anyway, back to the wrapping myself up. Outstation, we weren't able to adjust the aircon temperature. Most time I'll be cold in the room. And when I was, I would bring a towel (not a duvet unless it's a single bed I'm sleeping on) and wrap myself comfortably. Sit cross-legged. Prepare my steady supplies of water and snacks and I'll push the big chair to the table and work. I can even take a 10 minutes power nap on the table in between. That's how comfortable I was. 

Advancing Technology

Things just gets slimmer and lighter and better. Our previous laptop was with us for 3-4 years and recently I can't type certain letters on it, namely b, x and z. An additional bluetooth enabled keyboard was the solution until the man decided it's time to change it. 
It was suppose to be che-che's computer but I end up using it more often than her. Had my programs & cutesy fonts installed in the laptop and I must admit if not for the frustrations for not being able to sync the keyboard and of course the inconvenience of lugging an additional keyboard outside, I would be happy with the old laptop. I don't have to start all over again re-installing softwares. 

This is so much lighter and slimmer. If che-che wants to bring this out to do her class projects with her friends, it would be so much easier. I remember her mentioning to her friend the other day, she can't bring her loptop coz some letters don't work. So, her friend brought hers and green eyed monster is just filled with envy seeing how her friend carry it in her backpack so easily. 

So tempted to get one on my own. Haha! Then I'll have to start imposing and threatening to confiscate the laptop from che-che when I notice she's distracted with it.         

Meanwhile, I'll need time to install printer and what nots inside here.Update my blog post, 2 has been in the draft box for the longest time. 

Monday, September 5, 2016


And I've finally decided not to proceed with planning any Halloween trick-treating event this year. I can't cope with housework and some scanning to do,tidying up the house. 

Seems like I spend alot of time scanning this and that huh? Before we moved, I've scanned quite a couple of things that the girls need so that I can junk the hard copies away. However, if you remember I was one Supermom who had to handle EVERYTHING all by myself for the renovation and the move, there were some stuffs that were still undone. I could only do them progressively. I had to scan some Young Scientist magazines, National Geographic magazines and some other magazines that I used to subscribe for che-che. 

Also, seems like I still need to tidy and organize the place. WHY? Moved in one year already still have things to organize? I have two daughters who mess up the place faster than I can tidy.  
One pair of hands, surely I can't handle all these by myself now. I gotta prioritize.

I will wait and see if MC is organizing anything.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Volunteering In School

I've doing this six years (I think) in running. This year tasked to take charge of the little babies - Primary 2. Half the time I've taken care of the lower primary and though it sounds easy, since they will be the "little angels listening to you" opposed to the slightly defiant upper primary girls.  I still prefer to get the upper primary girls. WHY?

As far as I remembered, I'm always getting these whiny girls who would complain to me every nitty gritty things. "Aunty, she pushed me", "Aunty she hit me", Aunty they are fighting." If there's one thing I can do - I'd lock both kids up in the toilet and force them to make up with each other before I can let them out. Haha! Sounds really evil. 

I wonder how teachers can endure all these grouchy fussy babies in class. Task me to handle my two girls already I'm about to disown them, what more 30 other kids!! With that, a BIG SALUTE TO TEACHERS.

PV chairperson : Please give me the upper primary the next 2-3 years I'd help out. All I need to do with the girls is to ensure their safety.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Affirmation Award

Big girl came back with an Affirmation Award from school. Dunno for what but this is just for record purposes 
And she was given this file. Hee Hee! 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Which is scarier?

I called her tutor and asked if we can go to the air-conditioned venue today, as she had a fall recently and doctor advised no PE which equates to no perspiration. I'm not saying that she perspires by the rainstorm in tutor's place but I needed a comfortable place for girl since injury is still a little raw.
Tutor was really concerned about her and asked about her. And then she asked me a question, if it was an accident or she was being pushed. I told her it was an accident coz she was in a rush.
After that I thought to myself. Which would be scarier?
The physical accident - push and settle hatred once and for all OR the tormenting mental bully she got over the years?? 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Her FIRST fall

