Thursday, April 29, 2010

House Matters - Part I

Days before boxes placed outside our living/dining area. Our dining table's gone. Dad brought it to help me re-spray the legs etc.. Pathetic ! The days that follows - we actually sat on the floor eating at the coffee table.
Our house was really beyond recognition! Really messy!

Removed mei-mei's baby cot on 25th. Served us well for coming 8 years. Ehh.... teeth marks + the railings spoilt all thanks to che-che, but got it replaced before mei-mei slept in it. I'm so sentimental.

Look at this crumpled piece of wall frieze. Mei-mei likes to stand up (whether she's going to sleep or just woke up) and point at every letters and make the phonics sound. Told her I'm going to throw this away, she frowned.

26th April
Cabinets ripped apart in the morning. I thought it was going to take a long time to rip apart, since it took them that long to fix it up 3-4 years ago. (Didn't send mei-mei to school so that I don't have to leave house in between to pick her up; come home and then leave house again at 3pm to pick che-che up.) It only took them less than an hour!
I thought I could have some time alone with mei-mei, do home-session + whatever nots. Alas! End up cleaning up the mess, going down on my knees (Cinderella) to clean the floor with a rag. Yes! That made the floor even cleaner than the usual mopping and can really pick up small bits.

Since I had some time, decided to go down to re-select the roman blind material for the children's room. The material I had selected is cute for kids but too childish lor! Ehh... the study room is almost similiar colour so heck care. Our room's purple and can match the current beige colour. Kids pink can't match the blue!! Okay, okay excuses excuses.

Afternoon : Room very clean; kids happy. Never had such big space in their room before. Plus echo.. they were running and shouting to hear their own echos.

Can't wait till tomorrow, so that I can quickly clear the boxes. But then it also means I'll be so busy tomorrow & the next few days.

27th April
The moment I came back home after dropping them in school, I was busy covering up beds, piano, organ. No time for breakfast until they came.

Noisy! Messy! Dusty!

Left and we came back at 2pm. Still noisy; messy; dusty and this time - foul mood!
1) they tell me it's not dirty to re-do the veneer thing in our master bedroom. So I didn't bother to cover much things. I will still clean up coz' dust particles fly about but it won't be that much to clean. Then they were sanding. Argh! My printer!! 2) Un-cooperative kids think it's fun trying to get in the way. I tell them to come out they run in again. I know it's really distracting and I've no where to go. I think I was a pain-in-the-neck too. Kept stressing to them to leave me one room asap. The minimal work to be done was their bedroom.
Guess what! It's E-Learn Day. @#$%!! The desktop has been plugged out to do some vernishing on our table top. I usually had problems logging in in my lappie into that page. Heng ah! No problem today siah! Hurried her to finish her work asap. Her Listening Comprehension SA is tomorrow. I've done some with her for the past 2 weeks, today did a few more. Then asked her to do some work for me. Hmm.... she do her work then pretend run out of room distracted. Sigh! Ok lah, think she's done enough work for today. I need to help clean up house also.

Work was completed around 5+. Shucks! Cleaned the house, floor so many times, changed my bedsheets (again), put in the children's bedsheets. Cleaned again until I was satisfied.

Che-che's swing and mei-mei's fairies

The kids slept in their room with beds joined. They rolled towards one another, almost kissing each other. So heart warming to see such sight.

Unpacked a little things into their room. Can't stand the sight! First packed in some of their books - can't complete tonight coz' have another big stack in another box.

Had a nice scrubby shower and slept like a baby myself at 9+. Too tired to do anything after that.

28th April
Mirror's getting fixed up. Wanted a full piece mirror but they can't do it (tell me last minute can't fit in lift; can't carry up so many floors) so had to cut into half.
Unpacked some stuffs while waiting for them to come by.

They came and they went. Did the wrong measurement so had to come back the next morning to fix it up. The piano and organ had been moved to the middle of the living/dining room walkway and had to be remained this way. Another horrible sight.

No choice but to continue unpacking. 1 1/2 box done. It's like bringing the stuffs in from the box outside; mess inside the room instead and no more box outside. Had to do some re-organising. Time slips by so quickly, left to pick kids up. Came back to continue a little more. Left house again to bring che-che for her classes.

Che-che's excited to use the study room. The kids had been asking me for updates on their rooms eg. what I've done. "Is the castle up yet?" WHEN DID I EVER PROMISE THEM A CASTLE!! The room looks neater than this photo in the night. Packed from 10+ to 1+am. Asked KZ to sleep in their room for another day, hopefully by tomorrow she'll be able to sleep inside.

29th April
Finally mirror's up! Happy - only to be told to leave the wooden planks till the next night. Huh? Gotta go through the Labyrinth for the second night. Me think it's eyesore, hubby thinks it's eyesore. Kids love it coz' they go around in maze (and I'm so bloody worried if they'd trip and hit their head somewhere)

Night time - finally their room been packed but the tops are still a little messy. I had to pin some things on the wall which I can't do it until the room is painted. Endure for another week.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Magic Garden

Brought mei-mei to the Magic Garden at the Esplanade. I spent a wonderful time with her alone. Che-che was angry for not granted a "share" in this. Too bad! It's for 2-4 yrs old, she's too old for it. And am afraid mei-mei might get too "playful" instead of paying attention to what's going on.
Must be wondering why I brought her for a play when I'm more into music. Well, her school had wanted to bring the kids but tickets were insufficient for the whole school. So I thought why don't I give it a try by bringing her myself. I'm so lucky to have been able to get a ticket so last minute. Then I remembered one of her classmate was also going.
We went into the Recital Room a few minutes before the show starts (actually was walking around Esplanade with her) and played cheat when her classmate mummy had some space for her to sit in the front. Hee!
That girl is so funny, curious, playing with leaves on the floor. Then in her classic yakking which leaves strangers baffled/irritated - whatever! She started yakking "It's coming, It's coming already........." so many times that the girl sitting next to her turned around to ask her daddy "Daddy, what is coming?" Her daddy turned to look at me, I bursts out laughing. "It's my girl in her usual narrating habit." (watch one Barbie show, she keeps saying "Ay, Barbie come out. Ay, Barbie go in etc..." One helper sitting next to her got quite irritated. Watch her sister's concert, "Open (curtain) again. Ay! Close again. Open again." According to KZ, the Vice Principal and Principal turned to look at her and smiled.
She was laughing, giggling (So Aricia-style), singing and jumping & jumping trying to reach for the butterfly.
Like all other children, I realise, she collects rubbish. Sigh........... Kept asking me "mummy, where's my rain? (strips of white papers)"
Went outside, had photos taken with her classmate, C. Parted ways, lil' girl was little sad. Went to Ichiban Boshi to have my late lunch at 3+.
I really had fun with her, perhaps I should start designating a day each for each child and of course a day for hubby too.

Photos :

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yaks and yaks

Home Leave
Home leave's from 17th May to 21st June. Sorry she can't have that full month of June off, explained to her. She's understanding said that I've tried my best and even being considerate of her. Yah! If I'm not busy I wouldn't have hired her!
With her home leave date set, I've purchased her air tickets yesterday. She'll have to settle her income tax thing herself, have to grant her an off day on one of the weekdays.

Whether I survive or not during that one month - I dunno. I will still end up blogging and complain I don't have time (?!?!?!)

Class cancelled
Didn't get enough students to start a class, che-che's dance class (starting this Sunday) is cancelled. She's sad, want to find alternative but will probably leave it until her exams are over

Chance meeting
Bumped into an ex-colleague in the morning. I haven't seen him for 8 years? Wow! Coincidently his youngest daughter is in the same school as che-che (older than che-che).

Music lesson
Mei-mei's 1st music lesson with Yamaha. But Teacher P's still not back from her trip - got stuck in Europe. Apparently che-che also had a relief teacher on Wednesday. Perhaps she's having instant noodles in the airport?
Considered she did well for her 1st lesson. Did seem blur coz' had to do actions etc... which needs familiarizing.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday, that girl looked sad when I picked her up from school. Asked what happened and was told by teacher she fell in class.

Related to me that my girl had tripped on a child's outstretch arm on the floor. She fell on top of a boy; bursts out crying "I want mummy....I want mummy".Kena crushed boy was looking at her at waiting for her to move away. (prob wondering what's the big fuss since he's the one cushioning her fall). LOL. Must be a funny scene.

That's the thing about being the youngest in the family. Can 'yang-or' (in dialect); do a fake cry or simply shout "mummy... daddy". Surely someone will rescue them. Ahem ahem.... that's why my sister hates me when we were younger.