As a SAHM, I've literally watched my two daughters "firsts". First roll over; first crawl; first word; first .... But I wasn't around today to watch my older girl's FIRST MAJOR FALL. Her first fall that requires stitching. OMG! 
But like my sister says, it's all part of growing up. Everyone will get their major fall. I got mine, all thanks to the evil sister who kicked me down the L- shaped stairs in our Telok Kurau house and it's a miracle I survived. Maybe that's why I'm abit crazy, I must have a hard hit on my head thus affecting my brain. 
Hubby received the news first, well actually they called me first but it has to be planned in such a way that I had to accidentally leave the phone in the car when they called. (I hardly forget to bring down phone from car) So they called him next. When I got back to the car, I was puzzled over at some missed call numbers, didn't know where it's from but looks like it's from Marine Parade area. But decided to call hubby first who left an urgent message. By then it was already close to 3.40pm, I was on my way to pick lil' one up from school. Information was disseminated as "Athena had a fall in school on the stairs". My heart missed a beat, I envisioned she had take a tumble down the stairs, an epilogue to her mummy's accident donkey years later. And maybe legs fractured? I cancelled lil' one's ballet and tuition and headed down to KKH. Meanwhile hubby was already near the hospital. 
When I saw her, I was so relieved she was standing and walking. But the blood on her white blouse. Oh my! Her precious B+ blood. Just words of concern for her and no chiding, no point to chide her coz she must have felt awful too. But I was wrong, my girl was still so cheery. Need stitches still 不拍死. I arrived at the time when the plastic surgeon (at that time I didn't know he was a plastic surgeon. All I knew was he wasn't in green scrubs, so he must be some specialist) checking on the injury and I looked, a gaping wound about 2.2cm. Eeks! It must be very painful. But she wasn't in pain at all.  Honestly, I can't remember what he told me and I didn't even know what questions to ask him.

I asked if I could stay with her inside as she is afraid of needles. They didn't allow, however I'm amaze at how cool and collected she was. While waiting for them to prepare the stuffs, she whispered to lil' one "sitting in the ambulance is so fun". The big-mouth girl had to spout out loud, "che-che said its so fun sitting inside". She then explained that it was her first time sitting in an ambulance (of course! How many times does she want to sit in one?) Asked her what was inside, was a paramedic inside as well? "Nothing inside. The last question I asked her was if the siren was blaring away. She said it wasn't. So I told her they probably felt her injuries weren't that serious. Her remark after that left me laughing. "Aiyoh! It's around 2+. There's no traffic jam at that time!" 
I sms-ed brother, and he came by after work to see her. The whole time we were laughing & joking as if nothing had happened. Lil' one was seen munching a muffin. I didn't know where she got the muffin from, but she found it fun to be walking around in the kids clinic. She gets to miss her taichi class and her tuition. 

These are pictures of her, taken after stitches were done

At one point she was also amused with the patient tag on her left wrist. I asked if she wanted to keep it as a souvenir, she was figuring out how to take it out nicely. I told her I have to snip it off, they make it in such a way that nobody can yank it off. In the end, she hesistated and didn't want to keep it. 
Sigh....I seem to forget that she's still a child though she looks big size.

She was still able to read her phone messages. All from her friends, classmates who are so concerned about her. And in such time, I saw her even reading her storybook. Not bad huh? 

After almost everything is settled, when she is not needed, hubby sent them home. While I waited for the medicine, settle payment and update their address. Made my way home after that, having to carry all the bags that were left in my car. However I get the peace..

*** The next day 23rd July ***
She went back to school for her practice. Asked her if she wanted to miss it but she said she can't, she needs to go. So I told her, we'll see how it goes in the night. I was watching out if she'll get any fever. Thank goodness nothing happened so we sent her to school. However she did mention that the school asked her to stop practicing about 15 mins before band ends.
Her sense of responsibility and commitment is something I should be proud of.


Monday, July 11, 2016

The headache that comes annually

It's the time (yet again) I have this headache. Come every July, I'll have to wreck my brain on what to gift the teachers on Teachers' Day. Something practical; something handmade; something special. I must admit I'm really running out of ideas.
Sigh........ Ok I admit it's just me. Most parents won't be bother but buy gifts the day before Teachers' Day.
The list must be up of course. Used to get them involved in the process of making the gifts but I prefer them to take the time to study.