Today, teacher was telling me about lil' girl's response in class. She was teaching her something about snails. Lil' girl tells her "My mummy teach me at home already.. Can I play?" Runs off. Then sometimes when doing worksheets, she'd say "my mummy say I no need to do. Can I play?" LOL
Smiley Pretty amused to see that she can lie when she's not even 4. She lies her way through to get over schoolwork. When I related this to KZ, her remark was "Ai yoh... this girl very smart leh. So small already know how to pretend. Mum, you remember at 4 months she pretend to vomit and spit out food? I tell everyone this, they say she very clever, other children I see all gong-gong; never think to do this action."
I told teacher I didn't teach her anything about snails. But then much later back at home I recalled reading a book to her about snails. And she does pick up that book on her own from the shelf to read too.
Back in the car, I asked her "What is school for?" "Yes, I know. I go school to study." "So, why did you lie to teacher? *Giggles* See lah! I forsee problem in primary school next time. She rebels teacher; don't pay attention in class; clown around. Just like one of che-che's classmate aka good friend. Very naughty but that girl is really smart; can talk very well. KZ said, lil' girl might be worse than her. Sigh....I hope not.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Surprise thing he did

Hubby is usually busy with his study and work on weekends that he don't spend time alone with them - except when we're dining out or doing grocery-shopping.

So he surprised me when for the past 2 weekends (11th, 17th), he brought them down to cycle. Think coz' he hasn't seen them much lately with his constant travelling and feel bad ??

His remark? "Wah... that lil' girl can cycle non-stop leh! Athena cycle awhile only asks to rest. Aricia never stop.. I'm so tired and she's not." Haha! Aricia really hyperactive siah! That's why bringing her out alone with me always exhausts me. Though I must admit, she can be obedient and let you hold her hand. Che-che was definitely more well-behaved than her when she was younger.
Today, I followed them down. And then I realised che-che is relying too much on the training wheels. She tends to slant to one side while body in the other direction. Can't really balance. Aiyoh! Don't say her lah! This mummy cannot cycle for nuts!!

Went back home, rested awhile before taking a shower. The whole family of 4 in one cramped toilet. He showered them while I sat there waiting to dry mei-mei. This is what I call family. Really that's what we're missing out in this family. Hubby too busy with his work + study (sometimes I feel like throwing his Blackberry in the toiletbowl). I'm busy with the kids in the daytime.

Well, let's hope he make it a weekly thing for the kids.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

House Matters - tired!!

Cabinets will be ripped off on 26th, installed on 27th to 28th April
Painter coming in on 3rd to 5th May

Suppose to end everything by 30th May according to geomancer but I'm completing everything fast so that I have ample time to re-pack/organise rooms + pack for holiday.

On Monday, I started to pack in some stuffs into one box. Only things from their room needs to be moved out. Do you know how many boxes I needed? I didn't have to pack in mei-mei's flashcards which is in the top cabinets and we're not touching that. (thank God!) Anyway, all the children's assessment books + book materials + hands on materials for Maths and English blah blah blah. I needed 3 boxes!! To think that I tell people we don't have much things in our house. Packing up their room alone almost killed me!!
Okay, there's still their toys in the other room. Must find a place to put them outside while contractors install the cabinets in.

Problems not really resolved. I have a small box which is in my living area (coz' no study area) for mei-mei's daily home session. I need to move those things into their study room. Now trying to make space in cabinets. I'm so tempted to sell away the flashcards. I told mei-mei and she gave me the pathetic look "But why mummy? I want frashcards." "Mummy needs to make room for some space in our cabinet." "Oh! So mummy you print new cards for me??" Sigh! She really loves flashcards, feel bad but .. space constraints.

With 3 boxes out in the living room. Some stuffs removed to be given to Salvation Army and left in the lobby area to be cleared by me the next morning. Dining seat cushions tied up ready to sent out for re-upholstery next day. (Dad told me it's in Joo Chiat Rd, near mei-mei's school.) Dining chairs stacked up waiting for dad to help with the colour-spraying. Plastic stools taken out. Wah.........whole place in a mess!

Can't wait for everything to be completed. I only worry about che-che being distracted while works are being carried out. Or the noise from all the drilling etc... I might need to bring her down to void deck to do her work then. Exams period! So cham leh!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

KZ's >>>>

staying! Always the fickle-mindedness on her part. Say dowan to stay; mother miss her etc.... then today asked her final time. She asked if I can give her every Sunday off 1-7pm, so that she can go to church and do some volunteer work as well. I granted her coz' can trust her. Well.........if she did lie to me, she's not only lying to me but to GOD too. Why do I say can trust her?

She's been with us for coming 4 years liao. She's not that bad; good attitude. Of course you know they do get lazy after some time but she still get my work done for me. And she's never gone to church that regular even though I grant her off day once a month. And when she goes church, she's not like some helpers I hear of. She still do some housework before she goes off at 1pm, comes back before 8pm.
If she choose to lie to me, she will feel guilty lor... I have a clear conscience, I don't ill-treat my helper so that will make her think twice about lying to me.

Hire for another 2-4 more years then I think we should go helper-less. I will be a slave then! So, with her staying makes my job easier coz' I don't have to re-train. Also don't have to send over to mom's place for cooking lessons. She's familiar with how things work around the house, plus if I need to sneak in a timeout for myself, I can trust her to pick up mei-mei from school.

Now the only problem is :- her work permit expires end June. Will grant her a month home leave when we're travelling, so I only need to survive the next 3 weeks without her during the school holidays. Now problem is, how to renew her work permit in time? Argh!

Hmm..... hubby was intent in not getting a helper once she leaves. Though I kept insisting I need one since the kids are still young, and I am rather hands-on with them in their work. Where am I going to find time to tidy up the house if they keep messing it up for me? Then knowing me, I hate to see mess.. will end up cleaning the house instead of concentrating in their work.
Will break the news to him later when he comes back.

11: 45 PM
Told hubby. He was pleased. So he also wants familiar person working for us again. Say grant her one month leave - like I dunno like that.
Hmm..........the mind boggling thing always leave to me. Now I gotta think think think how to get her work permit done.


Signs of this mummy being quite laid-back.

Friends usually squeeze their children's enrichment classes on weekends back to back. I won't lor... though I am sadist over her results and overwhelming her with work - I wouldn't do it.

Just this morning alone, I bump into 2 of che-che's friends in Eastpoint - where the education hub is in the East. And another 1 - a PV in che-che's school who's daughter is in class at that time we bump into her.
What did we say when we meet? "Oh! you're here for class? What class?"
Me : No... you?
Friends : Yah, she's here for XXXX class. Athena?
Me : Ehhh......she's here for ear candling.
Friends : Huh? What's that?
Me : (explains) Not for class but to be a tai-tai. Haha!

Has that remark or sight from 3 people I know made me gear up to put her in more classes? Nope, not yet. I weigh what is necessary. Think it's ridiculous to put child in every classes.
Actually, one conversation between gf on Wednesday made me calculate the children's monthly enrichment classes expenditure. (I've never made any calculations based on per month, usually go by term)
Calculations : Che-che's 3 classes = less than $450 per month (my gf's $500+, but she has many classes)
Mei-mei's 2 classes = $340 per month. Oh yes, added a new one - music class this month which is approx $80??
Total up the sum, it only takes up a very small % of hubby's pay. Haven't been a helpful wife huh? Should have help him spend more. Siao eh.............and then I get myself stressed up; screaming at kids. I could have joined in the league of those mummies who simply pay and leave everything to the teachers. Or at least I should demand to be paid!!!

Anyway, I'm going to sign her up for one additional CC class. Cheap leh! $60 for Passion Card holder. Cha Cha Dance for Kids in Punggol CC. At first she didn't want, I had to coax her. She loves to dance; always sway her body like hiao charboh like that. So I thought putting her in this class might give her the exposure first.
Meanwhile, I'd rather be the slave driver. Si bei pai mia (hokkien)

Friday, April 9, 2010

LW workshop

I should think this is my last workshop for the year. Though the workshops are on Fridays, I'd be so tired that I feel like sleeping in the workshop. Of course che-che would be so pleased to join me; thinking that she'd have the time to gaigai.

She told me she enjoyed today's session with the teacher who was coincidentally in her school the other day; with her Speech & Drama teacher. She was so proud that she "went to my school, not the other children's school." Hahaha!
We could hear the children laughing and having fun in the other room. Meanwhile I tried hard to keep myself awake. I think this is the most interesting workshop I've attended so far.