Then another headache, should we have any party for lil' one?  She's so happy that she didn't have to be in school (again) this year coz it's Project Click Day - a day where the kids do online work.
Grand Master Tan says there shouldn't be any form of celebration this year for our family. However the lil' one don't understand why; the man pampers on his lil' one and says to have one with the family. Thing is, the kids plus the birthday girl will be bored. If I hv a kids party, the adults will be bored. Should we have a party, all the planning and preparations should start NOW! Hmm....maybe I shall just quietly ignore.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

An accidental encounter with the OILS

It's been three months since I walked into the oily path. Well, if you don't understand me... playing with essential oils. I shall not divulge which brand I'm using here as I'm not hard-selling them but rather use them for personal use. This is a personal blog entry and not meant as a marketing platform for businesses. * I will not hesitate to delete comments if anyone is trying to sell their brands here. TQ. * 

The uncanny thing about this is that I bought two of their blends for my girls when I read about it on the internet. And that was like 6 years ago? I was shipping them from the US all the time. 
One day, Friend 1 was telling me she joined this company. And asked if I knew what essential oils were. Of course I did I told her, I mainly buy to make the house smell nice. And I used tea-light diffuser. She was surprised when I told her essential oils have been ongoing for a very long time already. She chuckled and commented she's the backdated one. And then she mentioned about the store bought oils I usually buy vs theirs. To cut the long story short, the next day she passed me a bottle of Peppermint. Che-che opened the bottle and immediately she took the bottle and claimed it's hers and then start putting back the bottles of essential oils she took from me. She told me it smells different and she likes it. Wow! I wasn't convinced and told Friend 1, who said she isn't wrong to like it coz it's natural and the rests are chemical laden.
Another time, I talked to Friend 2 coz once che-che told me she went to their house and saw so many bottles of essential oils around the house. I had no idea whether she was a fervant fan or just a passerby. I told her the whole story about how che-che is able to sniff that bottle Friend1 passed and friend was pleased that she has acute sense of smell. (I don't! Coz I kept asking "what's the difference. Isn't stronger smell better than the subtle smell?") Friend2 was so excited and really a guru, she started telling me what I can use with certain oil etc.. 
The next day she passed a bottle of Peppermint to my girl when I told her she likes Peppermint. Same thing again, she smelled and kaput the bottle and return me the first bottle Friend1 gave, saying that this is better. Again, I kept saying it smells just the same. Something must be wrong with my nose. She claimed it doesn't and she prefers this better. Then I took a look at the bottle. The label .... something is so familiar... I ran back to my room to take out the blends and checked. If only I can strike 4D as accurate as this. It's the same company! I asked Friend2, "you mean they have an office in Singapore now? How long have they been in Sin? I've been buying their 2 blends from the US all these while!" 
I guess it's just fated for me to bump into this company here. I did some read up on the companies as both friends are members of different company. Needless to say, my one and only judge, che-che, passed her verdict. She likes company 2 better, perhaps she was already accustomed to the smell since she used their blend for years? Even when we have two other oils from both companies to compare, she's still biased with her preference.

I decided it's no harm to join the company as I will need to get the oils. But I had many bottles of the other brands' essential oils. It'll be a waste to junk them away, as much as I would like to slowly get rid of chemical laden products in my home, I will have to do it progressively as I will get rid of them by using them in the toilet bins, toilet bowls. But ask me to drop the new oils into the toilet bowl? It's so .... wasted because they cost $$.

Che-che was telling me about her friend (her mother is Friend2) would always use oils in class in primary school. Their classmates didn't like it but they didn't tell her off and endured for the years they were together. Her friend would use this "weird smell in school but I'm so used to it." "She would also drop ### in the excursion bus such that the whole bus stank. When we went Malacca, we're the only group who didn't get any mosquito bite coz she protected us with her oils. During camps, she would go round the whole room and pour lavender." I answered, "isn't it good. She's putting all of you to sleep." "I don't mind, I love the smell of lavender and she did it to repel insects." Haha! Okay I have no complaints but I'd freak out if I found out my daughter is using oils like water. 
One day, a lady walked past us in Macs and immediately she told me "that's ###!!"  
I remembered her mom was telling me to get this ### which is really good. She started telling me what to do with the oils. It's really nice to have a learned person guiding me. I bought and che-che kaput from me (again). She helped herself to my bottles and put them in her room.          