Teabreak. The kids were in there blowing out the candles. Che-che was elated with the chocolate cake in her hand. Yah! That's what she enjoys when she's out with me - eating!

Happy Birthday to LWSC
I brought her to Bakerzin for another slice of cake. Time spent with her alone...

She tells me she loves it when I spend time with her alone without mei-mei coz' half the time I'd be running after that hyperactive kid and not paying any attention to her.
Sigh........what to say when I hear this from the horse mouth? Sad lor! Makes me feel as if I've failed as a mother like that.
The kids get to sleep with me tonight, all on the same bed. Hubby's not in SIN so I'll cuddle up to the 2 kids.

Heard of it?

Met up with a gf on Wednesday, did our usual catching up. The way we updated each other on our lives, we are doing a VR like that. Hee!

Was proud of mei-mei. She very 'chor lor' pull A's hand,"come come" guiding her but I was scared she'd break A's bones (though she's a little bigger size than my girl).
The 2 young ones and their toy -iPhone! Which kept them quiet for some time. Mei-mei played with mine and A played with her mummy's.

Gf's very resourceful. Always hv good lobangs and today she shared with me something very interesting.

On mental arithmetic, we've heard of a quite famous one which I did consider if I should enrol che-che in years back. Now she told me of another one in East Coast. It teaches Vedic Maths. It originates from India - hmm.......sounds interesting. And honestly I'm so doubtful, I mean we know Indians are very good linguistically but in Maths?? I asked hubby days later (obviously - with this late blog entry from me now!) if they are good in Maths. He said yes.

Anyway, I did a search on this. Found an interesting way to calculate a 3 digit by 3 digit multiplication method on youtube. But I feel like setting up a challenge with another's friend girl to see which method is faster.

Extracted from a website :
Today two different ancient methods are available for school students to conquer math. With either of this technique students are able to do large and complex calculations in their head without need of any modern day electronic devices. These techniques are: 1) Abacus Math and 2) Vedic Math. Before we indulge straight into the differences let us first know what these two methods are.

The abacus is an ancient tool invented during Greek and Roman times. Over the period abacus has evolved into different types as it traveled across the world. However it was in China the abacus was innovated further and used heavily in day-to-day life for calculations. Abacus math is a technique derived from this very old technique and fits right into the modern day world. Abacus use can build confidence, provide a sense of achievement, promote intuitive thinking, enhance problem-solving capability, stimulate creativity and improve concentration and mental endurance.

Vedic Mathematics has no legal definition. Hindu philosophy is based on Veda-s (ancient scriptures written in Sanskrit, some say as old as 5000 B.C.) and mathematics translated from these texts is termed as Vedic Mathematics. These ancient scriptures were rediscovered by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960) and he translated the complex text into simpler understandable mathematics.

The system is based on 16 Vedic sutras or aphorisms, which are actually word-formulae describing natural ways of solving a whole range of mathematical problems. Some examples of sutras are "By one more than the one before", "All from 9 & the last from 10", and "Vertically & Crosswise". These 16 one-line formulae originally written in Sanskrit, which can be easily memorized, enables one to solve long mathematical problems quickly. These formulae describe the way the mind naturally works and are therefore a great help in directing the student to the appropriate method of solution.

With Abacus math, abacus is used as a tool to learn calculations. Beads are moved up and down and various columns to represent the number. When children use both hands to move the abacus beads to perform arithmetic calculations, there is quick communication between the hands and the brain that stimulates both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This promotes rapid, balanced whole brain development. Abacus math should be started at very early childhood, as young as age 4. Abacus math starts at very basic level by teaching the numbers and then progressing to calculations. Eventually the child retains the memory of bead positions and the relevant notation. Abacus math if started during later ages can create a bit of hindrance.

Vedic math is entirely done in mind. Vedic math also starts at a basic level of numbers and gradually progressing to simple additions, subtractions, multiplications and division. Vedic math goes much more beyond just the basic calculations. With Vedic math one can also solve complex geometrical theorems and algebraic problems. Vedic math can be started at later ages as well without any difficulty.

The key in both techniques is to practice and implement the methods in your day-to-day life. And what could be a better way to practice then using the math worksheets. Today there are various websites you can refer to gain knowledge of either method.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Haven't been blogging

Been too busy (with I dunno what) to blog. Basically the weeks were rather boring, nothing interesting happening in my life. Wonder when.... maybe when I'm a grandmother?

This must be my relaxing week so far, though the school term has only commenced . I simply didn't have the mood to do anything.
I brought the kids out after school. A gf who reads my blog, saw that I was ranting about the things I was eyeing on for the kids' room, told me that those items are available in Better Toy Store. I thought today's a good opportunity to go down with the kids. I told che-che that I'm bringing her to Orchard, she was happy then asked about what she was to have for lunch. Then she asked to eat in her favourite Sakae, which I have no idea where I can find it in town. Told her, can only think of PParade. She told me "okay, I dowan go town. I want to go PP." I made that right turn towards PP and that girl decided not to go when I was nearing the turn into the carpark. ARGH! On ECP, changed her mind again about going back to Sakae. By then I was quite frustrated with her fickleminded-ness and thought better not to bring them with me too when I need to shop. I remembered seeing an outlet in Suntec, so headed there. She was happy and ... as we walked out from the carpark towards Sakae. We passed by Macs and she told me "mummy I want to eat in MacDonalds." Ai yoh! Keep changing her mind.
Mei-mei don't fancy fastfood and I was very 'jerlat' with fastfood since we had it 2 evenings ago. The only person who enjoyed it was che-che. Mei-mei kept me and soon people around us entertained. Was dancing and swaying to the music. (very hiao when she did that) giggling along all the time. I give up on that girl, can't seem to keep still.
One big mistake on my part, I forgot to pack a dress for che-che. She was in her school uniform the whole time. Which means she had to try to be in her best behaviour but she couldn't. Like one gila girl jumping around; laughing loudly etc.. *mummy's embarrassed*

Brought the kids out to Ikea. They haven't been there for a long time, che-che hasn't been to the playground for 2 years. And she's already close to the mark. *gasp* She has grown so much!!
Without a doubt, sent her in. But she was miserable; complaint that she couldn't play coz' she had to take care of mei-mei. Felt so bad, thought I should compensate her another time with her going in alone.

Mei-mei is so excited, can see the BIG smile on her face??

Mei-mei is even more happy today. Hubby bought her a training bicycle. She looks really small for her bicycle (the previous plastic was so small and short). Not used to seeing her and she looks so mature suddenly. Thought she couldn't cycle on this bigger one but she proved us otherwise.

Mei-mei happily cycled around the house. The moment she woke up, she'd ride the bike, the moment she wants to sleep she demands to bring the bike into the room; next to her cot. Sigh.....
Weekends are the time I'd sleep in later, this morning her constant 'ringing the bike bell' woke me up.
In the afternoon, she was cycling again. Hubby asked her,"Aricia, do you know how to stop (brake) the bicycle?" She nodded her head and demonstrated to us. paddle slower and then stop paddling - but bike still in motion.

Che-che's long day in school. Asked KZ to help me pick mei-mei up from school. I'll not have this luxury when KZ leaves in end-June. Took the opportunity to shop in town. Yup! Better Toy Store did carry those things I want, but had to order some. I did some calculations, if I airfreight them they'll cost a lot more than what I'll pay in SIN. Downside? I'll have to wait for their shipment to arrive in June. I didn't get the I wanted. Too costly. It's a good thing the kids weren't with me, I spent more than an hour in that shop wanting to buy everything - coz' it's really cute! And imagine the kids screaming "mummy, I want this; mummy I want that" would make rejection more difficult. I kept everything to the minimum.

Very satisfied! If shopping makes me happy; seeing the bill at the end of the month won't!

I saw the much talked about Sakura in Takashimaya. I've seen better ones so those wiltered ones didn't deserve me to whip up my camera. But oh well... can't blame with our weather and all.

Made appointment with contractor to do measurements etc.. Getting a quotation from him. More or less confirmed I'll get him to do the job in my house but just needed some quote to see if I should erect certain things up or simply buy from Ikea.

I only managed to pack some Easter goodies for the children. I'd really like to bake something for them, had things in my mind. I think I'm already too busy to do these 'unnecessary stuffs'. Che-che was disappointed. Kept complaining that I haven't baked them anything for "a hundred years". Woah! If only I can live that long!!
She told me too, the chocolates melted. Although I only removed them from the fridge this morning, I can't help it if the warm weather destroys. I do feel bad.... you know I only meant to give a nice presentable gift not a melty one.