One day,I started with a little of that "gasping for breath" cough. That same bad cough which I got last year when I fell really sick during the impending move into our new home. I googled and decided to use the oils to heal myself. I was a little skeptical. Well you can't blame me, a person who believed in antibiotics to get rid of that sickness before I use TCM. This holistic living is a total different ball game from the two medicinal worlds. You can say I was sold into it because IT WORKED! I told mom I didn't go to the doctor but used oils. 
Then another day, mom came over and stayed. She suddenly felt feverish. I was a little hesistant to apply oils on mom as she is a renal recipient, and I really need to be very careful. But I decided to try on her somehow. IT WORKED! 

have a lot to learn, it's so interesting (like taking up a third language) but I really have no time to read up on more. However, there's one oil which is indispensable - Lavender. Lil' one is slowly loving it and would allow me to apply it topically on her. Whenever she feels itchy, she'd ask for the anti-itch spray I prepared. Also ask to apply the oil neat on her. "mummy mosquito bite me. Put lavender." 
Something which I need to remind myself. I need to read up before I apply any oils topically. Obviously I don't and a funny mistake I did was to put two drops of peppermint on my hand and rub her scalp. It's refreshing! Her eyes started to get smaller and she kept rubbing her eyes. "I cannot open my eyes.." Haha. Should put it in her mouth so she won't be able to open and talk, right? Then I read "Peppermint is a hot oil. Be careful when using on children."   
I do find myself reaching out for the oils more now. I mean, this is not as hard as cooking right? I get the feeling, then think a certain oil will help to remedy. Nobody suffers from inhaling wrong oils as compared to eating horrible food. I was angry with the girls once, really angry. After scolding them, I went to my room. 
I felt horrible and applied an oil on myself. Not too long after, I felt so much better, I didn't have that feeling of something gripping my heart.
The oils will change our lives, slowly. 

Looking forward!     

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Year end holiday

Made our trip to Shanghai for a family reunion. Spent our time nuah-ing away. And the best part is I was able to contact the world via VPN on my phone - NETPAS. My life saviour!! Can't imagine me being Facebook-less.

Just outside our place. Christmas decorations up along 南京西路

As usual, we went out for more family dinner treasuring every time we can get. The girls' favourite Singapore restaurant, western food at  静安. Not forgetting once we went over to spend our weekend in Pudong side.

It was really cold this time and I just want to spend most of my time cuddling in the bed. Can I have such holiday where I can totally do nothing? Where I don't have to take care of the girls? Wanted to bring them to 静安寺 and 豫园 but thought we still have next June. Procrastination!

Unfortunately too, this trip che-che had a bout of cough just before we left Singapore. It was the first time I brought them to a really nice International Hospital in Xuhui. I remember sourcing around for International schools and most campuses were in Minhang and Xuhui. As I got down from the cab, staff came up to me and then ushered me up the lift. Woah! Talk about good service! The building is big and clean. Thank goodness I didn't have to struggle to try to listen to the highly accented mandarin. The doctor spoke good english. Medicine --- sachets like given in Ma Guang and a mix of western medicine. Paractemol bottle in Chinese (Somehow it scares me if they're fake medications). I know if I stay on any longer, I'll perfect the art of speaking tok-kong mandarin

This time round, we also travelled to Osaka and Kyoto. 
Osaka - a place I've been to a few times but there's so much changes. I'm trying to recall where we stayed (perhaps it was Hyatt Regency?) and what was the name of the mall we used to walk across for our lunch. I remember the huge spotlight in the night in the - port? Pity though our night-stops were really short, no time to venture out although I remembered Freddy, my Chief Steward, always talked about going to Namba Station. It was a surprise when I realised the hotel hubby booked is current hotel for SIA cabin crew. Just coz' our room was in the same level as the crew lounge. The girls thought I was able to go into the room and (hopefully) find some familiar faces. I explained it's impossible as the night-stop is short, every crew will make their time fully utilised in Osaka, nobody cares about the crew lounge. 
A trip to Japan is not complete if you haven't been to the castles. Truth to be told, it's actually my first time stepping into a castle.
The highlight in Osaka is USJ. 

Che-Che was excited with Harry Potter theme park area and then talked about going to Orlando next year. Hmm....we shall see. As usual, I have my company for roller coaster rides while the man brought lil' one along with him at one point. He being the "I don't like theme parks" kind, I should be thankful that he even brought the lil one on her kiddy Hello Kitty rides. Making sure he don't miss anything, I also had to be considerate to ask him what rides he wanted to take. We went on two rides as a family. The Superman and Back To The Future. The lil' one came out "stunned like vegetables" and was so quiet as compared to her chirpy self before we sat on the rides. I guess she wanted comfort so I carried her (and she's so heavy - laden with layers of winter wear) and she was a baby leaning on me. Ahh.... I miss her being a small baby. 

Kyoto is beautiful, I'd love to be back again. Went to a few temples, Gion and even made an appointment for a makeover session for lil' one. I couldn't recognise her as she walked down the stairs in her tight kimono and hairdo, then i recalled not seeing any young kid upstairs earlier on. The moment she opened her mouth - confirmed chopped it's my girl. This would be the only time she'll listen to me and oblige me with this makeover thus I treasure the photo-taking moments with her. Walking in small steps is a big challenge for my chor-lor girl  

Stayed in an onsen hotel, not as authentic as the ones in Hokkaido as the busy street is right outside the hotel. We get to sleep on futon, have some boring breakfast. Of course the stay would be incomplete without a trip to onsen. Needless to say, I'm always the one having to drag two kids with me, I don't even get to relax. I think we spend more time washing ourselves before and after the dip, rather than the dip in the hot steamy water. Nothing compared to the sulphuric / metallic smell ones in Hokkaido so don't feel that the hot water is doing any good to me here.    

And I HAD TO continue my hunt for Haagen Dasz ice-cream. Every time the girls want to stop by Family Mart, I'll head to ice-cream section followed by che-che. She's also beginning to love the stick HDasz ice-cream. Lil' one will go to where they sell oden oden and starts speaking so loudly that she's hungry ..... did I mention that she really ate alot this trip. I wonder where the food went to? Fortunately we were on F&E, we were able to stop any time we want.
This mochi ice-cream has got to be my favourite! 

Well...... kinako mochi is my favourite!! I shall find the recipe and Meidi-ya here I come!

We spent about a week in Japan, with a heavy heart we returned to Shanghai. Back to the pollution and ...... my goash! I feel like I was in mini- China in the airport. You get to see their ugly behaviour. Shouting and jumping queues. Good thing, they thought we cannot speak chinese coz we were speaking in english all the time, and when they tried to be funny, I turned and said I understood every single word they said. They shut up after that. On the day we returned, hubby ordered 外卖 from various places. Food and drinks were delivered to the apartment as we arrived. Wasted no time and ate; washed up and ... I was the ah-sum doing the laundry. I think we overworked the radiator. It was spoilt!! Freezing cold in the apartment. Spent most days tucking ourselves under the duvet, I was really so tired to bring them out. Ahh.... I don't even want to go out for breakfast, something which lil' one would ask daddy to do. I just want to continue hiding under the warm cover and sleep. 
Ha! All the 3 lazy girls in the family. 

We flew back on 23rd. At the boarding gate, the 3 of us were making a fool of ourselves. The staff was saying something in chinese so quickly that none of us heard properly what she said, so we were speculating. Then one nicely dressed lady turned and told us what's being said and asked if we didn't understand chinese. I said yes we understand but she spoke so fast and she used a few unfamiliar words so we didn't quite catch what she said. Turned out it's the queue for upper deck and we're on the right queue. Had a conversation with a guy behind us and he asked lil' one if she's sat on A380 before, she was candid to tell him she sat twice already but this is the first time she's sitting upstairs. Then I told the guy how she cried when she noticed everybody else walking up the aerobridge while she was walking down the aerobridge. Guy told us "We are now the upper class people." Pun intended. With that, we bade goodbye. 