Spent time in che-che's school for Contact Time with the other PVs. They demonstrated "Laksa Goreng" and a dessert. The domestic side of me hasn't sunk in, still prefer baking to cooking. The reason why I was there was to have that time with PVs. I can't be a bitch at all. Said I didn't want to know any mummies from her school but I still did. Had a time to chat with K too, haven't seen her since school started this year.

1st April
Called for Nippon paint to come over for consultation. I had wanted to help hubby save some money by calling those odd-job painters to paint our house. I thought we don't need Nippon to come over since it's only painting job, moreover the people who painted our house did quite a good job what. Told him those costs $500-700, Nippon costs $1500-1600. At first he agreed then after I told him to help me call them, he said "ai yah... never mind. You go and call Nippon." Ai yoh! Save the money and buy something for the wife lah!!
Nippon guy said, "you didn't use us the last time right?" Eh.... yah like what am I suppose to say that I also didn't want to use you this time round too? The best excuse was "I was pregnant at that time, so I left everything to the designer." Heehee! This is called 'puuuuhing the responsibility'. Jobs were not done properly. They simply plaster the wall and painted over, why the paints crack is coz' of that. And I thought it was the humidity and whatever nots. Okay, he can say anything he wants coz' they didn't do the previous job.

Colours selected, dates booked tentatively. He suggested that we rip; put up new cabinets then they'll paint. I thought they'd let us rip; paint; put up cabinets; touch up. Have to pay transport fee for touch ups unless we do it ourselves. Huh? I expect a little more from a big company you know! Time to pack up the childrens' books. Had to keep some outside on our dining table - coz' it's nearing to che-che's exams.

Goodies for Shichida classmates

Brought kids to Suntec for Starhub Road Show. Purpose was to let the children see Dora.


Games segment: mei-mei was brave enough to go up to play a simple game. Spin the wheel and match the colour. Easy peesy! She was happy with her prize. Oh yes! The kids brought out their bagpack - sewn by mummy.
Then it was the photo-taking session. Mei-mei was jumping excitedly when they came out; pointing and shouting at them. But.... confirm my lil' girl scared of all these. So next time can only bring her for show, can't do Meet & Greet.

Idled while I checked out their iPhone plan. Kids were offered cupcakes
Dinner time - too full over the huge lunch we had. We stopped by at Superlicious. Mei-mei loves corn so was glad that they do serve chicken & corn soup

Mei-mei was far too talkative. I thought I was naggy. This girl is CHAMPION!! Yak yak yak.... hubby and me buay tahan.
She wanted to start with the Easter egg hunt (did in the night) asap. But we gave her the condition to sit down quietly for the next 10 mins. Hubby made her sit and try to meditate. So comical!
Ai yah! Not even 5 mins she started yakking again.
In this collage - top half last pic -she gave me a funny look when she knew I brought out the camera to take photo of her.
"Okay mummy daddy, I put my finger on my lip."
Ready. Get set. Go!

Surprise gift. But they had to dance for us first. The Wonder Girls' Nobody.
Solo dance

The gifts from BABW
Che-che MC. didn't bring mei-mei to school either
Brought kids to mom's place and mei-mei got pushed down by Iggy. Argh! That boy keep bullying my girl leh!

Nice of cheche's Maths teacher to try to go thru a new topic with her individually. Che-che diplomatically told her,"I learnt this at home yesterday too! I know already." Why some friends say I kill her learning experience by introducing it so fast to her and then she gets bored at school. Should leave everything to school. Actually she's a fast learner, I only explain once and she knows. I thought just give her introduction, but she proves to me that she can do beyond. So immediately I give her the books with challenging sums lor! But what makes me frustrated is her stupid carelessness. Copy also can copy wrongly when she has the correct answer in her sum or when she correctly adds the sum but she wrote '-'.

E-Learning from home. Mei-mei pontang school again. Can't make the distance to/fro & then have little time in between to supervise che-che in her E-Learning.
Alot of mixed feelings. Chose East Coast so that it's easier for me to bring them together to/from school. Though che-che don't fall sick that often to warrant an MC, those few days of inconvenience shouldn't be a problem. But U know, I'd want to optimise the time I have to do some work with them.
Can't wait for study room to be ready. Yay! But I do forsee another problem. Distracted!

Painting jobs done at our cluster. Blocks looks fresher now.