To think that lil' one was so excited about A380 aircraft.... she dozed off on flight and refused to walk around the upper level! 

Till then.....Shanghai see you next June!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

It's a different trick-treating this year. Instead of joining the atmosphere in our usual place, I brought it closer to home. Yes I did, I organised the informal event in our condo for about 50 families. I must admit it wasn't an easy feat trying to go through the proper channel but to be snubbed as an "only angmoh festival", "later people complain how come got white thing floating around" etc... MC wasn't keen in allowing any free access to the gates too.

Plan Execution :
Access to blocks
But I did overcome all and thankfully all the parents were obliging when I gave instructions that by default the uppermost level in each block will be the number the kids had to intercom should they can't get inside the block. Of course if there were any accompanying parents who have the access cards, just tap and let them go up. 

Leave all planning to me. Please trust me
Of course there are some who would try and tell me I should do this n that. I told them it's okay, I'll listen and take into consideration but I'll have everything planned out. When I do things, I like to plan it down to details so nobody would feel it lacking somewhere. Of course nobody here knows me well enough. 

I cannot let the kids wander on their own. Can you imagine the mess and noise there would be if every kid calls to the resident/s to unlock the gate? And the residents wouldn't know when to expect the little guests.
Thus I grouped the kids, with varied age in each group. Making the eldest as the group leader. What the group leader needs to do is to tell the kids where they should go and to paste sticker to the units they've been to. And they only need to call once. There were 6 groups, so the uppermost level resident would only get 6x of calls or maybe less. 

Cannot anyhow move also coz nobody will know when it'll end. As long as I tell the families, 6 groups. They'll know when the last group comes, nobody else would be ringing their doorbell after that. They moved in clockwise direction, a syncronised movement. Each group starts in different block. Of course sometimes the wait can be a little longer; can be shorter coz there's uneven number of units opening up in each block. But oh well, I can't think of any other plans better

I was meeting the neighbours for the first time and I got everything down. There were nice mummies who asked if they could help coz I was on solo. Guess I'm used to it. *wink* so I declined help. 
I even had stickers with kids names on it, with their parent's name as well, group number and age. It helped me a little coz at least I know who (the parent) I'm talking to later. 
Passed them a small goodie pack too. 

Warm up
A quick musical game. I was lucky I had some sporting parents who livened up the atmosphere and then the trick-treating commenced.

Happy kids
Happy kids were shouting and making noises as they walked from one block to another. Some were singing. Really happy to hear them happy. 

Some initiation on Aricia's group. They were trick-treating one unit, when the neighbour opened their door and asked, so J's mom said it's a parent organized event. The neighbour asked if their son could join in, so they let him join in. Well, it's good that he enjoyed himself so far. He was in his t-shirt and shorts but it's ok as long as he's happy. 

Event ended
My kids and Iggy was really happy. Sugar sweet high. Haha! And he said he'll join us next year again. Glad that parents said their kids were happy with the whole event, though I must also credit the families for making it fun for the kids. 

Here are some photos :
The only ground unit that is decorated. I swear I got frightened by the spider I pasted on the wall. How silly!
 The treats I prepared for the kids. So able to wrap up the glowsticks
 My little witch
 My nephew who can't wear his underwear properly

 Getting the kids to groove to the monster music
I'm waiting.... I'm waiting..... meanwhile heard some noise. Great! The organiser can't even enjoy it!!
Trick-treaters coming by. This group was relatively cheery, one parent got the kids singing and say some poem. As mine was the only unit on the ground floor that opened up my door, and despite the sign I wrote on my main door to direct them to come by the PES, I still had them knocking on the main door. I did write "DO NOT ENTER. ENTER VIA PES" Sigh..... totally forgot that's what most would write.
 Spare candies in the box
 Mom helping me out in the distribution

This dad is so sporting.

 ** Bro took some photos when he followed them as well. Too lazy to make a collage.